Is it Really That BIG? Fucked PT2

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Is it Really That BIG? Fucked PT2
My pussy lips were red and swollen and I knew that any thought of doing anything sexual would have to wait. When Tim came out I told him I was sorry, but as much as I wanted to have more sex with him, we would have to wait for another time, adding that is “if he wanted more with me”. He was more than understanding and not only gave me some medication to ease the discomfort after my shower, but told me he had hoped I would want to see him again.

I answered, “Yes, DEFINITELY!”

He did not reply. He just smiled wickedly. Luckily I was able to get an appointment to see my gynecologist two days later. The swelling had subsided significantly by then, but the redness was still there. I was very embarrassed why I had to allow him to check me. All during the exam, all I could think about was how he would somehow know how naughty I had been. He was very professional the entire time. He gave me a prescription for medication and told me to abstain from having sexual intercourse until the redness and remainder of the swell and ‘abrasions’, something I was unaware of at the time, and which made me blush, which he saw because he just smiled as he left the room, cleared up. Once the doctor had left the room, his nurse-practtioner paused then shut the door.

Looking at me she smiled and said, “It’s none of my business Mrs. O, but if I may make a suggestion. I would advise you to have sex less frequently using fisting.”

I had previously confided in Linda about my lifestyle during my pregnancies to learn how far into my pregnancy I could safely go and still have sex with many men. I replied, “Linda, it wasn’t his fist!”

This made Linda’s jaw drop. Linda grinned at me naughtily and said, “You go for it girlfriend!” She winked at me then left the examination room.

I waited for the abrasions and swelling to go away over the next two weeks, hoping they would be gone by the time Scott arrived back home. It was a hot, humid afternoon and I felt sticky and restless. I lay on the couch, idly flipping though the channels. Outside, I could hear the steady hum of traffic. kaçak casino I wanted to bite something. I had the strangest longing and didn’t know what it was I really wanted to be doing, but lying on the couch certainly wasn’t doing anything for me. I decided to take a shower. I went into the bathroom and turned on the taps. The water takes a while to warm up, and while I wanted to cool off, I also didn’t want to freeze. I played with the faucets for a moment, trying to get them to a nice temperature somewhere in the middle; not too hot, but not cold either. Just a nice, pleasant temperature that would rejuvenate me, help me to relax and maybe distract me from the strange empty sensation I was experiencing.

I took off my T-shirt and panties (both plain white cotton, all I could stand wearing in this weather) and stepped into the stall. The water cascading around my shoulders felt like a song. The odd ache I was feeling began to pass as I rubbed my shoulders and my breasts as the water fell all around me. I took the shampoo bottle and squeezed some out into my palm, lathering it a little between my hands before applying it to my hair. Working the shampoo through it was a very sensual act for me and I was able to shake the restlessness I had been feeling all day for the first time. Humming to myself, I turned so the water could rinse my hair clean, and reached for my puff and shower gel. As I washed myself slowly, relishing the soft feel of the puff and the soap suds against my skin, I heard the door, and knew that my husband must be home. Smiling softly to myself, I continued.

Only a few moments passed before the bathroom door opened. I turned around, a little surprised that he would walk in on me. With the steam from the shower, I could not see him very clearly through the stall doors, but I realized very quickly that he was getting undressed. My body responded suddenly; I felt my pussy growing wet and I shivered a little. When he opened the door, I was facing him and I was smiling. He stepped into the stall and closed the door, a stern look on his face. The smile casino oyna fell from my lips when I saw the commanding look in his eyes.

“On your knees”, he said.

A little surprised by his aggressive tone, but even more surprised by my compelling need to do as he told me, I knelt on the cold tiles on the floor of the shower stall. The water continued to spray down on me from above as he took a handful of my wet hair and guided my head to his cock. Without hesitation, I reached for it and put it in my mouth, sucking gently. He responded with a growl, and said “Harder”, and started to thrust himself into my mouth as he held me in place by my hair. The ache I had been feeling earlier returned, only now I knew what it was. I needed this, I needed him and I needed to serve him. We stayed that way for what seemed a long time. When he finally released my hair, I felt weak at the knees. He offered me his hand and told me to stand.

As I rose, a slight smile came to his lips and I shivered again as he first cupped my breast gently, then pinched the nipple hard. “Turn around”, he ordered, and I did as he asked without a word. “Now, put your hands on the wall, above your head”. I looked back at him over my shoulder questioningly, but he only replied with a hard slap on my ass, and a said “Do as I tell you.” Shivering, but knowing better than to argue at this point, I placed my hands on the wall. “Higher”, he said, and when I complied he spoke again. “Good girl. Now spread your legs”. Resisting the urge to look back at him again, I did as I was told. He slapped my ass again and said “Wider”. In spite of myself, I whimpered a little and he slapped me again. “Do it.” I moved my feet apart a few more inches and was rewarded by his hand slowly caressing my rear, soothing the places he had spanked. “Good girl. Do you want to be fucked?” he asked, and I moaned a little. His hand slapped my ass once more as he commanded “Answer me. Do you want to be fucked?”

I whispered, “Yes!”

“Louder. Say it so I can hear you.”


He reached around me and pinched my nipple again, even harder canlı casino siteleri this time. “Good girl.”

The next thing I was aware of was his finger sliding in between my lips, lingering a moment on my clit. I was wetter than I had ever been, and my body convulsed just a tiny bit as he rubbed the little button of flesh between my legs. He laughed, and took his hand away, making me ache for his touch even more. “Not so fast. You don’t get to come so soon. You haven’t earned it yet.” Moaning again, this time with pure frustration, I could barely make out the word “please”. He chuckled, and slid his finger deep inside me now, thrusting it in and out. “Please what?”

“Please fuck me!”, I pleaded.

“Good girl. All you had to do was ask.” he replied.

I felt his finger leave my pussy and in a moment, the head of his cock was rubbing against my clit. I trembled with excitement as he moved it back and forth, wanting him to push it deep inside of me but also afraid to lose the exquisite torture of the contact I now had. Without warning, he shoved it inside with one deep thrust. I gasped, and he leaned in, his chest across my back, one hand supporting himself on the wall and the other squeezing my breast. He started to thrust back and forth, harder and faster than I had ever known him to go before. Normally, I am not very vocal when we make love, but being taken in this way was so intense that I could not help but whimper and cry out as he fucked me. He bit my neck, and I am not ashamed to say that I came when he did it. Impossibly, he began to thrust even harder. I knew that he was close to the edge then, and I squeezed the muscles inside my pussy around his shaft.

“Oh, God!” I moaned, “I want you to come.”

After one last, very deep thrust, he pulled out of me, and his semen shot out onto my back. Both of us were gasping, and he rested his head for a moment on my shoulder before turning me around to face him. He embraced me warmly and kissed me as the warm water from the shower rinsed the sweat from both our bodies.

Smiling, he looked deep into my eyes and said, “So, how was your date?”

So, I spent all night riding my husband’s cock, or jerking him off while I told him of the previous weekend encounter with Tim and how many times I had orgasmed on his giant tool! We’re planning a threesome with him soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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