I’m Rewarded for a Job Well Done

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Alex Grey

Mid June

My wife had been gone for six months.

One of my business deals was going to close and it meant a very big payday for me.

My only regret was that my wife was not alive to see it.

When this deal closed it meant that neither of us would have to work another day in our lives.

I had worked years to bring this deal to the table and across the finish line.

Since my wife’s passing, I had met and bedded some very smart, funny and beautiful women.

In my very first story: I Hire Monica the Maid, I explain how I work with attractive female employees of my clients.

I work hard, build trust and then, when the deal closes, have fun.

In particular, there was a female employee of one of my clients that I had wanted to bed since the second I met her, but I kept my pants on as I worked for the ultimate reward.

That’s this story, about Eva.


The owner had just left the hotel bar, one more item on his final checklist completed.

It was a Monday night in June at 6pm.

The owner was planning on individually thanking and rewarding his team members for their service to his company in a few weeks and he was soon to be moving to the next chapter of his life.

I wished him well, but I would be seeing him soon. We weren’t done just yet; the deal was on the verge of closing but it hadn’t yet.

His key employees would all be taken care of financially including large bonus checks and five year employment contracts.

Over the course of three plus years we had been able to pump up his company’s revenue, reduce production costs and keep a tight lid on overhead expenses.

The track record of growth and profitability helped attract several buyers and a bidding war started.

It just meant more money for me, because I got paid on a percentage of the sale price.

We set the stage for the final years of his company ownership by doing a long overdue housecleaning of non producing employees, many of them on the payroll at inflated salaries.

Some of these people are what consultants call “Internal Terrorists.”

You know, the Eddie Haskell type, smiling to the boss’ face and then badmouthing him at every opportunity behind his back. For those of you who don’t know Eddie, take a look at IMDB.com and search for “Leave it to Beaver” a family comedy from the 1950s and 1960s.

So, we did candid evaluations of everyone and placed people into one of three groups.

The first group consisted of individuals that were deemed essential for future company success. These were the A players.

The second group, good contributors currently, but needed coaching to make stronger contributions to future company success. These were deemed B players.

There were some in this group that wouldn’t make the three year timeframe we had in mind but we felt we owed them the opportunity, or chance, to improve.

The final group consisted of the malcontents, the people that thought they would be on the payroll forever because of their last name, because of marriage, some stray dogs (friends of the family, unqualified neighbors and people who had been hired because they were good looking but couldn’t do anything else but look good) and the unproductive, the lazy and the entitled.

The third group got let go over the course of a month.

It probably would have been less painful to do a mass termination but we dragged it out because we wanted to send a message that we were taking our time and doing things right for the future of the company.

We did two terminations each morning and fired another employee each afternoon.

That’s a lot of firings and it was amazing how highly productive everyone got once word got out that people were being let go.

You can call me a jerk, but remember who my client was: the owner of the company. He had sacrificed for years and this was his big payday.

He approved everything I proposed to him, well, most of it anyway, and he agreed because to it because he did not have to personally have to hold the hard conversations with the employees. He let me do it, with some help from his managers.

One thing we wanted to do was instill some fear, because that can create an environment for positive change.

People would show up at work not knowing if that day was going to be their last day.

It was a hell of a motivator.

The Monday after the firings ended all the A players were called out for an offsite afternoon meeting at 3pm at a local hotel where the three year plan was laid out, and we announced a reduction in salaries of ten percent.

This did not go over well and we didn’t expect it to.

We then laid out the performance bonus plan, where each person could earn up to thirty percent of their monthly salary if certain company numbers were achieved.

The next morning we started calling in the B players individually and sat them down for a candid conversation on what needed to happen for them to keep their jobs and to earn raises.

Each was given a day to make youporn porno a decision: stay and improve or go somewhere else.

Those that opted to stay were included in the bonus program.

All opted to stay.

Morale was sky high and efficiencies soared. Revenue per employee and profit per employee went through the roof.

The first business day of the month, checks were cut for the previous months results.

People were happy and one of the things that made them happy was that all of the dead wood (non contributors) had been tossed overboard.

