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My fingers rubbed the crotch of the panties on the hanger. The goddess walked, no floated towards me. I melted as I watched her long legs carry her beautiful body towards me. I could feel the passion juice start to run down my thigh.

“Don’t you just love the feel of those?”

“Sara, I’d love the feel of your panties as I slid them off that wonderful ass of yours. I bet between your legs, you smell like the honey of the gods.”

“I would offer to show you some other panties, but I know you don’t ever wear any. Just the way I like my women, showing their bare pussy.”

“Great legs. I bet those are thigh highs. Wish I could see the dark band at the top of them. That’s the best part.”

“Let me show you some nighties that you’d look so sexy in while laying on my bed tonight.”

As she walked ahead, she pulled her skirt up and showed me the firm naked cheek of her left hip.

“What size pussy do you have?”

“Maybe you could measure it with your tongue?”

“Step into the dressing room and I can lick it nice and clean before you try this on.”

As she turned and held the nightie up to herself, her blouse unbuttoned by itself and her firm right breast fell into view. She reached up and held it. “I’d love for you to suck on this.” It seemed strange since it was maybe twice as big as the other one.

I leaned forward to take the nipple between my lips …

‘… the morning rain, I used to feel uninspired …’ I slapped the CD player as the alarm went off. Fucking A! Why, why does that always happen? Sleeping with my vibe in me all night on medium sure makes for strange dreams.

I stood naked by my side of the bed and pulled the sheet and quilt up under the pillow. Didn’t need to do that to the other side, it was still nice and neat. Day 36 since fuck face Lisa left me. Damn her. I didn’t think I was that bad a lay. Just not as kinky as her I guess.

Jean sat across the aisle from me at work. Her little work table, like mine, piled with folders. No privacy shield and I could see her legs. Wouldn’t kick her out of bed for sure. Lot of nice looking women here. Lately Jean had started sitting with her legs spread apart. Don’t know why. I could see all the way up to her white panties. It was almost like there was a spotlight shining on them at times.

Yeah I looked. Hell yes I’d rip those puppies off and make her beg for me to stop sucking her clit. I could almost hear her screaming “Kate, suck me harder!” I knew Jean was married, at least she passed him off as her husband, I think she did. I’d met them once in some store, forget where or when. All I could think of when I first saw him was Porky Pig. How the hell did he kiss her and fuck her at the same time with that medicine ball for a stomach? And she was so nice looking. How strange.

Today she sat there with that ‘I’m so happy grin’ on her face. Makes me want to throw up sometimes. No one can be that happy all the time. Can they? Could be some facial plastic surgery that left a perpetual smile by accident. I made a quick morning check of her panties. Holy fuck! I can see her pussy staring right back at me. Well Jean, I see you and raise you one. I spread my knees apart and let our cunts stare at each other. Damn, I think she even spread her legs a little more. I puckered my mouth a little as I looked in her direction and blew her a kiss.

I popped a DVD in and settled back, naked, on the couch. I was already fingering myself as my number one favorite movie ‘Lesbian Pussy Licking All Night Long’ started. Nothing much more than what the title implied either. Oh God, Lisa could have been a perfect actress for this movie.

It was 2 AM when I woke up, still sitting on the sofa, the movie long over. I dragged my still horny body into the bedroom for a few more hours of much needed sleep.

During my lunch break, I stopped by a department store next to where I had lunch. Touching some panties like in the dream, a chubby sales woman waddled up.

“Don’t wear them out honey.”

I looked around and Sara was nothing like the dream. “Hate to even wear them. Just like the feel.”

She glared at me, making a little ‘harumph’ sound as she walked off. God, she had enough ass for several women.

“My, those do feel sensual. Love cotton, specially in the crotch.”

I saw a nice hand near mine, the long fingers ending in nails that stopped neatly near the end of the finger tip. They moved around the crotch of a pair just like what I was still fondling.

She whispered, almost a moan. “Hmmm. Makes me … Sorry. Getting carried away.”

Made a quick survey of her body. Very nice. Not exactly like in the dream, but fucking close. Could have sworn my heart even missed a few beats.

She looked straight into my eyes. In a low soft tone “Sounds like I can’t even pull yours off.”

“I guess I could buy some.”

“I’d love that. Bet you have to go back to work though.”

Her tits were begging to be pulled out of her blouse and sucked on. The nipples were so obvious. They looked like a tent casino şirketleri pole in a circus tent as they pressed hard against the fabric.

“Guess this qualifies as a health emergency.”

