Keep It In The Family Ch. 02

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I had fucked Peter some fifteen years ago and now I had just fucked his son, also named Peter. Both had been doing building work for me, the elder when I was married and the younger now I was divorced. The father and I did it when I was living in a large rambling house in Chigwell, just outside London in Essex. With the son it was at was at my duplex apartment in London Docklands. With Peter senior, it had been adultery for both of us, but with the son we were free spirits as I was now divorced and he was not attached. The dad had been in his fifties when we had made love; the son was in his early twenties. Both had been excellent lovers.


Peter and his team had been working in my apartment for several weeks. We chatted a lot, just as I had all those years ago with his father. They were very alike; Peter the son even did the The Times crossword just as the other Peter had, although the younger completed it on his Kindle. As we got to know each other better, I had felt the atmosphere developing and changing, becoming more intense and intimate, heavier and suggestive. After we had made love, we talked and admitted that we had fancied each other for some time, but had been scared to make an advance. There had been several near things and false starts as we ‘duelled’ with each other wondering, hoping and fantasising.

The ‘breakthrough’ came about by accident.

Peter senior was retiring and going to live in Italy. Peter junior was taking the business over and wanted to expand it. He needed capital. One evening after a couple of glasses of wine as he was leaving and we were standing facing each other by the door, I had completely innocently asked if he wanted a sleeping partner. Fortuitously he had taken it the wrong way or, maybe he had taken it the right way for he thought I was suggesting that I would be his partner to sleep with. Although I was not suggesting that with that phrase, I was craving to be that and quickly after saying that we were kissing.

He took me in his arms crushed my body against his and shoved his tongue into my mouth; he seemed inexperienced, but I did not care. I was inflamed with desire for him, my body was tingling all over and my mind was alive to the fact that I was going to have sex with a guy young enough to be my son.

He embraced and cuddled me with the vigour of a youth and the impatience of a man. However, that did not matter. The situation called for vigour and impatience. It was not the time where long, languid foreplay, slow undressing and subtle advances were required; they could come later. No, to get this done, demanded pace and action. Too much thinking and we could both ‘come to our senses’ and that was the last thing I wanted to happen.

So as he squirmed his lips against mine I ground mine back and as his tongue probed at my mouth I opened it and welcomed his inside me, just as I knew I would welcome other parts of him inside my body very soon. I did nothing to deter his hand firstly rubbing my bum in my tight, blue, thin wool business skirt and then squeezing the cheeks and pulling me harder against his rock-hard erection that was pressed against me from my clit to my navel. I revelled in his enthusiasm and eagerness to get at me, to touch, rub and caress me and to see me. I welcomed his hand on my full breast inside the crisp white, button up the front blouse. I enjoyed him squeezing it, perhaps a little too hard and I pressed my sensitive orb back against his palm. I gasped with pleasure and a little pain when he pinched my nipple through the material and did nothing whatsoever to deter him when he fumbled the buttons undone. My heart pounded with anticipation and desire as he pulled my skirt up at the back and stroked, rubbed, caressed and pinched my slightly oversized, highly sensitive bum cheeks. I opened my legs encouragingly as his fingers probed between them searching and wonderfully finding the lips of my pussy covered by the lace of the pale grey, with pink trimmings thong. He rubbed me there and I grunted.

“Ok Amanda?” He asked removing his lips from mine.

“Oh yes Peter” I gasped back stroking the back of his head and neck and pushing my lower body even more firmly against his cock that I was now dying to feel, see and hold.

We stood there kissing and kissing. He ruffled my shoulder-length, wavy, chestnut coloured hair that I paid fortune to get the ‘just been dragged through a hedge backwards’ look, or as my ex used to call it ‘the just been fucked look’ that is now so popular. He piled it on my head, caressed it, pulled it interestingly hard and then let it fall onto my shoulders.

My blouse was now open all the way, my breasts had come out of the bra and my skirt was bunched around my waist. It was a gorgeously, wanton scene. It was then that I had said to him what I had said to his dad all those years ago.

“I think it might be time for us to go to bed don’t you Peter?”

Although when working at home I often was in the nude or just in my underwear, it was an odd sensation walking through my apartment and up izmir escort bayan the open staircase with my blouse undone and my expensive skirt, worryingly crumpled round my waist.

