Initiation: Final Exam

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I had been lying in my bed after the long night’s sleep I got, after the hard fucking last night. After which I had to take a long cold shower, because I was not allowed to cum. So after all that and good night’s sleep, my balls were still hurting like hell. I just tried to relax and not think of sex. Not an easy thing to do.

I had never had blue balls to this extent. So now here I was just lying in bed trying not to think naughty thoughts, and especially trying not to think about the next round of my initiation into the club. When all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I immediately jumped out of bed and threw on my jockstrap, that I’d been ordered to wear at all times. I opened the door and there was the guy that fucked me the first day of my arrival here.

He looked at me up and down and asked how last night had been. I said “great” and he said that he bet the guy didn’t let me cum at all. I said he was correct and shifted uncomfortably. He smirked and grabbed my balls and gave them a small squeeze, which immediately evoked a whimper from my lips and a sudden hardening from my cock. He tapped my now rock hard cock, and said, “Down boy, not yet, but you will get a chance to cum out and play.” My balls were so sensitive now, I didn’t want anything to touch them.

H smirked again, and asked if I was hungry because dinner is almost ready. I said that I was. At that he took a step towards me and said, “Then get on your knees boy. I want you to suck my cock right now.” I immediately dropped to my knees. I looked up at him, silently asking for permission. He nodded. I then took out his semi hard cock and sucked the head nice and hard. I imagined how good it will finally feel, when I was allowed to cum. I then worked his cock as hard and fast as I could. He leaned up against the door frame and enjoyed my mouth on his cock. He was now rock hard.

I would take him all the way in my throat and work his cock head with my throat muscles, this always made him moan. I would lick all over his shaft with my tongue, and then back out to sucking his cock head. I really was putting a lot of effort into sucking him off. I was in my own little world, and I didn’t even realize we were mostly in the hallway until I heard a loud laugh. I kept his cock in my mouth and looked to see who it was. I saw the guy who fucked my ass last night standing 5 feet away.

He looks down at me then up at the other guy and says, “You were supposed to bring him to the dining hall. Dessert isn’t until later. The guy whose cock I was sucking chuckled and says, “You’ve had this boy’s mouth on your cock. Can you really blame me?” I kept eye contact with the other guy as I smirked around the cock in my mouth and continued to suck. I really gave him a show. I would pull it out of my mouth and lick the piss slit, then work the whole shaft some more, and then finally deep throat the whole hard cock. I kept my eyes casino oyna on him though, taunting him with what I was doing. Then I took the cock all the way back into my throat, and swallowed as fast as I could and used my tongue to lick the rest.

The guys who was in my mouth suddenly moaned loudly and tensed up. I felt his cock head swell. He then shot load after load right down my throat. I swallowed it all. I kept using my tongue to force more of his cum out. I kept his cock head in my throat and swallowed as fast as I could. Finally, needing to breathe I eased off and sucked just his cock head deeply. The guy’s knees shook. I then took his cock head out of my mouth. I looked the other guy right in the eyes as I was holding the cock smirking. I then licked the piss slit, kissed the cock head, placed his cock back into his pants, carefully adjusted him, and zipped his pants. I then stood up. And with that he told me to follow him.

We walked right past the other guy, who was still standing there. I wondered if he was wishing he had been in on that fun. I followed the first guy as he took me into the grand dining room where at a table shaped like a horseshoe, sat five other men, including the two leather-clad lovers who introduced me to this club. My leather master from last night took a seat when he entered. It looked to me like he had to adjust his hard cock in order to get comfortable. Sitting at the table were three guys I hadn’t met yet. They all remarked at my good looks, and began admiring, out loud, about all of my features: tight bubble butt, nice hard cock, smooth body, an ass that just begs to be eaten, and two holes that scream “fuck me”.

I heard all of these things while I stood there on display wearing only my jockstrap. Then the “leader” explained to me what would be required of me for my final examination. I was to make all of the men around me cum at least once, using any method they desired. Since I had already been examined by four of the members present multiple times, I would only have to satisfy the other three. And in all that time I was not allowed to cum at all. Only after I had completed the test, would I be allowed membership into the club and also be allowed to cum.

I could tell this was going to be difficult, and I guess they saw that on my face because they all laughed. The first stood up and said that he loved to have his ass eaten, “So get over here you little ass whore and eat my ass!” he commanded. I did and he leaned over the table and stuck out his ass. I leaned close to his cheeks and he reached back, grabbed my head and shoved my face right into his waiting hole, saying, “I don’t want you to look at it, I want you to eat it, you fucking bitch!”

