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“Thank you for coming to Elite Treats and we hope to see you again soon,” Lizbet Tennyson smiled as she handed the 20-something woman her package. So far, working at Elite had been just the tonic she had needed after her marriage ended. Everyone who came into the story always seemed to be in a good mood, dressed nicely. As a matter of fact, most of Elite’s clientele were dressed sexy and if they weren’t when they came in, they would be by the end of the day or the next time. Each and every times of apparel Elite sold was of the highest quality.

Elite Treats was the newest, upscale lingerie store in Pine Ridge. A close friend of Lizbet’s was a regular there and when she saw her best friend moping around the house, she decided that she had to do something about it.

“Jim’s gone Liz, good riddance to bad rubbish,” Amber told Lizbet. “He was a philandering, two-timing louse and your lawyer will make mincemeat out of him. Meanwhile, you’re only 32; you’re smart and very attractive. You need to get yourself out of the house. Elite Treats needs someone to work about 20 hours a week. I have set up an interview for you with the owner. Her name is Terry Nova; she’s 28 and very nice. I’m warning you Liz, if you don’t show up, I’m coming over here myself and dragging you there,” She insisted.

Lizbet sighed, she knew better than to argue with her neighbor when the younger woman got into that kind of mood. Besides, Amber was right, she had to get out, maybe meet some new people, even start dating again. It was simple when you were a swimwear model like Amber, but a newly-divorced mother with a 4-year old wasn’t exactly reeling them in.

Lizbet went upstairs and picked out something nice to wear, professional looking with a skirt that came to just below the knee and high heels. She brushed her dark red hair until it was all straightened out and went to her interview, deciding to project the kind of confidence the old Lizbet had had before wasting 7 years of her life in a rotten marriage.

She liked Terry Nova right away, the half-Asian woman showed Lizbet around the shop and they chatted amiably. She asked Terry when they were having the interview and Terry laughed merrily.

“We’ve been having it; I like my staff and customers to feel like family, so we’re very informal. You have the job, but there is one thing. I like my girls to dress with a bit more — flash. You’re gorgeous, but please wear much shorter skirts and tops that cling a bit more or are lower cut. A bit more make-up and maybe have some blonde streaks put in your hair. Vamp it up, we go for the classy-trashy look here, the women eat it up!” Terry told Lizbet.

Amber was thrilled for Lizbet and told her to take the advice to heart. “Every girl in the place is gorgeous, did you notice Terry? She’s hot and so are the staff, which now includes you. Flaunt it a little and you’ll make a lot of cash, you’ll see. Terry can be very generous and often pays her staff extra if they go beyond their sales quota.”

Lizbet had never been the type to flaunt it, whatever “it” was, so obviously, that needed to change. She went into the back of her closet and dug out short skirts that she had worn while still in her 20’s, sexy blouses and several pairs of heels, a number of them stilettos from her clubbing days. She took Terry’s advice about her hair and had that done. When she went to work on Monday, she made an indelible impression. Terry even wolf-whistled at her.

“That is exactly the look I wanted from you!” Terry said as she clapped her hands and whooped and carried on. Lizbet felt a bit self-conscious but Terry wasn’t having it.

“You go girl, look at you!” Her new employer cheered. “You’re going to attract all the hotties.”

Lizbet didn’t know what Terry meant by that, but she brushed it aside. The rest of the staff were very welcoming and her training was very thorough. She learned how to approach and customer and when not to. She was shown different styles and colors casino şirketleri and regular customers were pointed out. Terry even had a little chart she kept for her most frequent customers that had their likes and dislikes on it. No wonder her new employer was so successful, she was very meticulous and so accommodating. Terry arranged her schedule around Jeannie’s schooling as well as her scheduled visits with her father. This left Lizbet with a very flexible schedule and she worked when she could. Within a month, she was making a nice, steady income. Amber had been right; her extra pay was becoming quite substantial.

“Are you having fun, working there?” Amber asked her one sunny afternoon while they were having coffee.

“Yes, I suppose. Terry’s nice, the girls are great, the customers are friendly,” Lizbet told her friend.

Amber sighed. “No, that’s not what I meant. I meant — are you having fun?”

Lizbet still wasn’t getting it and Amber kept staring at her with an odd expression. The blonde model looked at her newly-sexy friend and then realized — she didn’t know!

“Oh damn baby, you had no idea!” Amber said, getting a fit of the giggles. “I just thought everyone knew so I didn’t think to tell you,” Amber was almost crying, she was giggling so hard.

Composing herself, Amber continued. “It’s just that — well, it’s common knowledge,” She began laughing again. Their waitress came over to see if everything was okay and Amber waved her away. Lizbet wondered if Amber had just lost it.

