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As Sarah parked her car in the driveway, she noticed that her husband’s car was already there, and another car was parked out front.

“Kids, stay in the car.”

She unlocked the front door to see her husband’s shoes, along with a stranger’s heels, lying on the floor. She clenched her fists and made her way towards the stairs.

Once she got to the second floor, Sarah tiptoed to her bedroom door, which was closed, and put her ear against it.

She heard the bedsheets shuffling and the bed creaking as a woman moaned in the throws of passion. She also heard her own husband groaning and saying, “Oh, Ashley…”

So her name was Ashley.

Sarah forcefully pulled on the door handle and swung open the door. Despite the ruckus, the two lovers didn’t notice at all. They kept up their lovemaking, gripping each other tightly and moaning with pleasure. Her husband was on top, with Ashley’s legs wrapped tightly around his waist, toes curled.

Sarah was unsure of what to do at this point. Here she was, standing in the doorway of her bedroom, watching her husband cheat on her. She didn’t feel angry, which surprised her. Instead, she felt sorry for her kids, who would have to live in two different houses from now on. She was thoroughly disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to raise them in a normal family environment.

As she stood there, thinking of what to say and how to begin the awkward conversation that was bound to ensue, her husband began groaning loudly.

“Unnnhhhhh… oh, babe, I’m gonna cum.”

He pulled out and put his cock in Ashley’s mouth, gently thrusting while Ashley sucked eagerly.

This gave Sarah an interesting view. Ashley’s legs were spread wide, her moist and blushing pussy facing Sarah. Sarah could see that Ashley was enjoying herself based on the vaginal contractions and fluid leaking onto the bed. Her husband’s ass was facing her, and she could see his scrotum flapping back and forth as he thrust into Ashley’s mouth.

“Ohhhhh… ohhhhh… yeah… oh, Ash…” David collapsed forward as the last of his cum dripped into Ashley’s waiting mouth.

Ashley parted her wet lips from his rapidly limping cock with a slurp and swallowed his cum with a moan.

David lay next to Ashley and she nuzzled her head into his neck. “I love you, baby.”

Sarah rolled her eyes and loudly cleared her throat. “Really, David?”

“Oh, shit!” David flew from the bed, gripping on to the blanket to cover his crotch.

Ashley yelped as the blanket flew off her and revealed her plump breasts and hairless pussy.

“Honey… You’re home early…”

“Yeah, and so are you, it seems.” Sarah nodded towards Ashley.

Ashley’s face quickly became red as she covered her tits with her arms and got up from the bed. She walked awkwardly to the end of the bed, trying not to split her legs too far apart and reveal her dripping labia. She bent over and desperately scooped up her clothes, then ran into the bathroom.

“Sarah, I can explain…”

Sarah put up her hand. “There’s no need for that, David. We’re done. I want a divorce.”

“Just wait a second. Calm down for a sec and we can talk about this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. You just unloaded your manhood into this girl and told her you loved her.”

“No! That’s not true. You’re the one I love. Please, Sarah…”

“Save your begging for the judge,” Sarah said as she walked past David and into the bathroom.

Ashley sat at the edge of the bathtub, sobbing into her hands. Her clothes were on the floor in front of her.

Sarah walked towards Ashley and picked up the clothes. “You need to put these on and get out of my house,” she said as gently as possible.

Ashley took a deep breath, stood up, and took the clothes from Sarah’s hand. She put the pile onto the counter beside her, then took the item on top. It was a pair of black panties. She slipped them on, then took the next item, a bra.

She stood there and changed right in front of Sarah, not caring at this point that Sarah saw her body. Sarah could see why her husband cheated on her. Ashley had long, curly, brown hair, and a slim hourglass figure. The black lingerie accentuated her supple breasts and comfortably wrapped her innocent pussy.

Ashley then put on a light blue buttoned shirt and a black skirt that reached just above her knees. ‘They came straight from work,’ Sarah realized to herself.

Ashley looked up at Sarah as tears streamed down her face. “I’m sorry.”

Sarah gave her a sympathetic look and followed her out of the bathroom.

As they walked past David, Ashley slapped him hard and walked angrily out the door.

Shocked, David looked back at Sarah with eyes wide open.

Sarah met his gaze and shook her head. “God, you are terrible.”

“You don’t understand, I…”

“How old is that girl, David?” Sarah said loudly, pointing to the doorway that Ashley just walked through.

“She’s twenty… twe…”

“Huh? How old?”

casino şirketleri “Nineteen,” David said with a raspy voice as he put his head down.

