Just Being Human

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You don’t need to be handsome or ugly to find your soul, just be confident and you will find you goal, if Jane was horrid to you no matter, invariably it was caused by a lot of abusive chatter. Misunderstandings; they happen all the time, and I guess without them life would become bloody sublime

It s like soaps on TV, the sometimes pre-supposed drama and predictable farce and others you’d frankly like to stick something up their ass!

But the acting is good to make you feel that way, but just take a while, look at the content any day – and I bet you ten to one, a new story line is created by yet another misunderstanding – and it is always dramatic from there I’m standing.

But we are an unsettled lot, it seems we can rarely stand still, busting and hustling about the earth, right to death from birth.

Now we have a lot more technology and gadgets sublime than they ever had in my time. I am thinking bad, that’s bad, kids come wired up – within themselves, not aware of a world out there passing by – and yet it is good too, without technology and cat scans I would be gone that’s true.

I have come to the conclusion – no matter what we think, czech sharking porno each generation serves a purpose, each new invention and super plus technological creation – state of the art – and although many of us don’t see it, make us all so very smart.

So we strive on and accept what is and what will be, all the advances in my lifetime in in the cosmos and astronomy. The huge, but very huge 50% increase in the population since I was born in 1933, and I reckon about another 100 at least when I have finished my cup of tea.

Each day we suffer the doom and gloom the media dish out, it seems hardly anything is real news unless we have something harsh to shout. About. But we do have a shining of the good things too, like those unsung heroes who want to do their bit before going to seed, like many who have contributed to children in need.

I don’t really know, but I guess when all comes to pass – it will probably seem like a great big farce.

We are all here because it happened, somehow, someplace we know not when or how, not truly.

We live on a very insignificant blue ball in space, as if czech streets porno by a happy accident – just the right distance from our sun to enable life on earth – and each one of us created by just one sperm survivor of thousands , enabling the miracle of birth.

No more misunderstandings of you please, let us turn to love to feel the ease, let me show you just how much I care and want you, how the human state provokes that magical urge that produces another unit to the population. But the absolute fun of it all, another good reason for living and makes one feel so tall.

The feel of your touch upon my soul, the need for your sex and mine to play the role. The wondrous feel of your body bonded with mine, the urge to seduce you sublime, the wanting and wanting you more and more all the time. Then the use of that Anglo- Saxon word, that somehow said in practice of unrelenting love, does not sound all that rude or absurd. For I feel the ease and splendour of your arduous and passionate kiss, as I ease within your tunnel of love, until we feel that heaven -sent final thrust of love.

You say you love me and I say czech super models porno I love you. No more misunderstanding, lets always be true, Let us just love each other forever and a day – until the earth returns us to ashes and sifts our souls – to do what souls do, but whatever I know I shall even then still be with you.

“Peter I love you so,” you say and I feel your passion coming through in the things you do. I feel you touch me there when we kiss so fruitfully and your moans tell me you need me true. I feel the wonderful pleasure and soothing of your fingers squeezing and stretching my growing ardour, I say not to stop, look down to watch you as you lips smooth and touch me there, as I brush my fingers through your hair.

I am soon so badly wanting you, you take me inside your mouth like you do and suck me through and through. The hardness stiffens as you say you feel my throb in your mouth, and I tell you just how much I want and need you, North, East, West and South, you are my planet, my garden to plant my seed and nurture your bloom, darling lets make love in the small room, out little heaven which we use for love, with all there we need to please, the handcuffs, strap -on, girly dresses and tight, tight boxer shorts, vibrators to double fuck you, to feel the splendour of your fuck each way until we melt into each other and find our heavenly climax, you yell and shout and I let it all out, we are there and we feel our bodies combine, I am your and you are forever mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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