She picked 2 pairs of white Calvin Klein 365 hipsters ribbed cotton panties off the rack. “I’m Sara. These are real sexy.” Actually they were more of a cream color. Very tasteful. Guess they would become more tasty soon.

“I like that name. It’s been popping up a lot lately. I’m Kate.”

We stood naked next to her bed. Sara pulled part of the panties out of the plastic wrapper, and rubbed it between her fingers for a while. “Love the ribs in these.” Pulling it completely out, she tossed them to me. “Put them on.”

A hard shove pushed me on my back. Her teeth pressed through the ribbed cotton cloth against the tender lips between my legs. Her long tongue pushed it deeper inside me, nearly to my heart it seemed.

“You taste so good. I can feel the delicious wetness through your panties already.”

“Cause you are driving me wild you lovely slut.”

I must have said the magic words. She slipped a finger through the leg hole and shoved a finger deep inside me, probing for my spot. In a flash I was overwhelmed by the initial wave of orgasm. I knew more were to come.

“Eat me bitch!” I screamed. “Eat me through these fucking panties.”

I’d been watching Jean’s naked pussy for several mornings now. I don’t know why, but I was so turned on by the sight. Guess I’m just a sucker for a nice set of lips.

Standing in front of a sink in the bathroom, little puddles of water here and there on the counter, a drop of soap under the dispenser, my hands dripping with water. I looked left and right. No paper towels once again. Shit! I was shaking my hands dry over the sink when Jean walked in. She stopped to one side, slightly behind me. Without a word, she suddenly pulled her hand up the back of my thigh, under my skirt, and rested it over my bare hip.

“Nice ass Kate.”

“Don’t stop there.”

Her hand moved around my hip and a finger rested over my slit. “Been looking at this and it feels as nice as I expected.”

“Ready to change teams?”

“Oh baby, I’ve been on this team for a long time.”

“What about Mike?”

A finger drove deep inside me, a piece of her hand rested over my clit and ground hard against it.

“That slob? He’s my brother, not my husband. Was just helping him that day. How’s this feel?”

“Pretty damn nice.”

I met Sara for dinner. As we left, the parking lot was dark about midway between our cars. As we stood face to face, she ran her hand up my skirt and felt.

“Got mine on too. Good.”

“I didn’t wash mine either.”

No one could see us and we spent several minutes rubbing our hands over our panty covered crotches. Not reaching under the fabric, just over the outside, feeling the softness of the ribbed cotton.

By her car door, she pressed her lips against my ear. “Does the slut want her panties nibbled on?”

I turned and held her ear lobe between my teeth and mumbled “Eat me bitch, all night long.” I pulled a matching jersey top out of my purse. “And put this on! I know your tits will be so delectable covered with this.”

The stall door opened. Before I could walk out, Jean put her hand on my chest.

“Want you to watch me piss.”

She pushed me back into the stall. The door shut behind us. She shoved me hard against the inside of the closed stall door, lifted her pleated knee length skirt as she backed over the toilet, and sat down, legs spread wide. As the stream started, she put a finger in it making the stream splatter some.

Jean held her hand up to me. “A taste?” Without waiting for me to answer, she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. Finished, she stood without wiping herself. Holding my hand, she dragged my fingers across her piss covered pussy lips. “All better now.”

The stall door slammed behind us just as the outside door opened. That was close. “Hi Mary.” My boss. Got to be more careful.

Mary gave me a friendly whack on the bottom. “Nice to see ya Kate.”

I revved up my vibe and watched ‘Pussy Lickers, pt 5’. Didn’t touch myself, just let the vibe work its wonders by itself. Well I did wipe a few fingers full of juice off more than once.

As I turned the TV off, the phone rang.

K: Hello?

A: Is Jodie there?

K: I’m so sorry that I’m not Jodie. You have such a sensual voice. Can we talk for a moment?

A: Sure. I just going to try and talk Jodie into coming back to me.

K: I’m Kate. My girlfriend left me not so long ago too. A real bummer. Probably for the best. Don’t know yet.

A: Jodie loved my pussy. I would go crazy with her lapping me with that big tongue of hers. … Oh, I’m Anna.

K: You’re making me all wet again.

A: Kind of turned on myself. Wasn’t expecting anyone to talk to me like this. I like dirty talk on the phone.

K: What do you have on?

A: Just pulled my skirt and panties casino firmaları off. Have a finger over my clit.

K: I’m naked and I just pulled my vibe out. Had it in during the movie. I’m sopping wet.

