If Things Had Been Different Ch. 06

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In Chapter 5 I jumped 18 years from the end of Chapter 4 to concentrate on Sarah’s daughter Michelle. I am conscious there is a gap in the lives of Julie & Sarah and this chapter fills in some of the missing time. I have started from the end of chapter 5 and have used ‘flashback.’


Michelle woke in the guest bedroom and for a brief moment was disoriented from the unfamiliar surroundings. She opened and closed her eyes several times and tried to marshal her thoughts as she had a million questions running through her brain. Did she really witness her mother licking her friend Julie’s pussy? Did her father know? Was her mother a lesbian? Is this what the pair did on holiday every year? Where was Julie? The last question rolled around in Michelle’s mind as she remembered, after witnessing the lesbian tryst, hiding naked in the guest bedroom ready to throw herself at Julie in a desperate bid to lose her same same-sex virginity.

“What are you doing, young lady?” said Michelle’s mother, Sarah, standing in the doorway looking at her daughter sprawled naked on the guest bed.

“Where’s Julie?” Michelle blurted out without thinking. When she realized she was naked, she wriggled quickly under the covers.

Sarah connected some of the dots very quickly and laughed as she said, “Guess you came in here to throw yourself at her, well bad news young lady, she left before even coming to bed so you will need to look elsewhere.”

“Perhaps the next time you lick her pussy I can have a taste?” Michelle said sharply.

Sarah’s reaction was like she had been struck by a bolt of lightning and she stood very still as she hissed, “What did you say, young lady?”

As Michelle described in graphic detail what she had seen and heard the night before, Sarah’s face turned beet red. Proud of sufficiently embarrassing her mother, she finished with a simple question, “Does dad know?”

Sarah sighed as she replied, “Yes your father knows, many years ago I told him about my relationship with Julie and our arrangement to holiday together once a year. To my surprise, he already knew, as Julie had told him. I have no idea what level of detail she shared with him, but they are firm friends and both seem content with the current state of things.

Her mother’s words took the wind out of Michelle’s sails as she just made a silent O with her mouth. Michelle found her voice an] said, “Please tell me how you two met.”

Over the next hour Sarah told her daughter about how she met Julie in London, then lost her, [then found her again when they spent time together in Mexico for her hen party. Sarah described the time when Julie had collapsed and Sarah thought she had died, and then the joy of their reunion. She even told her about the time Julie had handcuffed her, and how she rubbed herself for Julie’s entertainment. Sarah could see on Michelle’s face how smitten she was with Julie and she tried to play up the sadness of being parted.

“But now you holiday once a year and get lots of pussy, she sounds like my dream woman,” cooed Michelle.

Sarah was sure that her daughter was actually touching herself under the covers and she snapped, “Yes Julie is sexy as hell but she is also as dangerous as the devil. Let me tell you about when Julie and I went on holiday to Cuba, you would have been about three at the time…”

“But Mom,” Michelle interrupted, “it’s only recently we have been allowed into Cuba so no way did you go 15 years ago.”

“That’s why we started from Canada,” Sarah laughed as she started to tell the tale.


“Hey short stuff,” Julie said over the phone, “how do you fancy a couple of weeks somewhere hot and exotic, all expenses paid? And I don’t just mean my bed, although that will of course be part of the deal.”

Sarah laughed with joy as she heard Julie’s voice and quickly agreed, “Great, where and when?”

“Cuba. A car will collect you in an hour, don’t worry about packing anything just grab your passport,” Julie instructed, and then hung up before Sarah could reply.

One of the things Sarah had learnt about Julie over the years was when she said something it invariably happened. Instead of wasting the hour worrying, she arranged for the nanny to come stay with her daughter and left a rushed note for her husband. When Carla, their nanny, arrived 45 minutes later, Sarah kissed Mitchie goodbye and climbed into the car.

When she got to the airport the driver dropped her at the departures terminal and handed her an envelope. Sarah opened it and stared twice at the ticket which had the destination of Montreal, Canada. She thought there must be some mistake as she was sure Julie had said Cuba, not Canada. She read the accompanying note, which was written in Julie’s flowing scrawl, “Just go with the flow, short stuff, and trust me, J.” Sarah shrugged and went to the check in desk. She was pleasantly surprised when the woman took her ticket and gave her a business class casino şirketleri boarding card.


