Lord of the Lifeguards Ch. 02

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She knew it was bound to happen to her at some point, because it happened to all the teachers at Mountain Vista High School at one time or another. She knew it as soon as this arrogant prick darkened her classroom door. It was part of the dark underbelly around here, some coach strong-arming a teacher because one of their cherished student athletes had run afoul of academia and was put on the exempt list.

Athletics ruled around here and classes merely got in the way of their march to whatever state championship they were chasing. Nina Shepherd was in no mood to put up with any shit but she also knew that teachers who did not fall in line did not last long here.

“Good morning Mizz Shepherd,” Coach Jones said as he sauntered into her otherwise empty classroom.

Nina looked up and pondered his drawling out of ‘mizz’ when he greeted her. Since he had never even bothered to acknowledge her presence in the two years she had been teaching history here, she erred on the side of caution and decided he was just being the asshole she always thought he was.

“What can I do for you Mr. Jones?” She knew enough about him and his priorities that there was probably only one reason he was even speaking to her now.

“Mizz Shepherd,” he said, drawling it out a second time much to her annoyance. “It’s Coach Jones and we seem to be having an academic issue with one of your students and I’m hoping we can clear things up.”

Here it comes, Nina thought. Although she was cordial with most of the coaches and staff at the school, she despised this aspect of teaching here. The only thing worse than the coaches that engaged in these high-pressure tactics were the arrogant, mollycoddled athletes and their parents. If any student was failing a class, they were automatically placed on the exempt list, making them immediately ineligible to participate in any extracurricular school activities until they brought their grades up. It didn’t matter if it was band, sports or a club, it was district policy and a bad one in the eyes of the coaches that ruled MVHS.

“Oh, we do?” Nina responded with a slightly sarcastic emphasis on ‘we.’ “Whom are we referring to?”

Jones looked down at her and said in a stern tone, “It seems one of my swimmers turned up on the exempt list and won’t be able to compete in next week’s meet. We need to sort this out quickly before it becomes an issue,” he said, matter of factly.

“Which student are we talking about,” she asked again as she fixed the coach with a cold stare, reaching for her master grade book.

“Hanson. Jeff Hanson. I believe he’s in your 6th period class.

Nina knew, of course, that 6th period in any subject at Mountain Vista was generally packed with student-athletes, if they were there at all. It was the last class of the day and an easy one to miss when school invariably got in the way of their games, meets or whatever.

The teacher thumbed through her book until she got to the correct section. Ah yes, Hanson, she thought. He actually was kind of a cute and very nice kid but he always sat slunk down in the back of the class, never participating in any discussions. When she did happen to call on him, it only momentarily snapped him out of his Lalaland day-dreaming and he never knew the answers to her questions anyway.

“Mister, er’, Coach Jones,” she started, clearing her throat. “Jeff Hanson failed a major test last week and it dropped his overall grade to a ‘D’ which is why he’s ineligible in accordance with policy.”

“Mizz Shepherd,” he replied, “Need I tell you that my team has an important meet against Plainview next week and Hanson is one my best swimmers? I need him in the pool preparing…today,” he said sharply.

Nina responded, her voice rising as she went, “If Jeff doesn’t start coming to class prepared, forget swimming, he is going to be repeating history class over the summer.”

Coach Jones leaned down placing his balled fists on Nina’s desk, his steely dead eyes boring an icy hole through her head as he started in with his tried and true lecture, saying in a low measured tone, “As you know Mizzzz Shepherd,” he said, spittle coming out of his mouth now. “Here at Mountain Vista we place a premium on providing the best education possible as we prepare all our students for their next phase in life. As faculty here, we can’t afford to let any student fall through the cracks, academically speaking.”

Nina responded quickly, “Jeff is not falling through the cracks Mr. Jones, he’s in way over his head academically and – “

“Let me finish Miss Shepherd,” Coach Jones snapped angrily, cutting her off. “I assume you ARE familiar with the district’s personnel review program?” he asked menacingly. “For some reason, teachers deemed unfit to provide the proper education and guidance to students, don’t seem to last too long around here. And it’s a shame for them when they end up with that black mark on their resume. Sometimes it’s tough to find a new job teaching with that hanging over your head,” he said with a slight chuckle.

