Lodge 4 Ch. 03

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I spent the rest of the day thinking about Cassie. After the first night’s impromptu midnight sixty-nine, and the swimming pool tryst, I was almost permanently erect. Now I know what it must be like to take Viagra, only I felt the mental and chemical arousal as well as the physical.

All of this fuelled by the desire to see Cassie’s naked breasts, to suckle on her teats, to caress and massage them, to slide my cock between them and shoot my cum over her whilst they are pressed around my shaft.

I shuddered as I imagined the feeling of them around me. I had only felt her breasts once on the first night, and judging by the memory I have of them, I reckon I’d last about 15 seconds before my cock gets torn off by the amount of cum pumping through it.

Before that, though, I have to endure foreplay and sex. The former, Cassie is very good at, I know that from experience. The latter is something I may have to do a lot of the work on, but the reward will be well worth it!

Regardless, I was having the best holiday of my life. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I could barely look at Cassie during dinner. I didn’t want to rouse suspicion of our plan, though I hadn’t had an opportunity to “injure” myself during rock climbing. James was excellent at spotting (a Spotter stays on the ground with the other end of the rope the climber is attached to in order to stop the climber falling), so whenever I feigned a slip, he caught me before I fell too far, so didn’t have the momentum to make a convincing injury.

I had to find something else to get me to stay in all morning.

Before we went to bed for the night (couch and floor, for myself and James), we played a few rounds of Texas Hold’em, with bowls of snacks James and I had brought yesterday, and beer and cider shared between us, some of which we’d brought, some of which the girls had.

By the time we finished, and had all turned in for the night, I was still unable to think of a good enough excuse to duck out of abseiling tomorrow. I was going to have to think of something fast.


A couple of hours later, I got up and went to the fridge to get some milk. I tried to be swift and silent, so as not to wake James up be either noise or the light coming on.

I took a swig straight from the 4 litre bottle of milk and replaced it in the fridge door, closing it behind me.

As I made my way back to the rug (James and I having agreed to switch “beds” so we each spent a night on the couch), I feigned a slip, making sure my hand landed close to James’ head and rousing him from his sleep.

“Gary?” James murmured in the dark as his silhouetted form shifted before me.

“Sorry mate,” I replied in a hushed voice, “Just slipped is all.”

“Ah right,” James mumbled, “Careful,” and with that, James rolled over back to sleep.


I woke in the morning to James playfully kicking my waist, “C’mon, get up”

“D’you mind not kicking me?” I asked as I rolled over to face him.

“Ah, don’t be such a grump!” James gave me one final nudge with his foot before heading to the kitchen, “It’s our turn for breakfast I guess, since the girls made it yesterday.”

I sat up, “Fair enough. I think we still have some bacon left over,”

“Bacon sandwiches it is!” James flung the fridge door open and found the remaining packets of bacon the girls had set aside for today.

I steadily rose to my feet, careful to only use one leg to stand up, keeping the other straight. James noticed, frowning at me, “What’s up?”

“I slipped last night when I went to the kitchen,” I explained, “Think I’ve twisted my knee,” I half hopped to the kitchen counter to join James, faking a seeth of pain as I made contact with the floor with the foot of my “injured” leg.

“You serious?” James asked, “How the hell did you manage that?”

“Going for a drink in the middle of the night, half drunk, half asleep, wearing socks on laminate flooring,” I replied, gesturing to various objects to enhance my explanation.

At that moment, the girls came down the stairs, still in their various nightwear (Cassie and Beth were wearing t-shirts, Jess was wearing pyjamas, and Kate and Alex were wearing wife beaters). I had to repeat my story when asked how we were, so managed to garner some sympathy from the girls, and managed to get a couple of hugs in the process from Alex and Kate.

Glancing over at Cassie, she grinned knowingly, making sure her gaze didn’t linger for too long, reducing the chance of being caught out. The girls then insisted that they cooked breakfast, and practically forced us out of the kitchen in the process, much to James’ displeasure.

As the girls cooked, James and I retreated to the couch and turned the TV onto the Formula 1, the smell of frying bacon filling the room, the oil sizzling and spitting and snapping contently, fuelling my hunger.

After a few minutes, sandwiches started being placed on the table, as well as some ketchup and brown sauce that bostancı escort bayan was leftover from yesterday morning. I hobbled to the table and opened my sandwich, and squirted a generous dollop of brown sauce on top of the bacon. Cracking!