“Sweetie, almost all of Terry’s clients are lesbians,” Amber told her. “They come there to check out the pretty salesgirls, some to hook up with other girls, that’s why she’s such a success. It’s an `open’ secret,” Amber smiled.

“Buh-but they’re all so pretty and feminine,” Lizbet sputtered.

“They’re referred to as Lipstick Lesbians, girls who like dressing in a feminine style and in sexy things, but just happen to be into other girls,” Amber explained. “Terry’s been out since she was 14.”

“You’re putting me on,” Lizbet protested. She looked at Amber and saw that she was serious and then she realized something. “You sent me there! Are you a …?”

Amber nodded. “Yes. I’ve been out since I was 18; I’ve never been interested in men — in that way. In my business, I meet stunning women and I can have my pick. At first, I thought you might be one — whenever I’d come over for coffee, you’d check out what I was wearing — or wasn’t wearing,” Amber chuckled.

“That’s perfectly normal, all girls do that,” Lizbet told her. “It’s hard to ignore you; you are an in-your-face girl.”

“Believe me, it’s not just faces that I’m into,” Amber giggled again. “Sweetie, I hate to point this out, but your looks lingered a little longer than most,” Amber smiled. “Look babe, I’m not trying to push you into anything and neither will Terry or any of her girls. Just continue to be as pretty as you are, as friendly as you are and do your job and you’ll be fine.”

Lizbet nodded and then she blushed deep red. Amber picked up on it. “What?” She asked Lizbet.

“Yesterday, one of our regulars asked me if I’d like to have lunch with her sometime,” Lizbet blushed again. “You think she meant …?”

“What does she look like?”

“She’s about 19 or 20, tall, black, hair down to her butt, high cheekbones,” Lizbet answered.

“Oooh, that’s Kory Sellars, I know her,” Amber laughed, clapping her hands. “You’re attracting the young hotties, good for you. See — you do notice women, you described her clearly enough that I knew who you were talking about.”

“You’re being ridiculous, I’m not a — a lesbian,” Lizbet whispered. “Terry pays me well and she taught me to notice these kinds of things, so I can help the customers make good choices,” She told Amber.

“She also pays you because you’re hot and you attract hot clientele, including women your own age,” Amber chuckled. “Who knew the young ones would be casino firmaları into you, not that I blame them.” Amber kept on pushing. “Be honest with yourself baby, you noticed-noticed.”

That night, Lizbet slept fitfully. She had never been with another woman, never entertained the thought. Yet, it was hard to deny how beautiful Kory was; she was slender and graceful and had a beautiful smile. Amber — her very pretty, very desirable friend Amber — might be right. Beautiful Amber liked girls and no one would deny her femininity, what was Lizbet so afraid of? She could be discreet and lunch with Kory wasn’t a commitment to sex any more than a date with a man was. Although she wasn’t divorced yet and this would technically be infidelity, who would suspect? Why not dip a toe in the waters and see if they were warm enough for a swim?

Kory came into the shop Thursday afternoon, all sensual and friendly in a mini that barely — just barely — covered her ass. Lizbet realized Amber had a point — she did notice things about the lovely black girl. She swallowed hard and walked over to Kory.

“I wondered if the lunch invitation you extended to me still stands?” She asked Kory. Kory spun around and the smile on her face lit up the room.

“Of course it does, most certainly, any time,” Kory grinned.

“How about tomorrow? I’m off tomorrow,” Lizbet suggested.

Terry had overheard them. “Why wait, Lizbet? You can go now. We’re slow today and Nathalie’s coming in at 4, it’ll be okay. Go — have a lovely time.”

The way that Terry was smiling at them made Lizbet feel she knew exactly what was going on between her customer and Lizbet. The butterflies in her stomach kept fluttering about, but she reminded herself “It’s just lunch, it’s only lunch.”

Lizbet was wrong about that, it wasn’t just lunch. Kory was so pretty and charming, so full of life that Lizbet allowed herself to be drawn to the girl in a way she would never have imagined before. Kory kept touching her hand, smiling at her, flattering her. Lizbet still couldn’t believe someone this youthful and sensual would be attracted to a 32-year old single mom, but it was obvious that she was. When Kory asked her back to her apartment for a drink, she stunned herself by accepting readily. Kory led her inside and closed the door and then she wrapped her arms around Lizbet and kissed her.

Lizbet didn’t fight the kiss or struggle, because she didn’t want to. It was such a soft, gentle, sensual kiss that Lizbet found unlike any kiss she had ever known before. It was at that very instant, she knew that Amber was right and that she was attracted to women. Whatever happened between them now would be with her consent, she was fascinated to discover this new and exciting part of herself.

