Island Girls Ch. 02

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When I woke up and threw back the blankets, the fragrance of our loving the night before wafted up to my nose. Is there a better smell in the world? Not many as far as I’m concerned. It was cool and a little damp, and we naturally slept naked, so I had to pull on my robe.

I put on a pot of coffee and went back to the bedroom. Sarah was still sound asleep. I threw myself on her and wrestled her awake, tickling her in the process. She squealed and squirmed like a kid. “Vicki! Stop it!” she cried out while laughing.

“Come on lazy bones,” I said, straddling her. Oh my, I could have fucked her then and there, but I had to be content just kissing her. I wanted to save all my sexual energy for what I hoped would happen later in the day. “You want coffee or a shower first?”

“What about we shower together?”

I laughed. “Sweetie, did you see that shower? If my boobs were any bigger, there wouldn’t be enough room for me, never mind the both of us.”

Sarah pouted. Like me, she was hot and bothered. God, if it weren’t for what we had planned, I would have mauled her in a second. Instead, I grabbed her hand and helped her up.

We had coffee and a Danish on the deck. The day was becoming brilliantly clear, clear enough to see the lighthouse five miles out in the bay. Usually it’s too hazy or foggy to see half that far. It would be a great day to get out with our new friends.

Sarah showered first since she takes longer to do her hair and makeup. I’m not quite as fussy, but I did use a little more care than usual this morning. Sarah inspected me to make sure I passed muster, and she finally gave me her seal of approval. She wore her denim short shorts, knowing full well they made me go nuts when she twitched her gorgeous little ass when wearing them. To go with the shorts, she chose a pink sweater top that molded to her delicious body. I went with a more modest pair of shorts, a lilac tank top, and I carried a hoodie pull-over just in case there was a sea breeze later. I think I looked pretty damned good for a woman on the wrong side of forty.

When we were ready, I called Stephie. Her sweet, excited voice sent a shiver up my spine. She said they were ready, and we could come over any time. I told her we were on our way. I don’t mind admitting I was extremely nervous. The whole thing was so far out of my comfort zone, it astonished me I was even contemplating it. More than once I asked myself just what the hell were we thinking, trying to seduce two young Canadian girls. Nervous or not though, I wasn’t about to back out.

They were sitting together on the deck of Aunt Cindy’s cottage, waiting for us. They both popped up like sexy little Jills-in-a-box. Carrie scampered excitedly down the steps, leaving Stephie and her boot to clomp down alone. Oh God, Stephie was hot, and my pussy squirmed and flushed at the sight of her. I hurried over to help her down the last couple of steps. She had on a devastating pair of light blue stretchy shorts that might as well have been painted on her hot little tushie. Her gray off the shoulder tunic hinted there wasn’t much underneath.

She gave me a shy, uncertain smile. “Thanks.”

Aunt Cindy came out of the cottage and pranced down the stairs. She was all in a tizzy about the girls imposing on us, insisting we were there for a vacation, not to babysit and cart around two girls. Sarah laughed and reassured her we were more than happy to have the girls, and in fact casino şirketleri we were delighted to have the company.

I stepped in and said we were planning to have a small fire down on the rocks towards evening, where we could make S’mores, then go inside to watch a couple of DVDs we’d brought along. “We’d love to have the girls join us. If things run too late, we have an extra bedroom and a pull-down Murphy bed they can use. Of course we’d call you first. But really, they aren’t a bother. I remember when we first came here, we would have loved having someone to show us around. If they become pests, we know where you live,” I added with a big grin.

“Well, I guess so. I am a little too busy to play tour guide. You girls behave. Have you got money to pay your own way?”

“Yes Auntie, we do and we will.”

We headed back to the North Cove end of the island, me driving and Stephie next to me. Sarah and Carrie sat in the back, giggling and whispering about something. We parked and putzed around the little gift shops. After I bought myself a nice ragg wool sweater and driver’s hat, Sarah suggested we head down to the Leeward Provincial Park.

I guess it reflected the age difference between Sarah and I, but I was at least being discreet about seducing Stephie. Sarah and Carrie were making goo-goo eyes at each other like a couple of horny high schoolers.


