Joe’s Recovery: The Party

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“I’ve got to make my last run to the sore Joe,” shouted Vicky, “do you need anything?”

“Just a bottle of those blue pills,” laughed Joe, “and a big bottle of vitamins.”

“Yeah, like you need some help,” giggled Vicky as she closed the door.

It took about 45 minutes for Vicky to make the trip, and then she came bounding through the door with her arms full of ice and bags of groceries again. And about 4:30 Patty knocked on the door, ready to set up for the party. After introductions, the girls began giggling and talking to themselves as they got the clothes on hangers and hung all around the room. Joe was dozing in his big chair and not paying too much attention, until Vicky nudged his knee, “How does this look on me Joe?” she asked.

Joe fluttered his eyes a bit, then looked at the sun dress that she had on. “Well it has too much material to my liking,” he said. “You know that I think that you look better without anything on darling.”

“Shame on you Joe,” said Patty with a smile. “A girl has to have something to go out in public in Joe.”

“He’s just joking Patty,” giggled Vicky, “you see Joe normally doesn’t wear any clothes around the house, so he is kind of handicapped tonight.”

“It looks good on you darling,” says Joe. “Turn around and let me see it all.” Vicky slowly turned around once and then swirled around so the skirt would flare out and up. “Hey that looks pretty good darling,” smiles Joe. “Yeah, no bra, no panties, uh huh now that makes you look real sexy darling. Do you want to step into the back room with me for a while?”

“Later Joe,” laughed Vicky, “just take it easy big boy, you’re time is coming.”

“I can see that this is going to be a lively party tonight,” joked Patty.

“Oh yeah, don’t be surprised at what might be said or done around here tonight,” giggled Vicky.

“Heck we might even throw all our clothes in a pile and go skinny dipping in the lake later tonight,” snickered Joe.

“Now that sounds like fun,” says Patty. “Then everybody could wear their new clothes home.”

“Or something,” winked Joe.

It wasn’t long before the girls began to arrive and the level of chatter began to rise in the house. Joe was naturally taking stock of the girls as they arrived, making mental notes about each one. ‘Nice hair, oh yeah and legs that go all the way to heaven, cute butt too’, he thought as another girl arrived. ‘Now why did I he to go and get old with all these foxes still running around’, was another thought. Joe was in heaven and enjoying every minute of it. However he stayed in his chair, he didn’t want to start bumping into all the girls and embarrass himself or Vicky. Eventually, Patty took control of the party and got the girls seated so she could present her wares. There were a lot of oooooooo’s and aaaaahhh’s as each new piece of clothing was presented for viewing.

Jolene, (blonde, single, 5’8″, 38-26-33) was sitting across from Joe on the sofa as the swim suits were brought out for inspection. She scooted out to the edge of the sofa to get a good look, and her skirt slipped up her leg to just above half way. Then she swiveled to talk to one of the other girls and her knees pointed straight at Joe, and he could see all the way to her panties. Needless to say this caused him to have a problem that began to make him squirm in his chair. When she leaned over to get her drink, he could see the roundness of her breasts and very ample cleavage. He had to avert his eyes to try to gain some kind of self control.

But then there was Barbara right in front of him, sitting backwards on a straight chair, with her nice firm ass pointed right at him in those tight shorts. Or Misty in her Leather Mini skirt riding up high on her thigh, ‘oh my go…,’ he thought to himself. Of course Elaine wasn’t doing anything to help out his situation either, in her high heels and black stocking with the top edge just peeking out from under her sun dress. Sarah didn’t have very large breasts under her halter top, but those well toned legs and really firm butt kept wiggling in her chair. Joe was surrounded and could find no way to retreat and save his honor, so to speak.

Then it happened. Patty began to show the lingerie. Joe sat up in his chair and Patty took note of his actions, as all the girls giggled at him. “I can’t help it if I’m a dirty ole man,” he says.

“Yes, we know Joe,” laughed Vicky.

Patty walked over to Joe and then turned around and raised her skirt to show the girls her panties, saying, “Now these are the newest thing on the market girls. You can see how form fitting they are and that is what makes them so comfortable to wear,” she adds.

“I can’t see a thing,” says Joe to her back.

“Well that’s too bad Joe, but we have to go on to the next item,” laughs Patty. “The next item is this nice black teddy,”

There were lots of comments about the teddy, and the other sexy items that came up next. The girls eyes were sparkling and lots of smiles on their faces, as each one was dreaming about what she would look like in each outfit student sex parties porno as it was shown.