About 20 minutes later, Cassie began to complain about stomach pains. It seemed she was making her move, and she charged to the bathroom, quickly followed by Beth and Jess. I audibly heard Cassie throwing up, and the toilet flushing a few times.

“What’s up with her?” I asked, perhaps a bit too sny than I should have1.

“I don’t know,” Alex replied, brushing a lock of golden-red hair out of her face and draping it over her ear, “I’ll go and see what’s going on,”

Alex made her way to the bathroom, leaving myself, James and Kate, “Something didn’t agree with her,” she observed, shuffling in her seat at the table.

James and I murmured in agreement as Alex returned, “Well, it seems she’s feeling too sick to join us on the lake, so she’ll be staying in bed all morning,” she sighed, crossing her arms, lifting her breasts up slightly inadvertently, so a bit more flesh was showing above the deep neck of her wife beater, “She seems to think her bacon might have been a bit undercooked, and that might have been what caused it,”

“She gonna be okay, d’you think?” James asked, showing concern.

“Yeah, she can probably sleep it off,” Alex replied, “She normally does.”


The girls left first, reluctantly leaving Cassie upstairs to sleep her sickness off, one or two of them complaining “I wish she was coming,” and “It won’t be the same without her,” and the like. Good thing they didn’t know the truth.

James decided it best I stay behind to look after Cassie in case she needed help. I asked him why he couldn’t stay too, in order to keep him off the scent. He reasoned that I was injured, so couldn’t participate anyway, and the abseiling was paid for. At least the money wasn’t completely wasted.

He left a short while later, leaving me on the couch to look after Cassie and nurse my own injury.

I waited for about 15 minutes before making my move, in case anybody had forgotten something. I didn’t want to be caught out by walking around normally when everyone else believed I was injured.

Just then, I heard soft footfalls on the stairs. I looked over the back of the couch towards the sound, and saw Cassie, wearing nothing but a white bath robe, her long black hair tucked within it. She stopped, and leant against the balustrade as she noticed my gaze fall upon her.

“So,” She said, smiling innocently, “What are your plans for the morning? Anything you particularly want to…do?”

I noticed the slight emphasis on the final word caused my cock to stir and begin to harden at the conjured images brought to mind. I decided to play along with Cassie’s euphamistic conversation starter. I rose from the couch as I spoke, and slowly began to tread around it, “Well, I was hoping to admire the local beauty, make sure a lasting impression is left before I have to depart,”

Cassie followed my lead, and began to slowly descend the remaining few stairs, taking her time, the sexual tension and desire welling within us, “I’m sure a sufficient impression has been made. Anything else could be considered a bonus,”

“I guess,” I agreed, only a few feet separating us now, “But who knows when I’ll experience this again? I have to savour it while I still can,”

“Fuck it,” Cassie near enough ran straight at me and kissed me full on the lips, her arms wrapping around my neck, pulling me into her. I was caught off guard at the abrupt change of pace, but soon adapted and was soon kissing her back, my hands round in the small of her back. Cassie broke the kiss momentarily to say, “On my ass,” before returning to the kiss.

I complied, and slid my hands down and cupped her buttocks, and gave each a squeeze. Cassie moaned, and began to grind her crotch against mine as she felt her libido take the helm.

Cassie broke the kiss, “Upstairs,” she let go of me and ran up the stairs, undoing the belt of her dressing gown as she went. I quickly followed her, stripping myself of my shirt, and undoing my own belt as I pursued her, following my cock like it was a divining rod.

When I entered the bedroom, Cassie was sat at the foot of the bed, her legs crossed, and her hands crossed over, cupping opposite breasts. Her bath robe lay in a pile on the floor.

I began to feel self-conscious about being clothed. I threw my shirt to one side and unbuttoned my jeans, Cassie looking on with keen anticipation. I pulled my jeans down, letting my cock out of its denim confines. I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them away.

Cassie dropped her hands and opened her legs, revealing her moist pussy, and, for the first time, her 32F breasts. I felt my heart stop for a moment as I caught my first glimpse of her tits, her large pink nipples jutting out, erect and eager ümraniye escort for attention, her areolas seemed to melt into the rest of her breasts, almost impossible to tell where they truly ended.

I hadn’t waited that long to finally see them, but after I’d already felt them and shot my cum over them, it felt like an eternity.

“Look as good as you thought?” Cassie asked, smiling, grasping my cock with one hand, “As if I need to ask!”

