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Both Jodie and Elaine were supporting characters in Breaking Up, which was recently published on Literotica. I got to thinking about both these women and thought why not continue the story and introduce another couple of women too? It gives me a chance to check up on Julie and Ilona as well. It’s set roughly two months after Julie and Ilona got together, the city is of course, Melbourne.

Jodie stared out the window as a young mother strolled down the path towards the front door of her school. She had a full head of blonde hair and a slim figure. Judging by the grey trouser suit and striped blouse she must work in an office environment, a six year old girl was walking by her side and when she got to a crack in the pavement she jumped over it. As if sensing her attention, the woman looked up but Jodie knew from experience that at this time of the day it was impossible to see into the room from there because of the position of the morning sun.

Jodie blinked as she came out of her reverie, recalling Friday’s brief conversation in the Vice Principal’s office over a new pupil. Paula had been undergoing treatment for leukaemia and as a result she’d been off school for weeks at a time. Her previous school had been in Boronia, but now she was enrolled here and Kym was keen to provide a supportive learning environment.

Jodie had taken notes and offered up her own ideas and she now turned and stared at the lesson she’d written on the blackboard, it was one she’d done countless times over the last few years but even so, she usually tried to modify it slightly to reflect the times. When she was the age of her pupils she could have recited course work and any number of passages from books by rote. Granted, repetition was one way of learning but Jodie had learned that stimulating young minds by throwing in different passages was beneficial in forging new neural pathways. She’d decided to have a focus on revision for today at least, it would give her a chance to assess what her pupils had taken in and allow Paula the chance to see what had been covered, even if it was a snapshot.

She glanced at her phone as it beeped. It was customary to turn it off and she picked it up with the intention of turning it off before her pupils arrived. The text was from her best friend, Ilona.

Ilona: Was thinking of you. Do you want to come around for dinner tomorrow night?

Jodie: Sure thing, got to go right now. Class is starting soon. Text me the time.

The reply came through just before she turned the phone off.

Ilona: 7:30. Have a great day!

The knock at the door caused her to look up to find the vice principal standing in the doorway with the woman she’d just seen and the girl. Her eyes shifted to the girl who was wearing a beanie and had a nose piece attached to a tube that was tucked under her school tee shirt.

“This is Imogen and this is her daughter, Paula,” she introduced them, “and this is Ms Jones.”

“Jodie,” she held out her hand and shook Imogen’s, “that’s an unusual name.”

“My parents were Shakespearian actors,” she replied.

Jodie registered the English accent in a heartbeat but didn’t understand the connection as she bent down to greet Paula.

“Hey there, sweetie. Are you excited about school?”

“Uh huh,” she blinked through large glasses, “you look pretty.”

“Why, thank you,” she beamed, “you look very pretty as well. Why don’t you go and choose a seat for yourself and I’ll be with you in a minute?”

Paula looked up at her mother and Imogen nodded and then squeezed her shoulder. At that moment the school bell rang and Jodie glanced over her shoulder. Within two minutes the relatively quiet corridor would be buzzing with children going to class. She guided Paula forward as Imogen looked at her and as she was sitting down the vice principal motioned to her and nodded at Imogen.

“Go in and sit with her for a minute or so.”

When Imogen moved inside, the vice principal motioned her to move away.

“I’ll leave you with her,” she murmured in her ear, “if she starts looking weary text me and I’ll get the school medic to come and take her to the sick bay.”

“For sure,” she nodded, “poor dear.”

“She’s a plucky kid but apparently the diagnosis was good,” she glanced over as children spilled into the corridor, “here comes the stampede, have fun, remember to turn your phone on.”

Jodie stepped back into the classroom and glanced at them. Imogen was whispering in her ear and looked up when Jodie cleared her throat.

“If you want to sit in on the lesson for half an hour or so, I can find you a seat,” she glanced at her watch, “it’s not normally done.”

“Oh, no, that’s fine. I have a class to go to myself but thank you,” she put an arm around Paula and gave her a squeeze, “love you, sweetie,” she glanced at Jodie, “she needs to have her phone with her, I assume that’s okay?”

“Of course, mine will be on too,” she glanced over as three boys burst into the room, they were pushing each other and Jodie snapped her fingers, “boys, less of the horseplay casino şirketleri and more quiet.”

One of them giggled and she rolled her eyes as Imogen rose.

“What’s your course?”

