It Was Meant To Be Ch. 04

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Dawn was gone when Andy and Debbie had woken up the next morning; it was Tuesday so she probably had college.

Andy went upstairs and says Stacy coming out of the bathroom walking quite awkwardly.

“No college today? Dawn’s gone,” Andy said as he hugged Stacy.

“No after last night I’m so sore I thought id just stay home and recover” she replied as she kissed Andy softly on the cheek “You sure did a job on me last night you know, I can barely walk”

“OH god I’m sorry Stacy, I didn’t mean to hurt you” Andy apologized profusely

“Andy its fine, I love it when its rough and I can feel it the next day, stop worrying so much, all it means is we’ll have to leave off for a few days until the tenderness goes a little”

“Sure whatever you want Stacy, no problem” Andy said hugging her again relived she liked this feeling and was not mad.

The next few days went like the first Dawn and Debbie would fuck each other and Andy, while Stacy watched occasionally getting the chance to lick out Dawn and Debbie after they had been filled with Andy’s cum, savouring the taste of the mixed liquids.

They had told her all about Debbie and Andy and how they were going to fuck him regardless of protection, Dawn was going to continue taking the pill until it was effective but if she got pregnant before that, then so be it, Debbie wasn’t going to bother with contraception she was just going to let nature take its cause and would deal with what happened when it did.

Andy felt like the luckiest person in the world, here he had three gorgeous women all fucking him all day and night, having threesomes and even foursomes at every opportunity.

It had been a few days since Stacy and Dawn had come to stay, it was now Sunday, the last day before they had to leave and everything would become more difficult for them.

“Well this has been a fabulous week,” Debbie said as she licked over Dawn’s naked breasts next to her on the bed in her room.

“Sure has been” Andy said as he rubbed his sisters breast from his position laid behind her as she was on her side.

“I’ll sure miss all this when we leave” Stacy added as she was kissed by Dawn whose hands were rubbing her pussy lips to stimulation.

“We should do something special all together, as a goodbye to this,” Dawn suggested. After a pause, all the other three nodded in agreement with her, and then they all got to planning.

“I’m still a bit sore from all the fucking this week” Stacy said as she rubbed her naked breasts, all 3 women had moved to the downstairs now, they were sat naked on the sofa trying to think up a final night together, something special, Andy had been left upstairs resting up, to regain his strength.

“So you don’t want to be fucked then?” Dawn asked “That’s not like you; you normally love painful sex don’t you?”

“Sure do” Stacy said smiling “But I think Andy is getting a bit bored of all that, not the fucking he’ll go all the time, but I think he wants to do something special tonight, it’ll probably be our last full night together for ages, we’ll all probably end up having sex separately after this”.

“Say you two, I know something we could do for him, I know my brother and I know he likes ass, so why don’t we do it?” Debbie said as she thought for a while.

“What do you mean?” both women asked together.

“I mean Stacy; you like painful stuff don’t you?” Debbie asked to which Stacy nodded leaning forwards to get a better listen “Well why not give him your ass tonight” Debbie suggested.

Stacy thought about what she had asked for a few seconds.

“What about you two?” she asked Debbie.

“Well we’ll be there too, but it’s your ass he likes I can tell, he looks all the time” she informed the blonde.

“I noticed he always grab’s your ass when we have sex, so what do you say Stacy, please” Dawn begged but it was not needed, Stacy was already eager to do it all she wanted to know was what Dawn and Debbie would be doing.

“Well we’ll join you; you like licking pussy don’t you Stacy?” Debbie asked as she opened her legs, giving access to Dawn’s hand as she moved her fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Oh I love it, you both taste so good,” Stacy said as she saw Dawn’s fingers disappear into the young woman’s red crack.

“Then why don’t you suck me while Andy fucks your ass?” Dawn asked as she thrust her fingers into Debbie and moved her mouth to her left erect nipple giving it a suck.

“Yeah that would beeeee aarrrgghhhh great,” Debbie moaned as she felt Dawn’s teeth nip her nipple.

“And I’ll, lets say rub him the right waaaaayyyyyy” Debbie began squealing as she felt the fingers in her pussy move to her ass, poking 2 fingers inside.

