I Imagine It, Again Ch. 2

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This is the next part of the previous story- ‘I Imagine It- Again’. I think this one will be considerably more sexual. I have just come back from my place of inspiration. I have found out that this story is not really their style, but it’s my imagination and it’s too late to change it.

* * * * *

Here I am, in Lisa’s apartment bedroom, my eyes are blindfolded, my arms and legs are tied to her bedposts with stockings, and I wait for her to begin again. She has just made me cum harder that anyone else in my life and then informed me that she has hours to top it. I think I may pass out. My ears strain to hear what she is doing. And just for fun, she has replaced the nipple clamps. My every movement jiggles my ample breasts and this causes the sensation of the clamps to become even more pronounced. I can’t say that they really HURT. It’s more like holding your hands close to a fire, just where they aren’t actually hurting but your brain is telling you that something is happening. It’s like that. And right now it is turning me on.

I must say that usually I am the aggressive one in a relationship, but I like this switch. I don’t see my self as a submissive but Lisa seems to have picked up on my curiousity and willingness to try it tonight.

I know that she left the room while I was woolgathering and she has now returned. I hear a clinking of glass and… ice. Oh. Ice. I like ice. I feel myself smiling and she notices.

“What is my slut smiling about?”

“The ice ma’am.”

“Do you like ice?”

I consider this for a moment, I want to choose the best answer, but she notices my pause.

“Answer me now! Do you like ice?”

“Yes am’am.”

“Well, we shall see if you like it the way I like to use it.”

Ohhh. I should keep my mouth shut. But know I have to imagine what she will do with it. And I am sooo wet. I futily try to press my thighs together to relieve that precious ache between my legs, but all I do is call her attention to me.

“What’s the matter slut. Getting frustrated? That’s alright, I’ll be taking care of that soon. But before I do-“

She has stopped talking. I feel her weight on the bed and her warm body beside mine. Her hand brushes the length of my body, from my neck to my feet. I shudder. Her hands linger at the clamps, twisting them slightly. I am unable to control the breath that expels from my lungs.

She has straddled my waist and it is then that I know what she is going to do. I love this.

I am correct in my assumption, her wetness drags from my navel, over my clamped breasts to rest over my eager mouth. I can smell her sweet-salt tang so near, but not near enough. I struggle to keep still as she teases me before her demanding voice rings out-

“Eat me!”

Her hand is behind my neck, forcing my entire face into her soaking sex. My tongue eagerly seks her button, but she is moving, keeping what I seek from me. I cry out in frustration and she abates, allowing me to pleasure her.

She tastes so good. So good. I start with her button, but I move to tease her a little, caressing her lips with my own, my tongue seeking the grooves and creases of her. I can hear myself, I sound like a starving cat licking a bowl of milk and I don’t care. Damn propriety. I don’t care. I just want to make Lisa feel as good as I did.

My eager ministrations do their job well, Lisa’s hips are uncontrollable as she presses my head into the bed, by nose and mouth into her center. I can’t breathe, but that is unimportant as I bring her to a climax. I wish that my hand were free to press into her, to find that wonder spot so CUNNINGLY concealed. I almost laugh at my own inside joke, but instead concentrate on bringing Lisa across.

Her thighs are over my ears, muffling all sound but my own racing heartbeat, until her keening cries are loud enough to also do so. I speed my tongue up, flicking over her engourged clit faster than I would have believed possible. Then it is done, she is cumming, I can feel her wetness increase tenfold, coating my face in her. She falls to one side, satiated as I taste the wonderful evidence of my good fortune on my lips. My breath comes in hard gasps as well, cut off as I was from the air. But I had something that is now becoming as essential to me as oxygen- Lisa.

After a few moments she removes my blindfold, her eyes smiling as she asks-

“Do you want more?”

I nod simply. I want more.

“What do you want?”

“Touch me, please. Please.”

Her eyes search mine and I blush. I did not say where and she knows it, but I have to say it.

“Touch me. Play with my ass.”

Her wicked smile is her only reply.

