Love at first sight!

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Love at first sight!
“I’m in love!” those were the first words I wrote to her. Thankfully she laughed and sent back an “Lol, you’re cute.”

I met her on an online dating site and I could not believe how beautiful her body looked. There was only one photo on her profile, the one where she is hiding her face, but I was already hooked. A dream come true, I thought to myself. I had never been with a girl like this, a Tgirl, before but had always wanted to. I had always dreamed of it.

We messaged back and forth and to my surprise, she agreed to meet. Before she signed off, she sent me the second photo. I had never seen a prettier, hotter, sexier girl in my life!

We met for a drink and my heart was racing like a teenager. Not only was she just as beautiful, if not more, in person, I knew that beautiful, big secret she was hiding. She seemed to be just the perfect woman.

We talked and it was difficult to hide my attraction. She knew I was totally into her, but I’m sure güvenilir bahis siteleri I wasn’t the first. She had to be used to guys being crazy over her. Yet, somehow, she was here with me. “I’m sure you want to take me home” I said, “but I’m not that easy.” She laughed and touched my arm. Her touch sent tingles through my whole body. “You can come over, but just for a little bit” she said. My jaw probably hit the floor, but I was too shocked to feel it!

I followed her to her place, the whole time wondering if this was a dream. Once inside we sat on her couch and she filled channels on the tv. I had to make a move. “I can tell you want me, just kiss me already” she laughed, looked at me and said “Please!” But she didn’t move away! I leaned over and turned her face towards mine, I kissed her on her beautiful, full lips.

She dropped the remote and jumped on top of me, kissing me hard and giggling. I cock was so rock hard! I ran my hands over her tight, perabet giriş perfect little ass and kissed her back. Our tongues meeting and twisting in each other’s mouths. We layed like that, kissing and touching for quite some time. I cock was getting sore from being so hard for so long.

“Baby, you’re killing me! My cock is so hard!” I told her. “Well, we cant have that!” she said and looking in my eyes, started to move down my body to my cock. I watched, almost breathless, as she undid my pants, pulled them down, and kissed then sucked my cock. I was soooo in love, or at the very least, in lust with her at that moment, I would have done anything for her!

“Baby, do you want to suck me?” I did, I knew I did, I had dreamed of it, I wasn’t even nervous. “Yes, baby!” I said and she stood. Pulling her jeans down, she freed her big, beautiful dick. I moved to the edge of the couch in front of her, put my hands on her hips and kissed her swollen cock. perabet güvenilir mi “Yes” she said softly and I took her into my mouth.

I sucked her cock and loved the taste of it. I loved the act of it, sucking her cock passionately. She put her hands on my head as if encouraging me to take more of her. I soon felt the head of her cock touch the back of my throat.

“Baby, do you want my cum?” I moaned, “Mmmmmm” not wanting to take my mouth off her delicious dick, not even just long enough to answer. She kept one hand on my head and taking her cock from my cock hungry mouth, began to stroke herself right in front of me.

“Baby, yes!” she cried out and beautiful, thick, white cum began to flow out her perfect, full and engorged cock’s head.
She moved forward and let it drip onto my face and I opened my mouth to taste it. A thick drop hit my tongue and quickly coated my senses with her scent and flavor. More drops landed in my mouth and on my chin and lips. I swallowed her cum and opened my mouth again, just in time for her to shove her cum leaking cock back in. I sucked her lovingly and swallowed more of her jizz.

“Baby! That was incredible!” she said, then taking my hand said, “I’m so gonna take care of you!”

Part 2 coming soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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