In the Still of the Night

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Pressure on my hips? That’s the first thing I remember. Then I immediately started to nod off. Hot, wet… licking. I moaned and my eyelids started to flutter open. I was rock-hard, full-length and throbbing. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Velvet lips not-so-gently inhaled the head of my cock and the first inch or so of my shaft.

I started to tilt my head down but a palm darted over my chest to press against my chin, stopping me from looking.

When someone is sucking your cock, you tend to follow their directions. So I focused on trying to orient myself to my surroundings. I was on a leather couch, it was dark and quiet.

The mouth moved again lower, bobbing a bit and happily humming – possibly moaning. Yeah, this was pleasant. The lips – not the tongue – somehow seemed to swirl around. Whoever this was, they were good. I thought it would be my girlfriend, of course, but was still trying to pull myself together and couldn’t be sure.

My eyes focused on a glass close to me. No, two glasses. One with an amber liquid, and another with some water. I realized then where I was – in my office on campus. I sipped the water as the mouth moved down a couple of more inches and made a slupring sound that almost made me drop my glass. When the palm of my hand tightened from the pleasure, I felt and heard some papers crinkling. Ah, I thought (in between thoughts of “Yessss” and “Please keep sucking”) – I had fallen asleep while grading papers. I had been sitting up and then slumped over on the thick armrest.

Then… this could be anyone? Well, my nose told me it was definitely a woman, with that delightful scent gradually wafting up and causing me to enjoy and relax. The mirror revealed some shapely brown or tanned legs, even in the low light I could see that. Me being me (an ass man), I immediately tilted my head up – yes, a wonderfully shaped ass. I sighed and then almost choked as the head jerked down, easily gettting to the root of my 7 inches of manhood, her tongue now sliding around the shaft.

This girl was hungry. Possibly a student? I groaned. Even though like any professor I had occasionally let my mind go there, that could have serious implications for my career if it were discovered. But, right now my dick didn’t care about that in the slighest. I felt some light tingling in my balls and some of her warm drool oozed down. She was steadily bobbing. Fuck this girl was good stranded teens porno – either better than my girlfriend or just my girlfriend being really inspired.

My kinda bratty girlfiend is from California, so those legs COULD be hers. But, I generally locked my door when I graded papers, I thought as I took several sharp intakes of breath as her mouth sped up and the pressure increased. So how could this be her? “Oh, yeah, baby… You’re soooo goood,” thinking this might get a response – even though I slurred my words to the point my voice was sorta unrecognizable (not just from the grogginess – her skill was making me woozy) – but all I got was a grunt and two hands squeezing my upper thighs.

I decided to gradually straighten myself up, but while I tried that she used the movement and new angle to slide my sweatpants and boxers all the way down to my knees, so I leaned back and moaned. This woman knew what she was doing. her hands moved around my hips and slowly moved my cheeks up so she could grip my ass. Any thoughts I had of stopping or slowing her efforts slid right out of my mind.

At about that same time, I saw the clock. 2:30 – clearly a.m.. My evening came back to me as I struggled not to cum as she again nearly deep-throated me. I collapsed on the coach, laying down abruptly, throwing the papers everywhere and knocking the glass onto the floor of the office. Fortunately it didn’t shatter. I was beginning to think she wanted to drink my juices down, as this girl was really intensifying her efforts.

I went to caress her hair but she frustrated my strategy (but not my dick) by moving into a 69. As her hips moved over to my face I saw she’d been rubbing her clit and her pussy was completely soaked and ready to be fucked. I wanted to plunge into it with my all-too-ready cock but instead lunged at it greedily, twisting my tongue and expanding it from side to side to give her pussy a slow, sliding technique, letting her lips feel every taste bud.

This girl was like honey. Her taste almost put me over the edge. It was then that I knew it wasn’t Dominique! The fog around my brain lifted as she said “George, uh, you didn’t come home – fuck! Suck my pussy, suck it good. You know how I like that – my pussy will thank you in a minute.” Then the mouth moved back down.

Problem was, I wasn’t George – his office was next student sex parties porno doot. My dick didn’t care. I’d had plenty of blowjobs, but this one was making me drool so much I couldn’t tell how much of what was running over my chin was her pussy juice. Her pussy was so hot that I felt like my tongue might melt. So delicious.

