Lara’s First Nude Beach Adventure

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Lara is in her fifties. She is trim and fit, with green eyes, shoulder-length shimmery silver hair, firm B-cup breasts, and long slender legs. She has had a fairly average sex life and considers herself generally conservative on sexual matters.

Lara is on vacation and is told by a hotel employee where the best secluded beach near her hotel is located. Lara prefers to go somewhere away from the crowds, so she can get a great tan while wearing a rather skimpy bikini she purchased for her vacation. She notices the employee smiling as she walks away from him and thinks how helpful the local people are to visitors.

When Lara arrives at the small, isolated beach, it is nearly deserted, with a few people arriving at the same time, so she lays down her towel on the sand, removes her coverup, and applies low-level sunscreen to tan her beautiful skin without burning. She stretches out on the beach towel and puts on her dark sunglasses and straw hat. The morning sun relaxes her, and she soon nods off for a brief nap. Minutes later, a distant voice penetrates her consciousness, and she opens her eyes.

She realizes that the beach, while not crowded, is now occupied by more than a dozen groups of people. She also notices that some of the ladies have their swimsuits completely off, and down the beach she sees several fully nude men. The nudity startles Lara, as she had no idea she was on a clothing-optional beach. She realizes that the hotel clerk had a good reason to smile when he sent her here.

She notices that more and more of the people on the beach are removing their swimsuits. Soon, Lara is in the small minority of clothed persons. As she sits on her beach towel, a nude couple strolls by, and stops to talk to her. The woman is middle aged, and her exposed breasts have a little sag, but are still nice looking. The older husband is packing a fairly ordinary looking cock, which is flaccid.

The woman bahis firmaları smiles and asks if this is Lara’s first time at a nude beach. Lara smiles and says, “I didn’t know it was clothing-optional until I woke up from my nap and saw all the naked people around me.” The woman replies, “You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll become comfortable being nude once you take of your swimsuit.” With that, the couple moves on down the beach.

Lara hesitates, and then says to herself, “What the hell. No one knows me here, and I did want to get a great tan.” With that she reaches up and unties the string holding her bikini top up, then reached behind her back and unties the string there. She allows the bikini top to drop to her lap, then sets it to the side, where she can quickly grab it if need be. She looks at her swimsuit bottom but decides it should stay in place.

She looks around and realizes that there is now at least a 60% majority of men on the beach. She smiles and says to herself, “These guys are probably pervs looking to get a good look at some naked women.” After reflection she decides that her perky boobs are worthy of being ogled and is secretly pleased that a few men are strolling by and looking directly at her chest. She notices that the men’s cocks come in all combinations of diameter and length. Most are flaccid, but a few seem to be somewhat erect.

Once Lara realizes she is now the only person on the beach with her swimsuit bottom on, she gives in to the perceived peer pressure and removes the skimpy thong. She then quickly applies tan lotion to her pale pussy and lies back on her towel with her legs slightly spread to soak up the sun. Within minutes, she notices that the male traffic passing by her has picked up. Even though they have sunglasses on, it is clear the guys are checking out her girl parts and liking what they see. Lara smiles inside while thinking, “I’m not bad for a middle-aged lady.”

As kaçak iddaa the day progresses, Lara notices that some of the nude couples are furtively stroking each other’s private parts, and the male nearest to Lara has developed quite an impressive erection. As she watches, the young woman lying next to the man rolls on her side and takes his cock in her mouth. The woman bobs her head up and down vigorously for a few minutes, then it is obvious that the young man has blown his load in her mouth. Lara pretends not to notice but sees that the couple has seen her looking and is now smiling at her.

The young woman swallows and says, “Have you ever had sex while on a beach?” Lara smiles and replies that she has never even thought about it. Minutes later, the couple is joined by two young men, both of whom have decent sized cocks. Lara notices the couple gesturing in her direction while talking to the men. Soon, the two guys walk over to Lara and say “hello.” Lara and the men chat for a few minutes, and the topic quickly turns to the nude beach experience and the sexual activity Lara has just observed.

The young men question Lara about her sexual likes and dislikes, and she blurts out that she is quite proficient at giving deepthroat blow jobs and has frequently fantasized about taking on two guys at the same time. That gets a very positive response from the two men, including the sudden appearance of hardening cocks. Lara thinks to herself, “What the hell, I am here, and no one knows me, so why not?” She beckons the two men closer, and begins stroking their cocks, which seemingly instantly harden and point upward.

Lara then alternates taking the two cocks into her mouth until they both are fully erect. As Lara is sucking one of the cocks down her throat, the other guy walks behind Lara, and reaches around to stroke her perky tits. Her nipples are fully hardened, and tingle with his touch. He then begins kaçak bahis rubbing his hand on her beautiful ass, which ignites her desire. Her rear end is one of her most erogenous areas, and the stroking is making her incredibly wet between her legs.

The guy behind her then slowly rubs his hand across her pussy, including gentle strokes on her engorged clitoris. As Lara begins to moan, she feels the hands on her backside and crotch move to her hips, and the tip of a cock pushing against her vaginal opening. The cock pushes firmly into her pussy, is withdrawn, then pushes further in until Lara can feel the cock fully inserted into her pussy, and the gentle slap of the man’s balls as he repeatedly thrusts into her.

Meanwhile, the young man with his cock in her mouth has begun to groan each time Lara deepthroats his cock to its full depth down her throat. She realizes that his balls are hardening, and his cock is beginning to pulse. She feels him spurt warm cum down her throat and into her stomach, accompanied by his grunts of satisfaction.

At the same time, the young man behind her has also begun grunting with each plunge deep into her pussy, and soon explodes inside her with a large discharge of cum. He again rubs her ass as his pulsing cock begins to subside, and before withdrawing, gives her clitoris a gentle stroke, the combined effect of which causes Lara to immediately explode into an intense orgasm, complete with loud moans. The guy with his cock near her mouth quickly reinserts his cock to muffle the noise, and Lara gradually calms down from her orgasmic shuddering.

The two young men stand in front of Lara as she regains her composure. She notices that their cocks are still fairly firm, and says to them, “Come back by after a while, and perhaps we can have more fun.” As the men walk slowly back to the nearby couple, Lara notices that the couple are smiling and giving her a thumbs up. A few minutes later, the older couple that Lara met when she first arrived at the beach stroll by and stop to ask how she is enjoying the nude beach experience. Lara smiles and says, “I discovered that it can be quite entertaining.”

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