Hyper Jae: Seaman Pt. 01

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Sarkopheros Says:

Hey, guys! I’m finally back with another story. It’s been 23 days since my last story, and I’m sorry about that. However, I had a business trip interrupt me and there’s some other stuff going on here that hampered the process. The delay before the next story will not be as long.

Anyway, this is the first Hyper Jae in six months! I can’t believe it took me so long to write a new one! Don’t worry—now that I’ve instituted my story cycle system, it won’t be nearly as long before the next one is out.

You guys asked for more Hyper Jae. You wanted more of a fuck-focus. While Hyper Jae was always meant to be very size-focused, some people thought I focused too much on that in Cocko Bell, the last Hyper Jae title to come out. I did go ahead and focus on the fuckery—at least for this round. But don’t worry, I kept all the insanity and built upon it. I think you’ll like it!

This story takes place in the wake of Cocko Bell, but no, you don’t have to read that story to understand this one. Like the first Sunderscape, this story is massive, clocking in at 11,394 words.

So what should you expect in that 11k+ size? Rampant hyper cum inflation! Womb penetration! Cum fountaining! If you want to know what that is, it’s what I call it when cum goes in one end and spews from the other. And I guess this explanation kind of negates the purpose of coming up with a term for it. But there you go. Back on track, you can also expect a good old-fashioned Hyper Jae chainbang. That’s what I call it when one of my guys goes and fucks dozens or hundreds in a row. Obviously, expect hyper cocks, swelling hyper balls, interracial, hyper ass, naval terminology, cock worship, pirates … hell, you know what? Just read it. I’m tired of listing kinks. Just dive in and have fun.


Jae’s phone chimed. He looked at it. A text.


Jae nodded and grinned. “Alright, then.” This entire debacle was caused by his complete inability to find tacos without then covering them in semen!

Jae stood atop the groaning woman’s belly, his boots sinking into a divot in her flesh. She let out a grunt and a fresh gout of goop. Jae swept the flesh-scape with his eyes. For several blocks in every direction, bodies littered the ground, each gushing bathtubs worth of sperm into this flooded sector of the city. Sirens echoed in the distance.

Jae was searching, trying to find something between the bellies. It took a while, but he finally spotted it—the red glimmer of his car.

He went sliding down the building-high mountain of swollen, gushing women, their blimp-like bellies piled high. Sperm gushed from gaping cunts like fire hydrants, turning the entire block into a vile jizz-fountain.

Sploosch! Jae landed in the rolling lake of sperm. The still-steaming spunk was up to his chest, slick and hot on his skin. His raven-black hair dipped into it. Gloooursch. Gluuuuurssch. Every step had him pushing through the sea he’d made. He waded, shoving between the sweat-and-spunk-slathered bellies of the women recovering from his taco adventures.

Here, a bus stop had been flattened by a lady’s stomach. There, a stop sign barely made it above the white deluge. Eventually, he began to rise, moving upslope as he followed the street. White layers sloughed off his skin, cascading down chiseled muscle and dark leather. His monstrous cock laid atop his yoga-ball-sized nuts, gurgling and sloshing as he walked, fist-sized globs of jizz dripping from both. The organ itself was a good yard long, though completely flaccid.

Jae heard a voice from above. “Hey, wasn’t your cock bigger an hour ago?” asked a spunk-caked punk, lying on her sloshing stomach a good eight feet in the air.

Jae looked down at his cock, then back at her. “Uh. Maybe? I guess? It’s hard to keep track.”

“You can’t keep track of how big your cock is?” she asked. Then she scooped up a handful of jizz and slapped it on top of her head. She used the gunk to re-erect her Mohawk.

“No, why would I do that?” asked Jae. He shrugged. “I mean, I hardly ever see it?”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re seeing it right now!”

Jae looked down again, then back at her. “Why are you arguing with my dick?”

“Your dick started it. Why isn’t it still twenty feet?!” she demanded.

Jae lit a cigarette. “Why isn’t your Mohawk twenty feet?!”

The girl pouted. “I’m sorry.”

Jae shrugged. “It’s all good, girl.”

“Can we take a selfie?” she asked.


She grunted, and with a great effort and a rippling of her belly, she tossed her phone down. It had a pink case from which dangled skulls on a chain. Jae caught it and said, “You look familiar.”

“I don’t know how you can tell what I look like with all this cum on me,” she said. “Name’s Candy.”

“How appropriate. You sure do look sweet, girl,” chuckled Jae.

She rolled her eyes. “Well aren’t bahis firmaları you cheesy? Just take the picture,” she chuckled.

