I Can See Clearly Now

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It was the middle of the day, and already I was exhausted. Not only was I deep into deadlines, now I was late for a meeting. I took off down the hallway and then, boom. I tripped and fell; my glasses flew off of my face and smashed onto the floor, breaking in half. Perfect. Not only was I scrambling blindly, I just knew that the security camera had caught an eyeful. I was behind with laundry and had skipped the panties this morning. All of my “work” pantyhose were drying on the rack, and so I was wearing stockings, held up by the only clean garters left in my drawer, a gag gift from two years ago. Far trashier than anything I would have bought, they were bright red with black lace. Now there’s photographic evidence to prove that the oh-so-serious manager has oh-so-serious bad judgment. I had to get this day back on track. I called the one-hour glasses place, and was told the prescription was outdated and I needed to come in for an exam. I sighed and wrapped tape around my glasses so I could see to drive, and then navigated my way to the optometrist.

They were closing for lunch, and Dr. Rafferty was out sick. The receptionist went in the back for a moment, and then returned, saying that Dr. Benson was covering his shift and would be happy to see me. She picked up her handbag and left me alone in the waiting room. I took off my taped glasses and tried to focus, but everything was fuzzy. Then a large blob appeared at my left, and a pleasant voice said, “Good afternoon, won’t you please step into the exam room?” I nodded and followed the shape down the hallway, bumping into the counter and sending a display crashing to the floor. Dr. Benson laughed and said I obviously needed to get my new prescription as soon as possible.

I sat in the exam chair. I could hear him sit on his rolling stool and shuffle a few papers, then roll to my side. The soft fabric of his trousers brushed my knees as he maneuvered closer to me. With his face just inches away, I caught a whiff of his clean, soap-and-water smell. A smile played across my lips as he turned on the chart and asked me to read the lowest clear line. I looked up at him and said, “There’s a chart?” Dr. Benson laughed and casually put his hand on my leg. I was shocked but apparently he was too and quickly removed it.

The room got very still for a moment, and then Dr. Benson cleared his throat and began checking my prescription. My leg felt cold without his hand on it. He fitted the contraption over my face and turned the knobs. I heard his voice say, “better like this,” and he turned them again, czech super models porno/ “or better like this?” Things came into fuzzy focus and I could feel his intent gaze. He stood and leaned across the apparatus to make an adjustment, his chest large before my magnifying eyes. The slightest sigh escaped my lips. Sitting back down, he again put his hand on my leg. This time he didn’t remove it. I didn’t want him to, as I was becoming incredibly aroused. My legs began slowly spreading of their own will, and I felt my right leg press against his smooth cotton pants.

I felt the blood race to my face and to my pussy, and a familiar throbbing between my legs. Having spent life as the consummate “good girl,” I felt ready to explode. Absently I answered, “Better the second way.”

The doctor rolled a couple of dials and flipped some lenses and said, “better like this,” and he flipped them again, “or better like this?” I took a deep breath and slid my hand over his thigh.

“Better like this,” I said. He quietly smiled, which I saw a little clearer in the lenses through which I was looking. He pulled the metal unit off my face and pressed his lips to mine. I could feel his hot, wet tongue caressing mine, and he slowly slid down and nuzzled along my neck.

Chills ran through me, and my nipples tightened and got hard. I reached my hand farther up his thigh, and felt the growing bulge. In a swift movement, he pushed the large examining device away and swiftly unbuttoned my blouse. My skin felt like fire where he was touching me, and I could feel his hands pulling open my shirt and pressing his face between my 38DD breasts. My bra was thin, and he rubbed and licked my nipples through the thin layer of fabric.

Dr. Benson reached his hands around my smooth, bare back and unsnapped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. He squeezed my nipples and rolled them between his fingers and thumbs, while kissing me deeply. I slid my hands to his belt and unfastened it, then unbuttoned his trousers while he eagerly sucked at my tits. The insides of my thighs were positively damp and my clit was throbbing like a tiny heart. I slid his trousers down, then hooked his boxer-briefs with my fingers and pulled them as I slid slowly to my knees.

I took his rigid cock into my mouth and licked gently around the head while I stroked his balls with my other hand. Hearing a muffled groan of pleasure, I increased the suction. Playfully I asked, “Better like this,” then began stroking harder with my hand as czech tax porno I gently licked his balls, “or better like this?”