The flight was uneventful and after the plane touched down in Montreal, Sarah wandered to the arrivals lounge, where she spotted a man who held a sign which read “Miss Short Stuff.” Sarah laughed as she introduced herself to the driver. He escorted her to a non-descript taxi and drove her to a mid-range hotel somewhere in the middle of the city.

Sarah collected her key from reception and was shown up to her room. After the bellboy had closed the door, she admired the fantastic night-time view of the city. Sarah wondered what would happen next when the door to the adjoining room swung open. Framed in the doorway stood Julie, naked as the day she was born, holding an open bottle of champagne.

“Hey short stuff, fancy a drink?” said Julie in a languid voice which sounded like honey being poured onto ice cream. Sarah’s face lit up with joy but as she approached,] Julie held up her free hand and said, “No clothes across this threshold, including all jewellery.” Julie then turned and went back into the adjoining room.

Sarah stripped quickly and threw her clothes onto the bed until she was totally naked. She started for the door again but remembered Julie’s words and removed her earrings and placed them on the dresser. Again, she moved towards the door but was stopped by Julie’s unseen voice. “I said all jewellry, short stuff, including your rings.”

Sarah removed her necklace and all her other rings, except one. She rolled her wedding ring round her finger several times before she finally removed it. Satisfied she was sufficiently naked as per Julie’s instructions, Sarah stepped through the door and stifled a scream at the scene which greeted her.

Julie stood naked in the middle of the room and there were four or five other people moving around her like bees buzzing around a honey pot. Sarah tried to cover her breasts and genitals with her hands but was surprised that none of the people paid any attention to her as they had their focus on Julie, who was talking into a phone that was clamped to her ear.

“It’s either my way or find someone else,” Julie said, as she paced to and fro, listening to the muted voice at the other end. A big smile spread across her face as she ended the call and announced to the room “It’s a go people so let’s do this.”

Sarah was whisked into a chair by a young woman who began doing her hair and makeup. Another woman gave her a top to put on, and then a man positioned her in front of the wall and took a head and shoulders picture, as she was still naked from the waist down. The young woman returned her to the chair and re-did her hair in a different style, and then the man took another head shot. The process was repeated several times, and the last picture was taken with her in a full nun’s cowl and veil.

Eventually, the team of people left the room in the same silent manner with which they had worked on Sarah over the past hour. Before the last person left the room, he turned to Julie and said in a soft Scottish accent, “Everything will be ready for the morning as you have instructed but I still think you are wrong.” Julie closed the door behind him without dignifying his speculation with a response.

“So are you going to explain what the hell is going on?” said Sarah sternly, still standing naked in the middle of the room.

Julie nonchalantly stretched out on the bed and flicked through the channels on the television, until she settled on a religious channel extolling the virtues of heaven. “How about I take you to heaven, short stuff?” Julie purred with a glint in her eyes, “it’s been nearly a year since I tasted that lovely pussy of yours.”

“Only if you tell me what’s going on,” Sarah pouted, still slightly miffed and confused by all the unexplained activity.

“Questions, always questions,” laughed Julie, as she pulled Sarah onto the bed and rolled on top of her. “Ask me anything,” Julie giggled, as she kissed and nibbled Sarah’s neck, knowing it would drive Sarah wild.

“Why Canada?” Sarah said, as she tried to concentrate, her pussy moistening and her nipples hardening as Julie moved her kisses down to her breasts.

“Canadians are allowed in Cuba, Americans, not so much,” said Julie as she switched between each nipple, first flicking it with her tongue and then nibbling it with her sharp white teeth.

“Oh God,” moaned Sarah, and then regained her focus and asked, “what’s with all the pictures and the fucking nun costume?”

“Charitable religious delegation, Sister Sarah, everyone accepts a woman of God,” laughed Julie as she wriggled between Sarah’s thighs, her face resting inches from Sarah’s pussy. Julie inhaled deeply and savoured the aroma before she murmured, “I’ve licked a lot of pussy but yours is still the sweetest.” Before Sarah could respond, Julie took a long lick along Sarah’s pussy lips, letting her tongue casino firmaları delve inside as she moved up through the folds to her clit. Julie’s efforts were rewarded with a long deep moan of pleasure from Sarah. As she took Sarah’s clit gently between her lips she felt her relax and finally surrender.

