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I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 8


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events. although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes. stop reading now.


Sean and I were sitting by the pool waiting for our guests to join us.  The first to arrive was Zach.  He was wearing his light blue swimsuit, a white t-shirt and flip flops. Sean bounced from his seat and ran to Zach and gave him a big hug.

“I’ve missed you Zach!”

“I”ve missed you too, Sean!”

As the boys hugged my mind went right into the gutter. I looked at the boys hugging and imagined them naked, rubbing their smooth, little bodies together, running their hands all over, rubbing each other’s smooth ass, rubbing their little cocks together, kissing.  I was snapped back to reality when Wayne came out with our food.

“Kevin?  Kevin?  Hello, Kevin!”  I blinked and snapped my head up to see Wayne talking to me.  “Where were you just now?”

“Oh. Oh, nowhere, just day dreaming.”

Wayne looked in the direction I was and looked back at me smiling.  “I think I know where you were, Sir.”

I smiled back up at Wayne.  “Well, look at them.  Have you ever seen anything so cute and beautiful?”

“No Sir, I haven”t until Master Sean. He”s a work of art.” I told Wayne he could have the night off.  “Great I was going to ask you if I could because I have a date.  I may not be home tonight if that”s okay?”

“Sure, if things go well for you take the weekend off if you like, I think we can manage.”

“Great, thanks!” Wayne said, and off he went.

Zach came over with excitement in his voice.  “Mr. Anderson!”  He jumped in my lap and gave me a big hug.  “Thank you so much for letting us stay here, your house is so big!”
I hugged Zach back.  “You’re welcome, Zach.  Consider this your home while you’re here.”  I kissed Zach on the cheek and put him down.  “If you and Sean would like you two can go for a swim until dinner is ready.”

“What are we having?”

“Burgers and hotdogs on the grill.”

Both boys jumped for joy.  “Yeah, burgers and dogs, my favorite!”

I helped Sean take off his t-shirt to go swimming.  I looked over at Zach and noticed he hadn”t taken his off yet.  “You can take your shirt off Zach if you want.”

“I was hoping you would help me take it off like you did Sean’s”

“Okay buddy, come here.”  Zach was facing me, and as I was taking his shirt off I ran my hands over his smooth sides, his back and that smooth, soft chest.  I could feel my cock getting hard in my shorts.  I heard Zach moan as I ran my hands over his little body.  I looked down and noticed Zach was hard as well.  His little swimsuit had a nice little tent going on. Once I got his shirt off I gave Zach a little slap on his cute, round butt and copped a feel.  “Okay boys, go swim.”

The boys ran for the water and jumped in by the stairs.  I heard Zach tell Sean he was going to go dive off the diving board.

“Oh no, Zach we can”t.”

“Why not?”

“Daddy said we can only stay in the shallow end unless there was a grown up in here with us.”

Just then Seven and Jr. joined us.  I stood up and walked over to Steven and Jr., giving both a big hug.  “Hey guys, glad you could join us.”  As I was hugging Jr. I felt he had a semi hard-on.  “If you’d like to join the boys in the pool you can, dinner won’t be ready for a while.”  With that Jr. ran and did a cannonball over the boys.  I heard Zach yell ‘watch out, tidal wave’, then both boys were laughing.

As the boys were playing in the pool, Steven joined me at the table.  I offered Steven a drink.  “Thanks, I could use one right about now.”

When I came back to the table and sat I thought Steven looked as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.  “I was wondering if you two got lost in the house.”

“No, Jr. had a problem I felt I had to take care of.  Well he had a hard-on problem.  The poor boy was so horny I had to give him a quick blowjob.”

“Nice, I bet he”s glad he has a Dad that will help him out whenever he needs it.”

“Yea, he”s a good kid.  Well, both boys are good.”

“I don”t mean to pry, but what”s going on?  I can tell things aren’t right.”

“Well… Shelly and I are getting a divorce.”

“Wow, really?  What happened?”

“The last time you saw us was our attempt to save the marriage, our last vacation as a family.  Once we got home, Shelly notified me it didn”t work and she wasn”t happy.  We talked it over.  I told her she could have the house, whichever car she wanted, and allowance each month for a year, but in no way was she getting my boys.  I get them and I would fight her tooth and nail for them.  She agreed to my terms with very little fight.  So… here we are.”

I looked stunned as he was telling me all this.  “Wow man, I”m so sorry.” Steven looked up at me.  “Oh man, don”t be, I got everything I wanted.”  He looked over at the pool.  “My boys, the loves of my life.”  I could see a tear forming in his eyes. I got up and walked over and pulled Steven up into a hug, rubbing his back.

“It”s okay man, you and the boys can stay here as long as you like.  This is your home now.”

Steven pulled away.  “Oh no man, we couldn”t do that.  We can’t intrude on you and Sean.”

“I won’t hear any different, it”s settled!  You and the boys will stay here as long as you like.  There’s plenty of room for all of us and besides, Zach and Sean get along and they need each other’s company.”

Steven sighed, but I could tell some of the weight had been lifted from his shoulders.  “Okay, fine, but we will carry our weight around here.  The boys will have chores to do, they will not be waited on.”

“Okay, okay great, we can talk about all that later.  Now let’s enjoy the cookout, and of course, the boys.”

I started the grill and began prepping the burgers.  “So, how do you guys like your burgers?”

“Zach likes his well done. As for Jr. and me; medium rare.”

Great, just like Sean and me.  Cheese?”

“Sure, cheese them all.”

As I was cooking, Steven came over behind me. I thought he was just watching but then he wrapped his arms around me from behind and gave me a big bear hug, burying his face in my back and holding me.  ”Thank you, Kevin, so much, you’re a good friend.”

I patted his hands holding mine in front.  “You’re welcome.  Us dads have to stick together.”

I could swear I could feel him starting to cry.  He pulled away and ran for the water and did one of the best cannonballs I have ever seen.  I heard the boys laughing and splashing in the water.

“Can I dive of the diving board, Daddy?” asked Sean.

“Sure, why don”t you practice like I showed you?”

“Can I try,” I heard Sean ask Steven.

“Sure you can.”

I looked over and saw both boys climbing up the ladder out of the pool.  Their wet suits clung to them and I noticed they both were sporting hard-ons. I guess Jr. had been playing with them under the water.  They both did respectable dives, climbed out giggling and then did it again.  Jr. climbed out of the pool and stood on the diving board, bouncing up and down.  His semi was straining against his wet suit, and I couldn’t help but start to get a semi myself.  I half-hoped that his suit would come off when he dove in.  He sliced into the water with barely a ripple; his swimsuit, unfortunately, still intact.

The burgers were almost ready, so I called out, “Dinner will be ready in a few guys, you might want to get out and dry off.”

Sean was the first to run up to me.  “Can I help, Daddy?”

“Sure buddy.  Can you go get more chips?”

Then I heard another little voice.  “Can I help?”  It was Zach.

“Sure thing, you can refill our cups.”   Off the boys ran.  I yelled, “Hey boys, please walk, I don”t want you getting hurt, the deck is slippery!”

“Okay, Daddy,” Sean yelled back.”

“Yes Sir,” from Zach.

I looked over and saw both boys walking more like a run walk, which made their little butts wiggle back and forth.  God, they are so hot.  Jr. and Steven were still in the pool talking.  Jr. gave his dad a kiss on the lips and started up the ladder.  I could see he had the start of a nice hard-on.  I could see almost every detail; the semi hard shaft to the head of his cock. He did nothing to hide it, and started to dry off.  He took more time drying off his crotch and it looked to have gotten bigger.  As he walked over to me his cock was swinging in his shorts, and every now and then he had to adjust himself.  “Hey, anything I can do to help?”

I thought to myself, ‘man these boys are so well mannered’.  “Sure, if you want you can get some forks from the kitchen and set the table. Sean knows where everything is.”

“Great.”  Then Jr. came up behind me and gave me a kiss on the back of my neck and whispered in my ear, “Can I see you tonight?”

I froze.  I didn”t know what to do.  It was out of the blue.  I was really hoping to get him into my bed, but I didn’t think he would make the first move.  I smiled as he walked away.

Steven came up.  “How”s it going over here?  Man those smell good!”

