Imprisonment Ch. 06

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As soon as the two men reached Fairfax’s flat, Justin said he was tired and wanted to go to bed, even though it was only about seven o’clock. Fairfax went so far as to carry Justin to bed and tuck him in, kissing his forehead and saying goodnight. Justin blushed and curled up on his side, but didn’t actually fall asleep for some time. He didn’t hurt as badly as he had the previous weeks, but now he felt even more humiliated. He could hardly believe he had actually reached orgasm while being roughly fucked against a wall. For some reason, it bothered him much more than the times Fairfax had made him come.

He had to admit his attraction to the older man, but it worried him. Their relationship would have to be kept a secret, and that was troublesome enough. But what really puzzled Justin was that he could be so strongly attracted to someone who clearly enjoyed seeing him abused. How much could Fairfax care for him if he let other men do things to him that even he hadn’t done? These thoughts kept Justin awake until Fairfax returned to the room to go to bed himself. Feigning sleep, Justin lay still as his superior climbed into the bed with him, wrapping an arm around his chest and drawing close. Despite his conflicted thoughts regarding the man, his embrace was warm and comforting, and Justin finally drifted off.

When he woke in the morning, he was alone again. He stood and stretched his aching body slowly before pulling on his clothes, and walked out to find Fairfax reading a newspaper in the front room. He looked up with a smile. “Good morning. Sleep well? Have a seat.”

Justin nodded shyly and sat down gingerly on a sofa which faced the chair Fairfax sat in. He looked around the room – he’d been in it before, but had been too tired to really bother taking everything in. He raised his eyebrows as his gaze reached a corner. “You have a piano…”

“Hmm? Oh, yes. I can’t really play much myself, but it’s a pretty thing, isn’t it? I always meant to learn more, but haven’t gotten round to it yet. Do you play?”

Justin nodded again. “I took lessons as a child. I originally planned to study at a conservatory when I got older, but everything that happened with my father put a stop to that idea. My piano was one of the first things that got repossessed.” Justin frowned slightly at the memory – he’d come home from school to find it gone. “I was sixteen…I was so angry. When my father got home I really told him off…”

Fairfax laughed quietly. “And did he put up with it?”

Justin blushed. “No. He called me a spoilt brat and took his belt to me. Was the last time he did that…”

“Did he whip you often?” Fairfax was leaning forward in his chair now, chin propped on one hand. Justin sighed. Of course he’d be interested in that subject…

“Eh, not all that much when I was that age. A few times a year, I suppose. When I was littler I got in trouble more often, but he didn’t use the belt on me then, just a hairbrush.”

Fairfax smirked. “Did he casino şirketleri take your trousers down?”

Justin blushed even more. “Most of the time, aye.”

“I guess the prisoners must be bringing back memories for you, then, eh?”

Justin groaned a little at the question. “Ugh…a little at first, but…I don’t know. It’s different somehow.”

Fairfax tilted his head, clearly intrigued. “Is it? Just because they beat you harder, or something else?”

Justin stammered, his eyes towards the floor now. “I-I don’t know…”

Fairfax chuckled and stood up, going to sit next to Justin. “Oh, sure you do.” He rubbed Justin’s knee. “Come on – what is it? What’s so different about it?”

Justin bit his lip, ashamed. “I…I don’t know why, but…sometimes, lately, at least when it first starts, I get a little…” his voice lowered to a mutter. “T-turned on.”

Fairfax laughed. “I thought so. There’s nothing wrong with it, you know.”

Justin’s face grew redder and redder. “It feels wrong…I don’t want them to be doing it, but…” he almost whispered. “I think it’s because…you’re watching…sir.”

Fairfax reached out and lifted Justin’s chin, turning his head to face him. He was grinning. “You’re so cute.” He leaned in for a kiss, but Justin placed a hand flat against his chest, pushing him back slightly. Fairfax looked taken aback.

“What’s the matter?”

Justin clenched his teeth, tears springing to his eyes. “You’re always watching! And you enjoy it, I know you do! And yet you say you care about me…how can you, if you let them do all those things to me?! You let them fuck me, and you haven’t even gone that far yet…” he choked back a sob and covered his mouth, looking down and trying to blink back tears. But suddenly Fairfax’s arms were around him, pulling him close, and Justin didn’t push him away this time.

“Oh, sweetheart, don’t cry. I do care about you. I do.”

“Then how can you…”

“I had to punish you somehow. And I wanted to see if maybe you could care for me, but I was so afraid to just tell you how I felt straight out – I didn’t want to scare you away, and I didn’t want you to hate me. I just thought…if I could see how you acted with them, and how you reacted when I took care of you afterwards, then maybe I’d be able to tell how you felt. That way, if I could tell you weren’t interested, you could just be punished and that’d be the end of it. But that second time, when I rubbed the ointment on your skin and you got hard…I was so happy, because it let me know I might have a chance with you. But I couldn’t cancel your punishment, not after I told all the prisoners they’d have a go at you. They’d give me hell.”

Justin blinked and wiped quickly at his eyes. “I…didn’t know you told them all already.”

Fairfax nodded. “I met with them all up front to let them know how much money was owed them, and to lay down the ground rules. I know it’s hard on you, but it’s almost over now.”

Justin casino firmaları frowned slightly. “But you do enjoy watching them hurt me. Don’t you see why that would make me worry?”