A: What movie?

K: Pussy Lickers, pt 5.

A: Oh I love that series. I have the first 10 DVDs.

K: I have a friend that loves to eat me through my panties. I only wear them for her.

A: Jodie was like that. There was a particular style of Calvin Klein panties she really got turned on by.

K: 365 hipsters?

A: Oh my God! That’s the one. With the ribs? She never could get off except with those. … Just a second … Ah ah … yeah baby, fucking good one … yeah …

K: Sounds like a good orgasm. Do that by yourself?

A: With your help.

K: Glad to be here.

A: Maybe we can have some coffee one day?

K: Seems we have some things in common. Why not? Want to just be surprised or should we tell each other what we look like?

A: I like surprises.

As I look for an empty changing room to try on an obscenely short skirt, I spot one with the door open. Standing in front of it, a naked woman is standing on one leg with the other wrapped around her neck. Her fingers flying over her pussy like Jimi Hendrix playing his guitar. I can hear ‘Purple Haze’ playing over the store sound system. The leg she was standing on was covered in a shear black thigh high stocking with a lovely lace top. The other leg was bare. I stood there watching. She looked at me, then knelt down and picked up a pair of panties. “Bet you’d like to eat my pussy through these?” She sat down on the bench and put them on with her leg still around her neck. “You watching me is making me so damp.”

‘… Oh, I won’t be afraid, Just as long as you stand, Stand by me, …’ I slap at the alarm clock. Damn. Where do these dreams come from? Didn’t even sleep with my vibe in me last night.

Sitting at my desk, Jean is not at hers, I sort though a pile of folders trying to remember where I stopped yesterday.

“Morning Kate. Brought you a special drink, still nice and warm. 98.6.” Jean put a small paper cup on my desk. “Already had me some.” I looked in and it was a cup of her light yellow piss. She looked back over her shoulder. “Best before it cools down.” She held her cup as if she were making a toast.

The front door closed behind me. Ah, a moment of quiet sanity, at last.

That didn’t last long. A knock, an open door, Anna walked in with a bag of KFC. Finished, with the garbage a little fuller now, we finished our third beer.

She pulled something out of her purse. “Ta Da. Brought my 365’s. Want to eat me? Or are you full already?”

A few quiet evenings later, trying to relax. TV not even on for a change.

ring, ring. “Hello?”

“Hey baby. Want to play around? I only have on that matching jersey. Could really go for some of your nice pussy covered in those ribbed panties.”

I lie a little, but always in need of some licking. “Good timing. I’m ready for your mouth about now. Door’s open when you get here.”

When she walked in, Sara was wearing only a top coat and the jersey top. I sat on the couch with only the matching panties on, one leg draped over the arm of the couch, the other foot extended far in the other direction, resting on the coffee table.

“Leave the top coat on slut! Just eat me!” I demanded.

Her tongue pressed hard against the fabric pushing it between my pussy lips quickly wiping up my gushing juices. As her head pulled back, her teeth bit into the cloth of the panties and pulled it back, then letting it go with a soft ‘pop’ as it slapped against my cunt.

“I love the fit of these against that delicious crotch of yours.”

“Right now I’m feasting my eyes on the way that jersey flows over those lovely boobs you’ve got hanging from that chest.” I reached out and stroked the underside of a breast with the edge of my index finger.

“As much as I would like that and its neighbor shoved up my cunt next to each other, it feels so very nice just touching my tit for now.”

As I started to leave for work the next morning, I noticed a voice mail message.

“Hey love, it’s Anna. Was going to invite you and that sexy voice to have coffee this weekend, but I need to run out of town. Can’t wait to join you for a movie marathon night of ‘Pussy Lickers’. Will call when I get back. Keep it moist baby.”

Not even halfway to my desk yet. Mary called out from the door to her office. “Hey Kate. Got a minute?”

“Close the door.”

A panicked look covered my face.

“Don’t worry Kate. This isn’t about you. You’re one of my favorite people here. You do such great work.”

I rubbed my finger across my forehead. “Had me a little worried Mary.”

“Sorry. No this about Jean. She’s been acting a little strange lately. I value your opinions. Other’s have mentioned her to me and I was just wondering if you’d noticed anything.”

“Like what?”

“Seems she offered a glass of piss to one of the other güvenilir casino women.”

“I saw her licking her fingers in the bathroom once. Didn’t bother me though.”

“She ever touch you?”

“Would that have bothered you Mary? I mean if I’d touched you.”