“Jesus Christ,” Sarah whispered. “How the hell did you end up having sex with a nineteen year old girl?”

“She… she’s an intern at the office.”

Sarah closed her eyes, put her hand on her forehead, and sighed. “Poor thing thought she was in love.”

She walked up to David, bent down slightly, and looked up to meet her husband’s shamed downward gaze. “You are a fucking pig,” she said slowly and with complete honesty.

— 1 Year Later —

The doorbell rang as Sarah was making her bed. She threw down the sheets and ran out of the room. Her two kids were running down the stairs, yelling “Sean’s here, Sean’s here!”

Sarah reached the front door as the kids jumped up and down, trying in vain to reach the handle. “Alright, calm down and let me open the door.”

She stroked her hair to make sure it was straight, and tugged at her shirt to get rid of the creases that resulted from bending over.

Sarah opened the door to a smiling young man with dark brown hair and striking brown eyes.

“Hi, Ms. Davenport.”

“Sean, come on in. How was your day?”

“It was nice, Ms. D. How about you?”

“Oh, you know. Cooking, chores. Typical mom stuff.”

Sean chuckled. “Right, of course.”

“Sean!” The kids yelled as they jumped Sean.

“Ah! How are you guys?” Sean said with a laugh as he picked them up.

“Mommy said you were gonna play tea house with us.”

“Is that so?” Sean looked at Sarah with raised eyebrows.

Sarah returned with a shrug and a playful smile.

Suddenly, there was a loud beeping coming from the kitchen.

“Oh, the meatloaf is ready.” Sarah ran into the kitchen.

Sean put down the kids. “Do you need any help, Ms. D?”

Sarah’s voice echoed from the kitchen. “Actually, would you finish making up the bed upstairs?”

“Sure, no problem.” Sean walked up the stairs and into Sarah’s bedroom.

He saw where she had dropped the sheets and finished laying them out for her. As he did so, he discovered a pair of pink panties lying in the covers. ‘They must have gotten mixed up in the washer,’ he thought.

He stood there awkwardly, staring at the underwear, not knowing exactly what to do. He reached out slowly, but as soon as his fingers touched them, he pulled away. He rubbed his palms nervously against his jeans. ‘No, that’s wrong. I shouldn’t touch them.’

But then he thought about how incredibly awkward it would be if he had to tell Sarah she left her panties on the bed. He decided that he should just put it away for her.

Slowly, he reached for the pink panties. He hooked two fingers underneath and lifted them. He held the underwear a full arm’s length away from himself and turned around. He walked over to her closet and opened it. As soon as he did, his nose was assaulted by Sarah’s pleasant, flowery smell.

Sean shook his head quickly and reached for the drawer. He opened it to reveal a jumble of panties in different colors and of various brands. Bras were also mixed into the stack. ‘So that’s what a woman’s drawer looks like.’ He quickly dropped the pink panties into the drawer and shut the closet.

He turned around to finish making the bed when he realized his pants felt strained at his crotch area. He felt ashamed of being aroused by Sarah’s underwear. Ms. D was his neighbor. She paid him to babysit her kids. It was just wrong.

At that moment, he felt like a pervert. He had touched a woman’s underwear and gotten an erection because of it.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps approaching, and a moment later, Sarah appeared in the doorway. “Dinner’s ready. You better eat quickly. The kids are eager to play princess tea party.”

“Uh, r-right.” Sean walked quickly past Sarah while looking down.

Sarah squinted suspiciously, but waved the thought away and followed him down the stairs.


Sean closed the door softly after catching one last glimpse of the kids to make sure they were asleep. As he walked down the stairs, he bumped into Sarah.

“Hey. Are the kids sleeping?”

“Y-yeah. They’re as-asleep.” Sean kept his gaze down.

“Is everything okay?” Sarah gave him a concerned look.

Sean’s head flew up and he raised his hands defensively. “No, yeah, everything’s fine. No problem.” He tried to make his way down the rest of the steps, but Sarah stopped him.

“Wait. You’ve got some lipstick left on your lips.”

“Oh.” Sean reached for his face, but Sarah got there first. She put her palm against his cheek and slid her thumb slowly across his upper lip. The feeling of Sarah caressing his mouth made Sean spasm a little.

“There. All gone.” Sarah gave him a warm smile.

“Uh, thanks.” Sean hopped down the stairs.

“Wait there a minute. Let me grab some cash to pay you for the extra time.”