Sarah wound her fingers into Julie’s long, dark, auburn locks, and pulled her closer to her pussy not that she needed any encouragement. Sarah succumbed to Julie’s skilled and talented tongue as it darted in and out like a frantic eel seeking every nook and cranny inside her body. Just as Sarah thought Julie’s tongue couldn’t get any deeper, Julie varied the rhythm and concentrated the pressure on her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure crashing through Sarah.

Julie lifted her head from between Sarah’s thighs, her face coated with Sarah’s juices. She looked up at Sarah’s face and softly said, “Bet your husband doesn’t lick your pussy as good as that.”

Sarah giggled as she responded, “He may not lick a pussy that good, but if he was here now, he would fuck my brains out with his yummy cock… something you can’t do.”

“Well that is about to change,” laughed Julie loudly. She jumped out of bed and thrust her hand into a small open suitcase and pulled out an item with a flourish of triumph.

“What the hell is that?” said Sarah as she looked at the thing that Julie held up with such pride. It was bright purple in colour and looked like a reasonably large penis-shaped dildo, except that it also had a large ball with a silver switch attached to it at the base.

“This, my dear…” said Julie, as she opened her legs and inserted] the ball part, “is called a feeldo, a strapless strap-on.”

Sarah stared at the appendage jutting from Julie’s groin like an alien penis and without thinking blurted out, “How does it work?” then blushed deeply as she realised the stupidity of her remark.

“Like this,” said Julie as she grabbed Sarah’s ankles and pulled her legs up and apart positioning herself with the tip of the dildo at Sarah’s entrance. Staring deeply into Sarah’s eyes, Julie moved her hips very slightly so the tip barely penetrated her, driving Sarah wild with desire.

“For God’s sake please fuck me,” Sarah moaned as she tried to pull Julie in.

She was rewarded with a soft peal of laughter as Julie resisted her attempts and continued to tease her. “Shit, I nearly forgot,” laughed Julie, who was clearly enjoying torturing Sarah. She let go of one of Sarah’s ankles, reached under the dildo, and flicked the switch.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” moaned Sarah as the vibrations ran through the dildo.

Julie looked down and smiled at Sarah, “You know you really shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain being a nun and all that.” Before Sarah could reply Julie relaxed and sank her whole weight onto the dildo, causing it to drive slowly and firmly into Sarah’s open pussy. Sarah gasped with pleasure at being filled by the vibrating dildo. Almost as quickly as she was filled, Julie pulled back and held the feeldo with just the tip buzzing at Sarah’s lips.

“I love you, short stuff,” sighed Julie as she drove back in and started to fuck Sarah with a steady, controlled movement. Julie fucked Sarah faster and faster, levering herself into Sarah. Just as Sarah thought she would explode, Julie would slow her movements, keeping her on the edge of an orgasm.

Sarah grabbed a handful of Julie’s hair and with a tight grip pulled Julie’s face close to hers and panted, “Let me cum, I beg you in the name of all that is holy, LET ME CUM!” Julie smiled as she fucked Sarah deep and hard and watched her face screw up in pre-orgasm bliss. Then Sarah’s eyes flew wide open as the orgasm burst through her body like a Tsunami.

That night Julie seemed to be insatiable to Sarah. They would spend a few minutes resting in each other’s arms when Julie would start to kiss or nibble or touch again. Within minutes, Sarah would find herself writhing on the bed as Julie brought her back to the heights of ecstasy. Sometimes it would be Julie’s mouth or fingers teasing her, other times the feeldo would be back in use, in every position imaginable.


The following morning Sarah awoke to the sound of a running shower. As she opened her eyes, she saw Julie leave the bathroom naked towelling her hair dry.

“OK Sister Sarah, time to go work,” said Julie in a voice that was colder and less amenable than Sarah was used to.

The nun’s habit had been laid out in the adjoining room, which had been cleared of all the clothes and jewellery that Sarah had left behind. When Julie noticed the look of concern on Sarah’s face, she reassured Sarah that all her possessions would be returned when the time was right.

The rest of the day passed in a blur to Sarah. She barely recognized Julie with the padding she wore] underneath her tunic, and the thick glasses made her appear plainer and much older. She hardly güvenilir casino even recognized Julie’s voice, as she now spoke English with a heavy Latin American accent, as they passed through the airport security and boarded the plane to Cuba.


