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When you come home from the long, humid day in the city I will be waiting for you. Taking your hand, watching the anticipation on your face, I lead you to bed.

“I am the only sustenance you need, darling. Forget everything but me.”

I can plainly see your hunger. But only answer it with a silent smile. I am wickedly taunting you. Wearing a tight T-shirt with my nipples just barely visible through the lace and white cotton. A pale mauve skirt cut just above the knee, you know under it I have the most delicate slip of silk thong panties. The smell of my perfume is dabbed in discreet points so that I exude the smell of sex. Your pulse begins to canter.

I slowly undo each button of your shirt, the tips of my fingers brushing your chest. Sliding my palms into the crisp cotton, sweeping out, the shirt folds back to reveal your chest to my gaze. Standing so near, you can smell the heat rising off my skin. Leaning into you, pressed close, I kiss your neck, drawing my tongue up to your ear. The warmth of my breath spreading from the back of your neck to your legs. With a languid stroke, I trace the point of my tongue around the outer shell of your ear. Then move down to kiss your jaw then your chin the collarbone and its indentation (but not your mouth, later darling, later).

My hands smooth the bristle of your chest, to rest on your nipples; forming each to a gentle triangular point, licking an orbital pattern I work my way to taking them into my mouth, one by one. My nose grazing you, my hands on your rib cage.

Unhurriedly, I drop to my knees. My humid mouth feathering your belly. I can see that you are hard already, straining against the confines of your clothing. I undo your belt, the button, and fly. Watching your face, my blue eyes steady, I ease your pants off your hips to slide to the ground. Your underwear follows, freeing you so that your cock nearly tangles in my hair. Grasping the base of you, I coax you to my lips, my tongue darting out to moisten them. Rubbing your head I circle my mouth, following the path of tongue, then lick to taste you. Using the roughness to rub that tender, sweet spot at the cleft where your head meets your cock.

Do you moan now? Swaying with the flood of need, do you close your eyes? Do you expect me to take you in my mouth and swallow you? Tsk tsk, not yet, Darling.

Rising, I stand in front of you, mocking you with my detachment. My lips glistening, I am taunting czech couples porno you. Seeing if you will take me.

With an inaudible growl, you step towards me. Grasping the hair at the base of my neck, you jerk me towards you. Your mouth covers mine. Your kiss is persuasive and probing. One hand scrapes at my clothing, lifting my T-shirt, breaking the kiss only to pull it over my head, revealing the lace of my bra. With a flick of your hand, you cup a breast and bite my nipple from pink too red, hungering to expose the other. I love this rage, Darling, the touch of pain with the pleasure you bring. I no longer am able to be detached. But now meet your fierce passion with an equal fervor.

Raising the hem of my skirt, you pull aside my panties to stroke the shocking damp of me.

“You are so wet. Do you want me baby?”

Whimpering for you to touch me more, you kiss me to silence. Falling into the sheets, your hands free me from the last remnants of clothing. Leave a glistening trail along the line of my panties only to tear them away. Now, skin to skin, and I can feel the hardness of you against my thigh. Throbbing, you grind my leg to appease the pain. Your violent mouth tattooing my throat and breasts, I clutch your head to me.

Can you feel me there with you? The pervading intoxicating scent of my perfume. My skin is so soft and fluid under you. Each breast is yearning for you to seize it, nipples pleading for your mouth. Pressing me down, you devour each curve of my body. Wanton and writhing, I arc into you, to fit the bow of your body. I want you. I want the thrill of you entering me. But you refuse to let me twist to do so. Placing one knee between my legs to bar entry, you experience all my surfaces. Moving your hand from breast, to belly, to my pussy, you sense the currents under my skin. I enjoy you watching me, watching the effect you have on me, the pleasure I take in you. With your fingers stroking me you can feel how swollen and aroused I have become. I love to be touched like this. To have the nub of my clit rubbed gently, pinched, rolled between thumb and index finger, and long strokes of exquisite sensation. I could cum for you now, with the slightest provocation, but you scatter your rhythm and make me endure more.

Entering me with one long finger, then two, you slide into my depths and feel me clench into this violation. Breath broken, my nipples erect, I pant for czech estrogenolit porno more. Plead and whisper for more of you, your name a chant leaving my starving lips.