“Indeed,” I agreed, Cassie’s hand starting to slowly stroke my erection, causing it to tense up, as if it were simulating or imagining an orgasm, shooting non-existent load after non-existent load over Cassie’s gorgeous body, “So how should we start?”

“Let’s play a game,” Cassie slid off the bed, and knelt on the floor to one side of it, rather than remain at the foot. I followed her, and sat on the edge of the bed with her between my legs, my cock rigid and aimed at her face. “The game is simple,” she pushed her hair back over her ears to keep it out of the way, “You phone James, and ask how he’s getting on, get a conversation going. Throughout the call, I shall be sucking you off. You will lose if you moan, interrupt or stop me, or if you cum. Then we swap over when the call is ended by the other person.”

“Sounds interesting,” I thought for a moment, “What are the rules for the person not on the phone?”

“You have to make the other person moan, stop you or cum, but you aren’t allowed to move from between their legs, and the person on the phone isn’t allowed to move from their place on the bed.”

“Alright, you’re on!”

“Splendid,” Cassie grinned, “Remember, the other person has to be the one to end the call or you lose.”

“I’ll just go get it,” I slid back onto the bed and off the foot to go and retrieve my phone from downstairs. I half ran down so I could find it. Once again, Cassie surprised me with her ambitious game. I mean, granted, I doubted I would last very long, but I was more than happy to give it a shot.

I found my phone on the dining table. Grabbing it, I darted back upstairs and back into the bedroom. When I looked up at the bed, Cassie had made what I can only describe as a nest out of the duvet, a big horseshoe shape with the opening in front of her.

“Sorted,” I proclaimed, climbing onto the bed and into the horseshoe. It was a tight fit. The covers rode tight up against the small of my back and along my open thighs. Not much breathing space at all.

“Me too,” Cassie smiled, “The covers mark the boundaries of where you’re allowed to sit. Move out of there and you lose.” There was a slight pause as Cassie looked down at my cock hungrily, then her expression morphed into one of disappointment, “Aaaw, look, you’ve gone soft,”

My cock had deflated slightly on the trip downstairs, and hung flaccid, yet not completely soft. Cassie wrapped her warm hand around it, and began to gently stroke her hand along it. It ached slightly at first, but as I felt the blood pumping through it again, and its stiffness return, it began to feel good again.

“Ooooh, I can feel it growing,” Cassie moaned, fascinated by my erection filling her hand, “This is awesome!” she chuckled.

“I’m gonna go ahead and make the call now, if you don’t mind,”

Cassie snapped back to reality for a moment, and burst out laughing, “Sorry, I almost forgot about that. Make your call, sweetie,”

I unlocked my phone and opened the contacts menu, scrolled through it, and found James. I hit the green call button, and held the phone to my ear.

After a few rings, James answered, “Hello?”

“Hey mate, it’s me,” I replied. Cassie, taking this as her cue to begin, slipped my cockhead into her mouth, and began circling the head with her tongue and poking the hole. I felt my whole cock tingle as her tongue dragged under my foreskin and probed the sensitive head underneath.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much,” I lied, glancing down at Cassie. She looked up at me, her mouth around my cock, lips pushed out from her face as she sucked her cheeks in. I quickly averted my gaze to the ceiling to prevent any visual stimulation from contributing to my orgasm’s arrival. “How are things with you?”

“Not so bad,” James replied, some windy background noise making him a bit more difficult to hear. I felt Cassie’s hand cup my balls, and slowly curl around the base of my shaft. She dipped her head down and took half my shaft in her mouth, causing my entire pelvic area tense and twitch at the abrupt sensation. Cassie withdrew until just my head was enveloped within her mouth, and began repeating the motion, “Just waiting for the harnesses and we’ll be all set,”

“Nice,” I managed to utter. I was trying to keep speech to a minimum at the moment, as he would surely catch on if I spoke too much at once, “Sounds rather windy there,”

Cassie began to gently squeeze my cock with her hand as she dipped her head, her other hand now stroking my scrotum with the tops of her index and escort kartal middle fingers. I shuddered, and shuffled slightly to readjust my position on the bed. Cassie kept my cock firmly in her grip and in her mouth as I did so, and began to increase the speed.

