I Finally Get My Chance

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I walked up to my dorm room door and put the key into the lock. I turned the handle and walked in quickly shutting the door behind me. My mouth dropped at what I saw. My roommate Brian was on his knees facing me, eyes shut, naked, sitting reverse cowboy riding his naked friend Jeff’s hard cock. They both opened their eyes and froze as they realized I had come into the room. My attention was immediately drawn down to Brian’s enormous hard cock (which was pointing at me) because it was the only thing still bouncing up and down. As I looked back up, I locked eyes with my roommate Brian while he still had Jeff’s cock buried deep up his ass. Both of them just stared up at me from the floor with eyes wide open.

I quickly diverted my eyes and I looked up at the wall behind them and said, “Uhh…sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll come back later.”

I turned to leave and said over my shoulder. “You should have locked the deadbolt.” Then I opened the door and left.

We always had an arrangement that we were supposed to lock the deadbolt if we were with a girl (or apparently in this case, a guy) so the other one would know not to come in. Brian and I have been college roommates going on 3 years now and I had no idea he was gay. He has had girlfriends off and on and the deadbolt deal has always worked for us. Yes, it was Saturday night and I was supposed to be gone for the whole weekend but my plans had changed. Obviously, he wasn’t worried about me walking in and therefore didn’t lock the deadbolt.

Now, I like girls and they are my preferred sex but I have always been bi-curious. Ever since I can remember, I have had many fantasies about being with a guy. BUT, I never have been with a guy. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a real live hard cock in my mouth and inside my ass. So when I found a girl a couple of years back that was super kinky I thought I had hit the lottery. I had dated Jenny for a while and she liked to put a small vibrator in my ass and a small one in her ass while we fucked. To be honest, when I came inside her with a small vibrating dildo up my ass I had some really incredible orgasms. She claimed the same. But in the end, things didn’t work out and we had to go our separate ways.

I have always liked the feeling of something in my ass. For as long as I can remember whenever I take a shower, I enjoy sticking my fingers (1-2 at a time) in my ass. It has become an every shower ritual for me. Sometimes I look forward to a shower just so I can finger fuck myself. So seeing this didn’t gross me out, it kind of excited me. Somewhere deep inside I realized that I wanted to capitalize on this, but how?

Catching Brian and Jeff kind of stirred something deep down inside me. As I walked away from my room with a picture of them having sex burned into my memory, I realized I had a little chub going on in my pants. I figured I would leave and come back in a couple of hours. I am sure it will be awkward between Brian and me at first but we are pretty good friends and we could get beyond it. As for Jeff, he and Brian grew up together and have been friends since they were children. He is a good guy and we party hard and have a good time when he makes it out here every other month. Sometimes he brings his girlfriend who I thought he was pretty serious with and sometimes he doesn’t. Jeff usually brings a bag and stays for the weekend. He usually just crashes on our floor with or without his girlfriend. I am still dumbfounded but a little turned on at what I saw. Just thinking about it pumped a little more blood into my semi-stiff cock.

A couple of hours later I slipped the key back into the lock and turned the handle. I was half expecting the deadbolt to be locked but the door opened smoothly. The lights were on but nobody was there. Brian’s bed was made which is rare and everything was clean. Jeff’s bag and all his things were gone. I was kind of disappointed because I had come up with a fantasy where I catch them again but this time instead of leaving, I join in.

I quickly got ready for bed and hit the sheets. I went to bed fantasizing more than ever about being with a guy. This time one guy in particular. Brian. Now that I knew he was gay or bi I wanted to figure out a way I could capitalize on it to fulfill my fantasies. I thought of so many things I wanted to do to him. I needed to figure out a way of letting him know I was ok with it and that I was willing to be a participant. All I could think about was sucking on his big hard cock as I fell asleep with a big hard on of my own.

I awoke the next morning and looked over at Brian’s bed. Still empty and made. Again, I was kind of disappointed but I got up anyway and started my day. It was a long day and I had a lot of stuff to do. I was in and out of the room all day, always hoping Brian was there when I came in. It was nearing 8pm and I decided to go for a run. I got bahis firmaları ready and left. About an hour later I got back to the room just as Brian walked out of the bathroom in his in his sweat shorts and tee shirt he usually wears to bed.