“Oh, no, that’s really not casino firmaları necessary…”

“No, let me pay you. Don’t leave just yet.”

Sean opened his mouth to protest, but Sarah disappeared up the stairs. He put his fingers to his upper lip, where Sarah had just touched, thinking there was no need for her to put her whole hand on his face. He put his other hand against his crotch, as if that would prevent the blood from flowing down there.

He couldn’t help it. The sensation of Sarah touching him aroused him even more than her underwear. Soon, he felt a stiff rod underneath the hand that was covering his crotch. All he could do was reach in and adjust his penis so that it wouldn’t bulge out.

“Alright, here we go…” Sarah came down the stairs and stood in front of Sean, a $20 bill in her extended hand.

Sean looked down and backed away. “Ms. D, that’s too much…”

“Just take it, Sean.” Sarah smiled. “Thanks for coming in on a weekend. I know I didn’t really need you to take care of the kids, but they insisted.”

“It’s totally fine. I enjoy being a princess.”

Sarah giggled and grabbed Sean’s hand, making him gasp lightly.

She put the $20 bill in his hand and looked at him sternly. “Take it.”

“O-okay. If you insist…”

As he walked away, the feeling of Sarah’s hand sliding off his made him lose his breath. When he reached the door, he couldn’t help but look back.

“Are you still up for tomorrow night? We can watch that movie you never got to see.” Sarah caressed her hair and smiled.

“Yeah, for sure. Let’s do it.”

Sean stood there for a moment, admiring Sarah’s beauty. She looked at him with piercing blue eyes and her long, blonde hair flowed smoothly from her head. Up until now, he didn’t realize she was wearing a nightgown. The straps hung low, revealing much of her cleavage. He could see that the gown strained with her supple breasts pressed against it, and the tiniest hint of her nipples peaked through. The gown ended at her knees, where he could see her long, slender legs without a hair on them.

His eyes were on her feet when he snapped his head back up and turned to open the door. “Have a nice night, Ms. D.”

He walked quickly and didn’t look back as he heard the lock behind him.


That night, Sean couldn’t sleep. He lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, picturing Sarah with his mind. He remembered the image of her standing in front of him in that nightgown, the curves of her mature but slender body clearly defined. He saw the top half of her grown breasts and the nipples poking through the gown.

Then he remembered the feeling of Sarah’s hand on his face and her thumb sliding across his lip. His penis became fully erect.

Slowly, he slid his boxers off and closed his eyes. With Sarah on his mind, it didn’t take long before Sean felt a warm fluid dripping down his hand. As he wiped his semen with a tissue, he thought about what was going wrong with him.

He suddenly saw Ms. D as a gorgeous and tender woman. He always knew she was a loving mother, but this was different. The look in her eyes made him feel like her love was directed at him.

No, it couldn’t be. He was going crazy. He shut his eyes tight and waited for sleep to take hold.


Sarah lay on her bed and looked to her left. She missed having someone on the other side of the bed. Out of habit, she kept sleeping on her side of the mattress, even after her husband left. She extended her arm and brushed the empty side of the bed, longing to feel human flesh rather than bedsheet.

She hadn’t had sex in over a year. She masturbated once in a while, but that only satisfied so much. She wanted a man to slide inside her aching tunnel. Bastard that he was, David drove her crazy in bed.

She thought back to their nights in bed. David on top of her, her legs bent back, resting on his shoulders. She would watch as his thick cock slid inside of her. When he was all the way in, his thick mane of pubic hair would tickle her clit and make her whimper with pleasure. When he pulled back out, his cock would be slick with her fluid, making the next thrust smoother and even more pleasurable than the last. She especially loved it when David bent down to kiss her, tenderly licking her lips with the tip of his tongue.

A tear streamed down her cheek as her hand made its way underneath the gown to her crotch. She rubbed the tip of her middle finger against her clit, where David’s tongue used to be. She flicked her finger the way David flicked his tongue. She moaned as her body began shivering and her vagina contracted involuntarily.

“Oh… oh, Sean. Yes, oh Sean…”

She opened her eyes wide. ‘Fuck’.


The next morning, Sarah woke up and stared at the ceiling, thinking of what she had uttered last night during her climax.

Sean? The 18-year-old boy across the street who babysat her kids? If she hooked up with him, she would be no better than her husband.

But güvenilir casino David was a cheating asshole. She was single and ready for something better than a vibrator.

None of that changed the age difference between Sean and her. She also had no proof that Sean was even interested in her.