She teases a little bahis firmaları first, employing the ice she brought earlier. First on my already hard nipples, while the clamps are still attached. Just enough to numb them, then she releases them. I cannot feel the blood rushing back into the…yet. Then a wet path from my breasts to my wet core. I shudder as she caresses me here with the ice, my erect button a beautiful target for her. I gasp out loud-

“Please don’t tease me.”

Her small laugh does not reassure me.

I am not sure how much time she spends with the rest of her toys. The feather was gratifying, she spared no part of me, from my armpits to the bottom of my feet. Her tongue was busy here as well, and though I don’t usually have a thing for my toes I am so turned on that anything she does nearly brings me to orgasm and this is no exception. A piece of silk imposes itself between her fingers and my pleasure. So soft, but no real release. None of the terribly necessary friction. Have you ever been kissed with silk? So different. She sucks my fingers as she rubs herself against my thigh, her voice in my ear all the while, telling me what she is going to do to me in exquisite detail as her breath moves faster. She is getting off on me and there is nothing I can do. She has a small orgasm, more to tease me than to satisfy herself. She knows how much I get off on getting HER off.

There is no blindfold but my eyes are closed as if to avoid a sensory overload as she brings more toys into play. A Hitachi Magic Wand? Ohh, I love mine. I bought it as a reward for myself for some long ago triumph. She puts it to no good use, running it over my nipples, down my flat stomach and… over my hips, just a teasing vibration reaching my clit. I am moaning almost uncontrollably now, sobbing with need.

She is finally merciful. Or so I think. Her mouth is on my button as she slides a slim vibrator into me. She is lying the opposite direction, but not directly over me so that I can pleasure her as well. This is all about me. But her body feels good against mine. Her tongue is slow, so slow, as is the toy turning my insides to jelly. Such a slim vibrator almost too small to… Oh. Just as I realize what she is going to do she does.

One arm under my leg, lifting it up to expose my tiny rosebud to a questing finger first as her tongue continues on. It slides in easily, lubricated copiously by my juices. I can feel it sliding in there, I struggle not to arch my back, to allow her access as she sees fit. I love that feeling.

Two fingers now, her flick-flick against my clit is still slower and I am relaxing further, confident that she will make me cum, and hard. It’s different when you don’t tense. Don’t TRY to have an orgasm; just let it flow. I can feel her grin on my slit as I do so and she slides another finger into my backdoor, thrusting slightly further to ready me for the vibrator. Thankfully she has removed her nails beforehand, leaving no sharp edges to hurt me. Only pleasure now.

Her strongest muscle is speeding up again as she removes the toy. Thte angle is not quite right for it, but somehow her tongue manages to reach my tight hole for a few licks as her fingers slide out and are replaced by the plastic phallus. I cannot help the growl that escapes from my throat as she pushes it in, past the slight natural resistance. I accept the sting as part of the pleasure and moan with it. My nails are flexing on her thigh but I am beyond controlling them.

She does not push me over all at once, her slow manipulations are more than enough. Just a little faster each time, turning the vibrator a little higher, more pressure on my aching button. She demands that I not cum until she says and I don’t know if I can hold back. My orgasm flows through me like a river, soothing every muscle and nerve. I am ultimately relaxed. And this is what she wants, to save the best for when I am relaxed enough to take it.

Leaving me with a kiss to promise a quick return I purr within my chest, eager for this last thing.

It looks… ridiculous on her. But her stern gaze is enough to silence any laughter on my part. She unties me now but is in firm control as she siezes me by the hair. Ohh I like that. On my hands and knees I look up at her, awaiting her next command. I know what it will be, but how is another question.

It rubs against my cheek, the six-inch shaft lubricated with coconut oil to give it a warmth not found with artifical lubricants. Her hand is on my neck, but I resist. I want her to say it. To tell me to-

“Suck my cock you nasty little slut!” She says it with a bark, but a hint of a smile, as if she realizes the absurdity as well. kaçak iddaa But it is SO sexy.

Oh god, I think I just came a little one.