“Accounting,” she replied, “part time.”

“My best friend is an accountant,” she replied.

Imogen smiled at that and then bending over to kiss her daughter she farewelled her and left the room. Jodie stared after her, feeling as if something had been ripped from her. She looked down at Paula and felt a lump in her throat.

What kind of loving God allows this?

It was a question that remained unanswered at the back of her mind, like a stone in her shoe but by the next day it had subsided somewhat. Paula was an attentive pupil and she was pleased to note that other kids seemed almost blind to the nose piece and tube or extra careful around her. Despite the warning that she might feel run down though Jodie never saw any signs of lethargy and when Imogen came to pick her daughter up out the front of the school on the second day, Jodie was on hand to reassure her that Paula was coping well.

“That’s a relief,” Imogen smiled, “it was touch and go for a few days but the doctor tells me that the best thing we can do to help her is to get back into a normal routine and she’s missed so much work in the last six months.”

“We’ll catch her up, I could maybe stay behind or do some out of hours work.”

“Let’s just see how it works out,” she squeezed Paula’s shoulder, “how about we go home and get ready to see Auntie Elaine, sweetie?”

“Uh huh,” she looked up and smiled.

“Nice talking to you and thanks for waiting with her.”

“No worries,” Jodie blushed. She hadn’t actually escorted her to the front fence, it had been purely coincidental but she felt a slight weakness in her stomach as she watched Imogen and Paula walking away. Was she drawn to Imogen for her situation or was it something deeper? It wasn’t the first time she’d been attracted to a pupil’s mother and it probably wouldn’t be the last.

Besides, she turned away. It wasn’t exactly encouraged under the current system, even if it wasn’t illegal it was just that one didn’t advertise the fact that you were dating a pupil’s mother.

Her phone beeped and she read the message from Ilona.

Ilona: Still coming tonight?

Jodie: Sure am, just got to finish up here. Is it still 7:30?

Ilona: Sure is, you’ll get to meet Elaine as well.

Elaine. Jodie turned to stare at Imogen’s back.

Surely not. No, of course not.


The first time Jodie had come to visit Ilona after a long absence it had been at her unit in Boronia because it seemed obvious but both women had been aware of the sexual tension that still existed between them after Jodie had laid her cards down. Whilst Ilona politely declined and Jodie accepted her choice she was still subject to fantasy and thus when Ilona suggested they meet next time at her girlfriend’s place in Mooroolbark she agreed.

That had been weeks ago and as Jodie ran her eyes over the two-storey house she tried to push aside her lustful desires. Ilona was with Julie and that was that. Even if they broke up it wouldn’t be an open invitation for Julie. Life was complicated.

She heard a dog barking in the backyard when she rang the doorbell a few minutes later and she recalled Ilona had mentioned that Julie had a Samoyed called Max. When the front door opened she ran an eye over the older woman. Julie was a few years older than Ilona although the age difference wasn’t all that much. She had long brown hair that fell to her shoulders and an angular shaped face that ended with a firm, well-defined jawline. Judging by her attire looked as if she’d just returned from an office and was in the process of changing out of her work clothes. The pale pink blouse hung loosely about her and she was wearing a pair of light blue jeans, her feet were clad in mini Ugg boots.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m Jodie,” she replied, “Ilona’s friend?”

“Oh,” Julie’s eyes shifted, “of course, come on in,” she unlocked the flywire door, “sorry, it’s a bit of a madhouse here, Elaine’s sister and her daughter are here. Max doesn’t know who to lick to death first,” she opened the door.

Jodie stepped inside and Julie motioned at the living room door.

“Just go inside, I’ve got to do the kitchen dance.”

Jodie nodded as Julie moved away down a short hallway to a second door but when she stepped into the living room she came to a complete stop.

There were several people in the room, three of whom she knew. Ilona, Imogen and Paula, the other two must be Elaine and her daughter, Kiera but even then she had to look again because Elaine and Imogen were identical twins.

“Jodie,” Ilona rose to greet her, “how was your day?”

“Fine,” she looked at Imogen, who also seemed just as surprised.

“This is Julie’s housemate, Elaine and her daughter Kiera and this is,” Ilona stopped as Imogen spoke up.

“We’ve already met, this is a surprise.”

“You and me both,” she casino firmaları moved further into the room, “you did mention Elaine and I was wondering if it was the same Elaine even though I’d never met her.”

