Kenzi’s Sexy Older Neighbor

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Kenzi Reinman sat up in bed, slipping off her sleeping mask. Her breathing was heavy, and there was a slight glisten of sweat on her chest, making her white tank top cling to her breasts. She had had an incredibly sexy dream- a forbidden, naughty, delicious dream. It had been about her much older, hot neighbour Mark Grath. He was old enough to be her daddy, but he was sexier than any of the boys at her school. He was a cop, and had a beautiful wife named Dianna and a set of eight year old twins (Maddie and Penny).

The dream had been so hot, though. He had fucked her on his countertop, her ass wet with massage oil and cum, his cock slippery and throbbing for her. She bit her lip, thinking about it, closing her eyes and savouring the memory of the thick, meaty, juicy-

“Kenzi honey, are you up?” Her mother called from downstairs. Kenzi glanced at her alarm clock, cursing as she realized she had overslept.

“Yes, I am!” She called back, voice breathy. She swallowed, fingers creeping beneath the blankets to the hot, wet spot between her legs. She let out a near silent moan as her fingers gently touched her clit, and then a slight gasp escaped her lips as she inserted one finger, then two, recalling the dream and the glorious cock, getting pounded and pounded-

Boom boom came a knock at her bedroom door.

“Can I borrow your black top?” Her sister, Irina, yelled on the other side of the locked door. Kenzi and Irina’s mom had never been married, but she’d managed to get pregnant twice. Of course Irina would interrupt her- Irina was always ruining everything for Kenzi.

Kenzi threw back the covers, sighing through her nose. She decided to shower quickly, begrudgingly throwing the requested top to her sister before retreating into the bathroom.

Kenzi stripped off her tank top and panties, cupping her tits, then her ass, as she looked into the mirror at her body. She looked pretty mature for someone who had just turned eighteen, her body curvy in all the right places and slim in the others. She had -what her mother told her- her father’s slightly olive skin and her mother’s green eyes, and the same shade of honey blond hair as her older sister. She traced her fingers across her perky boobs, pinching the nipples. She let her hand fall farther, trailing past her belly button, but she didn’t touch herself again. If she started, she’d have a hard time stopping, and she was already running late.

Kenzi showered quickly, loving the feel of the hot water dripping down her body, the steam making her feel soft and warm. She pushed the thoughts of Mark out of her mind, trying to focus on her schedule for the day at school instead.

Kenzi left her long hair wet, to dry in the summer heat, and slipped into a pair of tight black shorts that let her perfectly plump and round ass cheeks peek out, and an almost backless red lace tank that dipped in the front to show her tits off. She had just enough time to do her makeup and grab her purse, then Irina dropped her off at school before heading to her own office job.

Kenzi stalked into the school, totally distracted. She daydreamed the whole morning, thinking, planning, wondering. She wanted Mark- she needed him. Or rather, she needed his member inside her, needed him to fill her as she was sure only he could.

She had always thought he was smoking hot, for an old man. Until the dream, the thought had never crossed her mind to actually do something about it. Kenzi sighed, looking around at the dweeby guys in her class. They were nothing compared to the forty eight year old. If she got Mark to fuck her, he’d be cheating on his wife Dianna. Going behind the woman’s back to put his dick into a sexy little whore-next-door.

A strange tingling warmed Kenzi’s pussy. With a jolt, she realized how turned on she was at the prospect of another woman’s husband choosing to fuck her instead. Kenzi licked her lips, salivating. She had always been competitive- how could she not be, having a sister that was just as pretty as she was?

The only thing that made Irina more experienced- and therefore better- than Kenzi was… Well, Irina had actually had sex before.

Kenzi felt pathetic enough to admit it, but she was still a virgin. She’d fooled around before- she’d given so many blow jobs she had lost count, and she was good at giving them. But… She’d never been fucked, despite her best efforts.

She had a feeling Mark would change all that.

So she knew what she needed to do, and the more she thought about it, she realized she knew exactly how she had to go about doing it.

Kenzi skipped the afternoon and instead, went out behind the school and dialled a number in her cellphone that she had never tried before- the bahis firmaları Grath Household.

She crouched behind a dumpster, listening to the phone ringing.

“Hello?” A gravely, sexy voice said on the other end of the line. Kenzi felt her pulse quicken.