“Thanks, Wayne does know how to make them taste good.  I don”t know what he does, but they’re the best burgers I have had anywhere.”  Once the burgers and dogs were done I called out to the boys, “Okay, food is ready.”

All three came back with smiles on their faces.  I looked over at Sean and I knew that look… something was up.

“Okay guys, what are you all up to?”

All three said ‘nooootttiiinnggg.’, but both Zach and Sean started to giggle.  Jr. just had a big smile.

Dinner was a hit.  The boys were full and Steven and I ate more than we knew.  Sean asked if they could go swim some more.

“Not yet, wait for your food to settle first.  You boys can clear the table if you like.”

The boys started to clear everything away as I made Steven and I a drink. Once everything was done, I told the boys they could go back in the pool if they wanted.  I looked over at Sean and called him over before he ran for the water.  I pulled him to me for a big hug.  I whispered in his ear, “I have to talk to you later.”

He looked up at me in almost fear.  “Am I in trouble, Daddy?”

“No buddy, you’re not.  I just need to talk to you.  Everything is okay.  Oh, and if you like you can lose these,” I said as I was pulling on his swimsuit. “Really, Daddy?”

“Sure, let me help you.”  I untied his suit and started to pull it off his sweet, little body.  God he felt so warm and soft.  I ran my hands down his hips, feeling every inch, taking in the experience like it was the first time.  I ran my hands over his soft, smooth ass and started to rub those smooth mounds. I bent down so he could step out of his swimsuit and I was eye level to his little cocklet.  I stuck my tongue out and licked the head.  It jumped and I took his little 3″ in my mouth and gave it a little suck.  Sean let out a soft moan.
Once he was totally naked, I looked over and Jr. was now naked and Zach asked if I would help him out of his swimsuit as well.  I pulled Zach over and untied his suit and started to pull it down just as I did for Sean, and yes, I sucked his hairless, little cocklet as well.  God, both boys tasted so good!  Both boys ran for the water and jumped in.  Steven took his suit off and now he and the boys were skinny dipping, rough housing, and boys were being thrown in the air.  I looked over and Jr. hadn”t run for the water yet.

He came over and sat next to me, still naked.  He looked over at me.  “Hey Kevin, you’re not going to get naked with us?”

“Well, I was hoping someone would help me out.”

Jr. got on his knees in front of me and started to untie my shorts.  He leaned up and started to kiss my chest, making his way to one of my nipples.  I let out a soft moan, then he worked his tongue to the other nipple and he sucked so softly.  I could feel his tongue rolling around my hard tit. God, I wanted to push him down and take him right there, but right then wasn”t the time for that so I just let him do his thing.  I felt his hands pulling on my shorts, so I lifted my ass up to make it easier for him to get them off.  I knew what he was working for so I let him.  Once he had me naked he worked his way down my chest, kissing and licking the whole way.  I had totally forgotten about Steven and the boys in the pool, I was in heaven.  I felt his warm lips kissing my hard cock, licking the head, lapping up all my precum.  I heard him moaning, tasting my juice, then he took my hard cock in his mouth right down to the base.  I about shot my load right there!  He was flicking his tongue up and down my cock as he was sucking me.

I let him have his fun for a while.  I knew if I didn”t stop him I would blow my load, and I had plans for it later.  I pulled Jr. off my cock and leaned in and kissed him deep, my tongue fighting his to taste my own juice. “We have to stop.  I want you later in my bed tonight, but we have to wait.”

He nodded his agreement but not before he dove down for one last taste of my cock.  He got up and we both ran for the water.  It was so cool I felt instant relief as the water calmed me down.  I swam a few laps and the boys took that as a challenge for a swim race.  I heard Sean say ‘winner gets what he wants!  Ready, go.’  We swam two laps and it ended with a tie between Steven and me.

We looked at each other with big smiles.  “Okay, we win,” I announced.  “And since you said winner gets what he wants, here”s the deal.  I want Jr. in my bed tonight.”

Steven then claimed his prize.  “And I want Zach and Sean in my bed tonight.”  Everyone was all smiles.  As Steven, Zach and Sean floated around, Jr. and I swam to the deep end.  I had him cornered in the pool.  He had his arms extended to hold himself up and I had my hands around his waist, running them up and down his hot teen body, his still soft, smooth, hairless chest, abs and stomach.  I pulled myself to him and started to kiss his slender neck, nibbling on his ear lobe.  I had one hand on his hard, round ass and the other rubbing his hard cock under the water.  We were both moaning, kissing… we had so much passion.

“Oh god Kevin, I want you now, here, please, I have to have you.”

“I want you to, son.”

He stopped and looked at me in surprise, then smiled.  “You know, that”s the first time you called me that and I like it.”

We looked in each other eyes and started to kiss, both tongues fighting. God I wanted to eat this boy up.  I couldn”t get enough of him.  We made out for about an hour.  I never even noticed Steven and the boys were gone; Jr. and I had the pool to ourselves.  I lifted him out of the water and sat him on the edge of the pool.  I stared at his hard cock and balls.  I noticed his pubic hair was sparse.  It was so soft, his balls still hairless.  I leaned in and started to kiss his inner thigh.  He spread his legs a little more, so I started kissing and licking my way from his knee way up to his thigh.  He was letting out soft moans and I could feel his legs shaking.  I then moved to his other leg, doing the same thing.  I reached his soft, smooth balls and stuck my tongue out, softly licking them one at a time.  Jr. reached down to run his fingers in my hair.  I pulled away and looked up.

“No touching, you cannot use your hands and you can’t touch yourself.  I”m the winner and it”s my way.”  Jr. threw his head back moaning, as I attacked his balls again.  I released his balls and started to lick just beside them.  I could feel his hard cock leaking on the side of my face.  I licked up his hard shaft, starting at the base, licking my way to the head but stopping just at the tip, then licked my way down the other side.  I could hear him moaning and whimpering.

“Oh god, Kevin, you’re not fair.  Please, I need to feel your mouth on my cock.”

I looked up and smiled.  “In due time son, in due time.” I went back to his balls and started to push him back, leaving his legs in the air.  I licked the taint area just behind his balls.  This drove him into a frenzy, he let out a loud moan. “Oooooh goodd. OOHH GOODD!”  Then I saw my target: sparse, soft hairs around this pink hole, looking so tight.  I saw it winking at me, begging for some attention.  I couldn”t hold back and stuck my tongue out and started to dart it around his sweet hole, never quite touching him. Jr. was moaning and pushing his ass towards my mouth, hoping my tongue would make contact.  I had to let him off the hook, so I leaned back, aimed for my prize and dove my tongue into his hole.  When I did he let out a long, deep moan.  He started panting and breathing heavily.  As I drove my tongue deep in his sweet, pink hole, Jr. had his hands on the side of the pool pulling himself towards my mouth, trying to get as much of my tongue in his ass as he could.  He started to buck his ass up and down on my invading tongue.

“Oh god Kevin, eat my ass, oh god, Daddy eat me!”  The more I ate his ass, the more he moaned.  At one point he was trying to say something but he was making no sense, it was just sounds.  He was in heaven… in pure ecstasy, pure lust took his body over.  He was grunting, gritting his teeth and begging me.  The more he was making those noises the more I ate his ass.  As I was holding his legs I could feel his body shaking.  He was arching his back as if he was having an intense orgasm.  I came off his ass. and licked my way back to his balls, and then up his hard shaft to the head and licked every drop of his clear juices, then I took his teen cock in my mouth and attacked it like it was the last cock on earth.  This sent him to another world.  His body started to shake and quiver all over.  He was thrashing his head side to side; his body was on fire.  I could feel his cock getting bigger which I knew meant he was getting close, so I came off his cock.

Jr. looked up with pleading eyes.  “Please Kevin, don”t stop, I need to cum, please!”  He kept begging me to finish him off but I had other plans.  “Oh god Kevin, please I’ll do anything, just please let me cum, I need it!”

I pulled him up and back into the water.  I held him in my arms kissing him.  I could feel him trying to rub his hard cock on my body and trying istanbul travesti to cum, but I pulled my body away so he couldn”t make contact, then I did the unthinkable.  I pushed away from him and swam away.  Jr. was stunned, then he started to swim after me, yelling, “Please come back, please, I promise I”ll do anything.”