Jodie merely nodded as she perched on the arm of a sofa chair. Whilst they were twins, there were some differences she could already make out. Elaine carried a few more kilos than Imogen although it was not an awful lot. Imogen was dressed in smart casual attire whilst Elaine was definitely more casually dressed in a brightly-patterned jumper and blue jeans. Her hair was a bit shorter than her sister’s and she felt a slight weakness in her belly as Elaine smiled at her.

“She’s the one with the bigger wardrobe,” she spoke up.

“I thought you were in college?”

“It’s a part time refresher course, JavaScript and Perl,” Imogen replied, “now that Paula has gone through her therapy they’ve started me back at work again.”

“She’s the geeky one,” Elaine chuckled.

“Come on through to the kitchen,” Ilona inclined her head, “and I’ll introduce you to Max.”

Julie glanced over at them as they entered the kitchen.

“So, you’re a teacher.”

“Yeah, it’s been a few years now but I really enjoy my job.”

It sounded lame but Julie didn’t seem to think anything of it as Ilona inspected the saucepans on the stove top.

“I hope you like lasagne.”

“I love lasagne, mum makes it at least once a week.”

“You haven’t had lasagne like this, Julie uses seven different cheeses.”

Jodie turned around as Elaine stepped into the kitchen.

“Um, Imogen is going to head home if you want to say goodbye.”

“She’s not staying for dinner?” Julie raised an eyebrow, “there’s plenty here.”

Elaine’s eyes shifted as she glanced at Jodie and then Ilona.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Julie shrugged, “to be honest I thought they were staying, that’s why I made enough to feed the five thousand.”

“Thanks, I’ll go ask her,” she glanced once more at Jodie and then headed back to the living room.

“Why don’t you give her the guided tour and introduce her to Max?” Julie continued, “I’ll be fine here, it’s just about done.”

The guided tour was not an extensive one because the second storey was used by Elaine and Keira, and it ended in Julie’s sewing room. She’d seen pictures of her designs and Ilona had been wearing one of her blouses the last time they met up but as she looked around at the cutting table, the sewing machines and the catalogues she found herself comparing Ilona’s first girlfriend with hers. Ilona had certainly landed on her feet with this woman but Jodie’s first girlfriend in contrast had been tied to a green-eyed goblin.

Jodie’s first official girlfriend, Frankie had seemed exciting at first but she had turned decidedly possessive fairly quickly. Jodie had found the business of maintaining friendships too hard and so she’d withdrawn emotionally at first and then physically. What had saved Jodie was the fact that she was the main breadwinner, Frankie was the dominant one in their dysfunctional relationship but money changes everything and so she’d been forced to give ground to Jodie.

Nevertheless, there had been plenty of friction behind closed doors and it had all blown up very spectacularly when Jodie bought a dress for Ilona’s now cancelled wedding. She thought it showed too much skin, a comment she’d made more than once in the past but this time it backfired in her face when Jodie chose to make that remark her own personal Rubicon. She threw it right back at her and then moved back to her mother’s place, leaving Frankie on her own.

“How much does she charge?”

“It all depends,” she shrugged, “but if you see something you like just sing out and I’m sure she’ll be only too happy to make something.”

“I love these eighties fashions,” Jodie murmured, “I see these outfits and I think of mum and auntie Sally, they’d be interested as well.”

“Well, bring them round,” she replied as she glanced at the door.

Dinner was served some time later and by then she’d met Max and seen the large backyard and the pergola. This covered area had paving stones and a large gas barbecue.

“Does the barbie get much use?”

“It does now,” Ilona shrugged, “Keira loves the barbie,” she nodded at an anti-insect lamp, “Julie went out and bought some new lamps to keep the mozzies away.”

“Do they work?”

“Yeah,” she turned as Imogen and Paula stepped outside.

“Dinner is served,” she turned suddenly as Max approached, his tail wagged frantically as he neared Paula and then he nudged her gently with his head much to her surprise and delight.

“He’s so fluffy.”

“Yeah, he is, sweetie, just be careful with him.”

“She’ll be fine,” Ilona reassured her, “Max is great with kids.”

“So, how do you two know each other?” Imogen moved a little closer.

“We went to the same school,” she replied, “Aquinas.”

“The Catholic school? We had a girlfriend who went there, nice girl but the family was a mess.”


“Vicki güvenilir casino Delano,” she replied.

