Last Day In The Nest

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For these two students, it was the beginning of the best and the worst of wonderful summer vacations – the one between the schools and the universities. It had begun well; everyone was happy to pass the last tests with flying colours and everyone seemed to have a good direction where they were going. A lot of people had to say goodbye to each other, but these two students stayed in the same city.

But now, these two graduates lay nude atop each other in the bed a somewhat empty room.

The skinny blonde guy with a short, messy hair was shivering as he lay atop the girl he loved and gave her a passionate French kiss. The slim young woman, quite busty and feminine for her age, with long black hair and round glasses – she knew she was weird for refusing to take them off while having sex, but neither of them cared – was trembling, holding her lover in a twitchy embrace, arms and legs wrapped around him.

Karl’s parents didn’t yet have any idea that he was seeing his former classmate. Now they were in a quick summer trip, and Karl was all alone in his parents’ home. All alone with his things that were boxed and ready for the move. Annette found the surroundings rather weird, and idly thought that this was probably going to be the weirdest place she would be having sex for quite some time.

Karl had only unpacked his radio and had popped in the same CD they had listened to when they made love the first time six months ago. The CD was a mix of some bands Annette didn’t know.

Annette knew it was not the last time they’d make love, but still, because of this specific CD, it felt like it. It was her nineteenth birthday; she knew he was trying to cheer her up, but she had always felt that such special CDs would be needed for other kinds of special days. Like actual anniversaries or final goodbyes. Annette thought that it was a shame that Karl had never brought her in his home. What’s the use of graduating from such a nice school if you never even had sex before moving on your own? She was, however, happy that the situation was being fixed.

Annette closed her eyes as Karl slid himself in her and kissed her quickly. Annette could feel Karl hesitating as he cupped her breasts, trembled and gasped.

“Right,” Karl said and swallowed noisily. He lay atop Annette and kissed her neck.

“Bang me, Karl,” Annette sighed out, her breath trembling. Karl really fills me, she thought. So wonderful…

Karl started thrusting slowly. Annette shivered in bliss.

“Ngggh!” Karl gasped. The unmistakeable pulse within Annette told her everything.

She sighed. This would need to be slow.

“I- um, I’m sorry,” Karl said.

“It’s okay,” Annette said.

“Uh- um- I…” Karl said, blushing. “I’m so sorry for ruining your birthday, but I think I’ve had enou-“

“Bullshit,” Annette cut him off. “You’re just nervous, Karl. Relax.” She smiled wide. “And it can’t be a too big failure of a birthday, if you think what has happened so far! I’ve had tons of fun.”

Karl smiled hesitantly and kissed Annette. “I- If you say so. U- um…”

Annette rolled atop Karl and smiled. She took a grip of Karl and slowly let him slide out of her. “You just illegal bahis need to relax, Karl.”

“I- um… yeah…”

“And your parents aren’t going to bust in,” Annette said. She inched backwards and knelt on top of Karl’s legs, rolled off the condom and gently started stroking Karl. “Just like mine didn’t when we’ve been in my place. Just relax…”

“O- okay,” Karl said.

“You want me to give you a blow job?” Annette asked.

“Sure…” Karl said. “But I’d really like to fuck you again.”

“Don’t worry about that! So… is the new home of yours nice?”

“Yeah!” Karl said. “Very nice flat in a skyscraper in the centre. Really close to the University of Technology.”

“Thick walls, too?” Annette said. “You’re going to need thick walls. I still don’t know which one of us is noisier…” She grinned. “…but I think you are. This is, like, seventh blow job this week. And it’s Wednesday.”

“Never been there in the evening, but a friend of mine who lives there says that you can hear people fucking in the top floors all the time.”

“That’s cool, too! We’ll fit right in once I move there!”

Karl laughed. “But you said you wanted thick walls!”

“It’s either thick walls or really thin walls,” Annette said. Karl was getting hard again; she opened another condom package. “Either you hear no one having fun, or you hear everyone having fun.”

“Still, um…” Karl looked inconvenienced. “Let’s not talk about moving in together yet.”

Annette laughed as she rolled the condom on Karl. “Sure, let’s not. I’ve got my mouth full anyway.”

And with that, Annette bent down and took Karl’s penis in her mouth. Taking a good grip of the base of his long cock to hold the condom still, she started giving him small licks.

“Mouth real full, oh yeah…” Karl said.

Really full, Annette thought. Still can’t fit him all the way in my mouth…

Annette felt Karl grow even harder immediately and began licking with more vigour, rolling her tongue around Karl’s length.

He likes me, Annette thought as he heard Karl breathe really hard and shiver. He really likes me.

Karl grew even harder as Annette licked him, and Annette started licking his whole length back and forth. Soon, she gently rubbed Karl’s balls as she bobbed her bead up and down, eyes closed but certain that he was watching her and thinking she was the cutest thing on Earth.

“Oh fuck, Annette, you’re so sexyyy-yy-yy….” Karl mumbled and cried. “Suck me, sexy girl…”

Annette picked up speed, giving him good quick licks, her head bobbing faster and faster on Karl.

“Nngh… good God… damn, Annette… fuck… fuuuuck yeah!!!”

He’s so close, Annette thought. So close.

“Neg… Nng… Aaaaaah!” Karl screamed.

Annette instantly stopped licking and let Karl slip deep in her mouth, sucking hard on Karl as he shot his load, her breath trembling as she felt him throb hard in her mouth.

My God, this is awesome, Annette thought. She twitched, drew a deep breath, and gently let him out of her mouth, still giving him a few licks before removing the condom from the still slightly throbbing cock, making a mess of the sperm illegal bahis siteleri on her hands.

