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After 18 long years in the financial and banking industry, I have become a stay at home mom and it was the best decision of my life. I was lucky enough that my husband made enough to allow me to stay at home with the two kids and develop a wonderful network of mothers in a similar position that I am. One unexpected benefit to my situation was a relationship that developed between me and my new friend Lisa.

Lisa was a working mom with twin boys aged nine months who I had met while she was having trouble with her twins at the local grocery store. I was also having trouble at the time with my one year old daughter so we were able to commiserate as mothers.

Following our shopping adventure, it turned our vehicle were parked right next to each other so we continued our chatting as we loaded kids and groceries into our vehicles. It turned out she lived less then two blocks away from me in an older development and as we talked, I found out she was in the financial industry as well working for one of the local area banks as a regional branch manager.

It struck me as odd after talking to her that we had so much in common, but I related it to good luck. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and agreed to look at a play date for our children.

A few days later Lisa sent me an email asking when it would be good to get together. As my husband’s job has him leaving the house every Monday morning for a trip out of town and not getting home until Thursday night, I crave adult interaction by Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. I told Lisa to come to my house on Wednesday after work and that we could take care of the kids and I could make us a healthy dinner and if she drank, we could open a bottle of wine. Once she told me she loved wine, I knew I had a friend for life.

Lisa was 35 and with children under one-year of age, was still trying to work some of the pregnancy weight off as was I, to no success. Neither one of us were drop dead gorgeous, but I’m sure dressed in our best business suits we could both still turn a few heads. I have long blonde hair and I am heavier than I have ever been and I attribute that to not having to leave the house most days per week.

While not being a drop-dead beautiful woman, my husband still told me I was beautiful every time he returned from a business trip and we never lacked the ability to excite or satisfy each other in the bedroom. Lisa on the other hand was built similarly to me, maybe a few pounds less, but a few inches shorter with long dark hair and from what I could tell, we were very close in breast size with me being a 36C.

From our first visit, we got along as we were life-time friends. We came from similar backgrounds both on a personal and work background. The only difference was I had a wonderful marriage casino şirketleri and she had she had a marriage with many problems.

She came to my house on our first visit and it was a wonderful evening with our kids playing together well and her and I having a light supper along with a great bottle of wine. As she was leaving, he reached out and gave me a good-bye hug and a kiss on the cheek. Not coming from a very affectionate background, this took me by surprise but I waved it off as her being a friendly touchy-feely person.

We setup another play date for a week later at my home and this is when our relationship went to a new level. After we had put the children down for an early evening nape, we were sitting around finishing up a bottle of wine when she asked how I managed to survive each week without my husband around. I told her that it worked out well and the kids were easy and toughest part was trying to staying on top of the housework.

Lisa laughed out loud and said, “I meant how you deal without the male companionship in the bedroom and with the lack of sex each week.”

“Sorry, I misunderstood the question. We make up for it on the weekends so we really haven’t lost a beat when it comes to sex,” I replied.

“Lucky you, it would be hard for me to go four or five days in a row without some-type of sex,” said Lisa. Even though Brad and I have our problems, sex is not one of them and even if he is not around or in the mood, I take care of myself to realize the stress.”

This comment very much surprised me and I could feel myself blush as I realized she was taking about masturbation. While I know everyone did it, I never knew anyone who talked about it.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, it must have been the wine that gave me a loose tongue,” said Lisa.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said reassuredly. “I certainly at times have to take action on my own if the urge strikes during the week.”

“Thank goodness you said that as I was ready to grab my baby and leave as I thought I had said something inappropriate,” Lisa replied.

After that the subject got changed and we did not discuss it again that evening. As Lisa was leaving, she once again reached out for a hug and another kiss on the cheek and I suddenly had a surge of adrenaline course through my body to my pussy. That evening in bed, I kept thinking back to our conversation and to how my body felt during the hug. All of a sudden without noticing it, I was rubbing my pussy through my pajama bottoms and getting very hot. As I got closer to cumming, I kept picturing Lisa naked and lying beside me doing the exact same thing. Right then, I had a tremendous orgasm with the picture of a naked Lisa in my mind. I was not sure what was happening to me, but I knew it was a good casino firmaları cum.

When Lisa called the next day to say hello, I felt like a nervous school girl on the phone and did not hear a word she said. ‘How about next Tuesday, Brad is away on a business trip and will not be home until Thursday afternoon, stated Lisa.