I start with the balls of the thing, because I know that they press onto her button and I want to thrill her. It is not hard for me to imagine that it is a real cock, flesh and blood that throbs with need, so I treat it as such. The last boyfriend I ever had quite enjoyed the last few weeks of out relationship, as I had just had my tongue pierced. Not for him actually, I knew that I would be seeking softer flesh soon, but that little bit of metal on the tip of his cock brought him off hard. So now I employed it on Lisa’s cock. Swishing it back and forth on the head before dancing it down to the balls. I’ve had bigger down my throat, but this doesn’t have as much give as the real thing. If it was an inch bigger I might not have made it, but it fits and my eyes seek hers above me as I do it. They go wide at my accomplishement and I am happy. But not so much that I will try it again. The first three or four inches will suffice, as will my fingers now caressing her thigh up to her core.

Her hands are on my hair before I reach my target, wrapping it around her hands and tugging me away from her.

“That’s enough slut. Now, face the wall, feet on the floor.”

With her heels on and mine off, we are at the perfect height. I can rest most of my weight on the bed as she moves into me. She is not slow this time, slamming into me with enough force to rock me to my toes and exploding a deep groan from my chest. Her hands are at my hips and all around. Unpredicitable.

My breasts, my back, my hair, my slippery button, all are treated to somewhat rough but still arousing touches. She is trying to be a man and doing a credible job. Like many, but not all men, she is driving into me solely for her own pleasure. Her hot breath is in my ear urgently calling me to cum with her. As she screams her nails bite into my hips, almost drawing blood and her teeth on my shoulder leave marks as well. But she succeeds in her goal and I soar along with her, a gutwrenching cum almost yanked from me by her.

What more is there?

But in the dark parts of my imagination I know what is next and I am both terribly afraid and turned on. She is going to FUCK my ass.

Her body is still atop mine as she recovers her breath and I have collapsed onto the bed, but I reach around as best I can to touch her. She stretched like a cat and purrs as well.

She whispers in my ear

“Akayla, do you still want this? We can stop anytime. Do you remember your safety word?”

My voice is shaky, but I answer in the affirmative. “Yes, Renee, I want this.”

“All right, lets clean up a bit first.”

Inside the bathroom we are equal again and we take a quick shower, making sure to wash all the interesting parts! But we do not tarry, we are both eager for what is next. At least part of me is. But another part lingers in a hug with Lisa as we are about to leave.

“I’m scared.” I hear myself say. It startles me as well as Lisa.

“Of what? Whatever you are afraid of, we won’t do. Just tell me.”

“I’m afraid that you won’t want to be with me after…”

She gives me her thousand watt reasuring smile- “Ohh baby, if you only knew what I’ve been into. Weirder stuff than this. Not so much any more, but if it makes you feel any better I am going to want you to do this to me sometime. So how can I condemn someone for something I like.”

“I didn’t say it was a rational fear.” My smirk earns me a smack on the ass, and a few more when I bend over for them. I like that stinging dammit.

I think she is intent on killing me with her teasing. I am bent over the bed again and she is on her knees behind me. Her hands again smack my ass, reddening it again in that delicious way. She pries my legs further apart so that she can reach my clit, after warning me to keep my hands on the bed. I wiggle my ass in reply, hoping for another spanking. She declines with a chuckle.

Her hot breath is between my cheeks as she reaches for my button and my mood goes from playful to turned on in a matter of seconds. Her slippery tongue licks the crease, her teeth nip it as well. She even gives me a hickey as she diddles my clit, warming me up thouroughly. Her face buried between my cheeks, her command is muffled, but can get the gist of it. She wants me to spread myself open. It leaves me vulnerable and so open that I blush. My cheek burns hot against the sheet as I do so.