“Damn that was good,” Karl said, just as Annette readjusted her position, hopping to kneel a little bit forward. Her vagina rested right on top of her balls, and she began rubbing him hard again. She grinned to him as he realised he was going to get hard fast… or maybe not, knowing how nervous he seems. “Um… wish you didn’t make me cum…” Karl muttered.

“Oh?” Annette asked.

“I guess I’m pretty tired and feel so raw. I’m not sure I can cum into you again… Third time is a bit… hard…”

“Don’t worry!” Annette said. “You’ve done this a lot of times, right?” She grinned. “Has there ever been any time you’ve failed to fuck me three times?” She smiled wide.

“N-no…” Karl muttered.

“Why are you so nervous, really? It’s just the move that’s making you nervous, right?”

“Yeah,” Karl said.

“You’re not going to propose to me the moment you blow your load into me next time, right?” Annette said with a huge grin.

Karl chuckled nervously. “Nope… I mean, I’m so sure I want you to be my wife, but…”

Annette smiled. “Biiiig decisions! It can always wait until next month!” She turned to reach on the top of the pile of boxes next to the bed and took another condom, unwrapping it. “But I’m glad you’re so sure. Because I’m pretty sure of what I think of you. But anyway… would you like to come and see my new home tomorrow?”

“Yeah, of course!” Karl said.

“And see the couple of DVDs I got?”


“And fuck like bunnies until 2 AM?” Annette asked as she was done rolling the condom on Karl once again.

Karl chuckled. “We’ll see if I’ve got any cum left after this fucking.”

“But it’s morning! 2 AM tomorrow is so far away!” Annette whimpered playfully.

Karl just laughed.

“I guess it’s just the music that makes you nervous?” Annette said as Karl rolled atop her and began kissing her. “The same CD we had playing when we fucked the first time.”

“Yeah,” Karl said “I thought that would have been nice, but I guess that’s what’s killing the mood… funny, really. I guess we shouldn’t, mmmh…” he said while giving Annette a kiss, “be playing our songs in sad times, like when we’re both moving.”

“‘Our songs’?” Annette asked and laughed as another song with steady, well-paced beat began on the background. She gave Karl a few good kisses and brushed his back. “We’ve got to pick better songs as ‘our songs’, otherwise people will think we only fuck all day.”

“Yeah…” Karl said and gave Annette a kiss.

Karl looked a little bit more determined than in the previous time, and smiled widely as he guided his cock to Annette’s hole. He thrust himself in more slowly this time. Annette looked at him in the eyes and smiled widely, sighing a content sigh.

He fills me, Annette thought.

“Bang me again, Karl,” Annette whispered. “You’re the best at it.”

“I shall, beautiful,” Karl said.

Annette wrapped her legs around Karl as he started to trust her. She shivered with bliss, her heart raced hard; she knew he’d please her and her pleasure would please him. canlı bahis siteleri She let out a cut-off breath every couple of times Karl shoved himself in her.

He is slippery, he goes deep in me, Annette thought. He goes there to please me.

The song in the CD player changed. A long, dreamy new-age song with slow rhythm. It’s the same song that was playing when he cummed in me the first time, Annette thought. And it goes on forever, forever…

Annette clung harder to Karl and kissed him a few times. She was compelled to close into a French kiss, and as she did so, she breathed hard and heavy, determined not to let go until he came in her.

Karl took his time and humped her slower, then slowly, slowly got faster. No doubt he was getting more excited as time went on.

We’re here, Annette thought. We’re close. We’re together. We’re whole. He’s going to make my pleasure complete, just like he made my day complete. He’s so wonderful.

Annette clung to Karl hard as he shoved in her hard, each stroke of his rock-hard cock going so deep in her. He was going faster and faster, and the two lovers breathed harder and harder.

So close, Annette thought as the feeling swept her away.

Annette let out a “Mmmmmphf!” as he felt Karl stumble and shove himself really deep in her with all his might. She could feel him throbbed hard and fast in her. Seconds later, he couldn’t hold his breath again and started breathing hard, his heavy roar of breath hissing in her dreamy ears like an old steam engine.

He broke off the kiss, still pulsing in her. Seconds apart, but the throbs were hard.

He really likes me, Annette thought. He banged me to make me happy. And now he’s happy.

“That was fucking awesome,” Annette whispered.

The song came to an end. Long dreamy chords that trailed the song off.

“You’re such an awesome gal, Annette,” Karl said. “I love you always.”

Annette rolled on top of Karl and, again, pulled him out of her, careful with the condom. “And you’re so awesome, Karl. And I love you too.” She collected her thoughts. “Hmm, my glasses got a bit bent. But I know how you like to fuck your cute geeky girlfriend…”

“I didn’t make you cum though,” Karl said.

“That’s not a problem,” Annette said. “And you know that.”

“M-maybe I could do you one more time…”

“No, sorry, I’d love to, but I’ve got to go to the cinema.” Annette got up and stumbled forward toward the pile of boxes, on top of which she had left her clothes. I guess my parents want to see used film tickets and not so many used condoms.”

“Yeah… Still, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make you cum,” Karl said.

“Well… you bought me a pizza, you bought me the awesome books I asked for and a nice new MP3 player, and as if that wasn’t proof of how nice you were, you blew your load three times in your lovely girlfriend. What the heck more can I ask for?” Annette asked with a huge grin.

“Well, I guess,” Karl said.

“I’m really happy to be with you, Karl,” Annette said. “This is my best birthday so far, love.”

“Glad it is a good birthday, then, love,” Karl said. “And I’m happy that you feel that way.”

“And speaking of ‘our song’, I guess this last song could be it, don’t you agree?” Annette said as she pulled her shirt on. “I mean, it’s about dreams and nightfall and eternity, but to me, it’s always about getting banged by a lovely guy…”

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