“Yeah, it is a bit,” James replied, “The clouds don’t look too happy either,” Cassie began pumping her hand up and down my shaft in time with her mouth, her tongue brushing from side to side, looping round the head of my shaft every time her head came up far enough to manage it. I could feel myself beginning to itch with the desire to cum, but I didn’t want to cop out of the game so early on, “Looks like it might rain,”

“Really?” I asked, my hips bucking slightly involuntarily, catching me off guard, and causing Cassie to briefly stop to look up at me, her eyes narrowing just a touch. I could almost read her mind. She knew I was getting close. She returned to sucking me off, seeming to fear she’d left me to cool off for too long, “Do you think it’s gonna hold off?”

“Hope so,” James echoed my own thoughts as Cassie’s hands fell away from my cock and scrotum. Her mouth descended, taking as much of me in her mouth as she could. She gagged slightly at 6 inches, slowly drawing her mouth back up my shaft, pressing her tongue forcibly into the underbelly of my cock, flicking as it reached the tip. “How are things with you? Leg alright?”

Cassie’s hand wrapped around my shaft, and she took her mouth away. She pulled my skin back as far as it would go, and began to flick my cockhead with her tongue, delivering short, sharp, excruciating pangs of pleasure with every blow. I could feel my orgasm stirring. I needed to hold off longer! With my free hand, I snuck it to my side as I lay back on the bed, and secretly pinched at my thigh, nipping and twisting it in order to keep my orgasm at bay.

“Yeah, took some paracetamol earlier,” Cassie dragged her lips over my cockhead as she flicked at my peehole with her tongue. I stifled a moan, curling both my lips into my mouth and sucking them.

“You keeping it up like I told you to?”

I glanced down at Cassie, who looked back at me, as if sensing that my gaze had fallen upon her. She locked my cockhead in her mouth, clamping her lips over it, and pumped my shaft with her hand as hard and fast as she could. I fell backwards and tried to take my mind off her, “Yep,” I replied to James, Cassie’s mouth and hands still noticeably coaxing my orgasm. My loins twinged as it reared its head.

“Good. Make sure you stay off it,” James instructed, Cassie squeezing tighter with her hand on my shaft, but trying to keep the same pace. Fuuuuuck! It was pure agony. I despreately needed to cum, but I didn’t want to! My mind and my cock were in all out war now. I pinched my waist in my mind’s attempt to wrest control from my screaming cock.

That did the trick. I kept the pressure applied, “Will do,” I affirmed with James, my back arching as I fought to keep myself from cumming, but it was a battle that I was rapidly losing. Cassie was on the verge of having my cum blast straight down her throat! I couldn’t take much more!

“Ah, the harnesses are here,” James announced, “Catch you later, man.”

Thank fuck! He was hanging up! “Right oh, see you later,” I glanced down at Cassie and grinned. I had beaten her challenge! Cassie looked up sharply, her eyes wide in terror.

“Oh, hang on a sec!” James called, just as I removed the phone from my ear to hang up. Shit.

“Yeah?” I asked, trying to disguise my anguish as Cassie’s face lit up. She knew she had been bought time. She grinned wickedly, her eyes narrowing. She had an Ace up her sleeve!

Cassie let my cock go from her mouth, and she repositioned herself between my legs. With one hand, she lifted my cock so it pointed upwards, the other resting on her tit. Was she going to do what I thought she was going to do?

She pushed her chest forward, and pushed my cock between her tits with the fingers of the hand that lifted it, using the palm of the same hand to push her tit into the other one, and trap my cock between them.

Ho…ly…fuck! Her tits had felt good the other night when I fondled them, but the way they felt on my cock was absolutely incredible! She pressed her tits tightly together around my cock and smiled widely as she began to rise and fall on my cock, her sweet, soft tit flesh engulfing it, moulding around it, being parted when my cock rose between them like water off a ship’s bow. I fell flat on my back again, the pleasure too great!

“Could you get lunch ready for when myself and the girls get back? I’m sure they’ll appreciate it,” Cassie was really going for it now, slamming her tits into my pelvis with every downstroke, squeezing them together as tight as she could. I strained to keep my cum at bay, but it was a futile effort. I was almost there! Almost there…

Cassie whispered gently so only I could hear her, “Cum! Cum now! Cum all over me!”

“Sure,” I replied to both of them, hoping James was swift with his reply. I screwed my face up as I felt my cock tense ready for the final release.

“Great, I gotta go now,” Cassie bit her lower lip as she tit fucked me, creating an even sexier image before me, “See you later,”

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