I walked out of the pool with a big hard-on and retrieved my towel.  Jr. came running after me.  I threw his towel at him and told him to dry off and meet in my bedroom.  Jr. ran into the house and up to my room.  I took my time, making him wait.  This was my little game and it took everything in my body to do it.  I wanted to rape that hot ass so bad.  I wanted to fuck him right there, poolside, but I wanted him to enjoy this and enjoy the buildup.  I know teenagers; they want to rush everything and I wanted to teach him how to enjoy the sex and the foreplay, making it last.

Once I reached my room, Jr. was there waiting, breathing heavily.  He had this hungry look in his eyes.  I dropped my towel to the floor and before it hit the floor Jr. was on his knees sucking my cock.  He dove for it like a hungry pup sucking on his mother’s tit.  Oh god, this boy was good!  His mouth was so hot and wet.  I could feel his tongue wrapping around the head of my cock.  I heard him moaning, making love to my cock.  I ran my hands threw his hair and I started moaning and my hips were fucking his mouth.   The more I fucked his mouth the more he kept taking my cock until I felt it hit the back of his throat.  He start some swallowing motions and god, I could have cum right then.  I had to pull him off me… I had plans for that load.  His ass was my target, I wanted to plant my seed deep inside him.  I wanted to fuck him in a way I wanted to fuck Sean but couldn”t without hurting him.  So I had 
Jr., a young, teen boy that can take the kind of fucking I had in mind.  I pulled him up to his feet and started to kiss him.  I could taste my precum on his tongue.  As I was kissing him I was walking him backwards to the bed.  I pushed him onto the mattress.

Looking at this young teen’s naked body, I had to hold back to keep myself from jumping on him.  Jr. looked up at me with urgency in his eyes, pleading me to take him, to not to hold back, but I had to. I leaned in and kissed him softly.  I pushed my tongue into his hot mouth and as we kissed, we moved up on the bed.  I had him laying down, stretched out.  I was running my hands over his tight, smooth body, hearing him moaning in my mouth.  I wanted to hear it… I wanted him to say it.

Jr. pushed on me and rolled us over so he was on top.  He started to lick and kiss my neck, working his tongue down to my chest and sucking each tit, then licking his way to my navel.  He was cupping my balls and then he dove for my cock again.  This was one hungry boy for cock!  He kept sucking my cock until I was close, then I pulled him off and rolled him over. This was it… no stopping now.  I licked my way down his smooth chest.  I felt his chest heaving.  He was panting, whimpering, then I took his cock in my mouth.  He took in a deep breath, arching his back. “OOOOHHHHH gggdoooddd ooohhhgooddd!!”  His head was thrashing side to side.  I licked my way to his balls and his legs parted and drew up.  I worked my tongue to his ass and started to eat him like the last supper.  He was ready. “Oooooohhh god, fffuuucckk meee please fuck me!  I want to feel you inside, please!”

I got up on my knees and aimed my cock at his tight hole.  I had eaten his ass so much there was no need for lube.  I placed the head of my cock at his hole and started to push in.  His hole was so tight!  I looked at his face.  He had this pleading look for me to push it all in.  His hands were grabbing the sheets, gritting his teeth like he was in pain, so I pulled back.

Jr. looked up at me.  “Pleeeeeaasee don”t stop, please!”  I placed the head of my cock at his hole again.  I had to hold back not to just nail the boy.  I started to push in and felt the tight ring.  It gave way and I started to push my cock in nice and slow.  I started small in and out movements, then I pushed more of my shaft in.  The more I pushed in, the more he wanted.  I finally had my whole cock in his hole.  I felt my balls resting on his ass and my pubes pushing and grinding his hole making nice, slow, round motions.  Jr. started to breath heavily and began moving his ass around on my cock.  I leaned in and started to kiss his soft lips.  I could hear him groaning in my mouth.  I started to move in and out of his sweet, tight hole.  His ass felt like a tight fitting, soft glove wrapped around my cock.   He had his legs wrapped around my waist as I started to fuck him.  God, I was in heaven!  Once he was used to my length and enjoying the nice fucking, my cock took over and started to jab deeper, hitting his prostate and making him moan loudly.

He looked up.  “I”m sorry, I can”t help being loud, you feel so good.”

“It”s okay Jr., be as loud as you want.  The only ones to hear you would be your Dad and the boys, and maybe they”ll know you are enjoying yourself, so go for it, you don”t have to hold back.”

Man, he let loose!  The deeper I fucked him, the louder he got.  I loved hearing him moan and grunt, yelling ‘Fuck me!’  I reached under his shoulders and started to pull him into me as I pushed deeper.  The more I did that the more he wanted.  I started to really fuck his ass, pounding him, fucking him as hard as I could, pushing my cock deep and grinding his ass. I knew I was getting close to cumming so I picked up the speed.  Jr. was going out of his mind, yelling and moaning.  I asked him if wanted my load. “Yes I want it!  I want it balls deep!!”

I started to pound this teen boy’s ass for all it was worth.  I started to yell at him.  “Tell me!  Tell me what I want to hear!!”

“Fuck me!  Breed me!  Fuuuuccckkk meee Daddy, fuck me!!””

I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I shoved my cock deep and started to fill this boy’s hot ass with my hot cum.  He started blowing his load at the same time.  We were both thrashing around and then I heard it.  I love you Daddy, I LOVE YOU!!!!”

That made me shoot more than I think I ever have.  Jr. pulled me to him, kissing me as our orgasms continued, both our bodies shaking and convulsing on each other.

We held each other as our orgasms subsided but we kept trembling and kissing, tears in our eyes.  We hugged each other.  I was still inside him, never wanting to pullout.  It took me a while to start going soft, then POP, my cock fell out of his ass.  I looked deep in his eyes.  “I love you too.”

Jr. looked up at me.  “I”m so glad you’re Sean’s Daddy.”

“So am I.”

We got out of bed and headed for the shower to clean up.  We had been sweating and we really needed to cool off.  I got the shower to a nice temp and we both climbed in.  Jr. was still shaky from the fucking so I helped him in.  At one end was a bench since I had the shower designed as a spa shower. There were 8 shower heads, two on each wall and two overhead like rain showers.  I sat on the bench and had Jr. sit in my lap.  We held each other, kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies.

“That was awesome Kevin.  Do you fuck Sean that way?”

“No, he”s too little right now but I have wanted to for so long.  I knew you could handle it, so I fucked you like I want to fuck him.”

Jr. threw his arms around my neck, hugging me and kissing my neck.  He nestled his face in my neck and we stayed that way for a while enjoying the afterglow.  “Kevin, can I tell you something?”

“Sure Jr., you can tell me anything you want.”

He looked me deep in my eyes.  “I meant what I said.”

I was a little lost.  “When?  What did you say.”

“I meant it when I said I loved you.  I do love you. I have loved you ever since we met back in Virginia.”

I held him close.  “I love you too Jr., I love you too.  I think we need to have a family meeting, but for now let’s wash up and head to bed.”  We washed up and headed to bed naked.  I held Jr. in my arms as we fell asleep.


Meanwhile, in Steven’s room, Steven and the boys were having their own fun.

Steven was laying on the bed and Sean and Zach were licking and sucking up and down his hard cock.  Each time the boys would get to the head they would kiss and trade the taste of Steven’s precum, licking each other tongues.  Steven just laid back and enjoyed the sight of the boys sucking and kissing.  The boys were enjoying themselves and so was Steven.  He grabbed Sean by the waist, not to stop them from what they were doing, but he wanted to taste Sean’s little ass.  He pulled Sean on top of him so Sean was in a 69 position with him.  Steven had a perfect view of his sweet, hairless ass.  Those small, round mounds of ass cheeks drew him in. He stuck his tongue out and start to lick each cheek, prompting Sean to moan.  Zach looked up to see what was making Sean moan like that.  He saw his Dad’s head at Sean’s ass, smiled, then went back to sucking and licking his Dad’s cock with Sean.  Steven was taking his time and enjoying this sweet, young, tender ass.  He started to lick the taint area between his balls and ass, lightly sucking the little skin, feeling his nose in Sean’s ass.  He took in a deep breath, inhaling his young, sweet ass, smelling a combination of the chlorine from the pool and little boy butt.  He started to circle his tongue around the little hole, moaning and sending shivers up Sean’s spine as he felt the vibration.  Sean let out his own low moan.

