Learning to Love Your Sisters

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This is the first installment of what I intend to be a series of stories of my darkest desires when I was a young woman in a sorority. This particular story could be labelled horror, but since I don’t feel that will be the focus of the series, I’ll leave it what it is, a testament to my passion for the female body, female mind and heart. These stories will cover many different facets of sex and passion, but the sisters will always be the focus.

Some scenes include otherworldly horrors, and instances of non-consenting participants, proceed with caution.


Emma was blindfolded.

It wasn’t the first time in recent memory she had been in this position. In fact, it was pretty much a weekly occurrence this late into the pledge process. This time, she had been woken up in the middle of the night, two figures stood beside her bed, each holding a lit black candle. The two tiny flames were the only thing illuminating her bedroom. This was the first time she had been woken up for a ritual night, usually they were informed of an upcoming ceremony days ahead of time.

She guessed that the two figures were active sisters of the house, girls who had already undergone initiation. They were wearing the same dark robes they always wore for these special nights. It was hard to tell what color the robes were in the flickering candlelight, but her guess was that they were a deep green, the color of Delta Kappa Sigma. She could just make out the faces of the two people in the flickering orange glow. Both were wearing masks, the kind that looked fit to adorn an aristocrat’s face at a ball in an old vampire movie, delicate, with bits of lace adornment and covering just the eyes. The masks were a new touch.

“Awaken initiate, it is time.” One figure spoke, this one was noticeably shorter than the other. She thought she recognized the voice, stern but warm, with a hint of mock ceremony she had grown accustomed to when it came to these late-night ordeals. Emma guessed it was Abby, the house Vice President, she usually took an active role in these ritual nights. Sister Abigail she corrected herself, you had to play along with the ceremony on these nights. “Are you prepared to join the Sisterhood?”

The question caught her off guard, she hadn’t expected to be initiated into the sorority officially for another couple of weeks at least, it was barely halfway through the semester. It had been only two months since she had pledged to Delta Kappa Sigma. Then again, this house did everything a little differently, to her knowledge they were the only house on campus that didn’t accept any Springtime pledges, and the dropout rate of pledges was much higher than normal here. Her pledge class of twenty-two girls was down to just eight now. Emma sort of enjoyed the exclusivity.

She didn’t go off to college planning on joining a sorority, but her parents insisted she at least go through Rush Week to meet new people, so she subjected herself to a week of dressing up, constant interviews and fake smiles just to quiet her parent’s nagging. She did her best to fake her way through it, smile when she was expected to, giggle when others giggled, it was mind numbing. Until she met the Delta Kaps (the informal name for sisters of Delta Kappa Sigma) they were different. They were friendly, but not in the brainwashed people-pleaser kind of way the other houses were. After just talking to a few of the sisters she was given a bid and asked to pledge to their house. It happened so fast, she barely even remembered accepting the bid, but she was glad she did.

In the weeks to come, Emma made many new friends with the women of Delta Kappa Sigma. They threw parties, had big bonding events to learn more about each other, participated in mixers with the fraternities on campus where the Delta Kaps seemed very popular. There was underage drinking of course, she had expected that when she came to college, but the Delta Kaps all seemed remarkably well behaved. Good grades were a requirement to stay in the house, and several of her pledge sisters were already asked to leave because of it. Girls who got sloppy drunk at parties were escorted back to the house quickly where they wouldn’t embarrass the sorority. Public image seemed to be the number one priority.

“You were asked a question, initiate.” The taller girl’s voice was icy, maybe even cruel. She knew exactly who it was, Kate. The shoulder length platinum blonde hair falling behind her mask only confirmed it. Kate… Sister Katherine she corrected herself again, was the only girl in the house who had never been friendly towards Emma. She had her suspicions why, but now was no time to dwell on those.

“Yes Sister,” Emma responded, “I am ready.”

“We’ll see about that.” Kate sneered.

Emma crawled out from her bed and stood in front of the two robed figures, rubbing her eyes to clear the sleep from them.

“Remove your clothes initiate” Sister Abigail commanded, a hint of a smile in her voice.

“Wha… what?” Emma stammered nervously, pretending not to hear.

“Strip down!” casino şirketleri Sister Katherine hissed, “Do as you’re told ass-kisser.” Emma wasn’t sure what she did to earn that particular title, but she was thankful that only Kate used it.

