I Couldn’t Stop From Staring

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I’ve always been fascinated by a woman’s body. I guess I first realized this when my kids were very young and one of neighbor’s daughters would baby sit. She was 18 and had an amazing body for her age. She was tall with long brown straight hair, long legs and the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. At the time, I worked out of a home office and needed a sitter to watch the kids so I could get work done in peace and quiet.

She would wear jean cut offs and tank tops around the house showing her long tan legs and the tank top seemed a size too small. She was a bit shy and clearly didn’t realize what a beauty she possessed.

I couldn’t stop looking at her body every chance I got. Her nipples were very large and seemed always erect. I not only found myself staring at them but after she would leave I would sit back on me bed and fantasize about playing with them, taking them in my mouth and making your beg for more. I think back now bahis firmaları and realize I thought too much about this and it became obsessive. She was always on my mind.

When my kids would nap we would sit and chat about school, families and her friends. I would try not to let her see me staring at her body but I have to think she caught me on more than one occasion. As my oldest went off to school see was just watching my youngest and that allowed for more time with her.

One summer, as my youngest was napping I asked if she wanted to lie with me outside. We had a very large hot tub with lounge chairs and kept it cool in the summer as a way to be refreshed. She agreed and ran next door to get her suit. I was a nervous wreck. I paced around the house waiting for her to return. She came back with a black bikini in her hand. I looked at suit and asked to see it. She held the top up over her chest to display it to me. It looked a kaçak iddaa bit small for her and I couldn’t wait to see more of her body. I complimented her on the suit and said I think I have one just like it. I head towards my room and sensed she was following me slowly behind. I walked into my room and pulled out my black bikini. It was not the same style and wouldn’t look nearly as good on me as on her beautiful curves.

“You can change in here.”

I walked into our master bathroom to change. I left the door open and wondering nervously what she might be thinking. We have a large mirror in the bathroom and I hesitated to step over further to peek on her. I changed quickly into me suit and then after taking a deep look at myself in the mirror I stepped over and could see her bottoms were on and she was removing her tee shirt. I walked into the room and asked her what she thought of my suit. She froze, looked me up and down with a nervous kaçak bahis smile and said she thought it looked great. She paused for a moment, with her hands under her shirt as to wait for me to keep moving thru the room. I stood still.

“I love your suit as well,” I said with a smile.

I then started to put my clothes away and continued to walk around the room encouraging her to continue. After what seemed like several minutes she continued and pulled her shirt above her head exposing her bra in all its glory. I walked up behind her and she turned her head to see what I was doing.

Without hesitation I unclasped her bra. She removed the straps from her shoulders and the cups slid slowly down and off her very hard nipples. I could help but stare and handed her the bikini top.

“Let’s see the top on you,” I handed the top to her.

She the turned and faced me fully and smiled. I stared at her beautiful tits and fully erect nipples without looking away. She slowly slid the top up over her breasts and then I moved behind her and clasped the back.

I will always remember this time and it opened my eyes to my craving for another woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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