“Zach,” Sean said.  “I want to suck your pee-pee.”

Zach got up and lowered himself to rest on his Dad’s hard cock, feeling it between his little ass cheeks.  Sean started to lick Zach’s cocklet at the same time seeing Steven’s cock spearing up from between Zach legs.  Each time Sean licked to the base of Zach’s cock his tongue flicked out and lapped up the precum dripping from Steven’s head.  Zach let out a small moan as he started to run his hands over Sean’s back, feeling how warm and soft he was.  Sean took Zach’s little cock all the way in to the base.  Zach started move his little ass on his Dad’s hard cock while fucking Sean’s mouth.  Sean started to shake all over… he was having a dry orgasm at the same time Zach was having his.  Both boys leaned up and started to kiss.  Steven was still eating Sean’s ass.  Zach and Sean, being little boys, never went soft.  Sean leaned up and told Steven it was Zach’s turn, so they switched places.  Steven dove into Zach little ass while the boys were kissing and touching each other all over.

Zach and Sean were both moaning, then they heard something.  They froze to listen, they heard it again.  It was Jr. moaning.  Steven got a big smile on his face.  “I guess Jr. is having fun.”

Sean looked back at Steven.  “What are they doing?”

“Your Dad is having sex with Jr., just we are.”

“Oh wow, cool.  He”s probably fucking him.  I want to get fucked!”

“I do too,” Zach chimed in.

“Whoa boys, I can”t fuck you both at the same time, but I do have an idea.  Why don”t you two fuck each other while I watch?”

The boys looked at each other and smiled. “Okay!”  Sean got up and ran to Steven’s pants and reached into his pockets.

“What are you looking for Sean?”

“A quarter.”  He found a nickel instead.  “Okay, let’s flip for who goes first.” Sean flipped it in the air.  “Call it.”

Zach yelled out ‘heads’.  It came up tails.  The question was, who won?

Steven made the decision.  “Sean is to fuck Zach first.”

“Cool!  I’ve wanted Sean to fuck me for a long time!”

Steven moved up on the bed and positioned the boys, Sean on top of Zach. The boys started to kiss and move their little cocks together. Both boys started to moan and sigh.  Sean moved down Zach’s smooth body, licking him just as he did to his Dad when they made love.  Zach was loving the feeling.  Steven was off to the side watching the scene play out, slowly rubbing his cock and leaking precum.  Steven would take some on his fingertip and lick it off.  Sean was now licking Zach’s little balls.   Zach was moaning as Sean licked his way up the shaft to the pink head of Zach’s little cock.  Sean started to suck Zach’s cock.  Zach was loving it.  Sean then moved around so the boys were 69’ing each other.   Zach started to suck and Sean started to face fuck Zach’s mouth.  Both boys were moaning and shaking.  Steven couldn”t take any more, he leaned in and started to lick Sean’s ass again, tongue-fucking him in and out.  He told the boys to keep sucking while he rolled them over so now Sean was on the bottom and Zach’s sweet little ass was in the air.  Steven started to eat Zach’s ass.  Both boys had another dry orgasm but never stopped sucking.  Steven now had his whole mouth on Zach’s ass, sliding his tongue in and out of him.  Zach was moaning like crazy.

“Okay Sean, I think he’s ready,” Steven said.

“Cool!  You okay Zach?”

Zach looked up at Sean with a smile, nodding his head ‘yes’.  Seven placed Zach at the head of the bead, then placed Sean between Zach’s open legs. Steven reached down and held Zach’s legs up and open so Sean had easy access to Zach’s ass.  Sean placed his cockhead at the entrance of Zach’s ass, then pushed his little cock in.  Zach let out a little yelp.

Sean stopped and got ready to pull out.  “Are you okay, Zach?  Did I hurt you?”

“No, I just wasn”t really ready, but I know it will feel good.  Fuck me, Sean.”  Sean started to fuck his little friend while Steven watched.

Steven leaned down and kissed Zach.  “I love you son.”

“I love you too, Daddy, and I love Sean.”

“I love him too,” Sean said as he slid his cocklet in and out.

“I want you boys to enjoy each other.”

“It feels good, Daddy.”  Zach looked up at Sean and pulled him down and they kissed as Sean rabbit fucked Zach.  It didn”t take long for Sean to reach his point of no return.

He was fucking Zach and moaning.  “Oh Zach, I’m going to cum! OOOHHH ZZAAACCHH.  I’mmmmm Cummmming!!”

“Do it Sean, DO IT. Fuck me!!!”  Both boys started to shake… this was their third orgasm.  ‘Damn,’ thought Steven, ‘to be young again.’  The boys were out of breath, hugging and giving each other butterfly kisses.  Sean pulled out and laid on his side running his hands over Zach.  Steven was watching how tender the boys were with each other.  Sean rolled over on his back and pulled Zach on top of him.  “Your turn to fuck me, Zach”.

Zach started kissing Sean’s neck, licking his way to his little chest, sucking on each tit.  Sean was now softly moaning, telling Zach how good it felt.  Sean looked down to see Zach starting to suck his cock and licking his little balls.  Sean let out a little louder moan, then Zach did something Sean was not expecting.  He lifted Sean’s legs and started to lick his pink hole.  Sean lost it!   He started to moan louder, bucking his hips, fucking himself on Zach’s tongue.  Once Sean was really wet Zach came up and again Steven helped the boys.  He held Sean’s legs and Sean’s ass in the air.  Zach got between Sean’s legs and positioned himself.  He looked down and saw Sean’s little pink hole winking at him.  Zach placed the head of his cock at Sean’s hole and started to push in.  Sean wrapped his legs around Zach’s butt and pulled him all the way inside his ass all at once.  Zach looked amazed!  He held himself there for a bit, taking in the feeling of Sean’s ass.  Steven got behind Zach and took him by the hips and start to move him in and out of Sean, not letting his little cock slide out, always staying in contact and inside.

Steven looked down into Sean’s face.  “This is his first time fucking anyone, so I thought I would show him how it”s done.”

Sean looked up at Steven with wide eyes.  “You mean he”s a virgin?”

“Yes Sean, he”s a virgin.”

“Oh wow, cool!  I”m so glad I”m his first.  I want Zach to enjoy it.  He feels so good inside me.”

“I”m glad to hear that, Sean.”

Zach smiled down at Sean.  “Sean, you feel so good!  It’s warm inside you.”

Steven started to move Zach back and forth.  Sean threw his head back. Zach grabbed his Dad’s arm to stop.  “Did I hurt you Sean, I”m sorry.”

“No, you didn”t hurt me,” Sean said, smiling.  “You hit something inside me that made it feel real good… see if you can do it again.”

Zach pulled back and pushed inside Sean again and there, he hit the spot again.  Sean let out a loud moan.  Steven moved away and let Zach take over.  He was so proud to see his youngest son finally lose the last part of his cherry.  His boy was no longer a virgin and he was there to witness it.

Zach started to fuck Sean like a pro.  He leaned in and the boys started to kiss.  Zach was moving in nice and slow, in and out, in and out, then he would push all the way inside Sean and move around in circles, grinding his little cock deep inside Sean. He was loving it!  Since the boys had already had three orgasms it took them longer to have another one.

Sean was in heaven.  “I love you Zach.  I never want you to leave.”

“I love you too, Sean.”

Steven was still behind Zach watching his son fuck Sean, and as Zach was fucking Sean, Steven had his cock up on Zach’s back and feeling his little ass.   He moved his hard cock lower towards his hole, and all of a sudden Zach let out a loud yelp.  While he was pulling his little cocklet back from Sean to prepare for his next thrust, Steven’s cock was in the right spot and entered Zach’s tight ass.  Once he figured out his Dad’s cock was inside him he started to push back on his Dad’s cock to get more inside him, but Steven pushed back and slide more and at the same time pushed Zach back into Sean.  Steven pulled back just a little to keep himself inside his young son, then told Zach to keep fucking Sean.   As he did he found out he was fucking himself on his Dad’s cock at the same time.  This was all new and sent shivers up Zach’s back.  Steven was in ecstasy watching his young son fucking a young boy, while he himself was fucking his son at the same time.  Zach was loving it.  He start to really fuck Sean deep and hard.  Sean was loving it as well.