We made it clear that if anyone else moved into the deadwood category we’d fire them immediately.

The owner had picked out three “A” players to work with me to make sure we had a solid course and stayed on it.

Gloria, Cynthia and Eva were selected.

Gloria was head of HR.

Cynthia was the CFO and also managed Purchasing.

Eva was head of Sales and Marketing.

We met once a week to review key metrics. I met with them separately to coach and counsel them on getting past roadblocks and creating strategies for growth.

Separately I met with the head of production but he was not seen as an A player and no one had faith he was up to what was required of him over the next few years.

I liked all the women personally and professionally. Gloria was a short redhead and was a runner. The exercise gave her shapely legs and ass and kept her thin but no matter how much she ran, her big tits stayed the same size. She did a great job of dealing with the petty bullshit that keeps employees from doing their jobs. God bless her, I never could have done that.

Cynthia was a bit taller, thin, but with a great figure. Very pretty, shoulder length blonde hair. Where Gloria was proud of her rack, Cynthia was more conservative and she was always trying to cover her breasts from, well, everyone who looked at her. She usually wore a suit with the shirt length about 3 inches above her knees.

Eva was a dynamic dark haired beauty in constant motion. She was game for anything, always pushing and pulling to get things done. She got people excited about hitting goals and having fun while doing it. I admired her negotiating skills, and she used every available tool to get what she wanted. She wasn’t afraid to show cleavage or a tanned toned thigh visible through a slit cut dress if it got her the sale. She was as good at prospecting as she was at closing, a rare combination.

Everyone else was going to get a check and contract later in the month, maybe into July if the closing date slipped. I’ll go back and cover that story soon. It was the night I met Catherine, and my life changed forever.

We set up the meeting on Monday night to give Eva her bonus check and five year contract option because she had a two month long vacation that had been planned for years. She was leaving in two days, well before the big event, and she was sworn to secrecy. While we had a drink, the envelopes exchanged hands and we talked about the past few years and laughed at some of the drama and comedy we went through.

The owner left our Monday cocktail session leaving just the two of us. I had asked Eva previously to join me for dinner and she agreed. This particular hotel had a couple of restaurants and in anticipation of her acceptance I’d made a reservation for us at the steakhouse. I had also checked into a two bedroom suite upstairs.

Eva took my arm as we went into the restaurant and we were seated in a small booth in a dark corner. She excused herself and went to the restroom.

While she was gone the champagne arrived.

I had scoped out the place earlier and reserved a table with a $200 tip and a commitment from the GM to have his prettiest young server take care of us.

He walked me back to a section of the restaurant that was closed and showed me a booth was that was about as private as you could get. So private that if you didn’t know it was there, you would walk right by it. I told him “This is perfect for what I need.”

Enjoying the newly found cash, the GM brought out a nice young lady and introduced me to Kayla, a pretty blonde with a nice smile, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and very nice figure. I talked to her and explained the special reason for the dinner. She got it, and I tipped her $200 for emphasis. On my way out I gave the GM another $300 and thanked him. I knew I’d get the movie star treatment tonight.

Eva returned and moved close to me in the booth, sitting perpendicular, so close our knees were touching. Kayla, being attentive, popped the champagne, poured and disappeared.

Eva reached out with her left hand and put it on my right arm and squeezed it.

She said “You have been so kind and good to me, I have some gifts for you tonight.”

I replied “Gifts aren’t necessary,” but Eva insisted they were and that I would enjoy them.

Eva looked around, and seeing no one, handed me a very tiny black pair of silk panties.

Before I could say anything, she said, zenci porno “You know how much money motivates me?”

I nodded, holding the scraps of silk cloth in my hand.

I wanted to sniff them but discretion got the better of me. (I did do it a few minutes later in the men’s room; she smelled heavenly).

She continued, “When I got that check tonight I almost came in my panties right on the spot. I never would have earned that money if you had not mentored me.”

I was stunned that she would give me so much credit for her success.

Eva laughed and reached for her flute, toasting to “A night to always remember.”