George!!! I hated that asshole. He slept with his students on occasion and all-the-while suggesting that I had done so in the past. I once got called before the faculty senate to explain some pictures that someone had mysteriously placed in the dean’s mailbox – photos they finally discovered had been digitally altered. Ultimately, I was exonerated, but I had long borne a grudge against George.

Oh, fuck. I suddenly realized. He’d been dating that hot, new TA from Brazil. The one my girlfriend had immediately become jealous over the moment I had let me eyes drift up her legs in the hall last week while we were talking. So jealous, we hadn’t spoken since. Wait, I was a free man! I gotta stop having a cocktail in my office while I was grading papers… Then again, wihout that, then I wouldn’t be tasting… I couldn’t remember her name.

Her lips were like sugar. What’s her name? I struggled to remember. Started with an A…

Speaking of A, I grabbed her ass and then gave it a solid whack. Her hips pressed down. This girl was trying to smother me with her pussy, all the while trying to force-feed herself my cock. The least I could do was take it. My tongue lapped her clit, her thighs parted and her legs slid down past my ears, forcing me to raise up briefly before grabbing her ass and pulling her back down. I felt she was getting close so I squeezed her perfect rump and also squeezed my legs together to stop from cumming.

I succeeded on both levels – her head snapped up and her long, lustrous curls spilled all over the place. She started cursing in Spanish – no, not quite Spanish – Portuguese!, then occasionally repeated the name “George, George, George.” She bobbed back down and gamely tried to finish me off as my thighs shifted a little from side to side. She was throttling me with her thighs – this wasn’t supposed to be Brazilian jiu-jitsu!!! I remembered her name and moaned “Allesandra” – well, it didn’t really sound much like it – into her pussy. That did it – she came so hard, her hands submissive cuckolds gripping the couch, her mouth ceasing its slurping, then popping off and screaming something I didn’t recognize. I almost came on her tits.

She slid over to the side, and lay there for a moments, moaning contentedly to herself, almost purring.

I woke up to giggling. Opening my eyes, I saw her gorgeous brown eyes so close to mine. “Ah, fuck that asshole George. You were so good, you can have me anytime. He can’t get it up for me so good anymore. I saw your girlfriend the other day. I bet you like this better!” She turned and slapped her ass. I nodded, pleased but stunned she wasn’t angry. “Call me Alex if you like.”

I asked Alex how she got in here and she sat next to me, stroking my hair and then moving a fingertip over my lips. She laughed. “That asshole Goerge was supposed to meet me but he didn’t show up – probably screwing that blonde in his Sociology class… Anyway, I came to look for him, it was dark here, saw your door was a little bit open and came in. After I got your cock in my mouth for a while and you started working my pussy over, I knew it wasn’t him, but I used his name so I could pretend I didn’t know what I was doing afterwards. Once I saw who it was, I decided to wake you because I’ve always thought you were hot and I’ve had enough of his foolishness.”

I nodded.

She said “Now, I have to warn you. I am planning to take your cock and use my pussy to get it to submit. I love to be on top, and I love to be fucked from behind, while you pull my hair or spank my ass.. or both. You up for that?” She glanced down. “I can see he is!” She licked her lips, pressed her tits against my chest, and slid him into her in one motion.

“One thing George had a problem with,” she moaned, “was giving it to me every single day. Do you like this pussy? I can feel you inside me. You like it. But, she needs to be fed every day. I like it best first thing in the morning and if I can get it during the day I love that, too. Oh, your cock is thick. Fuck, fuck…” She slipped into Portuguese again and started to whip down on my cock. “You’re so hard, so hard, I want you to shoot in me, I want to make you my American lover, squeeze my ass please, do it now.” I squeezed, more Portuguese and I lost it, spurting deep inside her. She shouted “You’re cumming, you’re cumming in my hot pussssssssssy.” She was trembling violently and then pressed down against me, moving almost in circles as her vibrations slowed and she greedily stole every last drop.

“Yeah, Alex, I could get used to this,” I somehow managed. She leaned back up, eyes alive with merriness, and said “I bet you could! And, so could I.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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