Husband’s First Question

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My husband asked me, “Have you ever had sex with an African American woman?”

My answer, yes, sort of. She was African but not American.

I was about 25, and a friend from high school, Ashley, asked me if I wanted to go to go to a party with her in New York City. She told me that we would go dancing and then run over to the party in Greenwich Village. My friend was known for partying pretty hard, but I was game. How could I say no?

On Saturday morning, I packed up for the weekend and took the train to see Ashley. By the time I made it to her apartment I was a little tired. I took a nap, she made a little dinner, and we started getting ready for going out. I slipped on my bright red thong and then my tight black leather pants that accentuated my round ass. No bra tonight. I wore a tight red camisole with spaghetti straps that would hold my breasts in place with a sheer black blouse on top. I could expose my cleavage and full breasts by just opening the blouse. Ashley wore a tight, black mini dress that loved her hourglass figure. We were ready.

When we went inside the club it didn’t take long for us to scope out the crowd, sip a few drinks, and reach the dance floor. We danced with each other, then with a few cute guys. It felt great to let loose. The DJ was incredible.

At about 2 a.m., we left and grabbed a taxi to get us to party. In 10 minutes we were there. The party was in a brownstone house and the host had a rooftop that everyone was enjoying. Alcohol flowed like water. I met a few of Ashley’s friends. They all seamed to be in the financial industry. As the night wore on, I began talking to a woman from London. Joyce was a professor who was born in West Africa. She had a great sense of humor, and we both were getting rather tipsy. In no time we were talking about ex-boyfriends and sex. I asked her if she ever slept with any African men. She told me that she dated a few African men in London. She said that their egos were difficult to deal with but still had fun with one or two of them. I pressed her for more information. Joyce explained how one man’s washboard stomach and long cock were difficult to resist. It had a slight curve to it but hit her in just the right spot. I asked if he was circumcised, and she told me of the joys of clean uncut cocks. She was very convincing. I told her that I would have to find one soon.

Joyce went to get me another drink, and I realized that Ashley had left, probably with that financial advisor she was flirting with. She sadly had the keys to her apartment, but I didn’t. Joyce bahis firmaları came back and I told her about my situation. She said that she was staying in really nice hotel on the East side and I could crash there. I thanked her profusely.

After further talk about men and cocks, we left the party and headed to the hotel. The cab ride was fun. We kept sharing stories and laughing. Joyce loved my stories about my ex-boyfriend who had the biggest tip to his penis. It truly was a mushroom tip and tough to get your mouth around. The cabbie must have enjoyed overhearing our conversation.

When we reached the hotel and took the long ride up the elevator, I noticed how attractive Joyce was. The elevator light was stronger than the light at the party or in the cab. She was a few inches taller than me, maybe 5’7″, with very short-cropped hair, big brown eyes, wide lips, dark skin, long toned arms, a long trim torso, and a little bubble butt. She really had a sense of style and wore beautiful jewelry.

By the time we reached her room, we were still talking about sex. I let it slip that I had a girlfriend before. Joyce asked me more about my experiences with women, and I was happy to oblige. She had never had sex with a woman before. It was taboo when she was growing up. She did have a lot of questions for me.

We sat on the bed talking, getting closer with each question. Joyce asked, “How do you have oral sex with a woman…isn’t is bizarre?” I explained that often it is easier than oral sex with a man because you know what feels good. She leaned closer; our shoulders and legs were touching. “Is kissing any different?” I answered, “only a little softer.”

Joyce’s eyes grew big and her face drew near mine. We lightly kissed, then kissed again and deeper. Wow, I had never kissed a black person before. Her lips were so big and soft. Joyce also was eager to slip her soft tongue in my mouth. I was tingling and couldn’t help but think how wonderful her lips and tongue would feel on my vagina.

After kissing more, we each leaned back and looked at each other. I took Joyce’s hand and placed her forefinger in my mouth. My tongue began to caress her finger and I lightly sucked it. Joyce looked at the pillow of the bed, looked at me, and started leaning back onto the pillow. Her finger slipped from my mouth. She reached for my hand and pulled me next to her. She then began licking and sucking my finger.

We kissed more and slowly our entire bodies were pressed against each other. Joyce felt so warm. Our arms encircled each other. kaçak iddaa She held my back. My fingers began lightly to lightly touch her hips and ass. Joyce’s upper right hand floated around my back to my side then lightly up, under my sheer blouse, to by left breast. My breast was straining against the material and my nipple was erect. She kept lightly circling my breast. It felt wonderful.