With so much anticipation and fantasizing I panicked and said, “Hey.” Then I slipped by him and went into the bathroom. I leaned against the door and tried to catch my breath. I felt my cock begin to stir as all kinds of thoughts flashed through my mind. He must have just taken a shower himself because the mirror was all fogged up. I went over wiped my hand across the mirror so I could see myself. Was this really happening?

Through the door he said, “Can we talk?”

With the anticipation and nerves making me shake I answered, “Y-Y-Yeah we probably should. Let me take a shower first.”

“OK.” He replied.

I moved across the bathroom to turn on the shower. I stepped out of my running shorts freeing my now semi hard cock. I quickly hopped in the warm water. My cock was quickly getting harder and harder as I started to soap up and rinse off. As I washed myself and thought of our pending conversation, I realized my cock was completely hard. I pushed down on it and moved it around a little to try and relieve some of the pressure. I decided right then that tonight was as good a time as any to let him know what was on my mind.

As I was rinsing the soap off I sat down in the tub/shower and let the water hit me. One hand went to my hard cock as I moved the other hand moved down to my ass. Slowly, I slipped one finger inside and then two. I started squeezing my hard cock and fingering myself thinking about Brian’s hard cock. All I could think about was how I wanted to take it in my mouth and suck on it. I even thought about how I would love to let him fuck my virgin ass. After a couple of minutes of fantasizing I decided I should get out before I lost control and started beating off. I didn’t want to waste a good boner. If things went as I hoped, I might need it at 100% tonight.

While I was drying off I realized I didn’t bring in any clean clothes with me. I thought about walking out naked with my hard cock bouncing around and just climbing into bed. I quickly decided I didn’t have the balls to do that. Not yet anyway. I lifted my hard cock up against my waist and wrapped the towel tightly around my waist. I looked in the mirror to see if you could tell I was hard. You could tell if you were looking for it but it wasn’t completely obvious so I left the bathroom.

He was sitting on his bed when I walked out looking really nervous. I felt his eyes on me as I walked across the room, turned and leaned on the dresser wrapped only in a towel. His eyes flicked down to the towel lingered for a second and then back up at me.

“So, about earlier…..” he started. “I don’t know what to say but sorry you had to see that. You are right, I should have locked the deadbolt but I didn’t expect you back until tomorrow. You handled it pretty well considering and I am just glad you didn’t freak out.”

“I was in shock. That was the last thing I ever expected to see.” Not sure what to say I asked, “What happened after I left? When I came back a couple hours later it looked like we had a maid service come in here.”

“Jeff freaked out. He is really worried you are going to call Melanie and tell her what you saw. As soon as you shut the door he jumped up, got dressed, grabbed his bag and left. He was pretty mad at me for not locking the door. He wouldn’t listen to anything I was trying to say.”

“I would never tell Melanie. That is not my story to tell, I hope you will let him know that.”

“That sure is a huge relief for hear. I wasn’t sure how you were going to react either. To be honest with you I didn’t think you would ever talk to me again.”

“I’m a bigger person than that. I have seen you with so many girls, I just didn’t know you liked guys too.” I said.

He was quiet for a minute and then said, “I guess I like both guys and girls but Jeff is the only guy I have ever been with. We started experimenting in high school together and we only do that a few times a year. We both like girls as well and as you know, we usually have girlfriends. I don’t know why we do it, we just like it. I guess I am fucked up in the head. I am still the same guy you have known the past few years. If possible, I still want to remain friends. I will make sure you never see that side of my life again.”

I just stared at him my cock seeming to get harder as he talked. “I know you are the same guy but the picture I have burned in my memory of you will be hard to get past.”

He looked down and said, “I had a feeling you were going to say that.”

“The funny thing is I want to remain friends too. I think I have an idea on how to get that memory out of my head. Are you interested in knowing how?” I asked.

