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“Hello, is that Jasmine?”

“Yes. Hi.”

“I read your advertisement in the paper. Are you available tonight?”

“Uh, just a minute. Yeah.”

The voice sounded young, slightly nasal and decidedly uncultured. It reminded me of Sandy, my first real girlfriend. Promising.

“The ad says you are size 6. That’s small.”


“How tall are you?”

“Five foot three.”

Sandy was five foot two, my favourite height. Pretty close. I am fairly modest in height and build myself so I prefer girls who are short and, and I love tiny titties.

“Are you slim?”

“Yes, I weigh 48 kg.”

That didn’t mean a lot to me but it sounded pretty slight.

“How about your breasts? What size are they?”

The voice hesitated. “Aaah….I dunno. A handfull..”

Sounded better and better. My cock was beginning to stir in my pants.

“Well, I’d really like to see you tonight. Can you come over?”

“Oh, that’s good. Does my confidence good. OK, where do you live?”

I gave her my address and some instructions and Jasmine told me she’d be at my place in about 45 minutes.

I waited and got ready. I’d already showered but there were nails to trim and hair to comb, incense to burn and the room to tidy.

The apartment was mine tonight. I’d just dropped my son off at the airport. He was going East for the weekend with his work and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. On the way home, I’d swallowed a tab of Viagra. Just in case. It never used to be a problem but now it was, on some occasions. I wasn’t quite sure just what set of circumstances conspired to make it hard to keep an erection, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Before we left for the airport, I had scanned the personal columns in the local weekend newspaper, as I normally do when I wanted a girl to come over. I had selected about a half dozen hopefuls – all size 6, and all quite alluring, but I’d learned to be sceptical. Jasmine’s ad read raunchy 19 y.o., red-head, size 6, SEX MACHINE.

Most of the size 6 girls advertised themselves as Japanese but there was a sweet sounding Burmese girl, 19 y.o. who I’d almost rung on a previous occasion. Tonight, she was not answering her phone. Same with most of the others, or they wanted me to leave a message because they couldn’t answer the phone just now. I’d called Jasmine once and was asked to leave a message but didn’t. I started redialling the numbers and left a message with one of the Japanese girls. Then I tried Jasmine again and this time she answered.

Usually, when I selected a girl from the paper, it was one of the escort agencies. This was a risky practise. What turned up on the doorstep varied a lot in quality. Despite the sales pitch: 18 or 19 year old; slim, loves mutual French and so on, I usually opened the door to a girl in her mid twenties or early thirties. Some were quite attractive, nevertheless. Some displayed a reasonable degree of enthusiasm and were prepared to have a good time. Most baulked at fingering and cunnilingus and, if they kissed, it was a brief flick of the tongue and then they would pull away. That’s OK. Some were genuinely pretty and, despite the restrictions, delivered a good time. Some girls were really sweet. Others were more solidly built and/or gave no sign of enjoying themselves at all. They were really disappointing.

On one occasion, I was confronted by a gorgeous, slim blonde who gave every indication of wanting some fun but she wouldn’t let me lick her pussy. Whether that was to blame or not, I don’t know, but my old fella’ just wouldn’t respond at all. She lay there on her back completely naked, legs apart fingering her cunt and doing her best to get me prepared to fuck her but my dick just lay limp. I didn’t want to risk that experience again. Hence the Viagra.

Lately, the girls that had turned up had been pretty average to downright disappointing. It had gotten to the point where I was wondering if it was worth going through this routine and had visited a couple of brothels where, even though not as comfortable as entertaining at home, at least you could select a girl that held some appeal.

But Jasmine sounded promising. Hers was a private number, not an agency. That didn’t guarantee anything but I thought the odds were better than they would be with the agencies.

I was used to waiting more than the designated 45 minutes for the girl to turn up and was not particularly perturbed when an hour later, there had still been no knock on the door. By 11.30 pm though, two hours later, I was beginning to wonder what had happened to Jasmine.

I rang her number again – a mobile. She answered and apologised. She sounded flustered. Her car had broken down and she was going to get a friend to drop her off close by and she’d walk the rest of the way to my place. The girl was beginning to sound a little “un-together”.

