Jenna Meets a Goddess in a Bar

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She was beautiful, she had long hair and legs, she wore a black corset, and a short skirt. The skirt was just short enough to show off the lacy end of the stockings. Her long blond hair has fell behind her back. The corset perfectly highlighted her soft breasts, tiny waist and hips. Her light skin and red lips completed her erotic look. Her fingernails were also red and just short enough to fit into a wet, silky pussy.

“God let it be my pussy” Jenna lustfully observed her from across the bar. She herself wore all black. Her hair fell around her waist, she wore a tight off shoulder dress, highlighting her collar bone. Lacy stockings and black heels. Underneath she had a matching black lacy underwear. As she observed the sensual goddess she fell her panties getting wet. She rushed to the toilet to check it out and make sure it was just her yearning nothing else, and as she was satisfied her period didn’t come early she came out of the cubicle only to see her staring at her. J’s eyes absorbed her curves once again and she let her breath out not realising she was holding it. The goddess gently tills he head to the side, confidence pouring out of her.

“I saw you observing me, pet” the women spoke slowly, taking a step towards J who felt like she was losing her will to breathe again “Liked what we saw, did we?” the goddess spoke again her hand gently brushing pass J’s right cheek. The gentle touch then turned hostile as she quickly grabbed the back of J’s head, the woman’s fist full of J’s hair and pushed her head towards herself. J’s eyes quickly looked down, as the eye contact was too intense.

“Look at me pet” the goddess whispered. J’s eyes moved up towards hers and that’s when the goddess leaned in and pressed her lips on J’s. The kiss started gently, but the tension, desire and lust casino şirketleri grew quickly. The goddess pressed herself against J’s body which she pushed against the wall. She pushed her tongue inside J’s mouth her lips consuming every inch of J. She broke the kiss forcefully placing her hand on J’s neck “You are gonna be a lot of fun my pet” she licked her lips after which she dragged J by her hair inside a cubicle. As the two women’s bodies pressed against each other on in the tight cubicle the goddess slapped J “lock the door pet!” she demanded and as J’s hand moved to the lock she pulled her back by her hair “No pet! You are only to use your mouth inside this cubicle” she whispered in J’s ear as the grasp on J’s hair loosened. J’s mouth touched the cold metal of the cubicle door and quickly turned it trapping her with the filthy desires of the goddess. She turned around only to see the goddess sit down on the toilet and spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties under than short skirt. Her pussy was almost completely shaved with only a little bit of well-trimmed hair showing.

“On your knees my pet” demands the goddess.

“Yes mistress” J kneels in front of her.

“Good little pet” the mistress smiles “Now, make me cum like I never had before, and I will reward you my pet.”

J moves her head towards mistress’s crotch, she can smell the strong sense of her overheated pussy, she can see the mistress’s juice dripping out of her wet hole. J brings her tongue out and take one long lick, from the very bottom, all the way through her silky folds, spreading them with her moist, hot tongue past her clit. The mistress lets out a low moan “good pet” J uses the flat of her tongue to please the mistress’ pussy, and with each lick she gently pushes the tip of her tongue inside the casino firmaları source of that sweet addictive juice and make sure the stiff tip of her tongue gives the clit attention by flicking on it gently before pushing inside the mistress’ hole, using the flat of the tongue to move upwards and flick the tip of the tongue on mistress’ most responsive area.

In, out, up, flick, flick, flick

Moan, moan, moan, long moan.

Eventually J stops her routine and continues to circle her tongue on mistress’ clit. The mistress starts to struggle for breath and lets out a high pitched “don’t stop” as her legs wrap around J’s head pressing her further into mistress’ cunt. Her fingers tighten on the toilet seat, her mouth drops open, her back begins to arch, her breath becomes fast and less regular. J speeds up her tongue and as the mistress lets out her last loud moan she kicks J away from her wet pussy.

After a few seconds of trying to catch her breath while she keeps her foot on J’s neck the mistress comes back down to earth and opens her eyes, staring directly at J “good” she inhales again “pet”. Exhales. She removes her foot front J’s neck “but can you go again?” she pushes J against the cubicle door, she places herself above J’s head stranding her and places her soaked cunt on J’s mouth.

“Please your mistress pet. Eat me my pet”. This time is different to the act J preformed on mistress’ delicious area a few minutes ago. This time the mistress takes control, she holds J’s head with both her hands, she pushes her cunt more and more into J’s mouth.

“Get that tongue inside me slut” she demands as the begins to ride J’s face violently hitting her clit against J’s nose. As J struggles to breath, aiming to get her tongue as far inside mistress’ sweet hole as achievable she güvenilir casino focuses on her face, the moans she’s letting out, the way her head falls back slightly as she satisfies herself exploding J’s mouth and nose. J’s nose hurts from forceful thrusting but the joy she gives is worth it. The mistress removes her left fist from J’s hair and pushes it down, down J’s neck, down J’s collarbone, down J’s dress and down J’s bra, until she tenderly pinches J’s firm nipple between her thumb and finger and squeezes brutally. J removes her tongue from inside mistress’ tight cunt and lets out a raw moan.

“Get that tongue inside me bitch” the mistress pronounces every word carefully through her teeth as she gains the speed at which she harms J’s nose “I will only release when you make me cum all over that pretty little face of yours” with each powerful thrust the mistress bangs J’s head against the cubicle door and tightens her grip on J’s molested nipple. The agony encourages J to fulfil the mistress’ needs and a few seconds later she hears,

“FUCK! YES! YOU SLUT! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she releases the sore nipple and pushes J down onto the floor as she moves herself away catching her breath.

“Good pet” she cries, pulls her skirt down and holds out her hand to J. As their palms touch the mistress helps J onto her feet, unlocks the cubicle and walks out still holding her pet’s hand. In the mirror she notices J trying to wipe her mouth.

“Don’t!” says mistress “I want everyone in that pub to see you and know what we’ve just done.” She slightly unbuttons J’s dress exposing her breasts and a bit of her bra. She links her fingers with her pets and boldly walks out of the toilet. Several male customers turn towards them, some even move their hand down slightly stroking their crotches, the corners of her lips lift slowly forming a smile.

“they all hear me use you” she lifts her head proudly, her chin parallel to the floor and walks out of the pub, increasing her grip on J’s hand as if she is saying I’m not done with you yet, my pet.

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