Sarah had expected that once they arrived in Cuba they would ditch their costumes and party, but nothing could be farther from the truth. She looked at the walls of the grey drab room that had almost been her prison cell for the last two days, and she was starting to question why on earth she had come. Julie had ignored her from almost the moment they had arrived. To make matters worse, the bed was cold and hard and she was sure she had a million other tiny bed companions.

Julie slipped into the room and closed the door gently behind her as she looked at Sarah and whispered, “I am sorry for all this Sarah, but I needed to do some work stuff. I promise you that this evening we will be able to put all this behind us and get on with our holiday. Just one more day I promise.”

Sarah looked into Julie’s eyes and sighed, knowing that she had to put her faith in this woman, as she had so many times before.


Julie killed the lights on the van as she pulled up outside a derelict tin shack that appeared as though it was about to fall down. She turned off the engine of the clapped-out old van. She and Sarah sat in silence for a moment. From the light which filtered through the gaps in the walls, the shack was clearly occupied. The sound of a tinny radio could be heard in the dark unlit street. Julie carefully removed the plain glasses she wore and turned to look at Sarah who sat in the passenger’s seat with a look of apprehension on her face. Julie took Sarah’s face between her hands and stared deep into her eyes before she spoke, “Listen, short stuff, you know I love you, don’t you?” Sarah nodded as Julie went on, “And I know you love me, but whatever happens, no matter what you think is happening, stay in the van. This will only take a few minutes.”

Sarah watched Julie slip around the back of the tin shack. She waited in the van, distracted by the ticking sound of the cooling engine block, holding her breath as she tried to imagine what was happening inside. Suddenly the night was shattered by a loud explosion and a flash from inside the shack and Sarah couldn’t help but yelp with fear. As soon as one explosion stopped it was followed almost instantaneously by another, and the whole cabin shook as five loud reports rippled through the air. Sarah had been around guns enough when she was younger to know that the sound she was hearing was a pump action shotgun. Without thinking, Sarah leapt from the van, her heart pounding in her chest like a jack hammer, as she ran to the back of the shack where Julie had gone. The sight that greeted her would remain with her for the rest of her life.

The door to the shack had been kicked off its hinges and the first thing Sarah saw through the doorway was a nearly naked Julie standing in only her sneakers and strangely, her nun’s cowl. The inside of the room was sprayed with blood and bits of the previous occupants, some of which had splashed onto Julie. The barrel of the shotgun was steady and traversed the interior as a thin plume of smoke slowly spiralled from the muzzle. Sarah couldn’t help but make a small squeak, which caused Julie to spin like a panther. Sarah found herself staring down the barrel of the shotgun which seemed like a giant black train tunnel. Sarah lost control of her bladder and a trickle of urine doused her thighs, as she heard the metallic click of the shotgun hammer hitting an empty chamber. The last thing Sarah’s brain registered was the pain etched in Julie’s face as she dropped the shotgun and ran towards her to catch her before she crumpled to the floor unconscious.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Julie cursed under her breath as she lifted Sarah into her arms and carried her to the van. She opened the sliding side door, and unceremoniously dumped Sarah inside. Julie jumped in the driver’s seat and let the van roll down the hill a little before she started the engine. They had travelled just a few blocks when Julie cursed again as she realized that in her haste, she had had left the nun’s habit at the scene of the crime. She pulled off the cowl and shook her head freeing her auburn locks. Julie laughed softly as she whispered more to herself than anyone else, “Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to participate in ‘take your lover to work day’.”


As Sarah regained consciousness, she had no idea where she was. Her eyes focused on Julie, who was now dressed in a loud floral print dress with her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, and she could hear her jabbering in Spanish. When she spotted that Sarah was awake, Julie stopped talking and moved quickly to Sarah’s side. “How are you feeling, love?” Julie asked softly, as she looked deeply into Sarah’s eyes and lovingly stroked the back of her hand.

“Was it a dream?” asked Sarah in a faraway voice and then said with a strange look on her face, “and was I a nun?”

“Are you sure she will be OK?” snarled Julie in Spanish at the man who was dressed in a crumpled black suit and carried a doctor’s bag.

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