We clinked our glasses and drank.

I said “Excuse me, I’ll be right back” and Eva said, “Don’t forget to take these,” holding up her thong, twirling it.

I laughed, put them in my suit coat pocket and headed out

I passed by Kayla, who whispered to me with a sly grin, “That was a very thoughtful gift.”

I returned her smile and said “Yes it was.”

I gave Kayla another $100 bill and thanked her for being so observant.

When I returned to the booth, Eva had gotten comfortable having removed her suit coat.

She had a tight dark violet silk blouse on, with buttons down the back.

When she moved so did her breasts and her headlights were on.

No bra.

She smiled when I slid back into the booth and she moved closer to me.

When I took a sip of champagne Eva asked “Are you ready for your second gift?”

I smiled at her and said “Of course, I’m looking forward to it.”

With that she reached up and took my right hand and placed it on her left thigh.

It was bare.

It felt great, warm, smooth and supple.

Eva leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Except for this blouse, I’m naked except for my thigh highs. I took off my shoes, panties, skirt, and bra for you. Feel my pussy, I’m soaked.”

With that she pulled my right hand up her thigh to a very bare and moist pussy.

My hand cupped her vulva.

She pushed my right hand into her pussy.

With an even quieter but more urgent voice, she said, “Jack, please make me cum now.”

Just then Kayla arrived, looking very interested in the two bodies intertwined in the darkest corner of the darkest booth in the restaurant.

Following her eyes, I saw her glance to the other side of the booth where Eva’s purse was sitting on top of her skirt and coat and underwear.

Kayla’s eyes traveled back to mine.

There was a knowing smile on her face.

Looking up into Kayla’s eyes, I moved my middle finger into Eva’s wet tight pussy.

Eva, who had also been looking up at Kayla, gasped at the welcome but unexpected intrusion.

“Is everything alright?” asked Kayla.

She topped off our flutes, smiling.

“Shall I bring out some appetizers?”

Eva was quietly looking at me, her face in a pleasant grimace while I was very slowly but deliberately finger fucking her.

I just had one digit drilling her, at the moment.

All the motion was in my finger, no movement of my arm or hand, but to anyone who looked for more than a few seconds would know something was taking place under the table.

I looked up at Kayla and said more to get rid of her at this point than anything else, “Please bring us one each of your top five appetizers. You pick for us.”

She smirked nicely and said, “Those will be out shortly.”

I watched her nice tight ass walk away, and Kayla turned around and smiled at me; she knew I had been watching.

With Kayla gone, my fingers started working with more deliberation on the soaked bare warm pussy I was doodling.

I got two fingers in, drilling for an orgasm.

Eva couldn’t get any closer to me, her left breast firmly crushed against my right side and her legs were spread wide apart, helping my access. I could feel a firm nipple pressing against me.

Her face was on my shoulder and she was biting her lower lip.

I took a sip of champagne and looking straight ahead, said to Eva in a lowered voice, “Have you given any thought to what you will do when you cum? Because once I start rubbing your clit your pussy is going to gush a river and you are going to scream so loud the whole restaurant will hear you.”

All the while my two fingers are relentlessly working her pussy.

I smelled a familiar aroma, the aroused female.

She reached down with her right hand and stopped my probing, and then she shifted so that she was facing me, putting her left leg underneath her which gave me easier access. Her right foot was on the floor.

Her legs were spread as wide as possible given the confines of the booth.

Eva leaned over to me and with her two hands, pulled my face to hers.

She looked into my eyes and kissed me very lightly. Then she whispered to me, “You’re going to play with my pussy under the table until I cum and we’ll be kissing when I do to cover any sounds I make. Okay Jack?”

I leaned in and started kissing her in agreement xhamster porno and our tongues got acquainted to each for the very first time. We kissed well together.

She moaned. Eva was really worked up, her pussy opening very nicely to my probing digits.

The aroma became more concentrated and her snatch was beyond moist.

At the same time, my thumb started on her now hard clit and my finger fucking picked up speed.