“Hey, I can’t go on the beach,” Stephie protested.

“Why not?” Carrie demanded.

We were standing on a dune, looking out on the vast beach. It stretched in a gently curving arc for nearly a mile, and with the enormous tide at its nadir, it was 300 yards from where we stood to the water’s edge. Even on a hot day like this, we were the only souls to be found.

“My boot!” Stephie cried. “I’ll get sand in it, and besides it’s not supposed to get wet.”

“Steph, don’t be such a ….” Carrie started.

“Wait a minute,” I said, stepping in before Carrie or Stephie said something they’d regret later. I put my hand on Stephie’s shoulder. “Steph, you and I can take a walk down the road while these guys do the beach. There’s a nice dry hiking trail that loops around the pond.”

Stephie shrugged and looked intently at me. I looked back and gave her a small smile. “Yeah, I guess,” she said. That’s all it took for Carrie to bound off the dune and run after Sarah. I had to smile. Those two were in heat for each other.

When we got on the macadamized access road, I carefully took Stephie’s hand in mine and we interlaced our fingers. She responded by squeezing my hand, and nudging herself against me. “Carrie and Sarah seem to like each other…a lot,” Stephie said, looking down at the ground.

“They sure do seem to have hit it off,” I said with a chuckle.

“Doesn’t it bother you? I mean, last night, Carrie was, like, ‘Oh Sarah is so hot’.”

I laughed and squeezed her hand. “I’m not worried. Sarah isn’t going to stop loving me, and I’m not going to stop loving her. Are you and Carrie… girlfriends?”

Stephie shrugged. “I guess so. We, like, date boys and stuff, but only because we’re expected to. I’d just as soon hang out with her all the time – ‘cept when she gets like she is today, all mean and selfish. I can’t help this damned boot!”

“I’m sure she doesn’t mean anything by it. People sometimes do strange things when they’re with someone new and exciting.”

She gave me a shy look. “I’m casino firmaları not doing anything strange, and…y’know.”

I gave her hand another squeeze. “No, but I don’t think you’re as impulsive as Carrie. Just like Sarah is more excitable and impulsive than I am. We have different ways of expressing ourselves.” Something caught my eye off to the side of the road. “Oh look!” I said pointing. Wild raspberry bushes were growing in profusion, each heavily laden with ripe fruit.

Stephie pushed her hair back from her face. “Wow, you hardly ever see raspberry bushes. Blackberries, yeah, all the time, but not raspberries.”

I let Stephie’s hand go and I leaned over to pick some of the red berries. “Be careful,” Stephie warned, “they have picky things on them.”

“I’m being careful,” I said, carefully plucking the fragile berries. I could have filled a two quart container just from where I stood. I popped one in my mouth. “Yum! You want some?” I asked Steph.

“Sure,” she said, reaching for my full palm.

I turned away with a teasing smile. “Ah ah, no, not like that. Open your mouth.”

She frowned at first, puzzled, then she broke into a smile. “Like this?” she said, opening her mouth wide.

Seeing her tongue sent a shiver through me. I wanted that tongue exploring me. Giggling like a kid, I tossed a berry into her mouth, and she giggled in turn. “Good?”

“Awesome, really.”

I popped a couple into my mouth, then held one loosely in my fingers. “No fair using your fingers,” I said with a smile.

She giggled again and leaned in to take the berry with her mouth. She wrapped both of her arms around my arm, and we walked down the road with me holding a berry for her to take from my fingers, while she freed one of her hands to take a berry from my palm and offer it to me in the same way. Her face was bright and smiling and oh God! She was gorgeous.

By the time we finished the berries, our lips stained red with juice, we’d reached the trailhead, and I nudged her gently to guide her onto the trail. The path was smooth and easy to walk even in a boot. Stephie rested her head on my arm. “Know what?” she said, not daring to look up at me. “I think you’re really pretty, really hot. Carrie thinks Sarah is, but I think you are.”

A surge went through my stomach. I knew the time was just about right. “Funny, but I think you’re gorgeous, about as gorgeous as any girl I’ve ever met. And trust me, I know beautiful when I see it.”