“Well that is all that I have to show tonight,” announced Patty. “If there is anything that you would like to try on or look at closer, please let me know, and thank you for your time,” she says in closing.

Since Vicky had seen all the clothes before the party, she came over to Joe and sat on the arm of his chair while the girls placed their orders. “What do you think,” she asked Joe.

“I think Jolene has nice tits, Sarah has nice legs, Barbara’s got a tight butt, but you are the sexiest one here,” said Joe with a smirk on his face.

“You are a dirty ole man, aren’t you,” she chides back at him. Then whispering in his ear, “I bet you would like to have all these girls naked at once, wouldn’t you?”

“I’d be lucky if I could handle them one at a time,” laughed Joe. “But that would be good exercise for my eyes.”

“Hey Vicky,” shouted Patty, “some of these gals want to try on some of my things. Where can they do that?”

“Right here,” shouts Joe.

All the heads turned his direction as Vicky said, “In the front bedroom girls and don’t worry about Joe, I’ll keep him busy for you.”

“Are you going to buy anything sweetie?” asked Joe.

“Well I get my choice of teddies for hosting the party, and I found a dress that I’m thinking about,” smiles Vicky.

“Well how about a fashion show then girl,” says Joe. “I would be glad to offer my opinion about it… ah just for you. And wear that teddy for me too, OK?”

“I will if you promise to stay in your chair while I’m gone,” answered Vicky.

“OK,” said Joe, “But it won’t be easy you know.”

While Vicky was in the other room changing and giggling with the other girls, Joe’s eyes were busy checking out the other girls that were left pawing through the clothes. He soon came to the conclusion that there were too many legs, tits, butts, and pretty faces to keep track of for one man. His private problem had developed a severe problem of its own, and he was having trouble keeping it out of sight. Just as he was completing his inventory of the girls, Jolene came out of the front bedroom wearing her new bikini. Joe’s jaw dropped so hard that it hurt. What there was of it was white, which added a warm glow to her skin. Her breast were wiggling against the fabric like they were trying to escape, and her butt and hip muscles wiggled with each little move she made. Joe had to put a throw pillow on his lap to hide his pleasure at seeing this voluptuous girl nearly naked, and in his house too.

Then Vicky came out in her teddy, and Joe almost came in his pants at the sight of her. She had on a red lace teddy, crotch less thong panties, with her nipples peeking out very clearly. “WOW!!!! Exclaimed Joe loudly. “Does anyone know CPR here, I’m going to need it soon. Now that is very sexy Vicky, you’ll have all the young bucks chasing you around town when they see you in that.”

“All the young bucks aren’t going to see me in this,” stated Vicky. “This is just for my special fellas,” she giggled. “Do you really like it?”

“It makes you look good to eat darling,” smirks Joe. “Come over here and let me have a taste, why don’t you?”

“Down boy,” she giggles. “I’ve got a dress that I want you to check out for me.” She twirls around and dashes back into the bedroom.

“And what do you think of my swim suit Joe?” asks Jolene. “Do you think it fit right?”

“It adds a warm glow to your face Jolene,” says Joe with a smile, “But I wouldn’t try to play volleyball in it, you might have trouble with fall out, if you know what I mean.” This caused her to get beet red all over, which made the suit really stand out. Not to mention her nipples, which looked to be very long and hard.

Sarah was the next one to appear, from the bedroom, wearing a full length emerald green silk night gown that fit her like a glove to just below the hips, where it flared out a little, with slits up both sides to mid-thigh. Although her breasts were small, her erect nipples shown through the supple material of the gown. The gown seemed to gently flow over her body like water, showing every soft curve as she moved across the room. The back was cut all the way down to the top of her very firm butt, and then gracefully draped over and between her cheeks to the floor. Joe was beginning to drool, and had to swallow several times to keep it from showing. “What you doing later,” asked Joe with a wink.

“Oh Joe, you are a dirty old man aren’t you,” snickered Sarah. “Vicky warned us about you Joe. What are you hiding under that pillow, huh?” She then turned seductively and went back into the bedroom.

“Joe you should be ashamed of yourself,” laughs Patty.

“Oh I am,… NOT,” laughs Joe.

Vicky came out, naked as a jaybird, with a dress draped over her arm asking Patty for some help getting it on. “I think we should go back into the bedroom to do this, you silly girl,” suggests Patty.