“Hi, Mr. Grath? It’s Kenzi Reinman, your neighbour.” She tried her best to sound sexy.

“Hey Kenz. How are you?” She tried not to squeel as the nickname washed over her.

“Oh, I’m… Alright. It’s just, I don’t feel so well, and I’m at school, and my mom can’t come pick me up. I just wondered if perhaps you were home…?” And wanted to fuck my brains out?

“Of course! It’s one of my days off today, I’ll be right there. I’ll come to the back.” She tried not to let her heavy breathing get into the receiver, especially when he said he would come for her.

The wait was excruciating. Kenzi kept checking her appearance in her compact mirror. Her hair had dried completely, falling down to almost her butt in natural waves. She applied more lipstick.

The black truck finally pulled into the parking lot, and Kenzi felt her stomach do a flip. Even the way he drove was sexy.

She opened the passenger door when the vehicle came to a stop before her, and slipped inside. The air conditioning made it cool, but as she turned to face him, she felt her cheeks warm. He was looking her up and down, not so subtly. The realization made the sweet spot between her legs throb with desire.

Mark looked absolutely delicious- his tan skin against his tight grey t-shirt and dark wash jeans. His black hair, tinged slightly with a few greys, was damp from a shower, and swept out of his dark blue eyes. A muscle in his beautiful jawline feathered as he took in the sight of her.

“Thanks for coming to get me, Mark. I really owe you.” On the word owe, she reached out and stroked his large, tight biceps.

“Oh, well, I’m sure we can think of something to return the favour.” He said, and smiled at her.

On the drive back, she told him that she had a bad stomach ache, but was feeling a little better. They talked about the pool her family was putting in (she hoped he was picturing her in a bikini), and then the lost dog that their other neighbour had eventually found.

And then it grew quiet, and Kenzi studied his profile as he drove. He smelled so good- she could smell it from here- like musky pine and something spicy. Her gaze fell to his crotch, where the outline of his cock was just visible through his jeans. She bit her lip, then looked up at him- he was looking back at her, his eyes telling her that he knew what she wanted. Kenzi smiled, giggling. She leaned forward, revealing her tits to him, and turned on the radio for the rest of the trip.

When they pulled into his driveway, Kenzi was relieved to see no other cars- in neither her nor Mark’s driveway. They got out of the truck, and she pretended to dig into her purse.

“Oh no! I’ve left my keys in my locker at school!” She said, her eyes playfully catching his. He stood there, trying to read her. She swallowed, suddenly hoping that she wasn’t just embarrassing herself.

“Listen, why don’t you come over to my place. We could… Play some card games or something. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll even let you have a beer or two.” Kenzi couldn’t help the devious smile that spread across her lips.

She followed him inside, slipping out of her bootie heels at the door. Mark threw his keys in the bowl on the hall table. He went to the fridge and cracked open two beer bottles, handing one to Kenzi. “You’ve been inside before, haven’t you?” He asked, and Kenzi shook her head. “I think you should give me a tour.” She said slyly, taking a big gulp of her beer.

He walked her around the house, and in every room Kenzi made a mental note of the best place for him to bend her over. She all but bared her teeth at a framed photo of him kissing his wife. God, she was pretty. All dark hair, ginormous tits, and lips made for cock sucking. But it didn’t matter, because today, little baby Kenzi would be the one with Mark’s cock in her mouth, not his stupid whore wife Dianna.

“And this,” Mark said as he brought her into his and Dianna’s bedroom, “is the master bedroom.” It was a bright and airy room, no doubt decorated by his wife. Kenzi drained the last of her beer and put the empty bottle down on the hall table, peering into the doorway. The bed had dark grey silk sheets and lots of throw pillows. Kenzi walked into the room and launched herself onto the bed, laughing. She laid down on her back, looking up at the chandelier light and running her hands over the silky bed.

“Your wife is really good at decorating. Your house is beautiful.” She said. After a moments kaçak iddaa hesitation, Mark moved over to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Yeah, Dianna is a really great decorator.” He said, studying the ceiling.

Kenzi bit her lip and slowly, sexily sat up, until she was almost leaning on Mark, her chin on his shoulder and her tits pressed against his arm.