Fairfax sighed and took Justin into his arms again, hugging him and kissing the top of his head. “I know…I know I’m not entirely right in the head, darling. But I don’t really enjoy seeing them torture you all that much. What I really love is being able to take care of you afterwards. I know it’s a bit…sick…but when you’re exhausted and in pain…you’re so incredibly adorable. You let me clean you up and carry you, and the way you curl up in my arms when you’re hurting…it’s just so sweet.” He stroked the younger man’s face softly, looking into his eyes. “I know it’s not quite right. But that’s the honest truth.” He sighed heavily. “Do you hate me for it?”

Justin sniffed. “N-no. But I’m scared.”

Fairfax frowned, stroking Justin’s hair. “Scared of what?”

“Well…when it’s all over soon…if I’m not like that any longer, will you even want me around any more?”

Fairfax laughed quietly and pulled Justin close again. “Of course I will, sweetheart. I fell for you before any of this happened, don’t you remember?” He pulled back and smiled at the boy. “But do you think maybe once in a while I could still have that sweet little crybaby to take care of?”

Justin blushed and glanced sideways. “W-well…I can’t say I hate it when you comfort me like that…but I can’t just cry and act pitiful for no reason.” He sighed, muttering almost as an afterthought, “I have to hold on to some pride after all.”

Fairfax grinned. “Well, even though your punishment’s almost over, I’m sure you’re not always a good boy. Would you hate it too badly if I paddled your bottom once in a while?”

Justin covered his face for a moment, his cheeks hot. “Uh…um. I suppose…if you stop not long after I start crying…” he was almost whispering again. “I-I guess that might be okay.”

Fairfax laughed harder at that and pulled Justin in once more for a hug, kissing the side of his face. “Should we give it a try now, then?”

Justin spluttered indignantly. “N-Now?! Do you have any idea how much my arse hurts right now?!”

The warden snickered, pushing Justin’s hair behind one ear and kissing his neck between words. “I know, I know. I’ll just use my hand. I promise I’ll stop once you’ve been crying for a minute or two. And then I’ll make you feel better…” He playfully nibbled at Justin’s ear, and the younger man swatted at his head.

“Okay, okay, just quit trying to snack on me…”

Fairfax grinned. “Pants down and over my knee, then.”

Justin stood to unbutton and lower his trousers, pushing them down to his knees along with his underpants and blushing as he lay over his superior’s knees. Fairfax rubbed his bared backside gently. “Poor little bottom. All bruised…”

“Aye, so be careful!”

Fairfax chuckled, giving Justin’s tender rear güvenilir casino an affectionate squeeze. “Don’t worry. I won’t overdo it.” He lifted his hand and began spanking Justin slowly, not too hard, often pausing to stroke and rub his inflamed cheeks between smacks. Justin was soon whimpering and squirming over his lap as his bottom grew pink and warm, and the older man spanked a little harder, focusing on the sensitive spots near the thighs. It didn’t take long to bring the young man to tears, and as promised, he only let him cry for a minute or two before stopping. He pulled Justin into a sitting position on his lap, wrapping his arms around him and kissing him tenderly, stroking the tears from his eyes. He kept one hand on his warm, bare bottom to keep him close as he cuddled and calmed him.

“You’re so beautiful, Justin.” He stood, cradling the younger man in his arms, and carried him back to the bedroom, lying him face down on the bed and pulling his trousers and underpants off. He placed on hand on each of Justin’s buttocks, spreading him slightly, brushing a finger over his entrance. “Poor little hole’s been through a lot. Still sore?”

Justin flinched slightly at the touch before relaxing. “A little…”

“Someone should treat it nicely, then.” Fairfax lay down between Justin’s spread thighs, spreading his cheeks again to lick gently at the young man’s swollen opening.

“A-ah, sir, you shouldn’t…”

“Hush. Relax, you’re perfectly clean. Let me make you feel better.” He pushed his tongue firmly against the little folds, moistening and relaxing the traumatized skin. After a minute or two of gentle licking, he licked his own finger and slid it very gently inside the tight little opening, making Justin gasp.

“Shh. Turn over – facing me.”

Justin turned onto his side as Fairfax kept his slick finger buried inside him, blushing and biting his lip. The older man smiled up at him. “Does it feel nice?” Justin closed his eyes in embarrassment and gave him a tiny nod. Before he could realize what was happening Fairfax had taken his stiffening member into his mouth and was sliding his finger slowly out of him before inserting two, crooking them slightly. He pressed further, finding that place inside him again, and Justin felt his cock pulse in reaction. He whimpered and moaned as his superior intently suckled his arousal, thrusting his slender fingers more aggressively against that little knot inside him. “Sir…I can’t hold on much longer…I’m going to…”

Fairfax only reached up to stroke his belly soothingly, running his tongue around the head of Justin’s cock until he cried out and came, licking and sucking throughout his climax and leaving him clean. He pulled his fingers out gently before snuggling up to Justin’s side, wrapping his arms around him and kissing his neck. “So was that worth the spanking for you?”

“Ohh…yes, sir…but… you didn’t get to come, did you?”

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t always have to be about me. And I’ll be fucking that cute little arse of yours before long, believe me.” Justin blushed and snuggled back against the older man with a quiet reply. “Okay.” Warm and tired, comforted by Fairfax’s strong arms around him, Justin fell asleep.

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