Ah, this is bahis firmaları how he does it, Nina now understood. As the longest tenured coach (and teacher) here, she knew Jones held great sway with school and district administrators alike. His in-pool successes brought great prestige and notoriety to the school and he was widely viewed as untouchable by the rest of the faculty. Jones knew this, of course, which is why he pretty much always got his way lest he allow himself to be seduced into joining a competing program at another high school in the city.

Nina was furious that he had dared use the nuclear option on her. She knew this was why ethical teachers with a moral compass that stood up to such bullying either got fired or quit in frustration. But she refused to let Jones get the best of her. Nina knew that while she might placate him today, she would also live to fight another day. He may have won this battle, she thought, but she would go ‘scorched earth’ and win the whole damn war and take this bastard down once and for all.

Calmly falling into line, Nina replied, “Oh, I see your point now Coach Jones. How about I give Jeff some one-on-one tutoring after school for the next few days and then give him a chance to retake the exam and improve his grade?”

“Excellent idea Shepherd!” Jones said, snapping upright and breaking into a wide grin. “I knew you would come to the right decision.” Turning and strutting towards the door, Coach Jones added, “Make sure Hanson gets to practice on time today.”

“What a fucking asshole,” Nina muttered under her breath as he left the classroom. There is no way she was going to let this piece of crap get away with this. If he thinks this was the end of it, he has another thing coming. This is just the beginning, Nina thought to herself. And Hanson? She would go through the motions and help him as she should, but he’d better earn the grade on his own merit if he ever wants to see the swimming pool again this year, she fumed.

That afternoon, as her 6th period students began filing into her classroom, Nina was watching out for Jeff to give him the news.

“Excuse me, Jeff?” she said, “I need for you to stay around after class to discuss a few things.”

“Uh, okay. Miss Shepherd,” Jeff replied, slightly confused.

After the audible tone signaled the end of classes for the day and all the other students had left, Jeff sat glumly at his desk at the back of the room. Whatever this was, it was delaying him getting to the locker room to change for swim practice. And Coach always got a little testy when his swimmers were not on time.

“Jeff, c’mon up here and let’s talk at my desk,” Ms. Shepherd said, motioning him to an empty chair at the side of her desk.

Nina watched him as he walked towards the front of the classroom lugging his backpack. She thought he cut quite a figure in his tight jeans, shirt untucked, long blond locks bouncing…not a care in the world. They didn’t make ’em like that when I was in high school, she thought to herself. Nina was not much older than Jeff, having graduated college just a couple years ago. Now at 24, she had her first teaching gig at a prestigious school, certain that it would be a good stepping stone towards a promising career.

She was single although she had been in a serious relationship with a guy named Caleb throughout her four years in college. That came to crashing halt when she discovered he had been screwing one of her sorority sisters for almost a year. She kicked the cheating scumbag to the curb and Nina vowed to not get involved in any relationships until she was at least 30.

Still not over the shock of her ruined relationship, Nina couldn’t understand why Caleb threw away something so good just to jump the bones of some skank in her sorority. She had always been a ready and willing lover to him so it couldn’t have been that. She was relatively uninhibited in bed, always willing to try new things, although it was a bit of a stretch when Caleb goaded her into trying anal sex the first time.

Most considered Nina very pretty and some even regarded her as ‘hot.’ She only stood about 5′ 3″ but she had the body of a gymnast, which she had been back in her high school days. Slim, but powerfully built, her short brunette hair and green eyes were a perfect accompaniment to her pert 34B breasts and tight ass. Although she dressed unassumingly at work, she didn’t hesitate to change into tight yoga pants and a sports bra to show off her well-toned body once she was away from campus.

As he took his seat, Nina actually felt a little sorry for Jeff. Unlike the other narcissistic jocks at Mountain Vista, Jeff was very low key, modest and generally kept his gaze cast downward. He was definitely not self-aware, as if he couldn’t appreciate the man-body vessel he had or grasp the magnitude of the superior athletic prowess it powered.

“Jeffrey,” Nina began, calling him by his given name from the roll book, “I asked you to stay behind because we need to discuss your grade. You failed last week’s test and kaçak iddaa I’m worried that you’ll fail my class altogether if we don’t turn this around quickly.”