Half an hour later, midnight, I called her number again.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m in your street now. I won’t be long.”

The sound of her cumlouder porno voice and her promised proximity got me excited again.

Five minutes later, the phone rang. It was Jasmine.

“Uh, gee. I’m really sorry. I’m in your street but I can’t find your number. Let’s see…23….”

“Jasmine, wait there. I’ll come and get you if you like.”

“Oh yes, please.” Her voice sounded tired, resigned, apologetic, like she had somehow failed and had given up on trying to appear organised and professional.

I walked out to the street and looked to the right and then to the left. I saw a slim, dark figure in silhouette about four houses away and walking in the wrong direction. I cupped my hands around my mouth and let out a quick “Jasmine.” The figure stopped, turned around and started walking back towards me.

As we walked back to my apartment she told me of the troubles she had endured between her place and mine. It was too dark to see any details but her height and figure were appropriate and her demeanour was warm enough.

We got inside and into the light. Jasmine was just about perfect. Skinny as a stick of macaroni and breasts that barely registered through a black, long-sleeved jacket that reached to her hips. She had shoulder-length, somewhat frizzy hair and a slightly freckly face, a nice smile and a smattering of pimples on her face. Her face was rather plain. She looked as if she had had a pretty rough life. She wasn’t a beauty contest winner but she had a great body and she seemed comfortable with herself and with what she was about to embark upon.

I offered her a drink and we went into the kitchen where she took a seat at the end of the table, taking off a scarf and hanging it across the back of the chair. I handed her a drink and some cash.

“There’s a bit extra there, sweetie. Maybe you will stay a little longer (than the hour agreed on the phone) and indulge me a little.”

“Sure, OK.” She placed the notes in her purse. I sat at the side of the table, facing her across the corner. She took a sip for the glass and put her feet onto my chair, next to my leg. I had a good view up her short, black dress and saw what I thought were a pair of pink panties. On a second look, I could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all.

She smiled and parted her legs for a better view.

“I’m not wearing anything underneath,” she said needlessly. Then, a litlte self-consciously, “I’ve got really thick lips.”

She was right. Her cunt lips were the fattest I’ve ever seen. It made her pussy look a little odd but not unattractive.

“Do you like me?” she asked lifting her dress up to expose her tummy and a strip of red hair over her pubic mound.

I smiled and said “Of course.” I ran my hand up a leg and stroked it a little. Her legs were decorated with red splotches – mosquito bites or fleas or I don’t know what. I wondered what sort of place she lived in.

“Would you mind putting on a pair of panties for me?” I asked. ” I really like panties and I’ve got a cute pair upstairs.”

She agreed. A few moments later, I returned with a pair of panties I had bought at Target several months ago for just such an occasion. They were little, white knickers. On the front was a black and red graphic of a young girl with a halo labelled ANGEL and a shadow with horns and forked tail labelled DEVIL.

Jasmines eyes lit up. “They’re beautiful,” she said as she took them from me and slipped into them. Pulling them up tight, she lifted her dress again to show me how they looked. They looked fabulously snug on her.

I placed my hands on her narrow hips and turned her around holding her arse close against me. I reached around and took a breast in each hand. They were insubstantial. I could feel her ribs through the soft flesh of her breasts. She reached around and felt for my growing cock. My hands wandered down to her crotch and stroked the front of her panties, reaching between her legs to find the softness of her hole.

She turned around and took off her jacket, throwing it onto the kitchen table. Her dress was satiny black, slung low at the back and with a single shoulder strap. The other shoulder was bare and the dress swept across the opposing breast.

I placed my hands on her hips again and pulled her close. Now was the time to try a kiss and see how much she would allow. To my surprise and delight, she responded warmly, taking my tongue in her mouth and pushing back into my mouth with hers. I held the kiss but she made no attempt to withdraw, instead rubbing my hardening cock through black denim.

When I did drop the kiss, she lowered her dress in an inviting gesture, revealing a little breast with a small but hard pale pink nipple. I lowered my head onto it and licked the nipple briefly before sucking the entire breast into my mouth. Jasmine moaned softly. A minute later, she exposed the second breast and indicated that I should do the same with it, which I did.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said.