Steven was close to cumming, he started to pant and breath heavier.  “That’s it son, fuck him.  Fuck him son, make love to Sean!  God you feel so good.  If you keep this up you’re going to get Dad’s seed deep inside you.”

“Yes, Daddy, I want your cum in me, please Daddy, I want to feel you deep inside me!”  Zach started to rabbit fuck Sean.  Both boys were close to yet another dry orgasm kadıköy travesti and Steven was right with them.

Sean start to shake and thrash around on the bed.  “I””mmmmcccuuummmmmZzzaachh, i”mmm cummming FUCK ME!”

“I am too Sean, oooohhhhg god Daddy fuck me!!”  Zach’s ass tightened up and made a vise grip on Steven’s hard cock.  He made one last push and came deep inside his son. Steven was shaking all over, electricity was shooting through his body.  All three fell to the bed out of breath.  Zach held Sean kissing him, both Sean and Zach whimpering in the afterglow.

Steven was lying to the side out of breath.  “Damn boys, that was hot!  Not what I had intended to happen, but damn!”

Sean and Zach kissed some more, then once they had recovered a little bit the crawled over to Steven and got on both sides of him and laid their heads on his chest hearing his heart beat.  Both boys looked into each other’s eyes with big smiles, each holding the other’s hand on Steven’s stomach.

“I love you Zach”

“I love you too Sean.  And we love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too boys, very much.”

“Mr. Steven?”

“Yes Sean?”

“Next time, can you fuck me?”

“Sure, Sean, if you say it”s okay.”  With that the boys fell asleep holding each other’s hands.


I woke the next morning and Jr. was not in bed.  I listened to hear if he was in the shower… no noise.  I found my robe and put it on and made my way to the kitchen.  God I needed some coffee.  As I entered the kitchen I smelled fresh coffee brewing.  I thought to myself, ‘I know I gave Wayne the weekend off.  Maybe his date didn”t go as well as expected.’  I walked into the kitchen and to my surprise, Jr. was cooking breakfast!

He turned and saw me standing there, and a big grin spread across his face.  “Good morning, how did you sleep?”

“Well, thank you very much.” I gave Jr. a big smile and a hug.  “So what”s this?”

“I”m cooking breakfast.  I do it all the time back home: Scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and fresh coffee.  I better go and get Dad and the boys up or it will be cold.”

“No need to go upstairs, just use the intercom.” I showed Jr. how to use it. He yelled into it, “HEY SLEEPYHEADS BREAKFAST IS ON.  COME AND GET IT!”  Jr. looked back at me and started to laugh.  “I bet that got them up.”

Minutes later, Sean and Zach came running into the kitchen.  Zach ran to Jr. and Sean jumped in my lap, both boys smiling.  Then came Steven, who looked like he’d been ridden hard and put away wet.  “Damn, I forgot how two young boys can be.”

Jr. and I both laughed.  “So, you gave Mr. Steven a run for his money did you sport?”

“Daddy, I don’t know what you mean, we had fun last night.”

“I”m so glad you did baby.” I hugged Sean tight.

“Daddy I can’t breathe, Daddy.” Sean was trying to pull my arms from around him.

“I”m sorry baby, I just love you so much.  I want you to be happy.”

All of a sudden, Sean had this look of surprise and urgency.  “Daddy, Daddy, you know what today is!?!  Do you?”

“No honey, what day is it?”

“It”s Christmas Eve!  Daddy, that means Santa is coming!”

“No, I think you’re wrong honey, it”s not today.”  I knew it was, I just wanted to tease him.

“Yes it is Daddy, I know it is.”  Sean jumped out of my lap and grabbed the calendar.  “See Daddy, this is today and it says it’s Christmas EVE.”

“Well, what do you know, it is.  I totally forgot.”

“That means Santa is coming!”

“Well I guess he is, but only if you’re good.”

“I”ve been a good boy Daddy, a real good boy.”

“I know you have and yes, Santa will be here tonight.”

Zach looked at Steven.  “Daddy, will Santa find us?  I didn”t tell him we were going to be here.”

Before Steven could say a word I jumped in.  “Yes Zach, Santa knows you’re here.  I called him and told him he needed to leave your presents here.”

Zach got this big smile on his face.  “Yeah, Santa is coming!”

“Okay, you boys go wash and we can eat this wonderful breakfast Jr. has made for us.”

As soon as they scampered off, Steven came over and sat next to me.  “Kevin, I didn’t plan on this, I didn”t do any shopping for Zach.”

“Not to worry, when you told me you were coming I did some shopping myself for him.”

Steven gave me a look I had never seen from anyone.  “Thank you so much Kevin, I”ll pay you back.”

“You already have Steven, you already have.  But, if there is something Zach really wants that I didn”t think of, let me know when we go shopping.”

“But you’ve done so much already, I can”t.”

“I insist.  I love the look on the boy’s faces when they’re happy.”

“Well fine, but I owe you and I will repay you.”

“Well, we can talk repayment later.”  The boys returned.  “Okay, let’s have a look at you.”  They both turned around in place.  “Nice.  Now smell test: sniff, sniff.  Yes, very clean and fresh.”

The boys giggled while they sat down and started to eat.  “Daddy can we go swimming later,” Sean asked.

“Sure, but Mr. Steven and I have to run out for a bit, so Jr., do you mind watching the boys today, we shouldn”t be gone long?”

“Sure Kevin.”

“Okay boys, Jr. is in charge.  While we’re gone you do as he says.”

Zach yelled, “Yeah, I like when Jr. watches me, we have lot of fun!”  Zach ran over to Jr. and gave him a big hug.  “I love you, Jr.”

“I love you too, runt.” Jr. messed his hair and pushed him back to his seat. “Now finish up and let’s relax.”  The boys continued to eat.

“Steven, can I talk to you out by the pool?  Jr., your dad and I are going to take our juice out by the pool, can you watch the boys?”

“Sure, Kevin, sure.”

Steven looked puzzled as we made our way to the pool.  “Is everything okay Kevin, did my boys do something wrong?”

“Oh god no, Steven, I love having you guys here.  I love it and I know Sean loves it.  I wanted to talk to you about what your plans were.”

Steven looked down at the table.  “Right now… I have no idea.  I’m kind of lost. I guess, find a job and then get our own place. I would like to find something close to here so we can see each other and the boys can stay close.”

I looked at Steven… his eyes looked like he had been beat down thinking of the future.  “Well, how about this?  I have the guest house you and the boys can live in.  That way, the boys stay close and you don”t have to worry about finding a place that you’re comfortable living in with the boys.  And, what if I can work it out that you come to work for me?”

Steven looked up almost in tears.  “I couldn’t let you do that, Kevin.  You and Sean need your alone time, and as for working for you, what the hell would I do?”

“Okay, well, I have to tell you something about last night.”  Steven looked at me never blinking.  “I’m sure you know Jr. and I had sex last night.”

“Yes, I know, we heard.”

I blushed.  “Well, something else happened.”

“What happened?”

“I fell in love with Jr.”  Steven fell back in his chair laughing.  “What”s so funny?”

“Well, Zach and Sean told each other they loved each other as well.”

“Well, there you have it.  Take the guest house, please.  I mean Jr. would be over here most of the time, and the boys would be hammering both of us to see each other, so how could we part them?”

”Okay, I see your point, but like I said, what the hell would I do working for you?”

“Well you’re a graphic designer right?  Do you design anything else?”


“Okay then… I”m an entertainer, so you will do all my designs for my shows, and the merchandise at the shows.  We can make the boys roadies!”  We both laughed at that image.  “Or, if it”s during school, Wayne is here and between the two of you, you can watch the boys, but I am working on scheduling all my tours for the summer months while the boys are out of school so they can go with us.  I”ll call the school after the holidays and get Zach in the same school as Sean.  They should be in the same grade.”

“Okay great,” Steven replied.  “Now how the hell are you going to explain us, have you thought about that mister-man-with-a-plan?”