“Oooops, I’m used to running submissive cuckolds porno around here naked,” giggles Vicky. “But maybe it would be best; we wouldn’t want to start something that would bother poor Joe.”

A few minutes later, she came out again in a bright red satin and black lace dress. The red satiny dress came from around her neck, over her breasts, and then to a soft point at knee length. The neck line was cut in a ‘V’ half way to her navel, and filled with ruffles of layered black lace that seemed to be fluffed up and out by her breasts. The layers of lace around the bottom were softer as they went around and up the back. When she turned around, her whole back was bare down to her butt. The red satin came around to the middle of each cheek with layers and layers of ruffled black lace down the middle to just below her hips, leaving her legs exposed from just above mid-thigh down. All the ruffles in the back enhanced her butt and begged to be looked at as she gently walked around the room.

All the girls were giving her the eye and smacking their lips as they watched her do her ‘come and get it’ walk.

“Oh my g…!” said Joe slowly. “Somebody hold me back, I think I’m going to have a runaway here. You look like you were born in that dress, and then just grew out of it darling. You’re beautiful.”

“It comes in black with red lace too girls.” says Patty.

“Can you get me one in black,” giggles Jolene. “And warn the hospital that I’ll be sending them some broken hearts soon.”

“I’ve got one right here girl,” smiled Patty, “go try it on for us.”

“Oh yes!” shouted Jolene, “gotta have it,” she said as she dashed off.

“Do you really like it Joe?’ asked Vicky with a serious look on her face. “It’s not too far over the top is it?”

“Patty isn’t this one of those dresses that can only be worn by certain ladies with the right kind of body?” asked Joe.

“It looks like it was made for you Vicky,” smiles Patty. “It is a perfect fit for you, and only enhances your natural beauty. You are ready for the ‘red carpet’ walk of fame now girl.”

“Patty would you come over here for a minute?” asked Joe. When she got there, Joe whispered something to her and she answered, then went into the bedroom. When she came back she had her hands behind her, and Joe told Vicky, “Now you face me and close your eyes for a minute.”

Vicky did as she was told, and then felt someone behind her putting something around her neck. “Now go to the mirror and look at that sweetie,” said Patty.

When Vicky looked into the mirror, her eyes swelled up with tears as she looked at the choker and long double strands of black pearls that hung down her back. They softly swung across her shoulders and dangled free to the small of her back. “Joe they’re beautiful, but I can’t take these,” she said as she wiped away the tears. “This is just too much.”

“Well they’re not mine to give darling,” said Joe. “They are my mothers and she told me to pass them on to a real lady, if I ever found one that is. Well you qualify for them in that dress,” says Joe with his eyes a bit wet.

Vicky slowly turns to Joe and with tears running down her cheeks she steps between his legs and leans over, cups his face in her hands, and gently give him a passionate kiss as she sits on his lap. Nothing else had to be said and all watching knew it too.

“Hey girls, how do I look?” asked Jolene as she came bouncing into the room.

“Now we have a problem ladies,” said Patty. “We’ve got two know out gorgeous women to look out for. They’ll have all the guys cornered before we even get to the party,” she giggles.

“Yeah. There is only one way to beat them at their own game girls,” says Elaine as she starts taking off her clothes. “Bare is beautiful, and naked is even better.”

“I know what you mean Elaine,” adds Barbara as she scoots her shorts down her legs.

“No fair girls, I’m equipped for that kind of party,” giggled Sarah. “But what the hell, let’s go for it,” as she begins to shed her clothes too.

“Sorry girls, but I don’t get naked in front of a man with his clothes still on,” says Misty as she crossed her arms. “How about it Joe, are you a man or a mouse?”

Vicky nearly falls into the floor as Joe stands up and drops his cutoffs and pulls his tee shirt over his head with a smile. “Your turn Misty,” he says with a smile and a gleam in his eye and his rock hard cock staring them in the face. This caused most of the girls to get a smile on their face, and a few even wet their lips with the tip of their tongues.

“But I don’t want to take off my pretty dress,” says Vicky with supposititious tears.

“You can’t go skinny dipping with us in that dress,” states Joe. “And the lake is warm this time of year.”

Almost in a chorus, “All right,” shouted the girls. Even Patty started stripping at that point. Joe went to the back bedroom and got a pile of towels and said, “If you are waiting on me, you’re going backwards.”

When Joe stepped out onto taboo heat porno the porch all he saw were beautiful butts wiggling their way down to the water. It definitely had an affect on his birthday suit. As he strolled into the water, all the girls were watching as his cock wiggled back and forth. With the sun going down, Joe had turned on the lights on the boat dock to light the shallow parts of the water.

