Justine: Like Cinnamon Ch. 03

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This is the third part of the story of Justine and Freddy. The first two parts are in the ‘First Time’ area. There are no virgins in the story any more. Future parts will show up in various other areas on Literotica. Tell me what you think.

=========== ***** =============

All the next week after Justine had “deflowered” Freddy, she seemed distant. During music, she had been given some special assignment and had a pass to the library. The only other class they shared was home room English. Before class on Monday, Freddy saw Justine had already arrived. Her desk was across the room from his, next to the window. She never looked up at him. Then the teacher was there and class droned on.

After class, he waited for her outside the room, hoping to talk to her. She barely said hello as she breezed past him. He couldn’t figure it out. He turned the other way and went to his next class. The day passed as they all did.

It was not until Thursday, after school, that Freddy finally ran her down. He had learned which door she used when school was out. He rushed there after sixth period and waited for her. She walked out and across the grass without looking to either side. That was why she didn’t see him. He trailed her without saying anything. Down the street to the corner, across the next avenue he followed. Just past the hardware store on the corner was the wrought iron fence that enclosed Library Park. Arched gates penetrated the fence at intervals all around the park. Freddy knew Justine lived somewhere west on Detroit Avenue, the street that marked the opposite end of the park.

A brainstorm hit him. He could cut across the park and meet her when she turned down Detroit. She wasn’t walking that fast, so he ducked through the first arch and trotted down the trail between the trees. He followed the curving path around the duck pond where they skated in the winter, then up the rise to the far side and the arch fronting Detroit. He caught his breath and tried to adopt a casual attitude, leaning against the fence.

Justine rounded the corner and marched toward Freddy’s position. She had a book open, reading as she walked. “Hey, Justine!” Freddy pretended he had just seen her. She skidded to a stop and looked up at him wide-eyed. When she saw it was Freddy, her expression morphed to a sarcastic one.

“Gee, Freddy! Aren’t you a little bit out of your way here?”

“I just wanted to talk to you. Are you mad at me or something?” his voice cracked at the end there. He cleared his throat. Justine looked over her shoulder and around, trying to see if anybody was close enough to eavesdrop on marks head bobbers porno them.

“No. I’m not mad. I just didn’t want you to…I didn’t want to… Oh, shit! I don’t know what I wanted or didn’t want. Look, let’s go in there and find a bench.” She raised her round chin, indicating the park. They turned and walked under the canopy of oak and elm trees side by side. Justine kept peering around them furtively.

“Are you looking for somebody?” Freddy asked. The thought occurred just then. Maybe she had started going out with somebody. Now he, too, cast his gaze around them. There were several people scattered around, mostly older folks and women with strollers. They seemed to be the only teens around.

“No. I just thought it might be better if we weren’t seen together. You know, your reputation, and all,” she said quietly. They came to a bench that was overhung by a thick hedge. Freddy took her elbow and guided her down onto it. He sat beside her and put his books behind him. Her answer puzzled him.

“What do you mean, ‘my reputation’?” he asked her.

“Well, people might think you liked me or something. They’d kid you about liking a fat girl.” She refused to look at him when she said that. All the confidence she’d exhibited last week had evaporated.

“I thought we had done with that subject, Jus’,” Freddy said. Her attitude hurt his feelings. “I DO like you. I don’t care who knows it. I mean, I didn’t tell anybody about last week, and I’m not going to. That was between us. We can still be friends, you know. And if…well, nobody needs to know what kind of friends we are. Even if we never…never have sex again, I still want to be friends.” Now she looked up at him.

“Do you know how many friends I have here, Fred?” She paused, then went on. “Exactly three! Four if you count. People really are assholes, you know?” Freddy hadn’t really thought about it. He had lots of friends. Some of them — guys as well as girls — were overweight, or ugly, or there was Tank, who had the cleft palate and talked funny. Now he understood her aloof attitude.

“Justine! Listen to me. It’s not them, it’s you! You seem to be off in your own world all the time. It isn’t about your shape or your weight. All the guys I know have only said good things about your body. They all love your big tits!” He elbowed her gently in the ribs and was rewarded with a weak smile. “Then there’s me,” he said with less confidence in his voice. Now it was Freddy who seemed to be examining the grass at his feet. “I really, really like you, Jus’.”

