Lazy Sunday Morning

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We were supposed to go out yesterday morning…to be there by nine. But when, from under one leaden eyelid, I glimpsed the bedside clock, it was clear. We’d be sleeping in. The laws of physics don’t allow for two-minute lead-times, especially with kids in tow.

Sleepy sex has always been a predilection of mine. I’d slept soundly from one in the morning when I finished the Grisham paperback. Not his usual legal thriller, but a wistful, romantic, escapist jaunt through the naïve world of Italy’s American football league. My lids still heavy with that serene slumber that usually precedes a squawking alarm, I was relishing the prospect of another hour or two in bed when her fingertips first caressed my flank. She spooned me from behind and started running her petite fingers through my chest hair, tickling my stomach and caressing that indeterminate no-man’s land of skin that isn’t thigh and isn’t torso either.


I love the sensation of her fingernails on my body — anywhere on my body — so I had little choice but to respond when they traced their spiderwebs so suggestively around my loins. I could feel her warm, pretty legs pressing into the back of my thighs and her toes tickling my soles and gently massaging the arches of my feet. I was suddenly, and very definitely, awake.

I only frowned very briefly when she leapt from the sheets to lock the door discreetly in deference to our status bahis firmaları as parents. My proto-frown was replaced by a shut-eyed grin as I heard the doorlock click into place, and sensed her rummaging around among her shoes…I love a little dress-up. So does she, and we’ve built up a nice little collection of strappy sandals and knee-high spiked boots.

Strappy three-inch diamante sandals

She strutted back to the bed, lay down to my left and immediately draped her legs across my midsection so that my rapidly hardening cock was caught between her calves. As she drew her left foot back to massage my cock with an excuisite foot in a strappy three-inch diamante sandal, her right foot came to my mouth where I began to nibble along its edge and slip my tongue between the sole of her foot and the sandal itself. I couldn’t resist – pretty soon my lips took her toes into my mouth one by one, and then several at a time, as her other foot continued to pleasure my involuntarily thrusting manhood.

As she lay to my left, I shifted my weight onto my left side, slid my left leg under hers and my right leg between hers so that I could gently nudge the head of my turgid cock between her labia…and caress her body and the full length of her legs with my fingertips, punctuating my caresses with frequent trips into her mouth with my fingers. She took me in her hand and started to massage herself using my shaft as kaçak iddaa a tool, and I could see her waist gyrate slightly as she grew wetter and wetter in anticipation. “I want you inside me.” Little by little I eased my way inside with ever more daring thrusts, her eyelids opening wide and her pupils dilating as I stared into her face and we became more deeply intimate by the second. “I need to be inside you…”

“Your cock feels so good inside me,” she gasped as we wrestled towards that figurative edge all lovers seek to share. My first orgasm took me by surprise, but by this point we were so turned on we thrashed madly – she loves it when I cum inside her – and I was able to ride the wave all the way to the shore. She wanted me badly now, and yet she wanted to wait before she came, and so lay on top of me so we could kiss and I could drain myself a second time between her thighs, clenched to create a tight fit, before helping her to prepare for the her own, inevitable, climax.


“I want you to kneel over my face,” I rasped into her ear. There is little I enjoy as much as licking her to greater heights when I’ve been inside her…a pussy redolent with our shared sex. Ultimate intimacy, and slightly kinky. I feverishly buried my tongue in her womanhood, savouring the dual scent…she likes this, and she knows I like that she likes it. That self-fulfilling upward spiral that lovers who seek one another’s kaçak bahis pleasure know to be the pinnacle of lovemaking. Looking up into her eyes past her thighs, stomach and breasts as my mouth surrounded and captured her epicentre.

“No, wait, stop,” she moaned after a couple of minutes of my lapping her womanhood, “I want to cum with you inside me.” And so she resumed her prone position on top of me, stretched out her legs on either side of mine – curling her toes, as she tends to before cumming. “Yes, yes, yes, fill me up,” she moaned in my ear as her sensitive, pretty A-cups circled my hungry lips to receive a tongue-lashing – and to respond with incredibly sexy raised nipples.


Her eyes closed and she started to quiver slightly, tensing her leg muscles, and I knew she was on the edge of the cliff, ready for free-falling pleasure. I grasped her derriere, and her waist, to force myself deeper inside her and as she came I was overwhelmed with such arousal I was able to empty myself utterly, and for a third time that morning, as we fed one another’s hungry bodies simultaneously. I wish I could feel the sensations that flow through a woman’s body as she climaxes continuously for a couple of minutes. I’m sure it’s God’s way of compensating the undoubtedly fairer sex for childbirth…but all I can say is that it’s the sexiest, most arousing feeling in the world to watch your partner reach “le petit mort.”

We both knew we’d want more later in the day…and her constant reminders to me of the moistness slowly seeping from between her legs throughout the day ensured that round two was not a disappointment.

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