“Then we have our plan, until tonight though girls” Stacy said as she moved to the ground on her knees between Debbie’s legs, pushing her head in-between her thighs and licking her outer lips before poking her tongue further inside as Dawn’s fingers pushed inside and back out of Debbie’s ass, her mouth giving Debbie’s nipples a real going over, sucking, pulling and biting them both in order of position, first left then right, both women bringing Debbie closer to orgasm.

“Can anyone join in here or is it privet?” Andy asked as he walked in on the lesbian orgy going on.

“I’m afraid it is you’ll have to wait until tonight for yours, now be a dear and let us get on with your sisters orgasm will you?, you bad boy” Dawn said as she took her mouth off Debbie’s right breast and smiled at Andy who took the hint and walked back upstairs, knowing that if they said no now they had something planned for tonight that would be better then anything so far.

The day dragged on for Andy the women had told him he would have to wait for 9 PM tonight for everything to be ready and they told him not to masturbate but to save everything for them.

They did not make this easy though it was early morning when they said it and all day they had been walking around naked, rubbing each other at every possible opportunity just to drive Andy wild. Debbie would often fake orgasms when he entered the room when she was alone just to work him up more for Stacy tonight. ‘This was going to be the best night ever’ she thought.

Finally the night came. Andy had been told to stay downstairs naked until they were ready and shouted for him.

Debbie, Dawn and Stacy had been getting ready. They were in Debbie’s room, all naked, Dawn laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, Stacy was positioned next, Debbie led her to the edge of the bed, leaning her over so her stomach was bent on the wooden base and her breasts were pressed into the mattress, her face just in front of Dawn’s wet open pussy, Debbie then got her a book to stand on lifting her ass higher into the air about the same height as Debbie thought Andy’s cock would be when he stood.

“How do I look?” Stacy asked as she wiggled her tight ass at Debbie sexily.

“Perfect, god I could just fuck you now, I wish I was a guy they get all the fun” Debbie whined as she slapped Stacy’s ass quite hard “Dawn move down the bed slightly so Stacy can get your pussy in her mouth” she ordered.

Dawn did as she was told and moved her ass down the bed so her pussy connected with Stacy’s mouth, which eagerly started licking the juicy hole.

“Ooohhh god, not yet Stacy wait until Andy gets here, this is more for him then us” Dawn said as she tried to hold Stacy’s head in her hands eventually stopping her by pulling her hair tightly.

“OWWW OK, I’ll wait for Andy,” Stacy said with mock disappointment and anger.

“OK I think we’re ready for Andy, don’t you think so girls?” Debbie asked, both girls nodded and Debbie went to the door of her bedroom to shout her brother.

“Andy were ready for you, come on up” she shouted.

Andy was already on his way there, he ran up the stairs and burst in the door to find Dawn being eaten out by Stacy who was having her ass licked by Debbie, it was so erotic to watch the three women in this position and Andy could barely move.

He was snapped back into life when Debbie stood up waving him over to her behind Stacy.

“Here Andy this is for you” she said patting Stacy’s ass, which was opened up by her spread legs and the attention she was just getting from Debbie’s tongue.

“I don’t understand?” Andy said confused at what Debbie meant.

“My asses Andy, my ass, do me now while I eat Dawn,” Stacy said taking her mouth from Dawn’s squirming body just long enough to tell him what to do.

“YOU’RE ASS!” Andy shouted in surprise.

“Yessss, do it Andy, OOOHHHHHH fuck her tight ass, you love AAAAHHHH it, we all know, now she’s begging you to fuck it for her HHMMMMMM” Dawn said as she was struggling to breath normally from the pleasure from Stacy’s mouth as she sucked the juices and clit into her mouth, swirling it around, pulling her teeth over it.

Andy looked at Stacy’s ass as it wiggled invitingly to him, asking to be fucked. Debbie grabbed his cock suddenly squeezing tight causing his knees to buckle from the feeling, then she pulled the head to Stacy’s asshole placing it at the entrance before letting go and standing behind him resting her big breasts against his back, pressing the soft flesh into him, her nipples poking in hard.

“What about lubricant?” Andy asked still reluctant even though it was his dream-come-true

“Don’t, HHHMMMMMM need annyyyyyy” Stacy moaned out from Dawn’s pussy as she brought her hands back to try to encourage him to push into her ass.

With her eagerness obvious, Andy took in a deep breath and pressed forwards slowly pressing the head of his cock against the hard resistance of Stacy’s ass.