Jeff stared at her blankly for a moment. “Um, okay Miss Shepherd. Just tell me what I need to do so I can get to swim practice. Coach gets really mad at anyone that’s late.”

Nina looked at him incredulously and leaned in toward Jeff, “You are not getting this. Because you are failing, I had to put you on the exempt list. You aren’t even allowed to practice until you improve your grade and clear the list. I’m sorry but that is the school’s policy, not mine. Do you understand what I’m saying Jeffrey?”

He stared disbelieving at her, then she saw a single tear drop streak down his cheek before falling to his shirt. His head dropped and he was silent for what seemed like a very long time.

When he finally raised his head, his moist emerald green eyes met hers and he said, “Yes, Miss Shepherd, I understand. Please let me know what I need to do to get things back on track.”

She smiled slightly, seeing him now through her own empathetic eyes, appreciative that she had broken through to him. But those eyes of his, she just wanted to wrap her arms around him and hug him… Good God no, she thought, immediately taking herself to task for even allowing such a thought to enter her brain.

“Okay,” she finally replied, “Here’s the deal. I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to give you a chance to retake the test you failed but it is going to require your total commitment. For the next few days, you have to stay after class and we will go over the material again to help you study for the test and you will hopefully pass. If you do, you can start swimming again.

Jeff’s eyes lit up hopefully. “Thanks a million Miss Shepherd! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you cutting me some slack!” he said enthusiastically.

“Easy Jeff, I’m not cutting you any slack. I’m just giving you another chance to improve your grade. But remember,” she said sternly, “you can’t attend swim practice until you get off the exempt list.”

“Got it!” he replied. “I’m ready to get started when you are.”

“Okay. First, we need to go over your test to see where you struggled,” Ms. Shepherd said as she pulled out his exam paper. “We’ll focus on those areas since they will be key to you passing the re-test.” She was pretty sure she could probably have him take the exact same version of the original test and he would be none the wiser.

Sliding the paper towards him, Nina stood up and moved from behind the desk, alongside Jeff so they could review it together. Standing next to him, Nina leaned over and started reading the first missed question about the Napoleonic Wars and the various coalitions that fought Napoleon. Jeff’s eyes quickly glazed over.

“Okay so moving on to the next question, why did Napoleon launch his invasion of Russia in 1812?”

By now, Jeff’s head was resting against Nina’s side, his nose was actually nestled against her small bosom. She could feel his heavy breathing rise and fall as if he was asleep. The warmth of his breath leached through her blouse and bra, causing her nipples to harden. She instantly felt her private parts dampen. She hadn’t experienced this sensation since college as her arm instinctively reached out to pull his head in closer. With her eyes now closed, she gently stroked the side of his chiseled cheek, wiping away his tears when Jeff suddenly jerked, startling them both back to reality.

As she took a step back, Jeff stood up and started apologizing. “I, I, I am so sorry Miss Shepherd,” he stammered. “I think I fell asleep and the next thing I knew, I think I was drooling on you,” he said, looking away, slightly mortified.

“No no, it’s, it’s okay Jeffrey,” she said quickly. “I know it’s probably been a long day for you.”

Jeff stood a good foot taller than her and she took in the length of his frame as he stood before her, still averting her eyes. As she looked him over, she now saw a very distinct lump in his jeans. Did he have a hard-on? When she finally lifted her eyes, he was looking directly at her and she knew he had caught her looking directly at his crotch. Now it was her turn to be mortified.

“I’m sorry again,” he said, blushing a little. “It’s just that you smell so good and I think I got a little flustered,” he said, only slightly acknowledging his predicament down below.

Now trying to take back control of her emotions and the situation, Nina replied, “It’s quite all right Jeffrey. We’ll just forget that happened and get back to preparing you for the test,” she said with an awkward smile.

Nina gave Jeff a couple of chapters in the history book to study that night with the intent of reviewing during their after-school session the next day.

“Now Jeffrey, it’s really important that you take this seriously. We’ll do a review tomorrow and then a sample quiz to see where we’re at.”

“Will do Miss Shepherd. And thanks again for giving me another chance to bring kaçak bahis my grade up. I promise not to disappoint you.”