‘Well, I could check,’ she raised an eyebrow and thought to herself. ‘Just the two of us, at night, with the lights turned down…’

“Mommy, mommy, it’s time to go!” Her kids rushed into her bedroom, backpacks filled with clothes and amenities for the trip to their father’s.

“Alright. Mommy’s going to get ready, then we can take off.” As Sarah prepared herself in the bathroom, she thought of how to take advantage of this night.


As Sean finished up his essay, he looked at the clock. 7:55pm. Their movie was scheduled for 8.

He thought of how uncomfortable it would be for him this time, now that he had a completely different perspective of Sarah. He would be sitting next to the woman whose underwear gave him an erection, whose touch shook his whole body, whose image he masturbated to.

He hesitated for a moment, doubting whether this was a good idea. But he also badly wanted to see Sarah again, to see her long, blonde hair, her bright blue eyes, plump red lips, supple breasts, and long, smooth legs.

He slipped on his pajama pants, an undershirt, flip-flops, and walked out the door.

Sean took a deep breath before pushing the doorbell.


Sarah tiptoed quickly to the front door, straightened her hair, and tugged at her nightgown to reveal more cleavage before opening the door.

Although this wasn’t the first time Sean wore that outfit, she saw it differently this time. All she could think of was how easy it would be to remove.


“Ms. D! How, uh, was your day?” Sean’s eyes became wide for a split second as he caught a glimpse of her cleavage, but his gaze immediately snapped back to her eyes.

Sarah gave him a look that said, ‘As if you didn’t know already.’

Sean nodded in acknowledgement as he slipped off his flip-flops and walked towards the couch.

After locking the door, Sarah turned to see Sean walking away from her. His pajama pants fit him quite tightly, and she could make out the shape of his butt clearly. The way his buns moved as he walked made her crotch tingle.

As Sarah approached the couch, she saw that Sean had already made himself comfortable. His legs were crisscrossed and he was leaning on his right elbow. He gave her a dreamy look as she walked towards him.

She sat to his right, and as soon as she sat down, his arm dropped, and his hand landed behind her head.

Sarah’s heart beat faster.

“God, I had to write the longest essay today. Took me pretty much the entire day.”

“Really? What class was it for?”

“English.” Sean rolled his eyes.

“Right, of course. What did you write on?”

Sean shrugged. “Eh, Shakespeare, some crap like that.”

Sarah giggled. “Looks like you’re pretty devoted to this essay.”

He gave a smirk that immediately turned her on. “English isn’t my specialty.”

“Oh yeah? What is?”

“Biology. I’m really interested in how the human body works.”

‘I bet you are,’ Sarah thought. “You hungry? I’ve got some snacks laying around.”

“Actually, do you have ice-cream? It’s been a really hot day.”

“Yeah, of course.”

Sarah’s titillating ass floated up and down as she walked towards the kitchen. Sean could see this clearly through her thin nightgown. He felt his cock growing hard, and desperately hoped that it wouldn’t show through his pants.

Sarah came back with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream, which she handed to Sean.

“You’re not having any?”

“No, I’m good.” Sarah stared at Sean’s mouth as he ate the ice-cream.

A bit of it got on his lip, and he licked it with his tongue. Sarah wondered what else he could do with that tongue.

Sean noticed Sarah’s interest. He held out the bowl. “You sure you don’t want some?”

“Maybe just one spoon.” Sarah leaned forward and opened her mouth.

Sean was in disbelief as he lifted the spoon into Sarah’s mouth. His own mouth dropped open as she closed her red lips around the spoon and pulled back slowly, leaving nothing behind except a hint of lipstick on the spoon.

Sean wanted to directly lick the spoon after Sarah left her mark on it, but he obviously couldn’t do that. Instead, he scooped a spoonful of ice-cream and put it in his mouth. He didn’t actually taste any difference, but the knowledge that he was putting a part of Sarah in his mouth made his penis throb.

Sarah sighed with desire. “Actually, I think I’ll have another.”

“…there isn’t any left.” Sean showed her the empty bowl.

“Oh…” Sarah moaned seductively. “That’s too bad.”

Sean swallowed hard.

“Here, let me take that for you.” Sarah grabbed the bowl.

As she got up, she purposely let the spoon fall to the floor.

“Oops.” Sarah bent over to pick it up, taking just a second too long.

Her pussy throbbed as she felt Sean’s gaze on her ass. She wanted him so badly, but wasn’t sure how to gauge his interest.

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