I took a sip of my juice and thought for a bit.  Steven didn”t know I think quickly on my feet, always have.  “Okay, I got it.  You’re Sean’s uncle on his mother’s side.”

Steven looked at me and chuckled.  “Wow, you’ve thought of everything.”

I sat back with a smug smile.  “Yes… yes I have.  Well, what do you say?”

He paused, drumming his fingers on the table.  “Let me think about it.”

I looked at Steven.  “Look, do what you feel is best for you and the boys, but do think about it.  I love Sean very much.  I also love Jr. and Zach.  And you… you are a totally different story, I fucking love you.”  I left Steven sitting there to think, but before I went in the house I turned back to him.  “Hey man, Merry Christmas Eve.”  I turned and walked back into the house with a big smile and acted as if everything was normal.  Jr. knew better.  He gave me a look and I think he saw something was up in my eyes.  He ran to the pool area where his father was.

“Dad… is everything okay?”  Steven was deep in thought and didn’t hear him, so Jr. placed his hand on his Dad’s shoulder and shook him.  “Dad?  Is everything okay?”

“Yeah son, yeah.  Everything is great.”

“What did Kevin say to you?  Is he mad?  Do we have to leave?”

“No, no.  Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know, I mean the look on his face and the way you are acting, I thought something was wrong.  So what did he say?”

“Well… don’t get too excited yet. I haven’t made up my mind, so don’t say anything to the boys.”

“Okay Dad, what is it?” Jr. was Steven’s confidant.

“Well, where do I start?  Let me ask, how do you feel about Kevin?”

“I like him… I like him a lot.”

“I know, but do you love him?”

Jr. was silent for a long while.  “I mean yes, I love him, but the same way I love you.”

“I know Jr.  Well… he offered us the guest house and me a job to work for him so we would live here.”

“You mean close by?”

“Jr., do you see that house over there?”

“Yes Sir.”

“That’s where we would live… is that close enough for you?”

“Oh my god Dad, are you kidding?  That would be awesome!  Take it, take the offer Dad, before he changes his mind!”

Steven looked at Jr.  “He won’t.”

“How do you know?

“I know.”


“Because he’s in love with you.”

“No way!  No shit!  No he”s not!”

“Yes he is, he told me was in love with you.”

“Wow!  I mean that sex last night was hot as hell.  I about went out of my mind but… damn!”

“Well, let’s keep this between the two of us for now.  We”ll talk more later.”

I popped my head outside.  “Hey Steven, you want to get a move on?”

“Sure, coming.”  Steven turned to Jr.  “Just between us right?”

“Right Dad, don”t worry.”

Steven left Jr. sitting there. The boys came out laughing. “Jr., can we go swimming?”

“Sure guys, have fun, I’ll watch you.”

“Do we have to wear our swimsuits?”

“No, you can go naked if you like.”  With that, the boys were naked and in the water in no time.


Steven and I left in the limo.  “Where are we going?”

“Christmas shopping, of course.  I need to pick up a few more things for Sean.  So what does Zach want?”  Steven told me a few things I had not thought of.  “How about Jr., what sports is he into or participate in?”

“Well, he was playing soccer and lacrosse.”

“Great!  Now how about video games?”  Steven told me the games he had at their mother’s house, but then revealed that she tossed everything as soon as they left.  “Damn, I had no idea she would do that.”

“Yeah, she became a real bitch.  You only saw the ‘fan side’ of her.  She has no idea we are staying with you.  She thought she threw out your phone number, but it was another guy named Kevin I met but never got the chance to hook up with.”

My jaw hit the floor hearing this. We drove to a few stores and managed to find a good selection of things for all of the boys.  When we got back to the house, the boys were out back in the pool so they didn”t hear us come in. Steven and I stood at the back window and watched the boy’s skinny dipping and playing in the pool.  Jr. was teaching Sean how to dive off the diving board.

“He”s got great form,” Steven whispered.

“Yes he does, yes he does.”  I guess he was taking about Sean, but I was focused on Jr.  I noticed Jr. was sporting a nice hard-on standing behind Sean, but I guess he was more focused on teaching him.  Steven and I had to tear ourselves away from the show.  After we got all the presents wrapped and the Santa gifts hidden we announced to the boys we were home.  They all ran to us and gave us both a big wet hug.

“Wow!”  I looked down at Sean.  “Buddy, you’re all wet.”

“Daddy, Jr. was teaching me how to dive off the diving board.  Want to see me?”

“Sure buddy, let’s see what ya got.”

Sean got on the diving board. “Daddy, Daddy look, watch me!”  He stood at the edge of the board, looked over and then wham, he sprang from the board into a perfect dive.

“Wow!  That was awesome Sean!  Jr., you’re a good teacher!”

“Thanks Kevin,” Jr. said with a slight blush.  “I was on the dive and swim team back home.”

“Well, I think we will have to get you back into the water.”  He smiled that smile and wiggled his eyebrows as if to say ‘Yea, right, you just want to see me in a Speedo.’  Hell, I loved him naked!  “Well boys, we have a few things to do for tonight.”

“That”s right, it”s Christmas Eve!”  Zach looked at Steven.  “Daddy, will Santa really know where we are?”

Before Steven could say anything Jr. spoke up.  He knelt down and took Zach in his arms. “Hey buddy, of course Santa will find you, he knows everything and I know you have been a good boy all year.  He will find you.” Zach gave Jr. a big hug.  “Now go swim, I need to talk to Dad and Kevin.” Zach ran off to join Sean in the pool.  “Hey Kevin, would it be okay if I took the car and went shopping? I need to pick up a few things I forgot to tell Dad about.”

“Sure, but take the Limo.”

“Great, thanks!” he said, and off he went.

Steven and I returned back to the house and started cooking dinner.  “So where do you think Jr. went?  I don”t remember him telling me anything he needed.”

“I”m not sure, but he’ll be fine, my driver will see to that.”

Steven came over to me and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big tongue kiss.  He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.  “I just want to think you so much for everything you have done for me and my boys.”

“No problem Steven, my home is your home.”

The boys came in a few hours later to see what we were doing. “Okay boys, it”s getting late and dinner is almost done.”

Zach and Sean ran off to shower and get dressed just as Jr. came in.  “I”m back.” I looked and my driver was carrying in a bunch of wrapped presents.

“Jr., what have you done?” Steven asked.

“Dad, I didn”t think you had enough time to get Zach any presents, so I got him some along with you and Kevin.  I hope that was okay.”

We both looked at each other and laughed.  “Sure Jr., that”s great.”  We gave him a big bear hug, and yes, I took the opportunity to grab his hot, tight ass.

“Okay, go get washed up, dinner is ready.”  Jr. jogged off just as Zach and Sean returned, looking so cute.  They helped Steven and I set the table.  We all ate a wonderful dinner, had lots of conversation and lots of laughs.  Once dinner was done the boys helped us clear the table.

“Hey guys, there is a great movie on, why don”t we go watch it?

“But Daddy, can we open our presents now?”

“No Sean, we have to wait till morning.”

Zach looked up and blinked his big eyes at Steven.  “No, that goes for you as well young man, so don”t even give me that look.  Now let’s go watch the movie.”

The boys ran to the family room and took their places.  Sean and I sat on one couch with Jr. on the other side.  Steven and Zach sat on the other couch.  The TV screen came down and the movie started.  As we watched the movie, Sean had his hand on my hard cock while Jr. was playing with Sean’s.  I looked over and saw Zach with his head in Steven’s lap licking the head of his cock, nursing on it like a new born baby with a pacifier.  Sean saw what Zach was doing and did the same to me.  I guess Steven and I were so into the movie we didn”t get close to cumming… that would be for later.

It was getting late and Sean and Zach were fast asleep still with our cocks in their mouths.  Steven and I picked the boys up to put them to bed.  Jr. stayed to finish watching the movie.  Once the boys were tucked in, Steven said he was really tired from the day and was turning in.  I went downstairs to lock up and when I went to the family room, the TV was off and all the lights were out except for the Christmas tree. I heard some Christmas music.  As I got further in the room I looked down and there was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Laying under the tree was Jr., naked, wearing nothing but a big red bow.  The flickering flames from the fire in the fireplace and the lights on the tree made his body glow.  There lay my Christmas angel.

