Learning From Tammy Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the story of my relationship with Tammy. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, then you may wish to do so to become familiar with the characters in the story. I hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter 3 – The Apology

When I got home I turned off the ringer for my telephone. I spent Saturday moping around the house frustrated and confused over the events of night before. Did she want me to argue back? Was she testing whether I would get violent? Or, was she lying and really is into discipline? Were the next steps bondage, whips and dominance? Or did I just screw up her plan for a really nice orgasm for me after she was done? The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I got. Turning off the ringer on the phone made no difference as the caller ID box showed that no one called me on Saturday any way. After watching an old movie that evening, I went to bed about 10:30 PM. Surprisingly, I dosed off easily and slept well.

As I slept, I had the most wonderful dream. A woman was sucking my dick. She was pretty much nondescript as all I could see of her in the dream was the hair on the top of her head, but she had a mouth like velvet. Wet, soft, sucking, then licking, and then sucking again. She started sucking my cock from a flaccid state, but I was quickly rising to the task, my dick growing in her mouth. Quickly, I found myself highly aroused, breathing heavy and thoroughly enjoying myself. Almost as quickly, I realized I was going to cum. I awoke with a start as I exploded in orgasm, just as someone would who is sound asleep and realizes they have to pee in the middle of the night.

Sitting upright, I realized that this wasn’t a dream – a woman was sucking my cock. Fireworks were going off in my head as she kept sucking me after I climaxed, I started to twitch from the intense pleasure being applied to my cock, which is always real sensitive after I cum. Clearing my head I could smell booze and cigarettes, and I finally could make out that it was Tammy sucking on my cock. “Stop, you have to stop! I can’t take this, it’s too sensitive,” I heard myself say in a scratchy, waking up voice. “Stop, please, this is too much,” I was pushing on her shoulders trying to push her away.

“Cum for me again,” she said, barely taking her lips off my dick. “Cum for me again!” In that instant as she continued to suck and lick the tip of my dick I went over the edge and felt the waves of an orgasm overtake me again. My head exploded like the forth torbalı escort of July, I couldn’t hear anything except my own heart beat pounding in my ears.

I think I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember was waking up with Tammy snuggling next to me with her head resting on my chest. I so desperately needed to pee, but I didn’t want to disturb her; but she must have realized my need and rolled off me. I bolted for the bathroom, where I had to sit on the toilet because my legs were that weak. When I peed, it seemed like I peed a gallon, and it started with a rush, like the one that comes as the semen flows through your dick when you climax. After flushing the toilet, I went back to bed. Tammy had turned on the night-light in the base of the bedside lamp. Glancing at the alarm clock I noticed it was 3:35 in the morning. I lay back on the bed next to where Tammy was sitting, propping myself up with two pillows.

Tammy started first, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you last night; well Friday night now, I guess. The whole time we were riding around in the limo – which real nice, by the way, thank you for arranging that – I kept thinking what a bitch I was to you.” I started to speak. “Wait, let me finish,” Tammy interrupted, “I had an idea in my mind how I wanted the evening to go, and I wasn’t flexible and I didn’t compromise. I wanted you to be hot and bothered all evening, and then I wanted to give you a blow job in bed before we slept and bring you off in a multiple orgasm right after, like I did tonight.”

“But I could have cum again,” I said quietly.

“Yeah, but it wouldn’t have been the same, I needed you so hot and bothered that you could hardly stand it for the multiple orgasm thing to work. I read about it on the Internet, most men can have multiple orgasms if they are really horny enough and the woman times the second one just right; you usually need to do it orally, because your dick will get soft after the first one so you can’t do it by fucking. Any way, it was my fault,” she continued in run-on sentences, “I should have known by how much you like me to fuck your ass that you wouldn’t be able to hold back.”

“Yeah, but you slapped my ass, which didn’t actually hurt, but was enough mix of pain with pleasure to send me over the edge.”

“Yeah, but I was trying to get your attention; you were lost in la-la land, and I wanted you to stop playing with yourself,” Tammy explained.