“Oh Mandy you are gorgeous” he sighed stroking my bum as we went across the landing leading to my bedroom.

Once in there, we kissed again and he started to undress me, but I stopped him.

“No undress yourself Peter,” I whispered as I removed my blouse and carefully rolled the Donna Karen skirt down my legs, off my feet and folded it over the back of a chair. Staring at the other enjoying each new revelation his shirt was quickly on the floor and he was undoing his belt and zip. My bra was soon off and on the floor as he groaned his pleasure at seeing my somewhat pendulous 36 DD breasts as I wished I had continued the diet that gets them down to a more manageable 35D.

I had been worrying about this moment since I had started fantasising about having sex with him a few weeks ago. I was sure that a gorgeous looking, young, available and very tasty guy like him would have his pick of young, stick insect-thin women. I worried that the voluptuousness of my breasts, the slight, yet obvious, post baby bulge of my tummy and the rotundness of my body might put him off, so his delight when he saw them relieved me.

He was fiddling his jeans, which were round his ankles and his socks off so was standing there bent slightly forward in a pair of grey, CK modern Y fronts, unlike his father who wore old fashioned underpants. The bulge of his cock that the tight, material was restraining so that it pointed slightly sideways, well more at say, ten o’clock, looked lovely. He was clearly quite long and thick.

We stood there just in our panties and stared at each other for a moment or two.

“God I so want you Mandy,” he whispered as both of us at the same time slid our hands into the waistbands.

“And I you, Peter,” I croaked back as we slid our underwear off.

His erection sprung free into an upright position. That made me gulp and then sigh with desire; I could not remember wanting to hold a cock as much as I did his.

“You are lovely Peter,” I said as we held each other and gloried in the flesh on flesh feelings and the reaction to the curves and protuberances of the other’s body.

We lay on the bed, kissing and grinding our bodies together. His hands were all over me and mine after running down his broad, smooth back and over his pert bum had found, at last, what I had thought and had masturbated about so many times, his delicious, young, virile cock.

As I lovingly, almost reverently stroked it so his mouth found my breasts. Holding one breast, he sucked my nipples as his other hand went between my legs and his fingers found my wetness. They slid inside me making me grunt with pleasure.

“No Peter, not that.”


“I want this,” I said squeezing his prick.

“Sorry,” he said removing his fingers leaving a void in the sensations I was receiving from him.

“Fuck my condoms are in my car.”

“Don’t worry,” I said leaning across the bed and fumbling in the bedside table drawer. I gave him a packet.

“Thanks,” he smiled ripping the paper open, pulling out the johnny and slipping it on his awesomely swollen cock.

I rolled onto my back and he climbed on. We kissed and he squeezed my breast as he slithered down a little so that his cock was between my thighs that I opened a little. The end of it was nuzzled against the lips of my pussy.

“Ready,” he whispered.

“Oh yes, very ready,” I groaned, closing my eyes and kissing him as I received the fantastic sensations of his cock sliding up my wet and welcoming cunt.

It was a quick fuck. Perhaps no more than a couple of minutes, a dozen or so thrusts and then he was holding himself rigid as far up me as he could get it.

“Fuck it sorry, I’m cumming Mandy.”

“Yes Peter cum for me. I am too,” I groaned back as I felt his cock exploding into the rubber and my orgasm crashing over me.

I lay in his arms as the lovely traumas of my orgasm subsided. Like many men, he had slid out of me pretty quickly after cumming, but unlike some, he did not seem to want to get away from me. We cuddled and I squirmed up against him.

“Oh Mandy that was amazing, you’re amazing” he whispered.

Looking up at him, my breasts squashed against his chest I smiled and said.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself you know.”

“Was it ok?”

I ran my hand up his nicely, hairy chest, kissed him softly on the lips and said.

“It was a lot, lot better than ok Peter, it was great.”

We lay there telling each other how wonderful we were until he said.

“I have been thinking about this for so long.”

We then went on to tell each other how we had slowly become more and more attracted to each other and how we had been scared to make a move. Laughing I said.

“I had no idea you would fancy a mother figure like me Peter.”

Cupping my breast, he replied.