There seemed to be a lot of extra horse play around Joe, bumping into him, touching, feeling, and generally keeping him erect all the time. Of course he didn’t do anything to cause this to happen, except grab a few nipples, pinch a few butts, or dunk a few girls. But it was all in good fun, with lots of giggling too.

Then Jolene decided to try to hide behind Joe and through water at everybody else. Joe could feel her hard nipples brush against his back as she jumped around behind him. Elaine came up in front of him and began to swat and splash at Jolene with Joe trapped between them. She kept brushing against his cock as she attack Jolene. Needless to say Joe was in seventh heaven with all this attention, and did a little instigating of his own. Then Elaine grabbed his shoulders and stepped up on his knee to swat at Jolene, which brought her nipples into his face. Joe trying to be a friendly host gently bit one of them causing her to let go and fall back into the water with a splash. Jolene was giggling so hard that she didn’t see Joe bend over and reach between his legs and pull one of her ankles up causing her to fall backward too.

That was the wrong thing to do, so Joe found out. The girls ganged up on him and started dunking him every time his head came above water. He had a great deal of trouble with where his hands went from time to time, bring screams and giggles from all the girls.

Fun was had by all, but after about an hour, the girls began to leave the water, dry off and lay out on the lawn to watch the others. When Vicky announced that there were snacks and drinks in the house, the party moved indoors again. Most of the girls just wrapped their towels about their waists and began digging into the snacks talking a mile a minute. There was plenty of wine, red and white, with a variety of hard liquor also.

Joe was tired from all the playing at the lake and just reclined his chair and enjoyed all the bouncing nipples. Vicky came over to him with a plate full of snacks and his favorite drink, (Pepsi), “Is this all too much for you Joe?” she asked.

“It’s been a while since I had so much fun, in such a short time.” smiled Joe.

“I heard that your hands have been kind of busy,” giggled Vicky. “The girls are enjoying themselves though Joe.”

“Did you make anything on the clothes?” asked Joe.

“Yes I did, thanks to you and your smart assed remarks,” said Vicky. “Patty seems to think that I will do real well with the clothes, but I’ll have to watch you pretty close,” she adds.

Elaine comes over and sits on the arm of Joe’s chair, “How are you doing Joe? Did we give you too much of a work out tonight?”

“I’ll be fine in just a little while,” smiles Joe. “I think that it is all the naked girls that have caused me the biggest problem,” he says as he looks down at the tented towel in his lap.

“Oh I am so sorry Joe, maybe we should all get dressed then,” suggests Elaine with a smirk on her face.

“No that is all right, I’m recovering nicely right now,” says Joe quickly.

“Just invite him into the bedroom Elaine and see just how tired he really is,” jokes Vicky. “That’s when you will see all of him come alive at once, and then look out for a trip through the stars that you won’t soon forget.”

“Now that is something that I would like to experience,” warns Elaine.

“I heard that,” says Misty, “That sounds like a trip I might like to take too,”

“Where we going?” asks Sarah as she turns around to face Joe letting her towel slip to the floor. “I’m always up for a trip.”

“You are a trip Sarah,” giggles Elaine. “Now cover yourself so Joe’s heart doesn’t jump out of his chest.”

“Ooops, darn thing won’t stay tucked together,” smiles Sarah with an impish look on her face. She turned around to bend over and pick up her towel, giving Joe a close up view of her sweet pussy, which Vicky quickly slapped in fun. “Ouch!” she shouted as she jerked to a standing position.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t resist,” giggled Vicky. “I mean it was just right there in front of us begging to be swatted.”

“I thought that all girls liked to be spanked,” offers Joe.

“Well…, yes under the right circumstances,” Says Elaine. “By the right man, in the right place, and for the right reasons.”

“How about right now, right here, because I want to?” snickered Joe.

“That would depend on who was going to nurse me back to health, so to speak,” says Elaine.

“Oh goodie,” shouts Sarah, “Elaine is going to get a spanking everybody.”

“I think that Sarah should go first since she started this,” says Joe with a wink to Elaine and Vicky.

Elaine and Vicky quickly took Sarah by the arms, stripped her towel, and laid her across Joe’s chair, with laughter in the background from all the rest of the girls. “Now let’s see,” said Joe, “one cheek at a time, or both, damn I can’t remember for sure. Oh well as long as it is a good hard one, that’s all that counts.”

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