Jakuv’s Memoirs Ch. 01

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Note: This is the first of the entries in Jakuv’s memoirs

My mother chose an unfortunate moment to enter my room. I had not heard her come, indeed I had not expected her to be at home, and even if I had, she rarely came down to this end of the house. However she did. And I what she saw would have been fairly shocking to most people. Sadly Goran’s magnificent and hairy cock had just sprayed its glorious white seed over my buttocks. Instead of greeting my mother normally she saw her youngest son on all fours, with his legs spread, his arse gaped due to the monster that had just left it, and thick splurges of creamy white cum racing down his ass cheeks. Sadly I was still moaning with pleasure, so didn’t even bother to try and cover myself, and Goran just laughed at my unfortunate predicament.

You see, I had just finished my studies for good, and had returned home. I had just about passed my final year at college, and now that I was eighteen would be free to do whatever I wanted. But first I had to return home. Home was deep in the country, away from the excitement of the towns, away from the pleasures the random men that one could meet in various taverns gave me. No, sadly I would have to return home, back to Godliness and the boredom and monotony of witnessing the peasants toil in the fields.

But my father and mother left me to my own devices. Naturally as I had never shown any interest in a career in the armed forces, or the Church, or the civil service, they expected me to end up at some university, no doubt an expensive place back in the capital, but I had the summer to myself. Well, as I mentioned life was boring, so I took up my old hobby of spying on the servants. You got to see a lot, and if you were caught, well, what could they do, there were plenty of peasants who would happily take over their job. So I spied. I saw repeated couplings, and watched in frustration as a sturdy bloke fuck some young peasant woman. Naturally I was jealous, I hadn’t sucked a cock in weeks, but it wasn’t all bad, and I got to admire some beautiful specimens from my spy holes. If only I could touch and kiss them.

Well, I managed to arrange to do just that. There was bahis firmaları one servant in particular I liked to watch. Goran was a very handsome man, tall and strongly built, he looked after the horses. Well I saw him in the baths, large muscles with a chest covered in thick dark hair, almost as thick as the beard that covered his dick. And what a dick! It hung limp against his thighs, and when I saw him masturbate it just kept on growing, far larger than mine. So one day I surprised him as he came out of the bath. He had a towel wrapped around his lower parts. So I knelt in front of him, and before he could utter a word I had pulled his towel off. There it was, his cock right in front of my face. I pulled it up with my hand and licked along its underside. Then I took the head into my mouth and gently licked the tip with my tongue. I could feel it begin to stiffen. Gradually I moved my mouth lower down his cock until I had reached his belly and had my nose pressed into his pubes. All of his not so limp cock was in my mouth. I could feel it growing harder as I let his cock leave my mouth, and I looked up at him. He hadn’t made a sound, he knew I was the masters son, what could he do?

So I continued. I spat on the top of his cock, and began to wank him with my right hand whilst unbuttoning my trousers with the other hand. His cock was pretty much at full length when I took it back into my mouth. Shit it was so thick. I guessed it must be about eight inches long, there was no way I was going to get it all into my mouth, but I could try, so I did. I forced my mouth down as far as I could, playing with his balls and pushing my fingers through his thick hair. I maybe got half way down, before slowly edging myself back up, noticing my drool drip down his erect penis. By now he was beginning to breathe deeply. He must be enjoying the pleasures of my mouth. So I spat on his cock again, spreading it around, before clamping my lips around the head of his cock. This time I moved down quicker before coming back up, then again and again, jerking my head up and down so that my lips sucked him. Each time I got a little bit further down, I reckon I had made it to six inches, six inches of his kaçak iddaa deliciously clean cock penetrating my mouth and down my throat.

Then he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down. I tried to resist but he was very strong and pushed me down the last two inches. All I could do was gag as I felt myself choke. His cock rubbed against the back of my throat and he just held me there. Finally he released me and my head darted backwards. Several drips of drool ran from his cock to my mouth and my chin felt excessively wet. He grabbed my head again, but rather than pulling me in on his cock, he kept me steady and moved his dick up to my lips. I opened them and accepted his cock. He slowly pushed it until it was half way in. I loved the feeling and this time I could definitely taste some cum. Then he thrust himself all of the way in, and he proceeded to fuck my mouth, quite vigorously. All I could do was take it and enjoy the sensation of this man using my mouth as if it were a woman’s vagina for him to enter. The hardness of his thrusts and the deepness of his breaths, I reckoned he was on the verge of cumming into my mouth. But just then there were footsteps behind us and I heard a scream. He let go of my head and I looked around, only to see one of the maidservants there. I laughed and told the bitch to piss off, but Goran wasn’t happy, and spoke for the first time, saying we should go somewhere else. So without thinking I led him to my room, me fully clothed, but with the lower part of my face sticky with spit, he completely naked with a throbbing cock.

So we went to my room. Once there I stripped of and revealed myself to him. I was about the same height, but my aristocratic blonde hair and blue eyes stood out against his darker features. My chest was almost completely hairless compared to his, and his monster dwarfed my six inch cock, which was dripping cum. Although I wanted to continue sucking him off, my little asshole was itching to join in with the fun. So I found the little pot of oil I had learnt to use on such occasions and handed it to him. I then got onto my bed and positioned myself on all fours with my knees just in front of the edge of the bed, allowing kaçak bahis him to stand behind me and access my little entrance. I told him to pour some of the oil over my ass and rub it in, but he said he knew what to do, and with that slapped my right buttock. I felt the cold oil around my asshole and one of his fingers slowly push it in. It must have gone in about half way before he took it out, replacing it with two, then three, and then four. Despite not having been fucked in weeks, my ass opened up for him. It was desperate to swallow some cock. Once again he took his fingers out, I looked back with panic, but saw him rub his cock with his greased up hand. He spread it all over and began to wank himself, his cock stiffened and I licked my lips as I thought of it entering me.

I felt the head press up against my opening. He slowly edged it in and my ass just gave away. Shit, had I become that much of a slut? I felt more of his hard cock slide in, spreading my back passage, I relaxed as much as possible and separated my legs as far as possible. Slowly he edged in, then rapidly took it out, My asshole puckered and my cock hardened. Then he entered again, a bit faster, a bit deeper. He repeated this several times, each time removing his cock and spitting on my opening. Then I felt his cock brush past my entrance, and this time it stayed in, thrusting backwards and forwards, deeper and deeper. I began to ride back against thrusts, my asshole stretching wider the further it went down his thick cock. He began to move faster and faster and my ass began to hurt a bit. He was in deep, deeper than I’d ever experienced and I was worried that maybe I couldn’t take all of him. Despite this, or maybe because of this, I was wanking furiously. My cock maintained its erection, and I spat on my hand to increase the sensation of sliding it up and down my own cock. Goran’s breathing became heavier and heavier, his thrusts slower and slower. He was about to cum, I turned around and saw the stress in his eyes as he tried to resist the urge to fill my back passage with his cum. I’d rather him cum in my mouth, but he was still inside my ass.

Then it happened. He pulled his cock out of my fucked ass, the door opened, and I felt his cum squirt against my butt cheeks. As I looked at my mother and her horrified face Goran began to laugh, and his cum slowly dribbled down the back of my ass and onto my thighs. Shit.

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