Last August Ch. 03: Aftermaths

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These two quick follow-ups take place a few days after The Second Weekend in August (which itself follows The First Weekend in August). If you haven’t read the earlier stories, go ahead and do so: I’ll wait.

Aftermath One: Thinking About Saturday Night (Susie)

I can’t believe I’m rubbing myself off again, thinking about what happened Saturday night. What is this, the fifth time? The sixth? And it’s only Tuesday morning.

Thinking about Scott and me having sex in the same room with my sister Cathy and her husband Carl. That was hot as hell, even though we’d done it before. Noisier this time though, lots of grunting and groaning, Scott on top of me, Carl in the next bed taking Cathy from behind…

And then afterward when Cathy began slowly jerking on Carl’s cock, and I moved from our bed to theirs and watched, up close and personal. Still naked, of course. Scott’s cum still dripping out of my swollen pussy.

I hadn’t been this close to another man’s naked, erect cock in almost 20 years. I guess I hadn’t seen another man’s naked, erect cock in almost 20 years.

What I really wanted to do was gently push Cathy’s hand aside and wrap my fist around Carl’s cock. I bet neither of them would have minded. Scott would have, though. I think he wouldn’t have tried to stop me: instead he would have come over to the bed with us, push my sister Cathy down, and ram his cock into her before she knew what hit her. And then I’d just let go of Carl’s cock and mount it, and fuck him better than my sister ever had.

But what really happened was crazy enough: Just as Carl was about to cum, Cathy aimed his cock at me and he shot his cum all over my naked tits. I wanted to take his hot cum and rub it all over my tits, into my nipples, but that would have been so slutty. No, what I really wanted to do was scoop some up with my finger, and then reach down and rub it against my clit, rubbing it hard, like I’m rubbing my own pussy juices against my clit right now, fingering myself in front of my husband, and my sister and my brother-in-law, and not caring. Making myself cum loudly…

I should have done it…

Mmmm… mmmm…

No, canlı bahis don’t want to cum yet…

Scott looked at me with the cum all over my tits, and he came over, grabbed my head, and shoved his hard cock into my mouth. Normally I’d hate if he did that, just fucking my face, but I sucked that cock as hard as I could, as deep as it could, letting it fill my mouth, managing not to gag. And when I could tell he was about to cum, and saw that Cathy was sitting next to us watching us, the same way I’d watched her and Carl, and I know she expected me to shoot Scott’s cum on her tits, I took Scott’s cock out of my mouth, kept stroking it, and at the same time I grabbed the back of Cathy’s head and pulled it so close to Scott’s cock, and first he came all over her face, and then as she opened her mouth in surprise, he shot another load of cum right onto her tongue. She was surprised, but instead of pulling her head away, she moved it a bit closer.

Her mouth was close enough to my husband’s throbbing cock that I’m sure he could have felt her breath.

I know she wanted to move in the last couple of inches and take it into her mouth, suck out the rest of his cum. And Scott wanted it desperately.

I should have pushed him forward, just a little. Neither of them would have resisted. She would have taken his cock deeply into her mouth and sucked hard and enthusiastically.

And I would have gone over to Carl and shoved my wet pussy into his face, making him fuck me with his tongue.


I can feel his tongue lapping against my clit, my hard clit… and I’m cumming, Carl eating out my pussy… Ahhhhhh…

Aftermath Two: Carl Isn’t Home (Scott and Cathy)With Carl working late and our daughter Lindi spending the night at a friend’s house, what I really wanted to do was pour a glass of wine and curl up on the couch and watch some stupid “reality” program: but we’d been away the past couple of weekends, and the house really needed a good cleaning.

In the cooler months, I do this sort of housework wearing ratty old sweats. Mid-August, though, the most comfortable thing is one of Carl’s old “wife-beater” bahis siteleri t-shirts and a pair of exercise shorts which seemed okay when I’d bought them, but turned out to be as short and tight-fitting as a pair of panties. Not something I’d feel comfortable wearing at the health club.

I was just finishing the living room windows (I wanted to get them done first, while there was still some daylight) when I saw Scott’s car pull into our driveway. I climbed down the ladder and had just finished rinsing my hands clean a the kitchen sink when he rang the doorbell.

I wiped my hands dry on my shorts as I walked to the door to let him in. “What’s up?”

Honestly, I was surprised to see him: things had ended awkwardly for the four of us over the weekend, and I wasn’t even completely sure our end-of-the-month holiday together was still on.

“Nothing much. Just some things I had to… uh… discuss with Carl…”

I suddenly realized why he seemed so distracted: the thin, ribbed t-shirt I was wearing was doing nothing to hide my hard nipples, or even my dark areolae. “Uh… I’d better go change,” I said, starting to walk away.

He put a hand lightly on my arm to stop me. “Cathy, come on, I’ve already seen you. A lot of times, in fact.”

“But never when we were alone,” I said nervously. But I stopped walking away.

“Not only seen you,” he continued, ignoring what I’d said, “but touched them.” And with that, he brought his hands to my breasts and began stroking them through the t-shirt. “Three different times, wasn’t it?”

“You shouldn’t do this,” I whispered; but when I didn’t make a move to stop him, he went on: “And I seem to remember, the last time I did this to you, in the car…” He pushed my shirt up above my breasts, exposing them, then traced circles around my nipples “…I made you cum. You had to stuff your hand into your mouth so Susie and Carl wouldn’t hear you.”

“Don’t,” I whispere”Don’t try to make you cum again, or don’t stop,” he asked me.

“Fuck you,” I said unconvincingly.

He lifted my t-shirt over my head and tossed it onto the floor. “Of course, maybe Susie wouldn’t have minded. She was the bahis şirketleri one who gave you a mouthful of my cum, after all.”

“Mmm,” I said.

He moved his right hand up to my mouth, and traced his finger across my lips. “You wanted to suck my cock after that, didn’t you?”


“You were so close to doing it,” he said, pressing his finger between my lips. “We all knew it.”

I opened my mouth a sucked in his finger.

He smiled, no doubt imagining his cock in my mouth. Then he began sucking on my left breast.

Was he going to fuck me? We’d all crossed some lines the past couple of weeks, Scott and me a lot more than Carl and Susie, but we’d drawn the line at… well, sex. And we hadn’t done anything at all without our spouses at least present.

But I knew that if Scott wanted to fuck me, become the first man other than Carl I’d ever fucked, I was going to let him.

He removed his finger from my mouth, and his mouth from my tit and eased me down to the floor.

He ran his right hand up my left leg, slowly, then across the crotch of my shorts. I felt both embarrassed and insanely turned on when I realized they were wet, that I’d soaked right through the shorts.

He penetrated me with his finger, pushing my wet panties and wet shorts into my pussy. Then he wriggled his finger, brushing the material against the walls of my pussy.

I screamed.

We both knew he could fuck me any time he wanted to, and he was going to, so I took the power out of his hands the only way I could: in as little time as it takes to describe, I rolled out from under him, pushed him to the ground, yanked down his shorts and underwear with one pull (breaking the zipper, I later found out), pulled off my own shorts and panties, and impaled myself on his hard cock.

He barely knew what hit him, but he wasn’t complaining.

I used his cock like a sex toy, thrusting against it over and over again, as hard as I could, not even thinking about what he wanted until I’d cum again.

“Cum in me,” I told him when I could tell he was on the verge. “I’m not on the Pill, fill up your wife’s sister with your cum, give me a baby!”

“What?” he shouted, looking both terrified and more aroused than even. He was well past being able to stop himself, though, and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum deep inside me, making me cum yet again.

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