“I didn’t say this, but I’d be flattered if YOU touched me.”

“Strictly off the record of course, you mean you’ve thought about that?”

“Hmmm yeah! What do you think that little swat by the bathroom the other day was all about.”

“Sorry I’ve held back. Maybe we should have dinner. Tonight?” I was always horny. Maybe I’d get lucky.

I didn’t see Jean at her desk as I put my purse down. Later Paul, the office manager, was packing up her personal things.

It was drizzling as I stepped out the front door. Waiting under the awning for Mary, I had a chance to watch all the people in the building head home or where ever they were going. Love to people watch. I was just a little nervous going out with ‘the boss’ after Jean just got sacked.

“Hi Kate. Thanks for waiting out here. Can’t have anyone think you’re kissing my ass.”

“I might want too.” I grinned.

“I won’t tell anyone.” She laughed. I guessed it was her way of saying this was going to be fun tonight and not to worry.

Guess I’d never really looked at Mary in ‘that way’. She wasn’t at all bad looking. A little older, not much, maybe a year or two. About the same height, in good shape it seemed. I guessed she could crank my motor just fine.

She looked over in my direction. “Let’s just take my truck. I can drop you back here later.”


The light rain stopped as I followed her, watching her shapely ass move back and forth under her skirt. Her long legs with slightly tan stockings, nice loafers. If I were a dog, my fangs would be deep into those cheeks. Wow! Shake it one time for me.

“Its open. Who would want to steal this piece of shit.”

I sat on the bench seat. No seat belts. What year truck was this anyway?

“Honey, slide that sweet bottom of yours on over there.” Just as the radio started to make some noise, she turned it off. “Too country.”

I slid over so our hips touched and I laid my hand on her thigh. She put her hand on mine and pushed it all the way under her skirt until it rested on her crotch.

My fingers stroked the bare skin with some short hair. “Glad you don’t have any panties on.” A finger parted the folds of skin.

“Oh Kate, I’ve dreamed about this last several nights since I whacked your bottom back by the bathroom.” My finger slid the full distance, bottom to top, and brushed against the clit. “Just like that Kate. Oh Baby!”

A woman walked along the sidewalk on crutches with one leg.

“Would you look at that dish! How I’d like to plow her field.”

Mary spent so much time looking at the woman, she almost drove us into a parked car as the street curved. I didn’t know what the attraction was. Her looks? She was quite pretty. The missing leg? Probably not. Too weird.

I quickly put my hands forward. “Whoa!”

“Sorry. My sister Cindy is like that. How do I ever like to have my mouth all over her body. Oh my yeah. That little piece of thigh …”

“You and your sister …?”

“Heavens yes! She is good. Real good. She keeps me fat, dumb, and happy. Oh Baby! I should hook you two up. She’s two years younger than me. I bet you’d cream in your panties if you saw her naked in your bed. … Oh sweetie, your finger is doing good things to me. … I almost thought about stopping for that one back …”

“Want to stop? I don’t mind.”

“Like a little piece of that action yourself, huh?” I felt like saying ‘if it has a pussy and moves’, but didn’t. A little too coarse for me, even around Mary.

Mary pulled next to the curb and looked back in the rear view mirror. “I don’t see her anymore. Drat!”

Looking in the side mirror, then the tires squealed as she pulled, almost swerved, back into the street. All I could think about was how different Mary was away from work. I would have NEVER expected any of this from the Mary I knew there. My finger continued to twiddle her pussy lips.

We both ordered Scotch on the rocks. I held her hand and stroked my fingers along hers. She had nice nails, neatly trimmed. Not the big long claws with glitter or stars some women had. I took her hand and placed it under my skirt and over my crotch as she had done to me in the truck. I even pushed a finger tip of hers against my clit.

“That feels good Mary. Very good.” I smelled the finger that had been inside her, then licked it while looking at her. “Nice.”

After three drinks and a burger platter each, we steadied each other out to the truck.

“Any chance of talking you into coming home with me. Cindy, my Sis, is probably home by now. The three of us could have a grand time.”

“My car? And I need to go home and change before work.”

“Oh hell Kate!” She sounded pretty drunk to be driving. “So you’ll be a little late. I won’t tell. It’s not far and we have to pass the office on the way to my place. You can follow me.”

Mary flipped her cell phone open. “Hey Sis! Mary. Got someone dripping to meet you. … Hell yes she’s fine. A nice tasty pussy too. … Great. Suck me soon!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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