“Yes, kaçak iddaa How?” he asked.

This was the moment of truth. With a slightly shaking hand I reached up and undid the towel letting it fall to the floor. My super hard cock sprang free and I looked him in the eyes and said, “We cover up that memory with some memories of our own.”

He just stared at me with a look of shock on his face. He started to say something twice but stopped. I saw something stir in his shorts and that was all the encouragement I needed. I walked across the room and sat next to him on the bed. I reached over and touched his rapidly hardening cock through his shorts and rubbed up and down on it slowly.

I leaned over and whispered into his ear. “I have been bi curious my whole life but I’ve never had the balls or the opportunity to act on it. Catching you two in the act has awakened something deep down inside me. I want to try it all and I want to try it all with you if you are willing.”

A big smile spread across his face and he said, “Actually, I would be more than willing to help you with that. This is the complete opposite direction I thought this conversation was going to go. I guess we are both pretty good at keeping secrets.”

As I continued rubbing his hard cock, he reached over and grabbed ahold of my very very hard exposed cock. His thumb slipped over the head and he made some swirling motions smearing the large amount precum around the top. I shuddered at the feeling as he slowly pumped up and down on my cock. I slid my hand up and down inside his waist band to feel my very first hard and rather large strange cock. It was so warm and velvety smooth to the touch. Unexpectedly, he leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth. With our tongues exploring each other for the first time, we slowly leaned back onto the bed holding firmly onto each others hard stiff cocks. He rolled over on top of me and took his shirt off in the same motion. I reached down and pulled his shorts down and slowly slipped them over his butt and down his legs where he kick them the rest of the way to the floor.

He slowly lay down on top of me, stomach to stomach. With hard cocks pressed firmly against each other he leaned in and kissed me again. We explored each others bodies for the next few minutes. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him tighter into me.

He moved down to my neck and whispered, “Prepare yourself for the best blow job of your life.” He slowly slid down my body licking my chest and stomach all the way down to my hard and waiting cock.

I put both my hands flat on the bed and grabbed onto the sheets in anticipation on what was to come. I felt his hot breath on my cock as he hovered above it. I heard him inhale and he told me how musky and clean I smelt. I next felt his breath near the base of my cock right above my balls. He gently wrapped his hand around the base and it made me shudder. I felt him move closer and then with just the tip of his tongue he reached out and licked my cock. He slowly worked his way up to the shaft with only the tip of his tongue. He stopped before he got to my throbbing head and moved down the side of my cock with the side of his tongue.

This felt so good.

He then worked his way back up the other side of the shaft with just the side of his tongue. Again, he stopped before he reached the tip. He then slowly zig zagged his way back down the underside of my cock with the just the tip of his tongue again. He started licking the shaft all over being careful not to touch the sensitive tip. The shaft of my cock was covered in saliva as he slowly pumped up and down with his hand.

He was driving me crazy.

I wanted him to put the head of my cock in his mouth so desperately. He started licking the underside again from the base up with the whole flat of his tongue. This time he didn’t stop as he got to the top. As his tongue passed by the underside of the tip he sent a jolt of electricity deep down into my stomach. He licked it a couple of times like a lollipop which almost made me cum.

As if he could tell I was ready to cum he slipped the entire head of my cock into my mouth. He moved down the shaft halfway and then came back up. I was so hot and turned on. I could tell I was going to come any second. His mouth went back the tip where he swirled his tongue expertly around the mushroom tip while he kept it completely in his mouth. He started pumping my wet slick cock with his hands at the same time. Swirling the head while pumping away on the shaft was quickly pushing me over the edge. I told him I was going to come but he didn’t stop. He just kept swirling and I think he actually started pumping his hand faster and faster.

I grabbed the sheets even tighter and arched my back trying to hold back cumming as long as possible. But it was a battle I wasn’t going to win. The next thing I knew, a bolt of lightning kaçak bahis shot from my deep inside my stomach up the shaft of my cock and out the tip. If my cock hadn’t been in his mouth, I swear I would have shot a load of cum on the ceiling. He didn’t even break stride. He kept swirling and pumping. With each beat of my rapidly beating heart, I shot lightning bolt after lightning bolt of cum in his mouth.