She stared massage porno at the side of his red face. She had thought — even this afternoon, when she noticed him following her — that he just wanted to fuck her again, in spite of her fat. A glimmer of sunshine threatened to poke through her perpetual overcast heart. She was afraid to believe him. The guys back home sometimes talked like this, but not for long. As soon as some little cupcake batted her eyelashes at him, he was gone. And they never, never wanted to be seen with her in public. Freddy raised his eyes to meet hers. He smiled. It was a kind of sick smile, but it was a smile. She smiled back. The uneasiness passed from his face and it became a real smile.

He leaned forward and kissed her. She sighed through the long kiss. She opened her lips and his tongue wound its way inside her mouth. She felt her belly get liquid and the heat she remembered from Friday returned. His arms went around her. She blindly found a place for her books behind her somewhere and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Ten minutes passed. Freddy was marginally aware of several people walking by on the path. When he couldn’t stand it any more, he broke the kiss long enough to look around them. They were alone for the time being. His hand rose to cup her large left breast. She sighed and kissed his neck. Under her shirt, under the thickness of her bra, he felt her nipple hardening.

She reared back and looked into his eyes. She smiled again. She looked around. Seeing no one, she stood up and pulled him up with her. With his hand in hers, she walked around the bench and pushed into the deep hedge behind it. They fought their way through the worst of it. In the middle, the foliage thinned some. Then she ducked down and Freddy followed her ass in its casing of tight denim. Her trademark scent of cinnamon suddenly hit him. That was the first time he realized he hadn’t smelled it until now.

Justine knew park hedges. The caretakers trimmed the outsides. The inside of them, without the benefit of light and air, died some, leaving openings here and there. Justine found one of these and turned to Freddy. They could almost stand upright, but standing wasn’t what was on her mind. She dropped to her knees and fumbled open Freddy’s belt and jeans. She stripped them to his knees, along with his underwear. His stiff cock bobbed in the breeze. She trapped it without a word in her mouth and sucked him hard. His hands were on her shoulders as she slid her mouth up and down his length. She massaged his balls gently, then slipped a finger back between his meet-suck and fuck porno sweaty ass cheeks. He bent his knees and let her play with his asshole. The orgasm burst over him suddenly. She sucked and sucked as he squirted his come into her mouth. She released him and he fell/sat in the dirt, not caring that his ass was getting dirty.

He stared at her in wonder. It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. Justine just sat there grinning at her handiwork. She loved the sense of power it gave her to reduce a guy to jelly by giving him a surprise blowjob — or any blowjob, for that matter. She crossed her arms under her tits, lifting them, making them more prominent. When Freddy got up on his knees and came toward her, she held him off.

“Nope!” she said, laughing. “Not now. I’d love to, but I have to get home. Besides, somebody might come along out there and steal our books. Pull your britches up and let’s get out of here.” Freddy wanted to kiss her again, at least, so he did. The cinnamon scent was very strong then. She allowed the kiss, then dodged around him and back through the brush. She peeked out before emerging, brushing dead leaves and dirt from her knees. Freddy came crashing out in a few seconds. His arrival startled two old ladies who happened to be passing by. Justine laughed and jerked her finger toward him, telling the women, “He just had to pee.” They huffed off and Justine giggled at Freddy’s embarrassment.

Freddy walked her home and told her he’d see her the next day. It would be Friday again. At her door, he kissed her again. Just as they were finishing the kiss, the door opened behind Justine. Freddy looked up into the eyes of an older copy of Justine. She smiled and winked at Freddy before Justine turned around. “Oh! Mom, this is Freddy. Freddy, my mom, Sharon.”

Freddy shook hands politely and said he was glad, etc., etc. Sharon kept smiling and said, “Well, I’m happy to see Justine is making friends. Are you a senior, too?” Freddy said he was. “I guess I can expect some ‘study sessions’, then, eh, Justine?” Freddy didn’t know why the two women laughed at that.

The next day, when Justine walked home with Freddy — to Freddy’s place, she explained. “Mom told me about her study sessions with my dad in high school. They went to her room and fucked themselves silly, with my grandparents right downstairs! I told her about you last week.” Freddy was astounded!

“You mean you told her we…?”

“Sure! She was glad. We have a very healthy attitude about sex in my family. Wait until you meet the rest of them!” Freddy thought that was a rather mysterious thing for her to say. He didn’t know whether to look forward to meeting the family or not. Justine just laughed and pulled her pants down. She jumped on the couch and spread her legs, holding her arms out to Freddy. He dove on top of her. He had no idea of the adventures that lay ahead of him with this erotic young woman!

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