Lesbian Vampire Whores Ch. 01

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Millicent was not her original name, but she had heard it in a movie and had adopted

it for now. Over the thousands of years that she had lived, figuratively speaking, she had had many names. Not so figuratively speaking, she was a vampire, a succubus to be exact, but unlike most of her kind, she no longer killed her food, but kept it around for a few years than released it. A vampire version of catch and release.

She also preferred the sweeter blood of women. Walking up the steps of Mount Holyoake’s Sanctuary and School for Girls under a dark night drizzle, she was on her way to pick up two fresh graduates chosen for her by Head Mistress Hanna Johnson, the director of the school and former source of blood for Millicent. Hanna and her lover Doris Cavennah, another food source, founded the school after Millicent set them free almost ten years earlier with a sizable cash bonus in their pockets.

They were still beautiful women, a boon from being food for a succubus, with magnificent bodies and very strong sex drives. Hanna and Doris, both waiting inside the doorway of the greeting hall, were more than a little happy to see Millicent again after so many years.

“My lady,” they both said and gave a little curtsy. In their starched white blouses and matronly grey skirts, one would have never known that they had once fed a vampire between sex orgies.

“Ladies,” Millicent said and removed the long black leather gloves that covered most of her arm. “It is good to see you again.”

“We have missed you,” Hannah said breathlessly. Millicent was the most beautiful creature alive with long red hair and porcelain white skin. Her body was perfect beneath the tight black leather skirt and blouse that she always wore. In high heel boots she was magnificent.

There was a time when all Millicent had to do was sit in a chair and Hannah would be between her legs feasting on her pussy. It made the woman wet just remembering it.

Eight young women filled Millicent’s stable between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six. At thirty she freed them near other women who had been a part of her tasty harem. The partings were not always desired by the women because Millicent’s bite was orgasmic. The sex was incredible.

Millicent smiled. “So you have some young women for me?” she asked as she looked around the empty hall. Money clearly spent well.”They’ve got to be legal,” she reminded them.

“Eighteen soon to be nineteen, and nineteen,” Hannah assured her. “We give scholarships here, but sometimes we find ourselves with young women who have no place to go after graduation.”

“What made you think of me?” Millicent asked curiously.

“They are lovely girls,” Doris answered. “And quite open minded.”

“You told them about me?” the vampire asked with a hint of irritation in her silky voice.

“Never,” Hannah replied, “but we did feel casino şirketleri them out.”

“Where are they now?”

“Waiting for us in my office,” Hannah said and motioned with her hand the direction they were to walk.

Cynthia was a fresh faced blonde a bit on the full figured side, while Holly was slender and tanned. Both girls stood up quickly when Ms. Johnson entered the room with Ms. Cavanaugh and another woman. “Girls, this is Ms. Millicent,” Hannah said as Millicent made a quick mental evaluation of the girls. She liked their looks, particularly Cynthia’s riper figure. Still once the feeding began, both girls would become riper in their appearance.

“Why do you want to go with me?” Millicent asked curiously and took a seat on the leather sofa to the fight of the matron’s desk.

“Ms. Johnson said we would like it,” Holly replied carefully.

“I’m in the sex business. What would your family think if they knew you were sexually active?”

The girls looked at each other and then at Ms. Johnson. “I lived with my aunt before I came here,” Cynthia answered softly. “I don’t think she’d care.”

“Nor mine,” Holly added, “although I don’t know if I could have sex with strange men.”

Millicent smiled now. “No strange men, dear,” she assured the girl. “But sex with women is most definitely a part of it. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Cavanaugh are two of my girls.”

“Mistress!” Doris started to protest but stopped when Millicent gave her an ice blue gaze.

Cynthia and Holly both gazed in wide-eyed shock at the two women. But they looked older than the woman on the sofa. “How?” Holly asked.

“I am a vampire,” Millicent admitted. “I will dine on your blood, and give you all the sex you can stand. Between feedings you will be fed well, live in luxury and fuck your silly little brains out if you want.” Luxury? Dine well? Fuck their brains out? The girls looked at each other and then back at the beautiful vampire, and for the first time they felt the pull of her magic. “There will also be very nice clothes, if you want and money when it’s over,” Millicent assured them.

“I’ve got nothing to go back home for,” Holly said.

“Me neither,” Cynthia agreed. “All right, what do you want us to do?”

Millicent stood up and said, “Get your clothes together quickly and go wait in my car. Chop! Chop! I’m in a hurry!”

The girls ran out of the office, leaving Millicent with Hannah and Doris. “You’ve done well,” she said and moved closer to the two women. Possessively she took Doris’ right breast and Hannah’s left breast in each hand as they stood beside each other. Her touch immediately aroused them, their nipples poking through the satin lace bras in exquisite desire. “So sweet,” Millicent crooned and kissed Hannah, her sharp teeth pulling on the woman’s lower lip while her thumb teased an erect nipple. She did the casino firmaları same to Doris. “I wish I had time to stay and play,” she purred and then kissed Hannah’s soft throat. “I love the smell of your skin.”