I czech amateurs porno led her up the stairs to my fucking room where, in the corner, there is a queen size bed decked out with a maroon bedspread and long, matching cushions that run the length and breadth of the bed and sit against the walls.

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get undressed,” I said hopefully. “I just want to sit and watch TV for a bit and kind of get comfortable with you first.”

“Just sort of work our way into it? Sounds good to me,” she responded.

I climbed on to the bed and sat against the cushion facing the TV which was showing some rock clips. Jasmine climbed on and placed herself between my legs and leaned back against me. I put my arms around her waist and leaned forward breathing softly against her neck and nibbling at her ear lobe. I felt her breathing getting heavier and sensed that she was really enjoying this. My hands groped at her amazing breasts again, then wandered south to her crotch. Her legs parted and I rubbed the front of her panties again, exploring further towards where her crack was covered by the little black and red girl’s feet.

I opened the front of her panties and looked down over her shoulder at the little strip of red hair and the naked flesh of her mound. I tried to slip a finger into her slit working my digit between the humid folds of flesh. Those lips were a formidable barrier however and, although I was making progress, I could not find the slick wetness I was seeking. Jasmine tried to help, licking a finger and placing it between her legs but I could still not penetrate those lips.

Jasmine cracked first. She got up on her knees and turned towards me. I was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt featuring The Clash, which she lifted over my head and threw onto the floor. We kissed again and I grabbed her skinny little arse with both hands. She reached for the button of my jeans and popped it open. By now, we had well and truly gotten used to each other. I made to get up and stepped onto the floor to drop my jeans and get them off my legs. Jasmine followed me to the edge of the bed and lifted my red briefs over my stiff cock. She sat on the edge of the bed with knees bent and her feet on the bed beside her and took my cock in her hand. Jasmine was a girl of many firsts and there were more to come but when she started to lick my bare naked cock, I began to wonder if she was going to insist on a condom when we fucked and that, if she didn’t, would I want to take the chance with her. As she engulfed my penis in her mouth and began to suck me off I looked down at the hem of the black dress which had ridden up over her skinny hips. Her legs were wide apart and there was a blaze of white where the panties I had given her clung to her genitalia. Her mouth was all sweetness and soft caress, pure delight as it slid back and forth over the full length of my erection.

I wanted to swap places with her and take the edge of the bed so she could kneel between my legs and continue the blow job from a kneeling position like they do in the porn movies. Taking her by the shoulders, I drew off the bed and onto her feet, held her close and kissed her deeply while my hands fondled her bum. I sat back on the edge of the bed with my erection reaching for the stars like a big pink rocket. Jasmine dropped to her knees and licked my knob a few times. The she dropped a little further and took a ball into her soft, hot mouth. Exquisite. First one, then the other. And then back to my dick, sinking the shaft deep into the back of her mouth.

When I felt the little sensations that told me the juices were gathering for a quick exit, I stopped her and manoeuvred her onto her back where I had been sitting. I dropped to my knees and placed my face against the crotch of her panties, nuzzling the soft flesh beneath with my nose. Despite the briefness of the undergarment, the material was too thick to really get to terms with what lay beneath. I was hoping to smell her cunt but there was not much of a smell. I decided I’d better do what I could to generate some smell. I licked at her crotch and sucked through the panties where I thought her clit would be, sucking her cotton-covered flesh into my mouth. Jasmine groaned and panted softly, uttering little gasps of pleasure. She began to move her groin against my mouth.

Seeing how much she was enjoying my mouth, I felt it was time to get those knickers off and lay tongue against bare flesh. I stood up and pulled her to her feet again, then sat down on the edge of the bed. I worked the panties down to the top of her crack and spun her around. I got the panties half way down her arse and she started to do a little dance, shifting her weight from one foot to the other and wiggling her hips. I dropped the panties to the floor and she stepped out of them. Now completely naked and revealed in all its glory, I noticed what a terriffic body she really had. The elegant curve of the small of her back and the rounded smoothness but economic czech casting porno compactness of her arse. It was the best arse I ever paid my hands on.