“These escort izmir are far from mother figure attributes and my mother doesn’t do this to me,” he smiled pushing his lower body against me.

“Fuck he’s hard again,” I said to myself loving the idea.

We had sex again this time lying on our sides and later, after I had ordered and had delivered a Chinese meal, with me on top.

Ah the wonder of young men was coming true, I smiled.


I did not see Peter for a few of days as I had to go to Madrid the day after that first sex, but I missed him. I could not believe it at first. It was not just the sex I was missing, but being with him, seeing his smile and hearing him talk. The day after I returned from Madrid I did not leave at my usual seven fifteen to get to work. I waited until he and his workmen arrived. I felt nervous and was worried that now he had screwed me that he might not want me anymore.

It was a relief, therefore, that when he arrived he beamed me a big smile and told me how pleased he was to see me.

As the men started work, he pulled me into what would soon be my study. We kissed.

“Not working today Mandy?”

“Yes I shall be off soon.”

“What time will you be home?”

“Not early I am afraid I have a client meeting at four.”

“Shame” he said meaningfully looking into my eyes as I mentally undressed him.

“You could do some overtime and stay for dinner.”

“Thank you I would like that.”

“I’ll call you on your mobile when I am near.”


He was lying on his back. We were both naked and he had fucked me twice within an hour. I wanted more. I slid my hand down and found his flaccid cock.

“I want this,” I whispered into his ear.

“Soon Mandy, give me half hour or so.

“No I want it now,” I growled pretending to be angry as I slithered down his body my long hair tumbling onto his chest and then his stomach. I kissed and licked my way from his face to his waist. I licked his stomach and then lifted his cock that certainly had some life in it. I kissed feeling his hands ruffling my hair. I licked its length a couple of times and was pleased and relieved to feel it stirring. I scratched his balls with my fingernails, cupped them in my hand and then sucked one, then the other and then both into my mouth. At the same time, I stroked that little patch between them and his anus. He was suitably moaning, groaning, and writhing his hips a little.

“Oh yes Mandy that is fantastic” he said as he cock started to grow.

“Kneel for me,” I said positioning myself in front of him.

I took it in my mouth and sucked it until it reached its majestic fullness.

“Ok you can have it now,” he said pulling on my shoulder.

I resisted and carried on licking and sucking him. He did not object.

Holding the base of his thick cock in my hand I slowly masturbated him as I slid my mouth up and down his gorgeous length. With my other hand, I caressed, stroked and rubbed his balls and thighs even edging my finger slightly inside the crease of his bum.

“Mandy I won’t last that long,” he groaned pulling and stroking my hair.

“Good,” I managed to mutter between sucks of his delicious prick.

“What do you mean?”

“Guess” I muttered renewing my sucking efforts.

I could feel it hardening and him straining. I knew he was near and I was tempted to let him cum in my mouth, but as much as I liked him, I thought that I did not know him well enough for that. I slithered slightly under him so that I could still suck and rub him, but could look up at him. My bare tits were under his cock and my face, obviously, was level with it.

“Do you want to cum on me?” I asked him.

“Yes on your tits.”

With just a tad more sucking and a few pumps of my hand, he was cumming. As it happened, he did not just cum on my tits, but splattered his sperm all over my face as well.


We had several more afternoon and evening sessions and even an overnight; it was wonderful dozing off in his arms only to woken by a hard, enquiring cock probing at me. God knows how many times we had sex or how many orgasms he gave me that night; I did not even try to count them.

I then had to go to the States for a series of budget meetings in New York and the annual management convention in Boca Rotan. I was away for two weeks and it was hell. I missed him every moment of those two weeks. I phoned him far more often than I should, but I just could not help myself. I even contemplated arranging for him to fly out, but even with the liberal management of the ad agency that would be pushing a little far. I knew that I was in danger of making a fool of myself, if I wasn’t already, but Peter did not seem to mind and certainly did not object.

As well as phone calls, we started emailing. They went deeper, became more intimate and I suppose, not to put too fine a point on it, dirty. They also became more frank and open. We started expressing our feelings until the day before I izmir escort was due to return a phrase in a mail from him made me feel as if my heart would explode.