Hannah was melting in Millicent’s hands. Her body was on fire with need. Doris whimpered when Millicent quickly flicked her tongue over the woman’s throat. “Oh, Mistress,” Doris sighed.

“I know, sweet,” Millicent purred. “You and Hannah will make love beautifully after I leave.”

“Oh please stay, Mistress,” Doris pleaded.

“I’ll try to come back,” Millicent promised with a smile. “I need to go now. Night is only so long.”

Millicent left them begging for her touch knowing that they were going to fuck each other silly after she left. Her newest meals were already waiting for her in the back seat of the limousine.

“Would you ladies like some wine?” Millicent asked as the car sped away from the school.

“I’ve never had any,” Cynthia admitted as Millicent pressed a button an iced canter of wine appeared in front of them.

“I can’t drink wine, but you ladies feel free to help yourselves. There is some pâté, if you would like that too,” Millicent said and pressed another button on her arm rest. “There is one thing I want you to remember. From now on I am Mistress Millicent. If you forget I will punish you.” Both girls, wine glasses in hand, nodded their understanding. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes, Mistress Millicent,” they echoed each other and then set about drinking the wine and eating the delicacies on crackers. Millicent watched them with interest. She was going to dine on one of them in the car, but she wasn’t sure which one. Since Cynthia lush body had her interest, she decided it would be her.

“Cynthia,” she said after a couple of glasses, “take your clothes off.”

Cynthia looked confused. “What?”

“Oh dear,” Millicent sighed. “You’ve broken two of my rules. Never question me, and answer me the way I told you.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Millicent. Did you say you wanted me to undress?”

“Yes. I like my food naked when I feed. And you agreed to be food for me,” Millicent reminded her and reached under the seat for a small flat paddle. “But first I must punish you for disrespecting me. Come here and lay across my lap. If you argue it will be worse.”

Cynthia, feeling the effects of the wine, did as she was told this time and laid across Millicent’s lap. The vampire lifted the hem of her khaki skirt and lowered her white panties so her lovely round naked ass was exposed. She ran her hand over the smooth muscle and smiled when Cynthia actually stirred beneath the caress. Holly, no longer drinking the wine, watched in stunned silence as Mistress Millicent brought the small paddle hard down on Cynthia’s upturned ass. The girl cried out, but Millicent didn’t stop until she had Cynthia’s güvenilir casino ass hot and red, and the girl crying.

“Now sit up,” Millicent said. “Remove your clothes.” Cynthia did as she was told now with no more questions. “Help her unfasten her bra,” she told Holly, who moved over did what she was told without complaint.

When Cynthia was completely nude, Millicent looked over her body and said, “I want you to shave all hair off by tomorrow night. Both of you. Be nice and help each other. I really dislike pussy hair. Make it baby smooth. Now come sit in my lap.”

Cynthia didn’t argue and tried to sit in Millicent’s lap side saddle, but Millicent wanted her straddling her lap so she could touch Cynthia anywhere she wanted. When Cynthia was situated, her full breasts were close to Millicent’s mouth, and her pussy was open and exposed for a little intimate caressing.

“Good girl,” Millicent said and hefted the young woman’s full breasts in her hands. Like ripe pears and no doubt as sweet. After a good feeding, with the virus running through her veins, they were going to double in size. Millicent thumbed the nipples and watched them harden into pale pink buttons. “Put your hands behind your back and hold them.” Cynthia did as she was told while a strange warm sensation ran from her breasts down through her belly to her pussy. “Holly. Come here.”

Holly sat beside Millicent and waited for instructions. “Get behind Cynthia and reach around her. Take her breasts in your hands and roll her nipples between your fingers.”

Cynthia gasped as Holly played with her tits while Millicent ran her long red lacquered nails down her belly to her pussy. Millicent slipped one long pointed finger between the warm wet folds and found her clit and started rubbing it. Cynthia squirmed now in earnest. “The sex will only get better and better,” Millicent promised her. “You and Holly won’t be able to keep your hands and mouths off each other. Day and night you’ll want to suck and fuck each other.” Cynthia’s pussy was very wet now, her clit swelling to bursting. “Let it go, my sweet Cynthia. Let it go.”

Cynthia whimpered as the orgasm built in her belly. Holly moved one of her hands so Millicent could suck a titty, all the while stroking her clit. Over and over, building inside of her until she shook with her first orgasm. At that moment Millicent bit into the tender nipple and sucked hard. Cynthia’s orgasm blinded her and took her breath away. She rode a crest of unending pleasure.

Millicent fed greedily on the tender nub and then the other. Cynthia cried with pleasure and tried to hump Millicent’s leg. When the vampire was full, she released the young woman and smiled when Cynthia collapsed in a sexual faint on the seat beside her. Holly, her blue eyes gaping, said nothing but watched Cynthia lying there naked and sated, thin trickles of blood running down the side of her breasts.

“It’ll be your turn tomorrow,” Millicent promised her. “But make sure all this nasty hair is gone, or I will punish you both.” She ran he fingers through Cynthia’s damp pussy hair. No, she didn’t care for it.

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