I indicated that she should lie back on the bed. She did as she was told and spread her legs wide. I went down on her, parting those massive lips with my fingers and slipping my tongue into the pink heat of her cunt. I licked upwards to her clitoris and moved my tongue back and forward across it, drawing a renewal of the groans and pants and gasps and coos from her. My tongue stroked regularly across her little pleasure button, sinking back into the vaginal depths and licking upwards and across her clit repeatedly. Each time my tongue entered her oven, the walls of her vagina clasped my tongue and only reluctantly released it as I licked upwards again.

Next thing I know, she’s got her finger on her button and is frigging it rhythmically. I keep licking but her finger is getting in my way, working itself deeper and deeper into her crack. I draw back and let her have her way. I position myself over her tits, a knee either side of her and watch her as she fucks herself. By now, she has two fingers inside and her thumb and little finger are spread out to the sides. Her digital cock is working its way in and out, in and out. She stops a moment to put my cock in her mouth and I lean forward to suck on her pussy again. We roll over and get into the standard sixty nine position. Her lips are parted and don’t need any help from me to stay that way. The pink inside of her cunt is radiating heat onto my nose and tongue. And there’s the smell. The salty, fishy smell of cunt, and I’m washing my face in it.

I feel myself on the edge of release again and roll her onto her back. She’s immediately at her cunt with her fingers again, pushing deeply and rapidly; so deeply, I wonder if maybe she’s hurting herself. But she doesn’t stop.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I ask. She doesn’t answer or slow down but smiles and bites her lower lip. I resume my position over her tits and lean forward to watch the action. She periodically gives my penis, which is resting against her face, little kisses and licks. Her thrusts are becoming frantic now and she is breathing faster. After several minutes, she thrusts back with her hips and her body shakes in a little spasm.

“Did you cum?” I ask as her hand slows down.

She nods. “Yes.”

I take her working hand and place four fingers in my mouth and suck the sweaty pussy juice off them. A hint of sweetness, a hint of salt, but not a strong flavour at all.

I lie down beside the girl and let my hands roam at will, carressing her boobs, the flat tummy, the inside of her thighs and her labia, which I am still having trouble penetrating.

“Do you want me to fuck you now,” I ask.

She smiles and says “Oh shit, I left my rubbers in my bag downstairs. Have you got any up here?”

“I have actually. Hang on.”

I come back a few moments later with the condom, rip the plastic wrap with my teeth and work the item loose. I place it on my knob and work it down over my shaft. Jasmine joins in and pulls it tight over my cock, giving it a few extra strokes.

I work my way between her legs. My cock is hard and throbbing. The purple knob glows in the half light. Jasmine takes the stiff prick in her hand and places it against her orifice. She works it in with one hand. I don’t know how. I guess she knows her pussy better than anyone else does.

I’m in and I’m comfortably snug feeling the pressure from her cunt wrapped around my dick. I don’t move it for a while but lean forward and run the tip of my tongue across Jasmines half open mouth.. She responds with her tongue and we flick at each other for a few seconds before sinking into a short but deep kiss.

Now I begin to move my hips and feel the inside of her slit slide against my cock. Fuck! Is there anything as good as this? Jasmine’s hands are caressing my shoulders and my back as I fuck her. I lift myself onto my hands and arch my back. Jasmine bends her knees and lifts them back towards her breasts.. Her knees part some more and I am plunging in and out her tight little fuck-hole.

“Is it good?” she asks.

“Ooooh yesss.” If she only knew how good it felt. It’s no time to try and explain. I get onto my knees and hunker over her, still working my cock in and out of her gaping hole, and lick a nipple. She is sweating. It makes it easy to suck the whole tit into my mouth. There’s still more room so I keep sucking until the flesh over her ribs follows the little tit into my mouth. I repeat the process on her other side while keeping the pulsing rhythm with my cock.

I want a change of position so I extend myself flat on top of her and suggest we roll over. We work well together. Our timing is great. We roll over without losing the connection. She is lying on top of me but pushes herself up onto her knees, placing her hands on the bed next to my head. I feel those big wet lips against the base of my cock and the top of my scrotum. Her breasts fall forward and assume some presence. They are little cones, no more than six inches in height. I take them in my hands and squeeze them gently but firmly. Pushing them together, I lift my head and run my tongue back and forth across the nipples.

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