He was laying there with his arms over his head.  As I looked closer I noticed something was missing.  Not only was Jr. laying there naked, he had removed all the hair on his lower body, as smooth as the day he was born. This made him look so much younger than he was.  I popped a hard-on so fast I thought I would cum right there in my shorts.

Jr. looked up at me.  “Merry Christmas, Kevin.  Looks like Santa came a little early.  You can unwrap this now if you like.”  I pulled off my shirt and threw it on the couch, then when I started to undo my shorts Jr. got up his knees.  “No wait, I want to unwrap this present myself.”  Jr. undid my belt, unbuttoned the top button and then pulled down my zipper nice and slow.  God I wanted to rip my clothes off and rape this boy but I held back.  My shorts fell to the floor.  I stepped out them with a little help from Jr.  I stood there in nothing but my underwear.  Jr. started to kiss the top of my foot and then licked up my leg.  He licked and nibbled his way up, biting very lightly.  After he reached the top of my thigh he went for my other leg, sliding my underwear down as he licked his way up.  Once back up to my hard cock and my hanging balls he skipped over them and licked my stomach.  He was up on his knees and I looked down into those beautiful green eyes.  They were so bright, like bakırköy travesti emeralds.  I leaned down and kissed those perfect lips.

Jr. went back to licking me.  He reached my chest and worked his way to my left nipple.  He sucked, licked and nibbled it… he was driving me crazy!   He worked his way to the other one, then he licked up to my neck and that”s all I could take.  I grabbed his head and pulled him to his feet, found his lips and started to kiss him with passion.  Our tongues were having a sword fight.  We were both moaning.  I was running my hands over his hot, smooth body.  “Oh god Jr., you are so hot, and thank you for my present.”

He looked up at me. “You’re welcome, and I am going to stay smooth for you forever.”

“Oh god Jr., I love you.”  We started to kiss again.  I pulled back to take a look at him… god he was so cute and hot.  I reached over to undo the bow.  I pulled the one streamer and the bow was undone and fell to the floor.  I stepped back to take another look at him.  There he stood, naked and hairless.  He wrapped his arms around my neck and I picked him up in my arms.  I carried him back over to the tree and laid him down.  I was now over top of him feeling his warm body under mine.  We kissed again and I worked my lips to his neck… I knew he loved that.  He started to breathe heavier, like he had just ran 5 miles.  I licked my way to his smooth, teenage chest and worked his nipples with my lips and tongue, sucking and licking over and over each hard nipple.  His head was thrashing side to side, panting my name.

“Oh god, Kevin… oh god… please Kevin, take me, I want you now.  I have to have you now!”

I looked up to see his face.  He looked to be in pain, I saw the needing and wanting in his eyes.  I just smiled and started to lick my way down to his heaving stomach.  It was so hot, smooth and soft.  My tongue found his belly button and my tongue made its way around and inside it.  My hands moved onto his legs, feeling how soft and hairless they were.   I licked my way to his pelvis.  I swirled my tongue around, holding his hard cock away so as not to let it feel my wet lips or tongue.  Jr. was thrashing even more now, gripping his fists and pounding them onto the floor, begging for relief.  I wrapped his hard cock with my hand, pointing it straight up and flicked my tongue over the red hot head.  I lapped up all the precum, it”s taste was so sweet, like nectar.  I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly lowered my head down the hard shaft.

“Oh god Kevin.  Oooohhh K… K… Kevin, please, don”t stop!  Oh god.”  I came back up and let his cock pop out of my mouth, then I licked down the shaft to his tight, soft, smooth balls. I took each ball in my mouth, washing it with my tongue.  Jr’s legs slowly made their way apart and in the air, exposing that sweet, tight, pink boyhole begging to be filled.  I lowered my head down to that beautiful hole.  I licked all around his entrance, feeling the heat coming from it.  My tongue found the center of his young ass and started to move in and out.  I could feel his tight hole open and close around my tongue as I worked my way deeper inside him.  Jr. was begging me.  “Oh god Kevin, you’re driving me crazy, please… I need you inside me!”  Jr. had tears running down his face, begging and pleading with me to fuck him.

I didn”t want to fuck him.  I wanted to make love to him.  I wanted him to want me every time he would touch himself.  I wanted to hear those words.  I couldn’t give myself to him the way I wanted until I heard them.  If I didn’t, then this would just be another fuck, a thrill, just something taboo.  I wanted love from him.  I had to admit it… I had fallen in love with this boy.  Please don”t get me wrong, I loved Sean with all my heart but I was in love with Jr.

He was now going out of his mind.  It was time to put him out of his misery. His ass was wet enough from all the tonguing I was giving him.  I moved and lined up my hard cock to his tight hole.  I felt the head just at the entrance. Jr. looked up at me just as I pushed forward, our eyes never leaving each other.  I entered him slowly.  I could see the look in his eyes; pleasure and pain all in one.  It took everything I had not to blow my load right then.  I closed my eyes to take the control back.  I could feel his hot, wet hole taking me deeper and deeper inside him, then I hit bottom.  I felt my pubes pushing hard against his hairless ass.

I stayed like that for a minute to take in the feeling. I felt Jr’s hand wrap around my neck pulling me down to his face.  Our lips met and I was in another world.  I felt my cock and hips take over and I was moving in and out of his hot ass.  I was trying to go slow to make this last as long as I could, but our emotions took over and before I knew it I was pounding that ass for all it was worth.  I was thrusting balls deep inside him.  Jr. was moaning and whimpering, and he took hold of his own cock and started to jack himself, then it all turned animal.  I looked down into his face.  He was demanding I fuck him hard, demanding my load through gritted teeth.

“Fuck me Kevin, fuck me, tear me a new hole when you cum inside me!  I want to taste your cum, Kevin, fuck me… fuck me!”  The more he said it the harder I fucked him.  I was pounding his ass like I had never pounded an ass before.  I could feel his ass grip tight around my cock and that set me off.  I looked down and we were both cumming at the same time.  I shoved my cock so deep it felt like my balls had gone deep inside him.  Our bodies were convulsing and thrashing around, we were moaning and panting.
I collapsed on top of him.  Our lips met and we kissed deeply.  I leaned up and looked deep into his eyes, studying his face.  He had a glow.

“I love you,” he whispered.  “I mean, I really love you.  I don’t want anyone else but you.”

I took a long look trying to get my mind to register what I had heard from those beautiful lips.  “What did you say?”

“I said I love you.  Please tell me you feel the same?  Please.”

“Yes Jr., I love you too.  I love you so much.  I want you to be my lover.”
I realized I was still inside him.  I didn”t want to pull out, but when I did, it was like a part of me was gone.  I rolled onto my side and pulled Jr. close to me. I held him in my arms kissing the top of his head.

We both must have fallen asleep because before I knew it, Steven was shaking my arm to wake up.  I looked up and saw him standing over us.

“Well, it looks like someone got to unwrap their present early,” he whispered, with a big grin.

I looked over and saw Jr. still asleep in my arms.  “Oh yeah, and what a present it was.”

“Well, we need to get to work on the boy’s Santa stuff.  Wake Jr. and let’s get started.”

I woke Jr. up with kisses.  “Hey baby, wake up.  We fell asleep.  We need to get the boy’s Santa put together.”

Jr. opened his eyes and looked up at me.  I leaned down and gave him a kiss on the lips, then I threw on my shorts and joined Steven in the garage where we had hidden the boy’s Santa gifts.  Steven looked over at me and smiled. “So… Jr. did it.”

I looked over to Steven.  “Did what.”

“He told you?”

“Told me what?”  Steven knew I was playing stupid.

“Kevin, he”s fallen in love with you.”

“Oh that!  Yes, he told me.”  Steven kept looking at me.

“Well?  What did you say?”

“Oh.  I was going to talk to you about that.”

“Okay, talk to me then.”

I was nervous to tell him.  I wasn”t sure how he was going to take it, so I just came out with it.  “I love him to.”

Steven just smiled.  “You love him, or are you in love with him?”

“I have to admit it… I”m in love with him.”