‘Please do not be mad at me Mands and I will understand if you think I am being stupid, but I think I am falling in love with you. Also forgive me for not telling you this face to face, but I simply am not brave enough. I will understand if you ignore this or want to finish with me.’

I mailed back.

‘Of course I am not mad at you nor do I wish to ignore it and most importantly I do NOT want to finish it. We do, though need to talk face to face and urgently.’

Coming through the customs into terminal five at Heathrow, the first thing I saw was Peter. He was holding a bouquet of flowers. I dropped my carry-on luggage and forgetting the crowds of people around us I fell into his arms and we were kissing. We had done nothing like this in public before, in fact we had not been together in public.

“I have missed you so much Mandy,” he said between deep, passionate kisses.

The tears started rolling down my cheeks. “And I have you too, Peter, so very, very much” I replied when I could get his tongue out of my mouth.

I felt his erection pressing against me.

“Sorry Mands, but I want you so much.”

“Are the men working in the flat?”

“Yes, I am afraid they are.”

I got my mobile and called the Sheraton.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

I moved closer and whispered. “Getting a place for us to fuck.

As I knew cabbies at Heathrow, hated short trips, I asked the Sheraton to send a car to collect us. We wandered through the terminal arm in arm with me being thankful that, inevitably, or I hoped, they were strangers all round us. Although I had been able to resist kissing and holding my young lover after I came through customs, I did not feel comfortable with such actions of affection in public with a guy young enough to be my son.

We nattered away as we waited for the car that took no longer than fifteen minutes. Within another fifteen or so, we were in the lobby of the hotel and I was registering. I was acutely aware of the stares and glances we got from mainly other guests, but also from some of the staff although I imagined they would be used to such pairings, but then maybe not.

It was hardly another fifteen minutes before we were in our sixth floor room, naked, with Peter on top of me, between my widely spread, legs wrapped round his back having fervid, energetic and making up for lost time, sex. This time, though, I recognised it was more than sex; we were making love and that recognition shook me. It shook me most when I thought that he is hardly any older than my daughter!


“I’ve never really done it,” he said rather bashfully adding. “Sorry Mandy.”

“Don’t be silly” I said sitting up so that my tits sagged a bit, something I was now not so worried about, particularly as he then cupped one and lifted it to his mouth.

“Would you like to?”

“Of course, every man would.”

“No they don’t love,” I said cradling his beautiful face to my breast, just as I had my daughter Sara’s all those years ago.

“What do you mean how could any man not want to?”

“Some think it’s not right and dirty.”

“What pricks.”

We laughed.

“So you would like to would you Peter?”

“Yes of course, may I?”

Smiling I said. “I thought you would never ask, be my guest.”

“I’m not sure what to do,” he said, slithering downward so his face rested on my bare tummy just inches from my dark, pubic hairs.

“Then I and nature will teach you,” I said opening my legs and raising my knees.

I gently held his head and persuaded it down a little further so it was between my thighs, his mouth pointing at my pussy.

“Do you what you think is natural Peter,” I whispered, my entire being tingling with anticipation.

His tongue ran softly along my lips that were nicely lubricated. He got the pressure just about right, but could have slid his tongue inside a little more. “Mmmmm that’s lovely, keep doing that” I groaned still holding his head and running my fingers through his hair. He slid his tongue along that sensitive passageway a few more times doing it slowly and purposefully and, as it happens, just right.

“Push it in a little,” I suggested.

He got that spot on too, his male nature took over, and he started to fuck me with his tongue.

“Use your fingers as well darling,” I groaned feeling those lovely oral induced sensations welling up in my stomach and breasts.

He stroked my thighs, edged his fingers between my legs and then rubbed my stomach.

I was starting to cum.

“Hey slow down a bit, you’ll put me over the top,” I smiled urging his face away from me for a moment or two. “Let me rest a bit “I am getting on and can’t take the pace,” I smiled reaching out for him and pulling his leg. “Turn a bit so I can get to you.”

“What do you want to get to?”

“What do you think” I smiled grabbing his rock hard cock that had cum less than half hour ago. I rubbed him adding with a lilt in my voice. “Do me a favour Peter?”

“Whatever your heart requires.”

“It’s not what my heart requires, it’s something else.”

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