Wordlessly, Kory led her to the bedroom and started to strip her with tender, loving kisses in between. It was so wonderful for Lizbet to hear Kory say just how much she loved Lizbet’s new, pretty lingerie. To see the desire in the black girl’s ebony eyes and to feel her linger over each piece before removing each item made Lizbet feel so special and wanted. No one had ever made her feel that way before, certainly not Jim, her waste-of-space husband. Kory’s tongue moved over Lizbet’s body, touching her most-secret places, delving deep into places that no one had gone before. Lizbet’s mind whirled about and her libido went into hyperdrive. She let delightful young Kory do whatever she wanted and thrilled to every delicious second of it. Once Kory was done, Lizbet asked for instructions on how to please her beautiful young lover. She paid careful attention and saw that she must have been learning her lessons well, because the slender black girl was thrashing about the cool, white linen sheets on the bed. She was so beautiful and it was all so erotic, Lizbet would have liked to stay all night. To her regret, she had to get back to pick up Jeannie from the sitter.

“I want very much to see you güvenilir casino again, I’m not seeing anyone and would love to make this a regular thing,” Kory sighed. “I’m really very attracted to you.”

Lizbet expected that she would say “I’ll think about it” but instead, she found herself saying “I would really love that.” For the entire ride home, she kept thinking about slim, beautiful, erotic Kory and how her pussy had tasted under her lips, how her cunt got dark as Lizbet’s tongue went deeper. The little yelps she made, the delicate peaches with cocoa nipples that were Kory’s breasts. Lizbet had never thought of herself as an erotic person before, yet now realized that is precisely what she was.

After a few weeks, it became another `open secret’ at Elite Treats that Kory and Lizbet were sleeping together. Terry smiled at Kory as she left one afternoon, she had just given Lizbet a quick kiss goodbye.

“She’s a cutie, that one,” Terry sighed. “You did very well for your first experience.”

“Have you two ever …?” Lizbet asked her boss, surprised at her new boldness.

Terry actually looked down and blushed as she looked up. “Uh — yeah. Actually, I was her first.”

As it seemed that Lizbet didn’t appear to be angry or have any trouble with it, Terry also added “I was kind-of hoping to be your first as well, Amanda told me that you’d never been with a girl.”

Lizbet took Terry’s hand and squeezed it. “Would you like to be my second?”

Terry smiled brightly. “Are you serious?”

“Very serious. What I have with Kory is special, but she’s not thinking in the long-term, not just yet. She’s away a lot with her job and I told her that she’s young, have her fun. I’m not going to pine for her while she’s away, so if you’re still interested …”

Terry crushed her lips to Lizbet’s and kissed the older woman hard. “After we close tonight, we’re going to dinner and then back to my place where I will fuck you so hard that you’ll …”

Lizbet whispered “Why don’t we skip dinner and go to dessert? By the end of the day, I’ll be so horny for you I won’t be able to think straight.”

Terry didn’t quite understand how Lizbet had transformed herself so quickly but she was not about to voice any disapproval. This Lizbet was hot!

Lizbet then pulled away from Terry and turned around so Terry couldn’t see what she was doing. When she turned back towards her boss, she had her tiny black thong in her hand. She presented it to Terry and said “You hang on to these as a reminder of what you’re getting later tonight. I hope you’re ready for me, you gorgeous Asian bitch, because I fucking can’t wait to taste you.” Lizbet startled herself by her own boldness, yet she was having a blast transforming herself!

Terry in bed was a treat. She was a very giving lover, very ardent and attentive. She must have licked Lizbet’s pussy for 30 minutes before allowing Lizbet to do the same to her. Following that, Terry got out a nice-sized strap-on and gave her employee her first hot, lezzie dildo fuck. It was nice enough for a change, but Lizbet knew now that most times, fingers and tongues were enough to set her on fire. Nor did she have the emotional connection to Terry that she was already feeling with Kory. Kory was making her happy, Terry was just a side fling.

Kory would be gone for a few more days and Lizbet was still climbing the walls with sexual tension. Jeannie was away visiting her grandparents for the entire weekend and the house was completely empty. Precisely at that moment, Lizbet realized that she had a rare opportunity in the palm of her hand. She got out her cell and dialed Amber’s number.

“Hey gorgeous, are you doing anything this weekend?” She asked. Amber’s voice still sounded all smoky, like she’d just gotten out of bed. “Really — one of your bikini model friends, good for you. Listen — I’m tired of just `checking you out’, now I want to really look you over. Yes, you’ve got it — uh-huh, really, no kidding. The model?” Lizbet smiled to herself and thought “Yep, the new me certainly can handle it.” She told Amber “Bring her along, if you think you can handle the both of us. This is Lizbet’s new life and I’m ready for anything.”

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