She was blushing when she looked at me with a bright smile. “You’re just saying that.”

We’d rounded a bend in the trail, and we were under a canopy of shade trees, out of view of the trailhead. I stopped and turned to face her. I wondered if she knew how much I was shaking on the inside. I put my hands on her hips and said, “I’m just saying that because it’s true.”

We looked at each other for…I don’t know how long. It felt like an hour, and it felt like a split second. Those beautiful hazel eyes were open and full of anticipation, and her lips, still red with raspberry juice, were parted slightly, inviting me. Did she know how her eyes and her mouth made my knees tremble and my heart flip-flop? I dipped down and she opened her mouth for me. Our lips came together, and she made a low, groaning noise in her throat, and she was shaking when she pressed her body into mine. A warm surge, a sensation in the same ballpark as an orgasm, rippled over me. I slid güvenilir casino my hands around to cup her tight, beautiful butt and pull her closer.

Stephie was restless, not sure what to do, but clearly overwhelmed by the intensity of what she was feeling. I carefully slid my tongue into her mouth, and she made a sound that would have been a whimper if our mouths weren’t together. She accepted my tongue and jabbed at it with her own tongue. She had her arms around me now, and she squirmed against me, mound to mound. I was on fire. I felt nectar dribble from my flushed pussy.

I had to come up for air. We were both panting when I pulled my lips back. Stephie chased after me with her lips, as though saying, “No, don’t go!” I ran my lips and tongue over her cheek and the side of her neck to show I wasn’t going anywhere. I traced my lips over the rim of her ear, making her shiver, and I whispered, “Are you okay, honey?”

“Yes, oh yessss. Vickie…”

I brought my lips to her mouth, and we came back together again, tongues fencing madly. Stephie was seething like a pressure cooker, and I felt an almost desperate need to take her right there. I could have slid my hand under her shorts and fucked her there under the trees, and she would have gone off like a cannon, but with supreme effort, I controlled myself. The girl was still a virgin, and if I was going to be her first, she deserved better from me than a quick finger fuck on a hiking trail.

Our kisses grew more urgent and sloppy, and we were both moaning softly. I couldn’t believe the energy this girl was giving off. I was getting to the point where even my best intentions were about to be pushed aside. I vaguely hoped that if any hikers came to use the trail, we’d hear them before they came ’round the bend and saw us. In fact, just as I was about lose control and run my hands under her shorts, the sound of Sarah and Carrie laughing and talking came drifting down from the trailhead.

“No!” Stephie cried. She buried her face against my shoulder. “No! Not now!”

We were both shaking. “It’s okay, Stephie,” I whispered as I held her close. “Later. I promise. It’ll be better that way. Okay?”

She was almost crying with frustration, but she nodded. “Okay. I just…” and she trailed off into a sigh.

We were still holding each other when Carrie and Sarah came around the bend. Carrie squealed with delight, as if she’d caught us in the act. Sarah called out, “Have you two been behaving yourselves?” she teased. I loosened my embrace and turned on shaky legs. Sarah had a wicked glint in her eyes. “You’ve been BAD,” she stated with a gleeful smile. “I knew it, leave them alone for five minutes, and they’re BAD. I know Vickie, I know how she looks when she’s being bad!”

“Cut it out, Sarah,” I said. “Don’t expect me to believe you were Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes.”

“Maybe. Maybe not,” she sniffed. “Anyway, we’re hungry. It’s time to get something for lunch.”

“Where did you have in mind?”

“There’s that pizza and ice cream place on the main road. You know which one I mean?” I did. “It looks worth a try.”

“Okay with you honey?” I asked Stephie. She was still flushed, but she looked composed enough.

“Fine by me,” she muttered.

Carrie looked like she was about to tease Stephie, but a look from both Sarah and me stopped her. Sarah knew there was a time and place for things like teasing, and this wasn’t of them.

We left the park behind. We stopped at the luncheonette and split a large pizza. We ate it at one of the picnic tables, and all the guys working in the fisheries came clomping by in their Wellies to check us out. If they only knew!

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