“Please.” “Please.”

“What is it you want, say it. I need to hear you ask me.”

“Please taste me. Please. I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.”

Easing down to feel the smooth cleft, the craving I have burning there that only your mouth will quench. As your sweet tongue takes it’s first taste what is it you feel? Does some part of you snap or do you stay in control, precise in extricating this sweet cruelty? I am almost lost to the feelings traveling my body. I delight the sensations of you biting and suckling, the serpentine flick of your tongue, melting me into your mouth to be swallowed greedily. I am undone with this assault and oblivion beckons. Cupping my cheeks, you raise my hips to dip your tongue into the deep of me.

“Oh god.”

I moan and buck my hips in offering, feeling this moment of pure bliss. I am so wet now, raging. Sliding your fingers into me, a promise of more to come, you ask me: “What do you want, Gabrielle, tell me.”

“Show me how you want to fuck me.”

Circling me, your fingers wet and slick, you repeat the question, wanting me to surrender.

“I want to feel you, I want to feel you.”

With a slow slide you push into me, my moan of easement driving you on, coaxing the truth from my body. Two fingers now, so tight, you need to stretch me, your tongue again torturing my clit. I begin the build to climax, repeating your name, murmuring then spoken with more urgency.

When I cum for you, it is in quick shudders, my body arching away from you. Grasping my thighs to steady me, you bruise my tender white skin. Ferociously pinning your mouth to my equally bruised pussy you keep me under the limpet of your mouth. Throbbing, pulses of such finite pleasure, I tremble with the spasms and already you push me further.

Flipping me over you pull me to the edge of the bed, now standing you enter me. Hard. Hard. I can feel every sinew of your cock as it slides in my complete wet, slick and hot.

“You don’t know what you do to me baby.”

Your hands on my ass, you burry your cock deeper in my pussy. Reaching forward you cup my breast, causing me to rise up, pressing my back into your chest. Turning my face to kiss you, I can taste myself on your lips. czech experiment porno Eyes glazed, you are abandoned inside of me.

What do you say into my hair? What words do you use to describe this lust, your demands and your promises?

I twist away from you, wanting to feel you as you fuck me. Pushing you down, I throw my knee over you so that I may ride you. Raised above you, hair wild, lips parted, I am your succubus. I guide you, slowly at first, stroking the head of your cock against myself, then more quickly. Your breath becomes threaded, eyes drinking me in. I dip just your head, never going in too far, teasing you. If you try and deepen the stroke, I hold back again. Punishment for your actions, Darling. I smile and then go deep, deeper still, just to remind you of the rewards for good behavior. Moaning you push back into the bed, eyes closed.


No. I want you to want me with an all-consuming passion. I want you to be starved. And so I play some more. Asking you: “Do you want me, darling?”

My hair brushing your forehead, I kiss you, biting your lips. I sink onto you, enveloping you. Your hands on my hips pacing me. I take pleasure in this position, to feel everything while watching you fuck me. Palm to palm, you support my hands so that I may stroke you longer, deeper. My hands and mouth visit your skin to taste and arouse you more.

Angry at my games, you flip me onto my back. Pining my wrists above me, you spread my hips open, wide, so that you may see me in full excitement. Breasts so tender, my mouth inflamed from your constant attacks. I wait for you, like a good girl. Piercing me with your hardness, my eyes flash, drinking in the man who consumes me. Wrapping my legs around your hips, I push you into me further.

“Do you like how THIS feels, baby?”

“Shut up, shut up and just fuck me.”

Wild now, you rattle me. Shake loose any shards of the ice queen left un-melted, lap them and sweat them out onto me. Will I cum now? I do not know, are you man enough to make me?

I love to feel this possession. The complete surrender to you, to the fact that you are plundering and remnants of the woman left untouched. I feel the tension coil in your thighs, the coming orgasm. The grip you take on my body, fingers digging into my softness, hips thrusting. Is your climax intense? Will you call my name? Will you cum inside of me or will you smear it across my belly? Or will you suddenly jerk out of me and push my head down to suck your cock so that you feel the soft of my lips, the warmth of my mouth as I taste myself on you? When you cum, moaning in pleasure, demand that I swallow you. Licking my lips will I ask you for more?

I want you.

I want you.

I want you.

I want you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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