Locked Out Part 1

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Locked Out Part 1
I love riding the bus in the afternoons and sitting just by the stairs to the upper deck, I am an upskirt fan and always looking for opportunities to view delicious panties and the bus has given me plenty of good views in the past and if the angle is right you get a back view as they go up and a front view on the way down. If the timing is right which is usually around when the schools kick out then you may get girls actually standing on the stairs for the entire duration of the trip and I end up sitting there with a boner.
Today was one of those days and I had got my favourite seat and had seen one or two girls go up and flash their arses but nothing really stood out until we got to the school and then things started to get serious as the students piled on, I was in my element as the bus filled up and one of the last to get on was a girl called Sally who lived just up the road from me, we knew each other but only in a passing way and as she got on the bus she acknowledged my existence with a smile and headed off up the stairs but as the bus was so full she had to stand halfway up which to me was the jackpot.
I don’t know why some of these girls have to roll the waistband of their skirts to make them shorter but I was not complaining, Sally had done just that and as she stood on the stairs I had the perfect view of her bare legs right up to her little white panties and as the bus jolted along the road her body swayed giving different angles of view, absolutely perfect and I found myself sitting there with a boner.
Sally had no idea of the attention she was getting as she held on to the banister and my view got obstructed a few times with the amount of people but as students started to get off the stairs became less crowded and eventually the stairs cleared and Sally got a seat on the top deck but it didn’t detract from the girls coming down the stairs and I got my fair share of panty views.
As we approached my stop Sally came down the stairs giving me one final view up her skirt, clearly seeing her tight white panties between her legs, she stopped half way down holding on to the rail as the bus turned a corner, her legs apart for balance, Wow! this was the money shot.
My cock was bulging inside my trousers and as she came down the last few steps she again acknowledged me with a smile.
We both got off together, Sally was ahead of me as we took the short walk home and because I popped into the corner shop she was gone. I turned the corner to our row of houses and noticed that Sally was sitting on the steps of her front door with a look of frustration on her face, “Hi, is everything alright?” I asked as I approached her gate, “NO” she blurted out like it was none of my business, “My Mum’s working late and I left my keys in my locker” she said with tears in her eyes, “And to make matters worse I have an assignment to do tonight AND it looks like rain” she continued as she sat there on the step, knees together with her chin on top of them and I could see she was clearly upset.
I did what any good neighbour kaçak casino would do, I handed her my hanky, “Here, dry your eyes, why don’t you come back to mine, you can do your assignment until your mum gets home plus I will order a pizza” I said with a smile, she looked up at me feeling much better, “Are you sure?” she asked and I reached out my hand to pull her up. “Thank you so much, you are a life saver” she said as she quickly texted her mum to tell her where she will be.
I took her coat and showed her into the lounge where she sat down on the sofa looking around, I pulled up a small table and put it in front of her, “Make yourself at home” I said as she took all sorts of books out of her bag along with her tablet which she set up on the small table, “I am going to take a quick shower” I said as she got comfortable, “OK” she replied and got busy.
I took my time in the shower allowing Sally to crack on then slipped on a tee shirt and shorts and returned to the lounge to discuss the pizza, as I walked in Sally was busy tapping away on her tablet so I sat in my chair opposite and looked across at the busy teenager.
She had removed her tie and opened a couple of buttons of her shirt, I could just make out the outline of her bra hidden beneath, her little titties looked pert, her skirt being rolled up was quite short and the way she sat showed a good glimpse of thigh and if I got the right angle I could see her little white panties, I was happy to let her carry on as she was looking quite stressed.
“Fancy a drink Sally?” I asked and she nodded so I got her a cold glass of squash and as I put it on her table I got a quick glance down her open shirt seeing her milky whites half hidden behind her loose fitting bra, she glanced up and must have noticed a slight bulge appearing in my shorts but she didn’t say a word, she thanked me and got back to it.
I watched as she worked, pretending to be looking at my phone and every now and then she would change position of her legs giving me a peek of her panties, I could feel my cock getting hard now but she was too busy to notice.
The Pizza arrived and I suggested she take a break so we could eat, she gasped and sat back giving a big sigh of relief as she put her tablet to one side so I could put the pizza on the table. “Thank you” she said with a smile as we both tucked in.
“What’s the deal with the skirt Sally?” I asked more out of curiosity and she looked at me puzzled, “Oh you mean rolling the waistband?” she asked and laughed so I just smiled and nodded waiting for her answer, she shyly looked at me before telling me that girls at school would roll their skirts to see how many turns before a teacher would pull them up on it, “What’s the record?” I asked “I think it’s Six” she said with a giggle, “Really! Wow” I said, “And how many turns do you have now?” thinking that it was pretty short from what I saw on the bus, “I am on three” she said as she stood up to show me and I have to say that it was a few inches above her knee, “Wow! I said looking at her smooth legs casino oyna slightly parted, “I have done four before but five showed too much” she said laughing, “Show me” I asked not thinking for one minute that she would but she put her fingers into the waistband and gave her skirt another turn, “This is four” she said and gave a twirl showing more leg than she did before but was still half decent.