“What else is she good at?” She asked in a husky whisper. Mark turned to look at her, desire in his eyes. “Is she good at taking your cock?”

Mark let out a charged breath, his eyes roaming across Kenzi’s face.

“I did just turn eighteen, you know,” Kenzi said, picking up Mark’s left hand and making his palm cup her tits. His hands were huge. “And I’m a virgin. I want to know what it’s like, when a man fucks a woman.” Mark closed his eyes and groaned- she was turning him on. Kenzi panted, “I’m a woman now, too, just like Dianna- just like your wife. Don’t I get a turn to get a good fucking too? Don’t you want to feel your cock inside me, too?”

Mark’s eyes flashed open, and then he lunged for her, his mouth burning on hers. “No, you’re not a woman, not like Dianna. Your my little babygirl, and I’m going to be your daddy.” Kenzi let out a gasp, and Mark picked up her little body with one arm and threw her farther onto the bed.

“I’m your daddy now,” he said again, “and you better obey what daddy tells you to do.” He stood and pulled off his shirt. He tore open his belt, letting his jeans and boxers fall to the floor. He stood naked before her, as Kenzi twisted on the bed, drooling. His cock was bigger than she could have imagined- thick and so hairy. It must have been at least eleven inches.

He stared at her, waiting for a response. When she didn’t say anything, his face hardened, and he jumped onto the bed and had her over his lap in a second. “You answer when daddy asks you something, babygirl.” He said, as he ripped the fabric of her shorts apart, tossing the now useless fabric onto the floor. He spanked her hard, and then again, leaving a red hand print across her pert ass.

“Yes daddy!” Kenzi said, feeling her pussy juice dripping.

Mark ran his finger along the strap of her black lace thong. “Mm, daddy likes his little baby’s panties. Does the bra match?” He asked, and before she could respond, he ripped her delicate tank to shreds.

“I’m not wearing one.” Kenzi said, smiling sexily. Mark chuckled. He grabbed Kenzi’s head and pushed it down to his dick.

“Suck me off, babygirl. Suck daddy’s cock.” Kenzi was only too happy to. She opened her mouth wide, and clamped her mouth over Mark’s monster. It felt so good in her mouth that she began moaning into his meat. He gripped the back of her head, shoving his member further and further down her throat, gagging her until her eyes watered. He face fucked her, each thrust of her head harder and quicker. She couldn’t stop of she wanted to, with his huge hands wrapped around her head, forcing his giant dick to fill her throat. She wouldn’t have stopped anyway, though, because she wanted to please him. She wanted him to be turned on by her as much as she was turned on by him. He pulled her face off his crotch, then flipped her onto her stomach, stroking her full, juicy ass.

He reached into the bedside table and took out two pairs of handcuffs, then leaned down and licked Kenzi’s lips. She was enthralled with his tongue- too enthralled to notice until he had already snapped the handcuffs to her right wrist, and dragging her on her stomach toward the headboard, was now attaching it tightly to the right hand bedpost. Before Kenzi could do anything else, he was snapping the other pair tightly around her left wrist, and then to the left bedpost. She couldn’t move her arms at all, but was stuck there, her ass in the air.

“This is so hot, daddy.” She said as he pushed her into doggy style position, crouching on the bed behind her, just far enough not to touch her ass, though she craved it. He reached forward, his breathing heavy, and used both hands to stroke and pinch her nipples, biting her neck. He reached into the drawer again, pulling out an impossibly long and thick dildo. He spat on it, and then pressed it against her ass.

Kenzi felt a bit of panic rise in her throat- anal already??

“Relax, baby. Daddy will take care of you.” He said, and then slid his fingers along her ass crack and down to her soaking wet cunt. Kenzi screamed out as his fingers brushed her pussy, and she rocked her hips against his touch, already on the brink of orgasm.

“Not yet, naughty baby. What a little whore. You’re daddy’s little slut, aren’t you Baby? Mm daddy loves that his little baby is a dirty whore.” He coated the dildo’s head with her pussy kaçak bahis juices, then pressed the dildo to her asshole once more, rotating it and gently pushing. Kenzi felt a rush of pleasure, arching her back and letting out a few gasps as he pushed the wet dildo further in, and it made a sucking noise. Kenzi moaned, backing her ass against the dildo that Mark was shoving harder inside her little ass.