Jae turned around and click! He looked at the picture. All it showed was him and the curve of her belly. He took another. And then two more. Finally, he got a decent one. He was giving metal horns in the foreground while Candy threw up her own up above her monstrous belly.

“Now put your phone number in,” said Candy. “I’m going to need to look you up later, stud. I have some friends who’ll want to meet you.”

“Is that an order?” chuckled Jae.

She chuckled. “Yup. Now do it.”

He went ahead and added himself to her contact list, then sent himself a text so he’d have her number. Jae tossed the phone back up to her. She managed to catch it, making her whole belly gurgle. She grunted as a few buckets worth of spunk gushed from her stretched-out hole. Candy grinned. “I’m serious, you and me are going to do this again.”

Jae grinned. “I’m looking forward to it, girl.”


It took him a while, but he finally made it to his car. Jae leaned back against the hood and slipped his feet out of his boots. SCHLORRRUPH! They slurped and sucked, not wanting to let go. Finally, they popped off. He upended them and poured all the spunk out of each before getting back in his car.

He took his phone and swiped some of his gooey seed off, then turned on the voice navigation. “Show me where to get tacos for free. Hooters.”

The phone showed him the route, and he put it in the claw attached to the dash.

“Wait, the special was for three tacos, not free,” he said. “Whatever, still a good deal.”

The ’71 Mach 1 rumbled to life, and he was off. White tire tracks marked his trail. The phone navigation said, “Ooh. Turn it on. That’s good, baby.”

Jae squinted at it.

Then the phone said, “Wow, pull that big old thing to the left.”

When he rounded the corner, the phone added. “Mmmph! That’s what I need!”

As he approached the North Tunnel, it said, “Now I need you to fit it into that tunnel.”

Jae shook his head. “When did Iris get so horny?”

“Aaaugh! Give it to me!” cried the phone.

“This is weird.”

About fifteen minutes later, Jae could smell the ocean.

The phone let out a needy moan. “Oooh, yeah! That’s the spot, sugar!”

Jae pulled into the parking lot.

“Congratulations. Looks like we both came,” said the phone.

“Seriously, Iris, you need to calm down,” muttered Jae. He turned off the navigation and pocketed the phone.

Jae opened the door. Glooorsch! Spunk rolled out and poured into a white pool under it. His heavy nuts hit the ground with a fleshy smack! He leaned forward, seeing something bright and green poking out from under his thick foreskin. Jae grabbed it and pulled it out. A bra. “Why does lingerie keep getting stuck in there?” he wondered.

Jae stood up, his monstrous nuts sloshing. They lead the way as he walked, his yard-long leg-thick organ bouncing up and down, globs of jizz and pre splattering with every step. There were gasps and squeals as he walked toward the restaurant, leaving plate-sized white circles in his wake.

Looking up, he realized he was approaching a pirate ship. A god damn pirate ship. Its three masts rose high into the sky and from them hung green sails. He also realized that he was on a concrete pier. And the pier was in the waters of Las Tijeras Island’s Dedo Bay. This was the weirdest Hooters he’d ever seen.

Jae approached the gangplank. A woman stood near the end of it at a podium under an awning. The closer he got, the more her jaw dropped.

When he reached her, his fat cock smeared white spunk onto the podium. She said, “Oh my god, you’re that guy from the news!”

Jae nodded. “Yeah, I saw some helicopters. I keep attracting them.”

The girl giggled. She was a redhead wearing a cute pirate costume. Maybe it was some kind of theme night or a special? “No, it was a couple weeks ago. When you were at the beach? Your cock judged the bikini contest and then you left women swollen for miles down the shore?” Her eyes tracked down his body. The hostess bit her lower lip as she admired his spunk-shined abs and his enormous endowment. “Looks like you just came for some fun. Or maybe … you just plain came fun!” she giggled madly.

Jae chuckled. “Yeah, you can tell, huh?”

“Yeah! You’re covered in sperm! And … wait.” She squinted. “Where are your pants and your shirt?”

Jae looked down. Shit. I forgot those. “Oh, yeah, I musta lost them when I was fucking just now. Shit happens, girl. You know. One minute you’re in Taco Bell, the next you’re destroying it with your dick, fucking all across the city, and filling it with sperm. I can go get some if you want.”

There was a sign behind the hostess that said: We no longer serve people covered in sperm! Thank you. -Mgmt. There was clipart of a sperm cell with a red slash over it. She turned kaçak iddaa it around. “No, that’s not necessary. Would you like to come in?”

Jae grinned. “Hell yeah, girl.”

She nodded and picked up a menu. “Right this way!”

