Interlude at Sunrise

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The sunlight enters the hotel room through a creak in the drawn curtains, I can feel a lost ray of light tickle my nose as I groggily open my eyes and look at you beside me. You’re still asleep, snoring slightly – no wonder, after all we’ve been up until the wee hours of the morning exploring each other’s bodies for the very first time. Starting in a rough and animal-like way, later on soft, slow and tender, taking the time to discover, which lasted throughout most of the night. The mere memory sends a shiver down my body and settles between my thighs; I tentatively run my nails down your chest and smile at the soft moans you utter in your sleep. My lips brush your collarbone; gentle butterfly kisses absorbing the sweat on your body. As your eyes flutter open for a second I lick the transpiration off your chest, slowly working my way down. Softly biting your nipples and consequently tracing my tongue down your abdomen. Your moans grow more intense, yet your eyes are still closed; I’m pretty sure you are awake by now, but you’re trying to convince me otherwise.

My hands explore your legs, caressing the inside of your thighs and a soft grunt emerging from your lips proves I was right in assuming you are awake. I look up at you before I take your hard cock in my mouth. My tongue slowly circles the head before taking it in completely. As I do, your eyes fly open and you stare down at me, your hands find my long auburn hair and weave into it. Pulling me closer, almost forcing me to take you in even further. Your mouth is partially opened and your tongue touches your lower czech gangbang porno lip, saliva glistens on your lips and it’s making me want you even more. Your hands push my head even closer to you; I run my hands up the inside of your legs until I touch your balls, caressing them with one hand as my mouth encloses your rock hard cock. With my other hand I try to loosen the grip of your hands on my head, for I have other things in mind. I can feel the burning desire between my legs that can only be put out by you, by feeling you inside me. As I manage to free my head from your grasp I keep staring into your eyes, sucking hard on you. You groan when I take my mouth off you and whisper, ‘Don’t stop.’ Your voice is hoarse with anticipation and desire.

As I send you a sultry look I say, ‘Don’t go anywhere, there’s something I want to try.’

I get up and walk into the bathroom, rummage through my luggage quickly and find what I was looking for, a silk scarf. As I wrap it around my hand I hurry back to you; your right hand is now stroking your cock. Somehow you seem to be startled when I reappear in the room, yet you don’t stop until I take your hands into mine and give you a ‘you’re-a-bad-boy’ look. I take the scarf and bind your hands together subsequently attaching them to the headboard of the bed, securing your hands so you won’t be able to move them more than an inch from the bed. My breast touches your nose as I lean over you to make sure the knot in the scarf will keep. I can feel your hot breath caressing my nipple and I czech harem porno feel it respond. You try to lick my nipples, but I won’t let you; instead I start kissing you slowly, starting on your lips. My tongue explores every inch of your chest, letting my hands run down to your groin; I can feel your cock jump up as my fingers reach down to enclose it. As you try to tell me what to do, I look up and place a finger on your lips to hush you. I divert my attention to licking my way down to your cock and kiss the head softly. Licking up and down your shaft I hear you groan, asking me to take it into my mouth entirely again.

I sit up, straddling your legs; your cock touches my belly as I run my hands down my own body, gazing into your eyes. My fingers find my hard nipples and start playing with them, circling them, tugging at them as you watch me. I start moaning softly as the desire in me flares up, I reach down, brushing past your cock and slide one finger inside of my wet pussy. A groan emerges from your lips, and as you try to speak, I reach over and place my wet finger over your lips. ‘Don’t speak or this will be very uncomfortable for you,’ I whisper in your ear and bite the lobe softly. Then I straighten my back and resume the position I was in previously, making sure your rock hard cock touches the bare skin of my abdomen as I continue where I left off. My left hand is teasing my breast; I know it must be torture for you to watch because you love to run your fingers over them much in a similar way to the motions I’m making now. Your czech sharking porno lips are slightly parted as you watch me in breathless anticipation until you can barely contain your groans and start to wriggle your hands in an attempt to loosen the grip of the silk on your wrists. Yet the fabric won’t budge and you are doing your best not to utter a curse under your breath for you know it will result in more torturous watching without being able to participate, which I know you want to do.

‘Tell me you want to touch me,’ I murmur breathlessly.

Tongue-tied you nod your head.

‘Tell me you want to fuck me,’ I insist relentlessly.

You gasp for air. ‘Yes!’ is all you manage to push past your parched lips.

‘Would you like me to untie you?’ I ask, breathing heavily. I want to hear you say the words, how much you want me, how you’d like to touch me. A soft moan surfaces from the front of my throat as I watch you writhe underneath me.

Your voice is husky when you reply, ‘Yes, untie me.’

As I reach over to loosen the knots in the scarf my breast brushes your lips, without hesitating you take it into your mouth and start suckling. Arching my back, I thrust it forward into your hot mouth as I fidget with the knots again. Soon your hands are freed and you run them along my back, your lips stay on my nipple, teasing it softly with your tongue and teeth. Moaning under your touch I wrap my arms around your neck running my fingers through your hair and roll on my back. Your right hand reaches down and finds my warm and wet pussy, pushing one finger in, making me quiver with eagerness.

Running my fingers down your back, I slide one hand over your hip and grab a hold of your wonderful cock; I want to feel you inside me, and the wait is driving me wild.

My lips brush against your ear when I say in a soft voice, ‘Fuck me now!’

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