He left the dildo inside her, and, sitting on her legs so she couldn’t move at all, he brought his monster cock to her wet pussy opening, rubbing his meaty head against her opening, all along to her asshole, making Kenzi scream in pleasure. His cock was so close, so close to being inside her little cunt!

He leaned forward, biting her ear, then whispered, “I love how naughty you are, little Kenzi. You know, my wife isn’t this naughty in bed. Though, your mother has always been a huge anal slut, too.”

Kenzi felt her eyes widen and her body go ridged. “W-what?”

“You heard me, my little whore. Your mom loved it when I put things inside her ass too. She can never get enough of my cock. I’ve been fucking your mom for years and years, now.” Kenzi could only stare at him, twisted around as his cock pressed against her dripping pussy. “Why do you think I like it so much when you call me daddy? Cause I am your daddy- yours and Irina’s. That’s why we’re neighbours- your mom wanted to be close so I could feed her my meat- so I could fill your mommy’s cunt with my cum, too.”

Kenzi couldn’t think straight. So… That was her daddy’s juicy cock poised to take her virginity, to penetrate her tiny little hole until she screamed? Kenzi was breathing hard now.

“But… You’re my.. You’re my real daddy?” Kenzi said, trying to wriggle away from his cock, knowing how wrong and dirty and not right this was- but wanting it so much that it hurt.

Mark- no, Daddy- looked his daughter deeply in the eyes and said, “It’s only right that your Daddy gets to fuck you first.” Before grabbing a hold of her tiny hips and thrusting his giant, hairy, thick, throbbing cock inside little Kenzi.

Kenzi screamed out, in a mix of pleasure and pain, feeling whole and perfect and afraid of the fact that this did, truly, feel so right. She screamed as her first orgasm hit her, as the combination of the giant dildo in her asshole and her daddy’s cock in pussy, as her Daddy made her cum, as her pussy juices exploded all over her real daddy’s meat. And then daddy came, riding his little girl, cumming more than he ever had, pumping his seed so deep inside her that Kenzi felt it and orgasmed again, shaking and crying out and loving every wave.

Mark let out a grunt as he finished cumming inside his little girl, and then pulled his dick out of her. He wiped the sweat off of his brow and ripped the dildo out of Kenzi’s asshole. He unhooked her handcuffs, and put it all away.

“Daddy, I-“

“I don’t want to hear it, baby. Dianna doesn’t know about any of this, and she’s not going to. I’m not going to be a father to you- but I am going to be your daddy, and daddy’s take care of their little baby girls.” Kenzi smiled, so content as she lay there in the knowledge that she had her own daddy’s cum inside her. Something Irina would never-

“I hope you know, that means little Irina, too. I get to fuck your sister, just like I get to fuck you, babygirl. Now Irina… Mmm that little slut is a hot piece of ass.” Kenzi blinked, sudden anger pumping through her veins.

“Oh, there’s some competition there, I see.” Daddy chuckled. “Well, not to worry little baby Kenzi. You’re the one I’ve wanted to fuck for a while now.” He got off the bed and pulled on his pants.

“Of course, it would be best if I got to fuck both my daughters at the same time- then I could really see who is my hottest little slut. Tomorrow, after Dianna leaves for work, after the twins have caught the bus to school… Bring Irina over. Hell, bring your mother too- we’ll have a good old family fuck!” Kenzi scowled, though she did admit that the thought of a family orgy turned her on immensely. Daddy put his hands on her flat stomach.

“Don’t be upset, baby. You already have a head start.”

Kenzi looked at him, puzzled.

“Whoever gets pregnant with daddy’s baby first, wins.” He said. Kenzi smiled, her hand on her stomach.

“Well, I don’t see any reason why we have to stop now- no one will be home for hours.” Her daddy grinned deviously at her, as he grabbed Kenzi by the ass and stuffed his face against it, sucking and licking all the juices from his daughter’s asshole.

She could be Daddy’s favourite- she knew she could! She would out fuck her sister and her mother, and even his whore wife Dianna, and whoever else Daddy was putting his cock into. Kenzi would be his favourite. She would make him insane for her little cunt.

Kenzi rocked her ass against her daddy’s face, smiling madly. Oh, the naughty things she would get up to!

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