He kept pumping my shaft but stopped swirling his tongue only to swallow his reward. Even as he swallowed, my cock never left the comfort of his wonderful warm wet mouth. He went back to swirling his tongue as he received that last few spurts from deep within me. I tried to back away from the intense pleasure but he moved with me.

I begged him to stop.

I needed to catch my breath. I could feel him laugh a little as he finally slowed down and let my cock pop out of his mouth. I was finally able to catch my breath after one of the most intense orgasms of my life. With his hand still wrapped around the base of my cock he slowly moved it up and down while he took a couple of breaths of air himself. We were both breathing pretty heavily.

After a couple of seconds he leaned forward and sucked my very sensitive cock about halfway and moved slowly up and down on it. I flinched because of the sensitivity but it felt really good. I watched as his lips slowly moved up and down on my slowly deflating cock. He slid up beside me and slipped his tongue into my mouth. We kissed for few minutes as I tasted the leftovers of my own cum. I reached down and grabbed onto his hard cock.

“It’s your turn now.” I said. I slowly slipped off the bed and got on my knees. “Why don’t you come over here and stand in front of me.”

He slipped off the bed and stood directly in front of me with his hands on his hips. His big hard cock was inches from my face. I have dreamed of doing this for so long. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I reached up and ran my fingers up and down the shaft a couple of times. It throbbed and bounced up and down a couple of times as I did this. I closed my hand around it and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was so smooth and warm. He groaned a little as I did this and he leaned towards me.

Taking the hint, I stuck out my tongue and licked the precum covered tip. I licked it all around tasting him. I really wanted to feel this monster cock in my mouth.

It was now or never.

The head was so big I had to open my mouth all the way. I covered my bottom teeth with my tongue and slowly slipped the head in my mouth. I felt it hit the roof of my mouth and I started licking and sucking careful to keep it safely away from my teeth. I went down on it as far as I could and then slowly let my lips and tongue slide back towards the tip. I pumped my hands up and down the shaft as I licked and sucked on his huge cock.

It was so smooth on my tongue. I wanted him to make him cum so badly. I really really wanted to taste his juice. I paid really close attention to the sensitive area under the tip with my tongue. I swirled around the head with my tongue as I pumped his slick smooth shaft with my hand.

He groaned again. A little louder this time.

He reached out to put his hands on my head and slowly pulled my face down further onto his cock. As soon as the tip touched the back of my throat, he would pull me back and push me back down on it. We did this a few times before I felt a change in his movements. He was slowly speeding up moving me back and forth. I pumped his cock faster with my hand to meet this motion.

He was really groaning now. A lot louder.

I felt him tense up and his head seemed to get swell up even bigger inside my mouth. His knees seemed to buckle a little and then the next thing I know he is shooting load after load of hot cum in my mouth. It was warm, salty and thick. I didn’t want to drop any of it. It tasted so good. I wanted it all. I was loving every ounce of it.

I pumped faster and faster and kept my mouth and tongue moving over the head as he came. He filled my mouth up quickly so I swallowed my first load of cum as he was still cumming. He filled my mouth up about halfway before he finally stopped cumming. I kept sucking and stroking to make sure I got every bit of it. Finally, I looked up at him, pulled my mouth off of his cock and showed him my prize.

He laughed and asked, “You like it?”

I smiled and responded with his delicious cum still in my mouth, “umm hmm.”

I swallowed my treasure and realized there was some on my chin. I swiped it up into my mouth and licked my fingers clean. I leaned forward went back to licking and sucking on his slowly shrinking cock. I cleaned it up and was rewarded with a few last little droplets.

Finally, he fell back onto the bed and I stood up and climbed up on top of him. I went in for a kiss as we went back to exploring with our tongues and our hands. Within a few minutes, my newly rock hard cock was pushing into him again. He grabbed my ass and tightly pulled me against him.

“You want to fuck me?” he asked.

To be continued…..

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