Jae got an eyeful of her pert little bubble-butt as she led him up the broad, wooden gangplank. He found that the waist deck of the ship was covered in tables and chairs, and many pirate-outfitted waitresses were milling about. The forecastle was a bar. Lanterns hung here and there. When he stepped off the gangplank, there was a gasp. A woman cried out, pointing at him. Then, one by one, the patrons stopped eating.

All eyes were on Jae, wearing nothing but his leather vest, shades, and boots. His swinging, sloshing nuts and cock hung freely. Jae nodded at one, then another. His monstrous balls hit a man’s chair, and he went sprawling out on the deck.

Jae’s eyes opened wide. “Oh, shit, sorry!”

The man waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry, it’s not the first time.” He reached up to grab the edge of the table, but ended up grabbing his plate and dumping pasta all over his head.

The hostess guided Jae to a table for four. “Hmmm.” She shook her head and guided him to a much bigger, circular table meant for eight. “Here we go.”

“Now that’s thoughtful,” said Jae. “Not many people realize my junk doesn’t always fit under a normal table.”

“Service is our specialty.” She winked. “Your waitress today is Elain.” The hostess placed his menu on the table and walked away.

Jae sat in the chair, letting his legs spread out. His heavy balls sat against the wood of the deck, filling the space between his feet. He flopped his monstrous, sloppy, yard-long length over one thigh, where it dripped into a white puddle.

The woman who he assumed was Elain came over to him, her wide hips rocking back and forth. Looking closer, the nametag confirmed it.

Elain was a thick girl with wide hips and plush thighs. Her ass must have been huge, though Jae couldn’t see it. She had tight short-shorts with vertical stripes and a midriff-bearing shirt and leather jerkin on. Upon her head was a tricorn. Elain smiled. Her skin was a tan creamy color, her hair chestnut. Her hazel eyes drifted down to his monstrous cock, and she ran her tongue over her teeth.

“Hi there, I’m Elain,” she cooed. “Welcome to Freebooters, sir!” Her eyes finally made it back to his own.

“I’m Jae. Thank— Wait. ‘Freebooters’?” he repeated. He put his sunglasses in his vest and squinted at her. “I thought I was in Hooters.”

Elain shook her head and squinted at him. “…No? We’re in a pirate ship.”


“What Hooters have you ever been to that’s in a pirate ship?” she asked.

“Uh … I don’t know, dude. I’m not a piratologist.” Jae shrugged his broad, chrome-spiked shoulders. “I told the phone to go to Hooters and it took me here. If I can’t trust Iris, who can I trust?”

“You can always trust me, stud,” moaned a voice from his vest.

“Was that your phone?” asked Elain.

Jae sighed. “Yeah, Iris is pretty thirsty for some reason.”

Elain squinted. “The Iris on my phone never does that.”

Jae shrugged. “I’m like, really bad with computers. I might have fucked it up somehow?” He looked down at the menu. “Wait, this is Freebooters.”

Elain put her hands on her wide hips. “Did you think I was lying?”

Jae shook his head. “No, I just thought I was in Hooters.”

Elain chuckled and turned around. She pressed her massive ass up against Jae’s chest. “Sure you don’t wanna stay?”

“Oh.” Jae caressed her plump rear with both hands and squeezed handfuls of it. He nodded. “You make a compelling argument.”

Elain grinned over her shoulder. “Good boy. So what would you like to eat?”

Jae opened the menu and started flipping through the pages. “I was hoping for some tacos, there was a special at Hooters for three fish tacos.”

Elain turned back around and tapped her pen against her chin. “Well, we don’t have any tacos…” She leaned in. “But I have something for you that’s like a taco.”

“A burrito?” asked Jae.

Elain grinned. “No. Guess again.”

Jae paused. “Gorditas?”

Elain sighed. “No.”

Jae stared at her for another moment. “Chalupas?”

Elain grunted. “Dammit, Jae!”


“Vaginas!” she yelled.

Several of the patrons looked over.

Jae nodded. “Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s good too!”

Elain grinned. “So what do you want to drink?”

“What do you have on draft?”

Elain pursed her lips. “We have Bud, Bud Light. Miller—”

“I meant beer,” said Jae.

“Yuengling, Guinness—”

“Yeah, Guinness is good.”

“One minute, sir.” Elain turned and walked away, giving Jae another nice look at her huge, bouncing ass.

In fact, it seemed that most of the waitresses had big asses. There was a black girl with some serious badonkadonk jiggling past, kaçak bahis and closer he saw a girl who looked Chinese having difficulty getting her hips between the tables. Not one girl had a flat ass. Jae gave an appreciative nod. “I guess this wasn’t such a bad thing after all.”