“Delano?” Jodie and Ilona both looked at each other, “wow, that’s a bit of water under the bridge, she was nice but her brother was a psycho.”

“I know, I couldn’t believe he did that murder.”

“Oh I could,” Ilona straightened up, “he was one of those kids who used to pull wings off flies just for a laugh.”

“I lost contact with her after the trial. It was probably my fault but Elaine saw her once in Collins Street, she’d just picked up her passport but I haven’t seen her since.”

“She moved to France and got married,” Ilona replied.

“Who was the lucky guy?” Jodie asked her.

“It wasn’t a guy, Vicki married a German woman called Angela.”

“Vicki got married to a woman?” Jodie raised an eyebrow, “wow, who knew?”

“Not even her parents knew apparently,” Ilona giggled, “she posted a wedding photo on Facebook and that was the first her parents knew about it.”

“And how did that go down?” Imogen asked.

“About as well as expected,” Ilona replied, “but it was a dysfunctional family, she was the black sheep of the family because she didn’t turn to crime. I can show you her page later on,” she moved past her, “Max, dinner time!”

Jodie was about to follow her when Imogen tugged her sleeve.

“Can I ask you to look at something afterwards?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“It’s a lesson plan from the school and the school work she missed out on when she was undergoing her treatment.”

“No worries, I’d be happy to look at it.”

A minute or so later they stepped inside.


Jodie studied the papers in front of her. Imogen had already given her a brief history. Paula had been at a primary school in Boronia but when she’d been diagnosed with leukaemia she had been pulled out of school three times in a row for treatment regimes that lasted for six weeks and whilst Imogen had managed to keep her up to date her last session had coincided with another trauma.


According to Imogen the marriage hadn’t always been on stable ground. Her husband, Phil had not been as supportive when it became apparent that his daughter’s condition was going to cut into his ‘me’ time. Nevertheless, he’d tried more or less manfully but then he’d come out and admitted that he had been having an affair and needed time to sort himself out.

It was the last straw for Imogen and so she’d moved back with her mother in Ringwood and started the long inventory process. There had been push back from Phil but now he was facing up against his sister and mother in law as well. With three women set against him he threw in the towel and agreed to get a divorce. However all that had taken a toll on Paula’s homework and so she was now trying to catch Paula up with lost work.

“There’s a bit here,” Jodie frowned.

“So, what can I miss out?”

“Well,” she turned the pages slowly, “you could skip this for example,” she squinted at a page, “or, you could just get someone to sit with her for a couple of hours a week, more or less. It’s something I raised with Kym last week but it’s hard to work something into the daily program without having her staying back or missing out on play time.”

“I’ve thought of a coach but I need to look at my finances.”

“How’s about I do it?” Jodie looked up suddenly.


“Yeah, I could stop by your place after school perhaps?”

“My place?” Imogen stared at her.

“Or some other place, maybe somewhere neutral.”

“How about here?” Julie spoke up from her position on the couch.

“Here?” Jodie glanced at her.

“Sure, why not?” Julie shrugged, “Elaine is usually home from work or your mother is here, it just makes sense to be honest.”

“What do you think?” Jodie looked at Imogen, “we could have a couple of sessions a week just to bring her up to speed.”

“And this wouldn’t get you into any trouble?”

“No, of course not. I mean Kym mentioned extra tutoring but to be honest she’s just thrown that out there and hoped someone would catch the ball. There’s not enough money in the budget to cover my wages, we’re stretched pretty thin as it is but volunteering is perfectly feasible.”

“Well it wouldn’t be completely free,” Julie leaned over to pick up her wine.

“I’d throw in a free meal for you at least unless Elaine wants to,” she eyed her.

“Yeah, why not?” Elaine nudged her sister, “it’s a good deal, maybe it’s time you let us help you for a change.”

“Okay, you win,” Imogen nodded, “thank you,” she looked at Jodie, “you’ve restored my faith in humanity a little.”

“Why did Julie offer up her place?” Jodie asked Ilona some time later as she sat behind the wheel of her car.

“It’s just the way she is to be honest,” Ilona replied, “she’s principled and progressive, you should have seen her when I was going through all that shit with Nick. She could have taken advantage of my situation but instead she stood her ground and just let me make up my own mind. She’s not the jealous kind either,” she folded her arms.

“I mean, I baulked at inviting you around for the better part of two months and then she just came out with it at the weekend and asked why the fuck I hadn’t invited you around.”

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