Ohh, her tongue wastes no time, driving to the center of my ass quickly. Like a little insistent fish it squirms against the pressure there. Though it is not as kaçak bahis tight as it was when we began, it is a tight fit. She coos to me, stroking the small of my back, placing little fluttering kisses around the opening. Then her finger is there, wet with the coconut oil, making a path for her fearless tongue. Have you ever had a warm wet, pleasing tongue in your ass? Don’t be shy about it. Sex is supposed to be fun, not a source of hangups. If it feels good, do it. Whoever your partner is, male or female, chances are good that they have a bit of the nasty in them as well. Trade fantasies, write them, whatever. Talk. Or you will never know if you like it.

But I digress. God, her tongue is unceasing. And one hand is always on my clit, or inside my center. The other roves my back or penetrates my ass. I am short of breath already and she hasn’t even really started.

Two fingers and her flicking tongue. More oil, more moans at the wonderful sliding pressure. Her hand has moved away from my button. I know she is oiling the toy now, readying it to plunge inside my tightest hole. And I am so turned on that there is no fear. I know that I can trust her and I do.

Her thumb and forefinger keep me open as she stands. Her right hand holds one cheek and my left holds the other as she instructs me to touch myself.

Then it is there. Unerringly, her cock is at my backdoor, along side her forefinger, guiding it. Her voice is in my ear, urging me to relax, to just let it happen and I moan as I let go, the last resistant part of me finally getting the message that this is safe, that Lisa is not going to hurt me or reject me for liking this bit of kink. I breath out and she pushes in.

Ahhmm. Ohh, just like I remember it, only better. With a man there was always the fear that he would go too fast, unable to control himself in finding that ultimate tightness. I was never absolutely relaxed. But with Lisa, I know she only wants to please me. And that is enough.

My sighs increase to moans as she presses another inch and almost stops. But my growl is warning enough and she slowly finishes, burrying all six inches inside my cute little asshole.

It flutters, as I grasp at the sheets, willing those nether muscles to stay open. Only a few of my boyfriends made it this far before coming. But it is worth the wait, for them and for me.

“Are you ok?”

“Ohh yes.” I reply. I nod slowly, signalling her to pull out some. I brace for some discomfort, but it never comes. Just sliding, tight pressure and a feeling of fullness that is maddening pleasant as I strum my clit. She is almost as slow pulling out as putting it in, until I plead-


She is in my ear again telling me-

“This is so hot baby. I have my cock in your ass and I am going to make you cum, aren’t I? You are a naughty little slut to like this aren’t you?”

Speech has fled as she has sped her pace up, so I moan my response. Her hands are strong on my hips again as she has realized that she can be a little aggressive. My fingers put me on the edge again and she senses this-

“Go ahead and cum baby, I ‘m not going to stop.”

She slows only slightly as I cum, gasping her name, grasping her hips, urging her to give me more.

“Are you sure? I’m getting close myself, I’m not sure I won’t hurt you.”

It takes me a few breaths to answer, but I do.

“I’m sure Lisa. Fuck my ass.”

And she did. She presses me into the bed, then again, harder, until I fall completely forward. Now not suppporting my weight, my hands are free to grab her hips, to reach her cheek and neck.

I am sure that I am babbling now, and through it I can barely hear her insisting that I not cum yet, that she is almost there. Her moans are a counterpoint to my own, coming just after she pushes into my ass as the friction presses against her clit. I try to hold out for her but-

I can’t.

It starts as a rushing roar of blood from my center, up my thighs and hips, travelling with the air I am rapidly drawing into my starved lungs, to my heart, in my ears that I can then feel rise up my neck, flush my face and nose, then into my head to flood my brain like a hurricane, like dynamite along every nerve, overriding every sense, everything is gone but this wave, and the feel of Lisa beside me. I hope that I scream loud enough to wake everyone on Earth, so they will know that this kind of pleasure exists. And she is there with me.

When I come to, I realize that I am covered up on the bed and that Lisa is right beside me, stroking my hair and whispering to me that I was a good little girl. And brave. My eyes light up as I see her and smile. Toys are put away and she has cleaned me up with a handy sponge, we are warm and together. I press my lips to hers, murmur thanks and good night before snuggling to her chest and allowing myself to drift off to dreamland, to dream my plans for her.

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