Eva started moaning into my mouth. When her hips bucked up and her groan deepened I knew she had reached her tipping point.

Her hands gripped my head and her pussy gushed. She came, shuddering.

I pulled my thumb off of her clit and just covered her pussy. She pushed into my hand, continuing to hump it.

She moaned into my mouth until she trusted herself not to make any more noise.

Our lips parted and she just held me, lifting her ass up, humping and pushing onto my hand.

She whispered to me “Thank you, thank you,” then kissed me again.

I pulled my wet hand away and Eva reached for a napkin to mop up, sitting back down; her bare ass on the booth seat.

The smell of sex was in the air.

My right hand was wet and Eva reached over and started sucking on my fingers, one at a time, removing her juices.

“God I needed that” she said.

Her eyes were filled with mischief.

We had both been oblivious to the surroundings while our lips were locked and I looked around to see if anyone noticed two lovers kissing with extra fervor.

Kayla was smiling across the way, totally in tune to what had just happened. Only I could see her.

She walked over, nonchalantly, and checked the champagne bottle, said “Your appetizers would be out shortly,” and smiled that knowing smile and asked “Do you need some additional napkins?”

I just nodded.

Eva’s face was flushed with post orgasmic bliss. She was still looking at me, still sitting very close to me and her right hand still covered my hand which had gone back to smother her hairless and still very wet pussy.

Kayla quickly returned with the napkins and a small candle.

She laid the napkins on the table and then lit the candle and looked at the two of us and said, “Some of the appetizers I ordered for you have an odor and this will help hide it.”

The three of us burst out laughing; knowing Kayla was in on our fun time.

Monday must have been a slow night because Kayla soon became the third in our party.

From what I could tell she didn’t have any other tables and we were the least demanding patrons she ever had.

We just picked at the appetizers. We finished the first bottle of champagne and ordered a second.

I said to Eva, “I have a suite for us upstairs.” She just said “Yes.” She knew she was going to get fucked, big time.

If the booth had been larger I am sure that Eva would have blown me. Or let me fuck her or both of those things.

In the meantime she had her hands on my right thigh and kept my dick hard with regular rubbing.

Not enough to bring me to boil but it was simmering nicely.

We kissed a lot and Eva’s nipples became hard — hard for anyone to miss seeing. Thank God we were in the hidden booth.

I became pretty bold fondling her over her blouse.

If I could have gotten that blouse off — I thought about it — I would have.

All the while Eva is literally trying to mount me while I lazily massage her thighs and pussy. She’s purring. She’s satisfied, but wanting more.

On my way to the restroom again, Kayla grabbed my arm and whispered to me, “I’m interested if you are, I’m younger and hotter than she is and I like what you and your friend are doing. I’ve kissed girls but I like men too.”

Then, she handed me her tiny red thong, smiled and said, “Anyway you like it that’s how you’ll get it from me.”

Holy. Shit.


Stunned, I thought about how I could get these two together upstairs, naked.

This would be my second threesome, the first one being with Lisa and Michelle.

That story was in “The Affair Continues in Las Vegas”, “That Was The Weekend That Was” and another story I will write will the details and dirt called “My Great Night in Vegas.”

I remembered how much fun that was as I swallowed a 100mg Viagra. Thank God I carry them with me.

One a day keeps the limp dick away.

I vowed to start taking Viagra daily. This was my road to Damascus moment.

On my way back to the booth, the GM ran into me and said the restaurant was slow tonight and he needed to send Kayla home early.

I asked him if he permitted his off duty employees to join guests and he said he was fine with it. I gave him another $200 and thanked him. I told him I’d be back soon for another dinner.

When I got back to the booth Eva said “I need to pee.”

She was starting to feel the impact of drinking close to a bottle of champagne on an empty stomach.

Having an orgasm didn’t help.

I called Kayla over and asked her to stand in front of the entrance to the booth where Eva’s skirt was because she needed to put it on to get to bathroom.

As I suspected, Kayla was very helpful in getting Eva dressed. And helped her get her shoes on, and walked with her to the restroom.

They were gone awhile.

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