“Fancy doing a five?” I asked with a cheeky grin, “Ha-ha” she said before rolling her skirt one more time and as I looked I could just see the bottom of her panties between her legs and when she turned around I could just see the bottom of her arse cheeks, “Wow!” I said in an approving voice, “That is borderline indecent”
“Now you can see why I never do a six” she said giggling, “Indeed I do” I said like a concerned father, “But why don’t you try it just so we can eliminate it” I suggested, “Really” she said before setting about rolling one more time, she struggled a bit as her skirt was now tight but she breathed in and got it done, “OMG” I said as I could now clearly see the front of her panties, so tight and showing a little bulge of the pubic hair hidden beneath, as she turned around I could clearly see her arse cheeks with her panties slightly bunched up her crack. “Wow!” I said again as I felt my cock hardening.
“Six is definitely indecent in public” I said and she agreed nodding her head as she unrolled a couple of turns much to my disappointment and sat back down.
“I bet the boys love it” I remarked laughing and she went on to tell me that her friend had said that boys do it to see how many times they can roll their pants before their willies pop out, we both laughed at that.
“Really, that sounds fun” I said back, “Does it work with Boxer shorts?” I asked as that is what I normally wear, “Hmm” she replied, “I don’t know as I never done it personally but my friend told me about it”
It was an interesting thought so I suggested I would give it a try for her, “Really” she said giggling so I got up trying hard to conceal my bulging shorts and went upstairs to change into a pair of boxers.
“How do I look?” I asked as I returned to the lounge, Sally looked across at me, “Maybe better without the shirt” she said smiling so I swiftly removed the shirt and stood there in just my boxers. “Wow!” She said smiling.
“How about with every turn of my boxers you undo a button on your shirt” I said cheekily, “Ha-ha, ok” came the reply and so counting up the buttons, “So five turns and my shirt is off” she said laughing, “Six and the bra comes off” I responded and Sally reluctantly nodded.
My cock was still semi so the first three turns just made them tighter but I felt it getting stiffer after each turn and with three more buttons undone on Sally’s shirt her bra was now in full view which wasn’t helping the erection situation.
I made the fourth turn and my stiffening cock was now down the left leg and if I don’t re-adjust then on the next turn it will pop out the leg so I swiftly moved it sideward as Sally undid another button, canlı casino siteleri the fifth turn proved to be more difficult and I knew six or seven would be a push, “Wow!” she said as she undid the penultimate button looking at my sideway bulge, I struggled to make six without my solid cock poking out and she was amazed as she undid the final button of her shirt and removed it completely showing her white bra which was a little loose allowing me a quick peek at a nipple.
“If you take off your bra now Sally, I will let you make the seventh turn” I said with a cheeky grin, “Really?” she said and her eyes widened as she reached around her back and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor, “Wow!” I said as I looked at her small but perky titties and could see the nipples getting stiff, Sally got up from the sofa and got on her knees in front of me and nervously reached out to the waistband of my boxers and very slowly turning them and before she could finish my cock sprung out nearly hitting her in the face, “OMG!” she said as she stared and my throbbing cock in front of her face.
“My friend said they get big but I didn’t think they would get THIS big” she said as she admired my cock and then reaching forward she took hold of it and pulled the foreskin right back exposing the purple head which was leaking a bit of pre-cum, “Mmm” she said as she started to slowly rub my cock up and down and the pre-cum was now making the head glisten.
Looking down I could see her nipples were now quite hard so I asked her to stand up and then bent down and gave them both a little suck while Sally undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor, her panties were small and tight and on closer inspection I could see a couple of stray hairs poking out the side and pulling her close I knelt down and gave her pussy a little lick through the fabric of her panties, I could feel the warmth and wetness coming through and Sally moaned as I pushed her back on the sofa and pulled her legs open wide before going to work with my tongue, “OMG!” she cried as I pulled her panties to one side and softly licked her protruding labia lips before hitting the clit, “FUCKING HELL” she cried out as my tongue swirled around her little button and I could feel her getting wetter, my cock was throbbing so taking it in one hand I positioned it up to her inviting hole and rubbed it up and down before slowly inching inside her, she cried out as I slowly pushed in putting my hands under her arse pulling her towards me.
Her moans got louder as I began thrusting in and out and my fingers were probing for her arsehole, I began to build up some speed as my finger found the spot and I slowly pushed in, I could feel her cunt muscles tighten as I built up a rhythm, I knew I was close as she started to shake I couldn’t hold it and as my hot seed shot deep into her belly she cried out loudly, I kept pumping as the second and third squirts shot into her and I knew I was done, I looked at her smiling face as my cock softened, still gasping for air.
“Wow!, That was some fuck” she said still smiling and as I pulled out and stood up I could see some cum dripping from my soft cock, she leant forward and without question took my soft cock in her mouth and gently squeezing my balls she sucked up the last drops.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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