“Don’t worry, we have a robe for you initiate.” the kindness in Abby’s voice was reassuring as she nudged Kate in the shoulder, a quiet reprimand for breaking character she guessed.

Emma slept in shorts and an oversized tee shirt usually and tonight was no different. She was hesitant to strip in front of the two older girls, but she didn’t want to let them down now, so she reached up, and slowly pulled her shirt up over her head. She faced them for a moment, feeling like she was on display. Her breasts were never a huge point of confidence for her, barely filling B cups, but fortunately the two robed girls didn’t seem interested in judging her right now. She then quickly wiggled out of her shorts and looked up, nervously for some hint of approval from behind those impassive masks. The two said nothing, just stared at her naked body for a few moments, Emma felt vulnerable, scared, but she’d be lying if she said it wasn’t at least a little bit thrilling.

After a torturous few moments Abby put down her candle on the nightstand and eased a white robe over her head. The robe was soft, she couldn’t begin to guess the material, but it felt expensive, and new. She guessed the sorority’s need to make a good impression extended even to new members. Then Kate handed her candle to Abby, and produced a familiar sight, a blindfold. Emma knew the drill at this point and turned around, allowing the blindfold to be tied around her head, perhaps a bit aggressively tight, and darkness overtook her vision.

Emma had become quite good at guessing where she was led while blindfolded. She knew she was led out of her room, down the stairs (Pledges all lived on the third floor) past the dining room and into the basement. She was then led through a door Emma had simply assumed was a supply closet all her time in the house. She know knew she had assumed wrong. The room felt large, and cold. A breeze drafted gently through the room, chilling her right through the thin fabric of her new robe. Her bare feet felt the carpet give away to something hard, rough, like worn stone. It reminded her of the limestone so prevalent in the old buildings on campus. She heard the very soft footfalls of other bare feet all around her. She guessed the other pledges were being gathered here as well. The two sisters escorting her guided he to a spot, paused briefly and let go of her shoulders. This is where she was to stay until instructed otherwise.

So, there she was, blindfolded again.

There was a very faint smell, like flowers, or perfume, but otherwise the air in this room was stale and old. Maybe she was in a cellar she didn’t know existed, or a cave? Campus was built very near the sea; it wasn’t unthinkable that a cave had been carved out below this old house. Her mind wandered for minutes, hours, who knew. She felt so alone in the darkness of her blindfold. She welcomed the sound of bare feet walking across stone when she heard it, some reminder that she had not been abandoned.

Occasionally a whisper would echo through the darkness like a shout. She could never make out the words, but the comfort of human voice was undeniable. The cold was the worst part, it bit right through the thin fabric of her robe. She might as well be naked still she thought. In fact, she felt naked. She felt the robe brush across her breasts as she swayed in place. She felt her nipples harden and stand out. She felt so exposed. Even in the darkness she felt hungry eyes staring at her body. The thought sent shivers down her whole body.

She was startled from her thoughts by a hand gently gripping her shoulder. She began scream but another hand closed over her mouth and stifled her voice. She felt the warmth of someone’s breath on ear.

“Sorry for the scare.” The voice whispered quietly. Emma was relieved to hear Maggie’s voice. “Are you doing okay Emmy?” Maggie continued. Her voice was quiet but still as warm as ever. Emma knew not to speak but nodded her head quickly, relaxed for the first time in what felt like hours. Maggie had that way of making you feel at ease no matter what was going on.

Maggie was her “Big Sister” in the house, an upperclassman that was assigned to mentor her through her pledge semester. Maggie was the kindest girl Emma had met in the house, always looking out for her “Little.” She was a motherly figure, even though she was barely two years older than Emma, and often took care of the young pledges that drank too much or found themselves in a tight spot. A real modern-day saint. Maggie also happened to be best friends with the Kate, the tall blonde nightmare who had sworn to ruin Emma’s life it seemed. Emma suspected that Maggie’s affection for her was directly related to Kate’s disdain for her. Jealousy was a bitch.

“Are you ready?” She asked? Emma nodded again. Maggie took Emma’s hands, placed them casino firmaları on her own shoulders and led her off into the unknown. It felt strange to walk again. To have some control over her body instead of just being thoughts in the darkness. She laughed silently to herself, “in control” seemed like a poor choice of words to describe led by the hand while blindfolded. She trusted Maggie though. If she was there, Emma would be fine.