Nina smiled softly and motioning towards the door said, “No problem. Now go on and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As Jeff slung his backpack over his shoulder and started for the door, he suddenly stopped and looking back at Nina said, “Oh, and Miss Shepherd? Could you wear that same perfume again tomorrow? You smell really nice.”

He hesitated momentarily as he looked at her with his pleading green eyes. Those eyes could melt a glacier, Nina thought to herself, her face now slightly flushed.

Nina cocked her head slightly towards the door and with a smile on her face, “Go!” she said. “I will see you tomorrow.”

And with that, Jeff turned and bounded out of her classroom with a goofy smile on his face.

Nina sat back in her chair, contemplating what had just happened in her classroom. As she folded her arms across her chest, she felt the dampness where his mouth had been against her breast. That area of her white blouse and the sheer bra behind it was now translucent, her pink areola and hard nipple obvious for anyone to see. She quickly gathered herself and pulled her sweater around herself to cover up.

When Nina got home to her apartment, she did what she always did and started stripping down to change into her workout gear. As she stood in her bedroom in only her bra and thong panties, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror still a little stunned at her reaction back at school. Her nipples were still visibly erect as she reached up to free herself from her bra.

The sudden cool air stiffened them more if that was even possible. She liked the way her nipples and upturned breasts looked. Nina had seen plenty of her sorority sisters’ breasts in college and she knew without a doubt that her own were perfect. She brushed her fingers lightly across her nipples, shuddering slightly.

As she stooped to remove her panties, Nina knew she was still aroused from her interaction with Jeff but she didn’t know she was this wet. Her exposed labia lips slightly glistened from her wetness as she peeled the satin fabric away from her skin. The panties were sopping as the caught the familiar fragrant musky scent of her hairless pussy.

Nina lay back on her bed, eyes now closed, as she ran the image of his jeans-encased erection through her mind. Her left hand unconsciously began stroking her hard nipples as she spread her legs. Her right hand instinctively found her pussy, her fingers lightly tracing the wetness of her labia lips up towards her clit. She had also heard the gossip and rumors around school about Jeff Hanson’s dick. Nina gently started rubbing her clit as she recounted a comment she overheard once between one of the boys’ swim team coaches and a female coach on the girls’ team. He had seen Jeff in the locker room taking a shower and joked to her that this kid’s dick must have been at least nine inches long…soft! Apparently the female coach’s reaction was priceless.

Although Nina had not been one of those gawkers that suddenly took great interest in the boys’ swim meets once the rumors flew, the thought of such an imposing tool bulging form his jeans made her wetter. Nina dipped two fingers into her wet hole, then brought them up to her to mouth to taste. She knew she tasted good since Caleb had always enjoyed going down on her.

Moving to her breasts again, Nina gently placed her wet fingers on her nipples making them shiny in the process. Then she started rubbing her clit with earnest. She remembered that Caleb had had a nice penis. At seven inch and uncut, it was certainly the biggest she had ever had but then she hardly had much experience with other guys. But the thought of a dick half again longer than Caleb’s made Nina dizzy with lust.

She picked up her pace and was furiously massaging her hard clit, thinking how good it would feel to have a man inside her again. As she reached her climax, Nina’s body convulsed and shook as it never had before as she was consumed with her orgasm. It took her a while for her body and heart rate to calm down after such a great orgasm. She had a smile on her face as she pulled the comforter over herself and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, Nina chose a cocoa polka dot dress to wear to school that day. She called it her ‘Pretty Woman’ dress because it was very similar to the one Vivian wore to a polo match in the film – one of Nina’s all-time favorite movies. It also made her feel very sexy over her lace push-up bra and Brazilian panties. She put on some low pumps then purposely left a couple of buttons undone in the front of her dress, but she didn’t get too carried away since Mountain Vista is a somewhat conservative school. Besides, it would be covered up for most of the day by her white cashmere sweater.

Nina was feeling pretty good about herself as she sat at her desk preparing for her first class of the day. That is until a visibly pissed off Coach Jones suddenly showed up at the door to her classroom and pounded angrily on the door frame, demanding a minute of her time. Nina was ready for this and had expected a visit from him since she had forbidden Jeffrey to go to practice until he passed his test.

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