“Kitten Takes Daddy”!

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“Kitten Takes Daddy”!
Kitten Takes Daddy!

Jul 10 at 9:30 PM

A ceiling fan rotates in the dimly lit room, lit candles positioned in various locations, as Daddy lies nude on a couch. His Kitten stands over him, a 6 inch dildo strapped to her waist. She smirks as, inwardly, she savors this momentous opportunity afforded her by her Dom, her loving boyfriend, her Daddy. Tonight, he offers her his virgin ass.
Daddy licks his lips as he flicks his nipples, watching his Kitten as she strokes her plastic cock. He stares at it, his mouth watering, yearning for a taste. Kitten smiles, increasing the strokes.
“Daddy, do you want your Kitten’s cock?” She purrs, squeezing the dildo’s bulbous head.
Daddy nods, caressing his swelling cock. “Oh, yes,” he hoarsely replies,”Kitten. Daddy wants it in his mouth!”
Slowly, Kitten approaches him. He opens his mouth wide, accepting her cock. She grips his head, as he has done countless times to her in the past, and glides inside, gyrating canlı poker oyna her hips. Daddy accepts all of the dildo’s girth, choking but, quickly, regroups. He caresses the shaft, controlling his gag reflex for a short stint, as he deep-throats the thick, toy cock.
Kitten caresses Daddy’s neck, fucking his mouth deep and hard; He matches her strokes with newfound vigor, sucking and swallowing the delicious instrument of pleasure.
Kitten pulls back, smiling, as Daddy gasps, thick globs of saliva dangling from his mouth and chin.
“Fuck!” Daddy exclaims, sobbing for air.
Kitten grabs his head, forcing him all the way down on her cock.
“Suck my dick, Daddy,” Kitten orders. “Get it nice and wet for your cherry ass!”
Her words motivate Daddy to do just that. Fleetly, he jerks the cock, twists and massages it, in his mouth. He pulls back, spitting on the head, then bobs up and down upon it.
Kitten pushes her Daddy onto his back. “Enough! Kitten’s ready to internet casino fuck her Daddy!”
With an audible grunt, Daddy spreads his ass cheeks, pushing two fingers in and out his ass, prepping it for anal sex.
KItten applies a condom and a generous amount of lube to the dildo. Slowly, she massages the liquid all over it, staring at her Daddy, as she dons a knowing smile. She smacks the cock across his beefy ass cheeks, spits on his puckered asshole.
“Daddy ready for Kitten?” She teases his hole with a finger and winks.
“Yes, Kitten,” Daddy replies with a nod,”take my ass! Take your Daddy’s ass cherry!”
Grasping either of his ankles, Kitten slides into Daddy’s tight ass. His eyes flutter at the marvelous sensation. He licks his lips, tightening his ass muscles onto the dildo. Kitten fucks him at a slow, even pace, picking up momentum as he moans and strokes his precum-dripping cock.
“Fuck ,your big dick feels good in my ass, Kitten!” Daddy squeezes Kitten’s güvenilir casino plump ass, pushing her deeper inside him. She bottoms out, causing him to scream in pain mixed pleasure. She pushes away his hand, jerking his cock slowly as she stares into his glazed eyes.
Daddy grits his teeth. His body starts to shake and tremble. He nears his climax. “Fuckkk, Kitten, Daddy’s ….I’m gonna shoot my load!” A thick and copious amount of semen ejects from his dick head, covering his stomach and Kitten’s massive tits.
“I’m coming too, Daddy,”Kitten retorts, pulling her cock from her Daddy Dom’s gaped ass with an audible POP. She pants, jerking the ass juiced covered dildo until a thick and creamy substance oozes out the head, pouring onto Daddy’s thighs and adbdomen.
Daddy smiles, staring up at his Kitten.”Good girl, beloved, “he praises,”you took Daddy’s ass cherry! I loved it!”
Kitten smiles, collasping atop him. Small trickles of fake cum trickles from the dildo onto the floor. She kisses him, rests her head atop his hairy chest. “Thank you, Daddy!”
Daddy kisses the top of his treasured Kitten’s head. “Daddy loves you.”
“Love you too, Daddy.”
The loving couple falls asleep, cuddled in each others arms.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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