He exhaled a laughing sigh and said, “It all feels great, so do whatever you want.” I pushed him onto the exam chair and started sucking with abandon, sliding my mouth and sucking gently and firmly in turn. His hands were twining into my hair, which I’ve always loved. He slid his hips down a bit in the chair, and I took the chance to lick my finger and slowly slide it up his ass.

He gasped at the new sensation as I kept licking and sucking that glorious, hard cock. I looked up at his blurry face and said, “Better like this,” then inserted my finger deeper, rubbing firmly, “or better like this?”

Dr. Benson moaned and said, “Oh…wow…I can’t even think! Definitely the second way!” So I kept up the firm wiggle and almost gagged as I took his full length into my mouth. I swallowed firmly and then slid my head down until my lips were touching his balls. He was groaning, and I was so wet I could hardly stand it. With my free hand, I reached under my skirt and gently rubbed my clit. I was moaning already when he noticed what I was doing. He slowly and gently tugged my hair, pulling my head off the hot deep-throat action I was giving.

He bent down and kissed me, hard. His hands were squeezing my tits and I didn’t notice he was walking me backward until I bumped into his large desk. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me onto the desk. Dr. Benson’s hands parted my thighs and he slid one around my waist as he sucked greedily on my hard-pointed tits. I felt his hand slide up my skirt and touch my wet, bald pussy. He pulled back and lifted up my skirt, softly laughing. “I would never have pegged you for a panty-free, stockings-and-garter type,” he said.

I sighed softly as his fingers deftly played over my clit, and replied, “I got behind on the laundry.” He kissed me as he lowered me onto the desk and spread my legs, then ran his hands over the smoothness of the stockings as he sat down on his stool. I felt the hot wetness of his probing tongue as he tenderly licked my folds, which were directly in front his face now that he was seated. He slid two fingers up my hot, open pussy as he gently, so gently sucked my clit. I started breathing in little gasps at the pleasure coursing through my body. Unconsciously, I began rubbing my own tits and raising my hips to match the gentle strokes of his fingers.

As he sucked, he wickedly whispered, “better like this?” Then suddenly defloration porno slid his fingers in deeply and pressed upward, rubbing confidently forward, “or better like this?” Well, fuck; I couldn’t think, let alone speak. I swear I saw stars, and cried out as the spasms jerked my hips wildly. I felt a tremendous pressure inside me, then it released quickly and I felt liquid dripping richly out of me. I was gasping so hard that I thought I might faint as he stood up. Still fuzzy above me, Dr. Benson reached a hand up to my tits and slid it down my body. With the other hand, he pressed on the smooth skin above my slit and softly rubbed my clit as I came again.

I was practically going insane with desire as I felt the head of his cock teasing my tight opening. He pressed the head of his amazingly rigid cock into my wet, trembling cunt and I screamed out loud. I felt his hand over my mouth and heard his good-natured shushing. Suddenly I remembered I was in an office in a business center. I nodded and lifted myself up onto my elbows as he pressed all of himself into me. He stroked deeply and slowly, and I rocked my hips in unison with his.

His head at my tits, he said, “better like this,” and, quick as a flash he pulled out of me, rolled me onto my stomach and rammed the full length of his cock back into my cunt, “or better like this?” My high-heeled feet back on the floor, he fucked me hard enough that the pencil holder flew to the floor.

“Oh, fuck!” I breathed, “Better this way!” He stroked into me harder and harder, rubbing my clit faster and faster until I felt a thunderous roar in my head. I was losing my fucking mind.

It had never been this hot, this exciting in my life. I had another orgasm as he pounded his hips into mine so hard I heard, and not just felt, his balls slapping my ass. With an almost painful groan, he shot his hot wetness deep into my pussy. He lay there for a few moments, crouched over me, heaving and gasping. Then, with a satisfied sigh, he stood up and slid his hands over my ass.

He slowly disengaged himself and I felt his heat dripping from my spread, puffy cunt. He helped me to straighten up, and then retrieved my bra and blouse, which had somehow been flung over the examination equipment. He sweetly helped me back into my clothes and kissed me while I tucked in my blouse and used a tissue to clean off the remainders of our energetic “optical exam.”

He stood smiling as he wrote a prescription for my replacement glasses. Walking me to the door, I put on my taped glasses and asked when they would ready for pickup. Seeing Dr. Benson clearly for the first time, I smiled into his eyes and accepted his offer of personal delivery. Suddenly happy for being out of laundry, and not caring what the security guys thought, I drove back to work with a smile on my lips and very, very hot plans for the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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