I sat up, took off my sheer top, and then pulled the red camisole over my head. Joyce leaned up, kissed my lips, lightly kissed down my neck, and then slowly licked my left nipple. I was so warm and excited.

Joyce sat all the way up, kissed me, looked in my eyes, and then slowly unbuttoned her white blouse. She then unhooked her white lace bra, pulled it over her shoulders, and lay back on the bed.

Joyce only was wearing her gray skirt. She had a tight stomach, a tight upper chest, and two beautiful b-cup breasts that laid flat on her chest. What were most remarkable were her thick, dark nipples with large areola for her breasts. The nipples looked like thick black gumdrops. I looked at Joyce’s face, and she had a wide grin from ear to ear.

I straddled her hips and lay down against her. Our breasts pressed against each other as we voraciously kissed with open mouths and active tongues.

Soon I kissed down Joyce’s neck, kissed all over her chest, and began circling her nipples with the tip of my tongue. One of her hands cupped the back of my head, massaging my blonde hair. The other hand stretched out across the bed. Joyce’s heavy breathing and quiet moans filled the room.

I looked up ay her, gave her a devilish flare of my eyes, and began kissing down her stomach. I slowly unbuttoned the side of her skirt and slid it off of her. Joyce was wearing thin, white lace panties. I began kissing her inner thighs. Her legs opened as she began gripping the sides of the bed. I kissed up her right leg until I reached her panties and stopped.

I held Joyce’s legs in my arms and over my shoulders. I was breathing over her mound, making sure she felt my warm breath. Her hips pushed her pelvis up and I began long licks of her vagina over her panties. Her panties were salty and wet. My tongue began licking her more strongly, and Joyce let out a loud, “Oohhh!”

My right forefinger and middle finger began slipping under her panties, feeling her wetness, and searching for her clit. Her pussy lips were long, very long. Joyce later told me that young women in her country would stretch their pussy lips because longer lips were more desirable kaçak bahis to men. My fingers slid between them they reached her hard little clit. Joyce was squirming now and her hips were rising off the bed.

I pull down her wet panties, went back to her pussy, and looked at it. The little dense, coarse hairs were a lovely sensation under my fingers. Her lips truly were long and soft and covered the brightest pink vagina. I leaned forward and gave her vagina a big, open-mouthed kiss. Joyce squealed in pleasure. Her British accent made even her squeals sound lovely. My tongue slowly explored her vagina until I began lightly nibbling her clit. My fore finger and middle finger slid in and out of her wet, pink vagina as I nibbled. I soon switched from nibbling and sucking her clit to strongly licking it. The tip of my middle finger found her g-spot and began messaging it. Joyce kept messaging my blond hair and squirming all over the bed. In no time, Joyce was squealing loudly and reaching a shuttering orgasm.

I slid up her body and kissed her full lips. Her head stayed tilted back as she kept repeating’ “Oohh.”

A few minutes later, Joyce exclaimed, “I have got to try…”

She leaned me back and sat next to me. Her hand tentatively massaged my breasts, stomach, and hips. Joyce leaned down and began licking my breasts and lightly biting my nipples. Her right hand then playing with my light brown pubic hair and soon her fingers were touching my warm, wet pussy. It was driving me insane. Her lips and tongue felt so good on my sensitive, light brown nipples and my pussy was screaming for her touch. As her fingers entered and left my vagina, I wanted more. Thankfully, Joyce decided to try tasting me.

Joyce’s legs straddled my head, as she licked down my stomach, through my trim public hair, and onto my pussy. Her tongue and lips felt amazing on my wet vagina and little clit. Her hands firmly cupped my round ass as she ate me. My hips were uncontrollably bucking. And she knew how to speed up her licks to drive me over the edge.

My hands pulled Joyce’s firm ass down so that I could lick her sensitive pussy. Joyce began moaning again, and I was almost screaming, “jesus, yes, jesus!” She began licking me stronger and faster, and my convulsions began before I could warn her. Sometimes when I reach orgasm, I ejaculate, and I was ejaculating uncontrollably. Joyce pulled up, saw what was happening, and returned to licking my clit. It was wonderful.

We spent the next half hour holding each other and I explained to her how I learned to ejaculate and asked her about her pussy lips. We had an incredible time together.

Soon Joyce returned to London and got married. I couldn’t make the wedding but she told me that her husband loves her new trick.

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