Another door creaked open ahead, and Emma obediently followed her Big Sister to the other side. Inside, the faint smell of flowers from earlier became nearly overbearing. Incense. That’s what she had smelled earlier. The room was warm too, almost humid, and she heard voices. Nothing more than soft murmurs. Were the voices chanting something? They came from all around and Emma guessed that at least a dozen upperclassmen had gathered in the room. She could see the glow of candlelight even through her blindfold, starkly bright suddenly where her world had been darkness and silence not long before. The sudden influx of sensory stimulation made her feel dizzy.

Emma felt Maggie turn around to face her and remove her hands from her shoulder. She then led her forward a few steps, then stopped.

“Kneel.” a voice from her right commanded, she couldn’t begin to guess who it belonged to. Emma felt hands guide her to her knees. Resisting didn’t even cross her mind. Her knees touched unyielding stone, oddly warm, as if someone else had knelt here not long before.

“Initiate.” spoke a voice from ahead, the sound of it echoed around the chamber, creeping into her ears like a whisper. Her head was spinning. “You have arrived at the Chamber of the Mother,” the voice continued, louder and more distinct “seeking entrance into our Sisterhood. Is it your wish to be our sister?”

“Yes.” Emma squeaked, her voice sounding small compared to voice that seemed to dominate the room.

“Do you give your oath to serve your sisters?” The voice inquired

“Yes.” some instinct urged her to respond.

“Do you give your body willingly to our service?”

“Yes, I do.” She felt herself say, still wondering what the question even meant.

“Good. Now open your eyes Initiate.”

Before Emma could even mention it, the blindfold was removed, and she gasped at the sight that greeted her. All around the room, the active sisters were gathered around holding lit black candles, and all of them where entirely naked, eyes fixed on little Emma, chanting quietly, almost imperceptibly. Emma’s heart raced, was it from fear or excitement? She couldn’t tell herself. Her head swam, the incense overwhelmed her, the chanting became whispers, creeping just at the edge of her awareness.

“Hey there Emmy.” Maggie’s voice cut through the confusion like a light house in a bad storm. Emma felt herself smile as she looked forward. Maggie knelt in front of her, as naked as all the rest except for a crown of daisies woven around her head. She felt something being placed on her head as well, it was light, her fingers felt it. Flowers, just like Maggie’s.

They were both on a stone slab just large enough for one person to lay down on. Emma took in every detail of the beautiful woman in front of her. Wavy brown hair fell to her shoulders, framing Maggie’s smiling face. Her skin flawless, big brown eyes staring right back at Emma. Maggie was never an athlete, not toned or exceptionally thin, but every extra ounce she had went to exactly the right place. Great hips, and gorgeous thick thighs that begged to be touched. Her breasts were perfect, certainly larger than Emma’s, but didn’t draw attention away from the rest of her, they were perky and inviting with little pink nipples standing up begging to be played with. Her hands rested in her lap as she knelt there smiling at her “little sister.”

“Will you serve your sister?” The voice inquired once again. Her mind raced. Emma was straight. She had kissed a girl at a party on a dare a few weeks back, but it had been fueled by alcohol and peer pressure, she didn’t like girls. She liked what she saw in front of her, however. Emma nodded in agreement; her eyes still transfixed on the beauty in front of her. She would do anything for her Big. Maggie’s smile widened as she slowly swung her legs around to sit down on the stone. She hugged her knees for a moment, keeping them tightly together, and looked at Emma again.

“Are you ready Emmy?” Maggie asked, leaning her head towards her little teasingly, her voice playful. Emma nodded again, bewildered but eager. “Then come here” she cooed, slowly spreading her legs. Emma stared as the older girl exposed herself. A small, trimmed patch of hair sat like an ornament at the top her pink slit.

Maggie reached two fingers down, adorned with deep green fingernails, and began gently massaging herself, inviting the younger girl in. Emma must have looked hesitant, because Maggie slowly slid two fingers inside of herself, letting out a soft enticing moan as she plunged them deeper. Emma watched entranced as her fingers slid free, now covered güvenilir casino in the slight sheen of her own cum and brought them up to her lips. She paused for a moment to make eye contact with her Little before sliding her middle finger into her own mouth, making a sensuous show of sucking it clean, closing her eyes and pursing her lips as she popped her finger free. Opening her eyes again, she held out her index finger, still coated in her juices and gestured Emma to come closer.