“Tammy, this is all escort torbalı real nice that you had such wonderful intentions, but you slapped me across the face, left me humiliated in the kitchen telling me to clean up the mess, and then you locked me out of the bathroom and bedroom. What was I supposed to think?” Studying her face trying to interpret what she was feeling as I continued, “Tammy, I trusted you; I was a willing partner in surrendering myself to your pleasure. And in doing so, I learned some new, exciting things about myself. When you do what you did to me the other night, it makes me feel like a piece of meat, or a mechanical contraption, that’s just here to satisfy you. It’s as though the oral sex, the toe sucking, the G-spot massage, the peeing climax had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you.”

I looked into her eyes as I continued; “Yes I’m willing to surrender myself to your pleasure. But you aren’t the only one looking on the Internet for ways to satisfy your lover. Tammy, I’m not just looking for sex; I’m also looking for a partner who appreciates me, and the things I can offer to the relationship. You told me it would take a special man to be with you. If you’re looking for a partner, a willing and mildly submissive partner, then I think I can be that person for you. Lord knows; we seem to have some great chemistry between us. But if your idea of submissive means me getting slapped around, then we’re done now. I’ll never hit you back. In fact, I’ll never hit any woman I’m in a relationship with. But I won’t tolerate abuse either, no matter how good the sex is. So now the ball is in your court; you tell me where things are going and maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle, or maybe we just go our separate ways.”

Tammy straddled my hips, sitting on my lap facing me. “Greg, I made a mistake, and I’m asking you to forgive me. I felt bad almost right away, and was cursing myself in the shower after. But I was too embarrassed to come to you then. I really thought you would sleep on the sofa, but when I came out a little while later and found you’d gone home, I really thought I’d blown it. I actually thought I’d killed the relationship, but when I saw the limo pull up in front of the salon, and all the girls and the customers who were still there saw the uniformed driver get out and open the door for us, I knew you were a classy guy. And I knew we could talk about what happened. So after a few drinks, I got to thinking torbalı escort bayan on how can I show you how sorry I am, and I remembered the key you gave me? So I had the limo driver drop me off here as his last stop instead of at home, and I let myself in, and you know the rest.”

“Greg, I’m really sorry. You are right – what I did was disrespectful and abusive. I won’t ever do it again. And I do appreciate your ministrations to my needs. I’ve never known a man who knew where the G-spot was, let alone know how to pleasure a woman there. And the toe sucking was exquisite; no man has done that for me before. Actually I should have stopped you sooner but I was being greedy enjoying your efforts and my orgasms. By the time I got around to strapping on my new dildo, I wasn’t really horny anymore. I knew I could climax while fucking your ass, but I also knew it would take a long time. I was very surprised, and actually kind of pleased as I reflected back on it afterward, that you were able to take me for so long. I think I screwed your ass for almost 30 minutes before I finally got off.”

Tammy paused, “But I need to tell you that I am possessive about you and your pleasure. I want to be the one bringing you off. I don’t want you to feel you need to masturbate when I’m available for you. Do you masturbate often,” Tammy asked?

“Well, before I met you, that was my only source of relief. And I did jerk off on Monday evening while fantasizing about you,” I replied. “Did you know that jerking off fantasizing about you is better than real sex was with my ex?”

Tammy smiled as she blushed, “OK, that’s nice, but if it is possible, I’d like you to stop doing that between the times when we are together. I want you to fill my holes with your spunk, I want you to cum for me.” Tammy took hold of my soft dick and started playing with it, “Yeah, there will be times, like last Saturday night, where I ask you to jerk off as part of a fantasy that we’re acting out, but unless were away from each other for several days because you are traveling for work, I’d like you to not masturbate. And even when you have to travel, big trips we’ll know about in advance, and I’ll try to make certain you’re well drained before you leave.” “Do you have any lube here,” Tammy asked, as my dick was rapidly stiffening in response to her massaging hands?

“In the drawer of the nightstand,” I replied pointing over my right shoulder.

“Just relax,” Tammy said, as she reached over to the nightstand for the KY. Squirting out a dab, she began stroking my cock with the KY. She reached underneath and rubbed her ass for a minute. Then she slid toward my chest and lowered herself, her tight ass, onto my cock.

“Oh, damn that’s nice,” was all I could say as Tammy bent down to kiss my lips.

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