“I knew you’d like it,” purred the phone.

Jae sighed.

A balmy, briny breeze blew up. Jae looked toward sails of the ship as they billowed. He heard yelling and looked down. Girls on the docks were undoing the mooring lines. Whistling sounded above him. More of the crew was crawling through the rigging, surprisingly agile and deft despite their hats and impractical clothing. Then the whole ship lurched as it began to move.

When he looked to the wheel, Jae’s jaw dropped. “God damn!” There was a brown-skinned woman with ivory-white hair who had massive thighs and an ass that looked like it’d have trouble fitting in a loveseat. She was around seven feet in height, and each of those cheeks must have been two feet across.

That was when Elain showed up again. She set a glass of beer down in front of Jae and draped her arms around the waists of the girls at her sides. On her right, a Thai girl, to her left, a girl who looked like her bloodline hailed from the Middle East. They all wore the same outfit. Those shorts were skintight, revealing puffy mounds and doing nothing to stop the dark spots that were spreading from them. Jae ran his tongue over his teeth, able to smell them even with the oceanic breeze.

Elain winked. “I have your order, sir. Three fish tacos, as promised.”

“Can we not call your pussies ‘tacos’ please?” asked Jae. “I wouldn’t even call a Mexican girl’s pussy a taco. It’s weird. You know.”

“Well that’s a relief, I am Mexican,” said the girl he thought was Middle Eastern. “And I’ve never once thought about stuffing ground beef into my pussy.”

Welp, I fucked that one up.

“I have!” said the Filpina.

The Mexican girl smiled at Jae. “I’m Silvia.”

“And I’m Melanie,” said the Filipino Girl.

At some surreptitious signal, all three turned around and bent over, showing off six deliciously plump, shapely cheeks. Jae shook his head. “Mmph. I’m damn glad I didn’t go to Hooters.” He stood up, his heavy nuts sloshing. The sloppy, swinging cock rubbed against the backs of their thighs, smearing jizz all over them as he rubbed his hands over one ass, then the next, taking a moment to grope each cheek in turn.

“So are we,” purred Silvia. Her long, raven-black hair was streaked with crimson, and her eyes were an inviting grey in color.

“Mmh. You have to excuse me, but I never been here before.” Jae continued to knead Elain’s soft ass. “Is it me, or are all the waitresses packing serious junk in their trunks?” he Jae, taking another look around at the big, bouncing butts surrounding him.

Melanie smiled. Her short hair framed her heart-shaped face nicely. “We’re pirates. Our rank is determined by how much booty we have.”

“You should see the captain,” said Elain. She pointed at the girl occupying the wheel. “That’s the first mate, her smaller sister.”

Jae’s brows knitted as he looked from the first mate, back to Elain, back to the first mate, and back to Elain.

She nodded. “Yeah!” She nodded down at his cock. “So let’s get started.” The girls put their hands on Jae’s chest and shoved him back into his chair. Elain and Melanie got down and crawled under the table. Silvia climbed up and stood atop it. She grinned at him. Turning, she started to slowly swing her ass, bouncing it back and forth hypnotically, rubbing her hands over her hips.

Under the table, Jae felt four soft hands rubbing over the hot, slick surface of his organ. Their knees pressed against his nuts, and their delicate fingers swept through the layer of white muck covering his length.

Silvia unbuttoned her soaked shorts and bounced her massive ass, slipping out of them. Her boots nearly knocked Jae’s beer over. He picked it up, grinning at the spectacle. Silvia smiled back. She was so wet that the stain had migrated to the back. Trickling trails of clear nectar rolled down her luscious brown thighs.

Two tongues began to lap at the melon-sized head of his cock, and he felt one slip into its mouth, drawing a groan from him. He could feel his organ swelling, heating up as it expanded, pushing forward, rubbing against the faces of the girls.

“Augh, yeah,” grunted Jae. Their roaming hands rubbed over the finger-thick veins pulsing on the surface of his titanic erection.

When he looked back up, ploomf! His vision was blotted out and the deliciously sweet, heady, acrid musk of feminine arousal filled his lungs. The arms of his chair creaked and Silvia pulled her shorts off his face. She was now kneeling on the arms of his chair with her massive ass in his face, pussy inches away. Silvia grinned. Her grey eyes caught Jae’s crimson. And then her ass engulfed his face.

Jae grunted as the cheeks squished around his forehead, blocking out his vision, his nose against her ass, his lips against her pussy. He reached up under her legs, wrapping his arms around her waist as he leaned back, lapping eagerly at her dripping snatch.

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