Emma slowly leaned forward, she had never tasted another girl like this, but she desperately wanted to. Her lips parted and she leaned closer, the smell of Maggie’s wetness briefly cut through the cloying sweetness of the incense. Emma stopped for a moment to enjoy that scent, before wrapping her lips around the offered finger, maintaining eye contact with her Big Sister while sucking it clean. It was sweeter than she imagined, but also earthly and human. Emma savored every last drop of it before pulling back and allowing the finger to be pulled free.

She looked towards Maggie, for some sign of approval. The older girl smiled and used her newly cleaned hand to grasp Emma’s hair and pulled her down, towards her waiting pussy. Emma didn’t resist, licking her lips as she inched closer. The heat of Maggie’s body washed over her face and the scent of her arousal filled her nose. She didn’t need to be coaxed the last few inches and plunged her face into the older girl’s pussy. She had no experience eating a woman out, but her enthusiasm helped to make up for that. Her tongue plunged as deep as it could, feeling the heat of Maggie’s body grow as she went deeper. She felt Maggie’s body tense at her assault, and she knew she couldn’t stop now. Her tongue wiggled up and down the pink slit, eliciting moans from Maggie, and gentle encouragement from the surrounding crowd. She had almost forgotten about the other girls. She paused for a moment to look up at them, in shock for just a moment, but felt a less than gentle hand shove her face back into the business of the moment.

“Don’t stop now slut!” a cold voice stung. Emma assumed it was Kate again, and worried over the name for a moment before realizing she couldn’t possibly refute it right now. She felt like a slut, and she loved the feeling. She dove back into her Big Sister’s pussy, now glistening from her own arousal, as well as her new lover’s drool. Taking her time now, with long, drawn out licks, working upwards to the clitoris. Once she felt that underneath her tongue she leaned in, wrapping her thin arms around Maggie’s thighs, and her lips around Maggie’s clit. The older girl sat up suddenly, gasping, then moaning as she settled back down onto her elbows. She was thoroughly enjoyed having the young woman’s face buried in between her thighs.

The crowd seems restless now, more vocal but she didn’t care what they were saying. She felt something cold grab hold of her ankles, she didn’t recall seeing any restraints on the slab, but she didn’t care, there was nowhere else she wanted to be. The restraints tightened, holding her firmly in place. Emma just arched her back, wiggling her tight little ass in the air to entertain whichever Sister was behind her. It didn’t take long to feel someone teasing her own puffy pussy. They ran their finger up and down, gently probing her. She knew she should be ashamed, but shame left her long ago. She felt something trickle down her leg, cold and wet. Was she really that aroused? Maybe Kate was right after all. Were the restraints wet too?

Suddenly the finger began pushing, she savored the feeling as it slid inside of her. She moaned, pausing her attack on Maggie’s pussy for a moment as she felt that finger plunging deeper inside of her. The mystery finger began slow, rhythmic thrusts into Emma’s young body, shoving her deeper into Maggie with each push. It was about then that Emma realized the mystery appendage was much too long, and thick to be a finger. Curious she pulled up, craning her neck around to see who was taking her from behind, but before she could turn around, she felt Maggie rest her hand on her cheek, forcing Emma’s gaze back towards her.

Maggie was leaning in for a kiss, and Emma had no intention of denying her. Their lips touched, and if Emma was honest with herself, she had thought about kissing Maggie before on a number of occasions. She just hadn’t imagined that her face would be smeared in sweet cum while they shared their first kiss, but neither girl seemed to care. Maggie vigorously licked her own juices from her young lover’s face before letting her tongue dart inside her mouth.

Emma enjoyed every moment of this sloppy make out session as the thrusting into her pussy began to pick up speed and intensity. The restraints on her ankles seemed to tighten to, almost pulling the young woman back into each thrust. Before her sex-addled brain could piece together what was happening to her, she felt an orgasm wash through her body. She went limp in Maggie’s arms, eyes rolling back in her head as she experienced one of the most intense pleasures she had ever felt. As she came her body clenched onto the intruder her love canal, which seemed to spasm for a second, then Emma felt a sudden chill emanate from her core and spready quickly through her whole body. In a moment of pure terror, she realized what had happened.

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