“AAAWWWWWWW AAARRRGGHHHH…..AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH” Stacy screamed out into Dawn’s pussy as she felt the pain of Andy’s cock press into her ass, she kept on screaming while Andy stopped but was pushed forwards by his sister, forcing him fully into Stacy all the way until his balls were resting onto her ass cheeks.

“OOOOHHHH GOD STACY… KEEP SCREAMING YOU BITCH AAAHHHH… I LOVE THAT FEEL… ANDY OOOH PUMP HER” Dawn shouted as she burst into orgasm from the vibration of Stacy screaming into her pussy.

Andy stayed still, deep inside her ass until Debbie moved her hand around the front of Andy’s hips and pulled him back so that only the head was left in, causing Stacy to cry out again this time more in pleasure, but that soon turned to pain again as she felt him pushed back in again.

“OOOHHHHHH GOD THAT HURTS, AAAAAAWWWWW OOOHH GOD IT’S SO TIGHT, IN AARRGGGHHH MEEEE” Stacy cried out tears forming in her eyes and running into Dawn’s pussy

“Do you want me to stop Stacy?” Andy asked concerned by all the crying coming from the women in front of him.

“NO! OOOHHH ARRRGGGGHHHHH NO ANDY KEEPS GOING… JUST KEEP GOING HARD, I’m ARRGGHH FINE WITH THIS!” Stacy said threw clenched teeth feeling the pain subside ever so slightly as Andy began moving his cock in and out faster and harder his sisters hands helping him with pace.

Stacy was busy licking Dawn in-between her thighs, when the pain was not bad enough for her to have to clench her teeth tight.

They had been fucking hard for about 10 minutes when Stacy finally felt the pain go, as the pleasure took over her body causing her to cum hard, so hard the juice actually could be seen sliding down the inside of her thighs and legs, the thrashing and moaning she was doing brought Dawn to another orgasm.

Debbie was still behind Andy her right hand round his stomach gripping his cock, sliding up and down the shaft with every outward movement he did, her left hand round his neck holding her body close to his, rubbing her breasts against him, her erect nipples becoming more sensitive with every move she made.

All four were crying out now as the sweat was dripping off them mixing on the wet sheets of the bed. Debbie had brought her left leg up around Andy’s legs and was feverishly rubbing her cunt on his hairy thighs causing them to become wet with the sticky juice.

The four had been going for nearly 20 minutes now and Andy was getting tired and ready to cum. This had been a night to remember for all who participated, Debbie had cum on his leg, Stacy had cum three times and so had Dawn.

“OOHH GOD, Stacy get ready, I’m going to cum any second,” Andy announced thrusting harder then before.

“Do it Andy, cum in that fine ass” Debbie encouraged as she rubbed his cock with her hand and her cunt on his leg.

“OOOHH I’m ready too Stacy” Dawn shouted as she moaned louder and louder. Then Andy pushed in one last time and screamed out as he felt his cock pulse and shoots thick hot cum deep into Stacy’s ass as deep as he could go. The sound of him Cumming caused Debbie to cum too, just as Dawn did into Stacy’s mouth all this onslaught cause Stacy to cum as well. The room filled with the screams of the lovers as they started to come down from an intense orgasm.

Debbie let go of Andy and let him pull away his cock, slipping easily from Stacy who was almost passed out from the mixture of exhaustion, pain and pleasure she had just endured, when she felt Andy pull out she felt his cum flow too, just like she was taking a shit but had no control of it, Debbie quickie got behind her and thrust her mouth onto Stacy’s ass sucking every drop from her wide open ass hole.

When it was clean Debbie moved away letting Stacy slide back, her legs too weak to stand or even kneel on, she just flopped to the ground struggling to breath, Dawn was laying on the bed still panting hard unable to move.

“I think you should take Stacy to your room and let her sleep” Debbie said to Andy, who immediately picked Stacy up bridle style and carried her into his room laying her gently onto his bed, like a little child who’s not feeling well. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead as he softly thanked her before closing the door slowly and turning out the light, Stacy moaned as she went to sleep immediately. Andy walked back to Debbie’s room where she and Dawn were laid a few feet apart on the bed, Dawn patted the gap in-between them.

Andy walked over and laid between the two tired girls, all three laid back together.

“Goodnight everyone this was the best ever,” Andy said as he closed his eyes.



They all closed their eyes and settled into a deep restful sleep.

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