I began eating this guy’s ass like there was no tomorrow, going in and out with my tongue, licking all around his hole, and going deep looking for his prostate. I had to hold his ass cheeks apart to really canlı casino get my tongue deep. He was really getting into it because I could hear his moans and groans and his and the others’ remarks of, “Yeah eat that ass!” “Make him cum you little whore.” “Oh if he likes that, he’s going to really enjoy this club.” and “What do we care if he enjoys it or not, tonight? After tonight if he passes, then he can start enjoying himself.”That last comment came from my leather clad master. I guess he was upset at my display.

All of these things just made me go into overdrive, and I plunged into his ass with reckless abandon. I could see him slowly stroking his cock, but my attention was on his asshole. I then started to increase speed of my tongue work. I plunged my tongue up and down, left and right, then in and out. Apparently it was just what he needed because the guy suddenly stiffened, tightened his ass muscles around my tongue, and shot his load all over the table. He caught his breath, turned around, looked down at me and said, “Well you little ass muncher, you have passed my test.”

I looked around and the next stepped forward and said, “Now it’s time to see how good of a cock sucker you are. I have heard you know how to work a cock in that mouth of yours. Now I want a turn.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and wagged it in my face. My mouth opened involuntarily. With that he brought my lips to his already stiff cock, and had me engulf the entire thing. He told me exactly what he liked, and how he liked it. I was to start off by just sucking the head, and licking the piss slit with my tongue. Of course I was only too obliged to submit to this and jumped right into sucking his massive head.

I employed all the tricks I had learned in the past fucks with the other four members, when I had their cocks in my mouth. The guy was really starting to enjoy himself, and commented on my expertise of sucking cock, and said how much I must enjoy this if I am giving him so much attention. I always felt turned on by such language and talking down to me, so I went even harder on his cock head. He grunted and said, “Okay, now time to try out that throat of yours. Take it all and go deep. I want to feel your chin massaging my balls!” Oh how I love being told what to do, how to do it, and being degraded.

I went all the way down on his cock, taking it all the way into my throat. I would go all the way down and swallow. I worked his shaft with my tongue. He went wild at this, and started moaning really loudly, and grabbing my head and face fucking me hard, which made the guys standing around us go wild. They started really encouraging me to suck his dick harder, and for him to fuck my face deeper, which we were both more than happy to oblige them.

He started really pounding my face and throat, and then with one hard deep thrust, he squirted all of his cum down my throat. He held me there letting kaçak casino my throat work his cock some more, before he pulled out, and wiped his dick on my lips. He looked down at me with an exhausted smirk on his face, and said, “Okay bitch you passed my test!”

With that the “leader” stepped up and said, “Okay you little cock tease, now it’s my turn. And I want to feel what that ass feels like from the inside.” With that he had me stand up and follow him to his chair. He sat down, and said, “Alright bitch, let’s see how you can fuck yourself with my cock.” He instructed me that he was going to sit there, and that I would have to do all the work, of fucking myself with his cock.

I happily obliged and backed my ass onto his cock, so that my back was to him. I slid my asshole all the way over his cock. I didn’t have to waste time getting used to his size, I was so horny I just needed a good hard fucking. I then started pumping my ass up and down, and clinching my ass tighter and tighter as I fucked myself with his cock. He started to groan, and slap my ass, and he would from time tell me to go faster or deeper onto his cock. I would always obey. I was going into overdrive trying to please him, to pass the final test, and trying my best not to cum from all of this excitement. But his cock kept hitting my prostate and I hadn’t cum in so long.

I began to work up a really good rhythm of tightening my ass as I would go up his cock and relaxing it when I was going down, like I was trying to milk it (which I was). I worked up to a really good speed. And I would go as deep as I could, until I was sitting on his lap. He started to breathe really heavily and rapidly, so I started to really fuck myself, by working his cock even faster, harder and deeper. He then told me to turn around. I slid off his cock and mounted him from the front. My legs were now sticking through under the arms of the chair and wrapped around the back. My hands were on the armrests to keep myself steady. He had his hands laced behind his head as he sat back and relaxed.

I started to rock back and forth, up and down, and then side to side. He was breathing loud and moaning louder. I took this as a good sign and plunged myself deeper and harder. I wanted him to cum hard. I wanted everyone to see me riding this hard cock. I could still hear the others cheering me on and I just went even harder. And all of a sudden he grabs my hips, pulls me all the way down on his stiff shaft, and lets out a moan, and spews his cum all over my insides.

I worked my ass some more to milk his cock all I can. He slaps my ass once more and then pushes me off of his softening cock. I stand up and he grabs my rock hard cock, squeezes it once. And with a jerk of his hand, stands up and says, “Welcome to the club. Now that you’ve passed the test, I guess you would like to get some of that cum out of your balls, right? Well then pick whoever you want, and do whatever you want with them, or have them do whatever you want to you. This is your initiation gift.”

I looked around the room at the seven guys standing around me and chose…

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