Laundry Sunday Pt. 02

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So trust her I did. My cock slid happily into her pussy. The raw aching of my veiny cock pressed against her smooth, soft and wet pussy. Her hands hooked under my arms as she leaned upward pressing her breasts into me. I pulled out slowly, very slowly enjoying the feel of my swollen head rubbing against her tightening vaginal canal. And as I the felt tip of my cock sitting just within her pussy; softly brushing against her swollen clitoris. Red from arousal and sexual rawness, I pushed back in slow and deep. Beneath me her body convulsed and back arched. She shuddered into something of an orgasmic seizure and came. Warm cum flooded my cock and balls.

Through her orgasmic eruption awakened a sexual hunger for something primal. Malley, who was lost in the thrall of her maddeningly arousing orgasm lied still with a smile on her face. Eyes fluttering. I slowly traced my hands across her bare soft skin. She shuddered as my finger tips ran gently, tenderly across her breasts and circled her hard pink nipples once and continued down her abdomen. Feeling the bounded divot of each rib and the thin muscles above her pelvis. My hands held her thighs and abruptly changed positions going lower and deeper. My cock slipped from her throbbing pussy and lazily fell along sphincter bringing a long trail of her cum and cervical fluid with. I leaned forward pressing both arms beside her head, her attention slowly drifting back to the present with a soft smile of pleasure. Her mouth gaped, eyes widened as I pushed my swollen cock into her anus. Slowly, very slowly my cock went in. Malley screamed. Partly from surprise, partly from pain and partly from raw pleasure. With every muscular spasm her anus tightened around my bahis firmaları cock. I grabbed her hair pulling her head to my right and bit down. Taking her outspoken tendons that plunged out from her neck I bit and bit hard. Malley screamed again running a hand through my hair.

I didn’t unclench my jaw for a while. The feel of her pulse on my tongue, the consistent thrumming of her blood beneath her skin pressing against my mouth. Malley never stayed quiet during that time. With each thrust and withdraw of my cock from her anus she moaned. Each time I bit on her neck she whined. Leaning up, I shared a spectacular moment of eye contact with her and then looked down over her swollen pussy which was leaking cum. Slowly I pressed my thumb into her clitoris and drew small circles. She whined, moving her hips in wide long swaying movements. I pressed into her swollen clitoris and rubbed harder. Pushing my cock deeper into her anus she leaned up, face flush, eyes focused on me and neck strained. A deep purple mark the size of my mouth was smudged on her neck. No amounted makeup or high collared shirts would hide it. It was my mark, my display of momentary ownership. Malley came again, though this time it ejected into a quick stream of cum. She collapsed to the bed gasping for air as though she had been deprived of it for too long. Drowned beneath the lapping waves of unbearable pleasure. Each wave threatening to pull her back under. She shuddered once as I pulled my cock from her anus.

Returning quickly from a fast wash off; Malley was on her knees and forearms. Her ass in the air, cum still dripped from her swollen labia. In that particular position I felt the most primal, the most aware of my body’s kaçak iddaa calling and desire to tear her apart sexually. To plunge my cock into the depths of her pussy. Though in that position, I felt the most vulnerable. I mounted the bed like some climber readying to start a voyage or trek upon a long awaited terrain. Excitement buzzing in ever place, fingers and muscles trembled with anticipation. My hands were at her hips and my cock pointed, throbbed with the pleasure that waited mere inches away.

“Please. Fuck me.” She moaned.

I took in a deep breath and plunged in and deep. Deeper than before. I wanted to go as deep as to push until my balls were in.

“Oh fuck!” Malley screamed.

She wasn’t truly aware of my girth and length or of my sheer size, not until this position. I pulled away and hammered my cock in again.

“Fuck!” She screamed.

There was not stopping this now. There was no turning back or descending down the mountain now that we were half way up it.

“Deep. Too deep.” She whined.

Her words sounded like they were coming from far away. Like someone was trying to tell me something through sound proof glass. Just the faintest resonance of sound was audible. I leaned in, one leg mounting forward and one back. One arm resting at the side of her head and the other at her ass. I pressed in again, feeling the warmth of her tight pussy around my cock. With each breath, each moan, each scream the muscle contracted and squeezed around my swollen cock.

I hammered her pussy hard and fast no longer aware of the intimacy aspect of it. It was there, I could see it, I could feel it like the soft glow of a candle light in the darkness of winter. It was kaçak bahis there. My heart hammered in my ears and blood rushes through my body. I was holding Malley in place, like a predator holds its prey in place just before it bites down. Taking in the emotion and raw magnetism of the scene.

“Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Malley shouted. The pain of my cock had subsided but not disappeared. It would never disappeared fully as my cock hammered against her cervix. Into her cervix, forming my stiff head in. Each time bringing me closer and closer to finishing. She came, again beneath me. This would make the second time in this position she came. Malley wanted to collapse but my hold on her prevented it. Wouldn’t allow it.

My balls burns, cock enlarged with the primal desire to come, the primal need that called. My pace inside her quickened.

“Oh mother fucking shit!” She moaned as I jackhammered her pussy. Deeper-deeper-deeper, harder-harder-harder, faster-faster-faster. I concentrated and then my cock hardened. Like so much scorching metal thrusted into a barrel of cold water I boiled and hardened.

“I’m going to cum.” I growled. My words more like an animal, inaudible and rough.

“I’m coming!” I groaned.

“Cum for me. Cum in me.” Malley whined.

I bit down for a third time, this time on her shoulder. I bit hard until I was sure blood was going to well up around my teeth. I pressed in and deep feeling my cock push into her cervix. She screamed. Like an animal caught in the jaws of the predator she screamed. My cock released. Holding her by her hair I pulled down and with my arm locked under her hips I pressed up and in. Malley whined with each pulse of my cock. She could feel each load of cum pressing in, filling up and taking up her vaginal space. One pulse. Two pulse. Three pulse. After the fifth pulse I left her grip slip and we slipped to the bed. My cock never leaving her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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