“Tuesday works for me,” I told her. “Great, I will grab some sushi and had on over,” said Lisa.

As Lisa pulled into the driveway, I suddenly got very nervous about this visit and was not sure this was a good idea, but then figured it was too late to change our plans. As we feed the kids and devoured our sushi and wine, the conversation was friendly and took on no mention of sex. After we put the kids to bed, Lisa asked me a question.

“You seem a little distant tonight, is everything okay, ” Lisa inquired.

“No everything is fine, I just have something on my mind that is all,” I answered her.

“Does it have anything to do with our conversation during our last visit?” asked Lisa.

I nodded yes. “I am sorry for what I brought up” said Lisa.

“No-no-no, it was that your questions caught me off guard and I have been thinking about them ever since,” I told her.

“Wow, that is incredible, because I have been thinking about it since then as well,” said Lisa. “Were your thoughts good or bad, because my thoughts about our conversation have all been positive and spurred on some other solo action?”

“Interesting way to put it, but my thoughts did the same,” I told her.

For a moment there was complete silence and then we both burst out laughing at once.

As the laughing died down, Lisa asked, “If this is too personal, don’t answer but what do you think about our when you are doing yourself.”

After a quick internal debate, I realized this was a conversation that was going to take me into a new area and I was not sure how far I wanted to go.

“I really just concentrate on the feeling that my fingers are giving me while I am doing it,” I told her. “What do you think about?”

“The same as you sometimes, other times, good-looking men from the office or past experiences,” said Lisa.

“I can tell you something though, right now I am very excited and wet and wish I could enjoy myself right now, said Lisa.

Now I knew I was headed into un-chartered territory and decided to throw caution to the wind.

If you really need to “relax” yourself, be my guest, I can leave the room until you are done,” I told Lisa.

“I couldn’t do that…knowing that I was doing it and that you were waiting for me to finish and come back into the room would be to embarrassing for me,” said Lisa. “Would you consider joining me so that neither of us would be embarrassed my doing it?”

“I can tell güvenilir casino you our talk has got me going and I guess we could both use the stress relief. How do you want to do it?”

“It would be more comfortable if we went up to your bedroom. That way we have more room to stretch out,” said Lisa.

So we headed up to my king size bed and sat on the edge waiting for the other to take the lead.

“What do we do first,” I asked.

Lisa replied, “First I guess we should take our clothes of and lay back and let our fingers take over.”

With that, we both began to take of our clothes. Not sure why we needed to take our bras of, both Lisa led the way and after she unsnapped her bra, I followed suit and took off my bra and slid my panties down my legs and there we were to, two mothers sitting on my king-size bed, naked and both horny as well. What I noticed about her body is that her tits were about the same as mine and that her body was very close to mine and like myself, she had a lot of hair on her pussy.

As we both ended up lying beside each other, Lisa turned toward me and asked if I had noticed how similar our bodies were once they were without clothes. I told here that I had noticed this right away.

After this, we both got down to business and using both hands, she was rubbing her clit with one hand and finger fucking herself with the other. I was using both hands as well, but I was pulling and pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other.

As I continued to finger fuck myself with my eyes closed I had sort of forgotten about Lisa for a moment and as I opened my eyes, she was laying on her side facing me and watching me masturbate.

“Why did you stop,” I asked.

“You just looked so hot laying there fingering yourself, I wanted to watch,” said Lisa.

‘Thanks, I think,” I replied nervously.

With that, I shyly went back to rubbing my now white-hot and lake-like cunt and then felt another hand on my nipple. I looked down to see Lisa’s hand playing with my nipple.

“MMMmmmmmmmmmmm, Lisa what are you doing?” I moaned.

“Just trying to make you feel better, do you want me to stop,” Lisa asked.

“No not at all, it just surprised me,” I told her.

I then closed my eyes as she kept rubbing my nipples and tits and stomach as I keep fingering my very wet pussy. With the added stimulation, I suddenly felt an orgasm coming and just as it hit, I felt Lisa take one of my nipples into her mouth and bite and suck on it hard.

“OOOOhhhhhh, feels so good, fuccccckkkkk, I’m cummmmming, keep doing that to my tits, AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I screamed out.

My whole body was actually surging forward as I had the best cum of my entire life. I was spurting cunt juice out of my pussy and babbling nonsense for five minutes as I rode wave after wave of pleasure.

As I finally came down from my tremendous high, I looked over at Lisa and she was staring at me and asked, “Did you enjoy that?”


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