Steven came over and gave me a big hug.  “I”m so glad.  He”s been in love with you since Virginia.  I told him not to get his hopes up because you may not feel the same, and with your career you may not be able to reciprocate those feelings.”

I looked at Steven.  “To hell with that, I”m in love with him, nothing is going to change that.  I just hope the boys are okay with it.”

“They are.”

I looked at Steven with a questioning look.  “What do you mean ‘they are’?”

“They know, hell Sean told me he could see it in your eyes every time you looked at Jr. and he is hoping you two did fall in love.  He’ll two dads.”

All I could do was smile.  “Okay, let’s get started.  We have a long night ahead.”

Steven and I brought all the Santa presents into the family room and Jr. was dressed by that time and joined us in putting things together.  While we did, his Dad and he and l had a long talk about the two of us.  When we were about finished I excused myself from the room.  I had to get Jr.’s Santa ready without him seeing me.  I’d had to put his stuff out by the pool.

When I returned they had just finished getting everything together and in place when we heard two big screams.  We turned and there stood Sean and Zach. “Daddy, Daddy!  Santa Came, Daddy, Santa Came!!”

Zach looked over at Steven.  “Go on son, take a look, I think he left you a little something as well.”

Zach came into the room.  He started to look at the name tags and all he saw was Sean’s name.  I looked over to Zach.  “Hey Zach, why don”t you look over here.  I think I see something with your name on it.”

Zach moved to the other side of the room.  His face lit up when he saw a bike with his name.  He kept looking and the more he looked, the more he found. The boys each had a skateboard, soccer balls, baseball and bat.

“Daddy, you were right!  Santa did know we were here!”

Jr. looked at Zach.  “See Zach, I told you.  Santa knows everything.”

Zach ran to Jr. and gave him a big hug and kiss.  “You’re the best big brother.  I love you Jr.”

“I love you too, Zach, I love you too.”

Steven, Jr. and I sat back on the couch watching the boys admire their gifts from Santa.  Sean looked over at me.  “Daddy, can we open our presents now?”

‘Sure, why not?  Jr., why don”t you do the honors of passing them out.”

Jr. got on the floor and started handing out the presents.  “Wait, wait.“ Zach yelled.  “What about Jr., didn’t Santa bring Jr. anything?  He’s been good all year!”

“It’s okay Zach, Santa didn”t need to bring me anything, I got what I wanted for Christmas.”

I looked over at the boys.  “Well Zach, I don”t think Santa had enough room to leave Jr.”s presents in here with all of Sean’s and your things.  I think I heard him outside before he left.  Why don”t we go take a look?”

The boys ran to the front door with Steven and I close behind.  They pulled the door open and saw nothing.

“Hey, there is nothing here.”

“Wow, I was sure I heard him.  Let’s look out back.”

The boys ran to the pool out back.   When Jr. opened the door his face lit up when he saw all the presents Santa left him.  Jr. looked back at his dad. Steven had no idea.  He shrugged his shoulders.  I gave him a mischievous smile, then he knew it was me.  Steven looked at Jr.  “I guess you’re going to have to thank Santa.”

“I think he’s done that already,” I said, giving Jr. a wink.

Just then we heard a noise, like bells.  Zach and Sean looked at each other. “Daddy, what was that?”

“I”m not sure.  It sounded like sleigh bells.”

“You mean like Santa’s bells?”

“I think so.  It sounded like that.”

“Where are they coming from?”

“It sounds like they’re out front.  Let’s go take a look.”

The boys ran back through the house to the front door with the rest of us trailing behind.  Both Steven and Jr. had mystified looks on their faces.  Zach and Sean pulled the front open again and their jaws hit the floor.  Just as they walked outside a red convertible pulled up, and who was in the front seat?  Santa!

“Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!”  Santa got out of the car and walked over.  “Ho, ho, I’m sorry, I couldn”t get this in my sleigh so I had to bring it myself.”  Santa looked down at the boys.  “Well, you must be Sean and you must be Zach. “Y… y… yes Sir.  Are you really Santa?”

“Yes I am, and I know you both have been very good boys, and yes Zach, you never have to worry, I will always know where you are.”

Zach looked at his dad.  “Daddy, it really is Santa!”

Steven leaned over to me and whispered, “What the hell is this?”

“You”ll see.”

Santa walked over to Jr.  “And this young man must be Steven Jr.?”

Jr. couldn”t believe what was going on.  “Yes… yes I am.”

“Well then, this belongs to you.”  He handed Jr. the keys to the car, then he walked over to Steven.  “And you must be Steven, Sr.”

“Yes I am.”  Steven looked very closely at his beard, trying to tell if it was real or not.  “Well Steven Sir, I know you have been a very, very good boy this year, and this belongs to you.”  Santa handed him a set of keys as well.  “I think if you look around the corner you will find what those belong to.”

Steven looked over at me.  “What the hell have you done?”

I shrugged my shoulders and did my best innocent look.  “I have no idea what”s going on.”

“Come on, you did this.”

“No, Santa did this.”

Just then a motorized sleigh with what appeared to be an oversized elf driving pulled up next to the convertible.  Santa lay his finger against his nose and smiled.  “Well boys, I must be off back to the North Pole.  Just remember to be good boys and I will see you next year.”  Santa patted both of the boys on the head, turned and strode off to the sleigh.  He climbed in, and as he drove off we heard him saying ‘Merry Christmas to and all, and to all a good night!”

The boys ran in the house excited that they saw Santa.  Jr. looked at Steven and me.  “Is this real Dad?

“Yes Jr., this is real,” I said with a big grin.  “And that is your real car.”

Jr. gave his dad and me a big bear hug, then ran over to the car to check it out, leaving Steven and me by the door. “Kevin, this is too much.  We can”t accept this.”

“No, it”s not too much, and yes you can and you will.  I bought you and Jr. your own cars.  I mean you will need a reliable car, and Jr. is getting older and needs a car to drive to school, and jobs if he wants.”

“But Kevin, this is too much, I mean way too much.”

“No it”s not, we are family now so let me do this, and no I don”t expect anything in return.  You, Jr. and Zach are all the family Sean and I have.  Oh, and Zach has been accepted to the same school Sean goes to, we just need to have him evaluated to see what classes he will be in.  Jr. is enrolled in the private high school already and will need to do the same.  And I spoke with Mark my manager.  You start working for me after the New Year.  He has your office already set up and will go over everything you will be doing.  I have also scheduled my tour for the summer so you and the boys will be joining me on tour.”

Steven just looked at me, stunned.  He literally shook his head a few times as if to he was trying to get everything to settle into place.  “What do you mean, joining you on tour?  Where are we going?”

“Well, we start the tour in Sydney, Australia.  Then, on to Japan, Germany, England, and then back to the states to Florida and Texas.  We will also be in the Mardi Gras parade, then we’re off to Chicago, Denver, then end up back in California.”

Just then the phone rang.  I left Steven on the front porch taking all this in while I grabbed the phone.  “Hello?”

“Hey Kevin, this is Mark, Merry Christmas!”

“Hey, Merry Christmas Mark.  We were just talking about you and the tour.”

“Well Kevin, I have some great news.  Are you sitting down?”

“No, but go ahead.”

“Well my friend, you have been nominated for a Grammy!”

“What!!  You’re kidding me… a Grammy?!  No way!!”

“Yes, you have.  I wanted to tell you first, but it won’t be announced until after the first of the year, so mums the word for now.  I”ll be over tomorrow to go over the details with you and get your guest list.  I”m sure Sean will be with you.  Well, Merry Christmas!

“Yeah, Merry fucking Christmas!” I hung up stunned.

Steven came over and must have seen the expression on my face.  “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything is just great!”  I gave Steven a kiss on the lips. “Let’s go enjoy our Christmas.”

Steven and I rejoined the boys who were busy unwrapping their presents. “Merry Christmas boys.”

“Merry Christmas,” Zak yelled.

Sean ran over to me and jumped in my arms.  “Merry Christmas, Daddy!”  He gave me a big kiss on the lips.  “I”m glad you’re my Daddy. I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too, son.”


– – – – – – – –


To my readers. This isn’t my story, it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this and here you have it.  The story is 98% + true. I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

Text copyright � 2017 Kevin Anderson and Jeremy Ellington.

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