Love Me, Please

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I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone

But though you’re still with me

I’ve been alone all along

Evanescence – My Immortal

This is a romance about two girls told mainly in third person with two different points of view. It is long-winded and quite wordy; this is not your usual erotica, although there are extensive sex scenes to be found later on. This is not a quick fix. If that’s not your cup of tea, please exit now. You have been warned. All characters portrayed here are above eighteen years of age. All places, names and locations may or may not be the product of my imagination but I’ll leave that to you to decide.

I’d like to dedicate this story to my wife. She is an ocean of love upon which the boat of my life sails in.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to several people; to V. for being my life-long friend. Without her I would never had met the love of my life. To N. for honoring me with her friendship and trust. To all my female friends whose valuable feedback allowed me to peer inside the wondrous world of female magnificence.

Finally, I’d like to sincerely express my admiration and send along a huge “thank you” to Literotica writers HarmonyHaze and SweetestThing. Their works of art have been an incredible source of inspiration and have helped me in becoming a better writer. For that I am grateful. My own weak efforts could never possible measure up to their greatness.

Spring, 2011


There were few fans watching the game. It was after all women’s junior volleyball. Usually, when the boys were playing you couldn’t fit a piece of paper between the jam-packed spectators. Anna didn’t mind the lack of a crowd one bit; she wasn’t a people’s person in any case. As she sat there in relative solitude her eyes lingered on one person in particular; it was the settler of her school’s team.

Anna had her eyes on her for more than one reason; Leila was her best friend and her biggest crush. Not the easiest of combinations. Anna had known she was into girls since she was fourteen; Leila was as straight as an arrow, popular and beautiful, with girl-next-door looks combined with a toned firmness that practicing sports from an early age will give you. She had the loveliest and most intense blue eyes that you could simply drown in. Her white skin had a pinkish hue in it with just a cute dusting of freckles. Her hair was a shoulder length golden mane, beautifully framing her face. Her body…Anna caught herself daydreaming again…her body was worth dying for. Just thinking about her made Anna squirm in her seat. “Stop that!” she quietly admonished herself.

Oh yes, Anna had gradually learnt to live with her crush. Sometimes it could get fairly painful but by now she had mastered survival and endurance. The rational part of her brain never ceased to remind her that going after straight girls was the path to the Dark Side. Going after a straight girl who happened to be your best friend was an especially painful pitfall that Anna knew she should avoid. But that was the rational part of her brain; her heart told her otherwise. Since she couldn’t just rip her heart out and order a replacement, she did the next best thing; she suppressed her feelings hoping and praying that somehow they would go away.

The referee’s whistle and the girls’ cheering brought her back from her reveries. Alba College had won yet another match and was steamrolling its way towards the provincial finals. Anna watched as the girls huddled in the center of the court yelling their cheers and high-fiving each other. With their celebrations finally over, they made their way towards the lockers for a much earned shower and change of clothes.

Anna, as was her custom, headed towards the locker’s exit to await for her friend there. She was absentmindedly fiddling with her cell phone when she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes.

“Guess who?”

“Hmmmm…yes…let me think…warm hands…finger tape still lingering on left hand digits…hmmmm…and if I do this…”

Anna extended her hands mercilessly tickling Leila’s exposed flanks causing her to hit the wall in a fit of giggles.

“Well, well, well! If it isn’t Alba College volleyball sensation, Leila Duval ladies and gentlemen!”

Leila stuck out her tongue in mock disdain.

“Girl, I’ve told you a thousand times, that’s no tongue sticking. If you stick out your tongue you should at least be able to do this…” said Anna as her tongue slithered out and effortlessly touched the tip of her nose.

“Wish I could do that…In fact, I bet you could even lick your own boobs with a tongue like that…”

“Why would I want to do that you weirdo?”

“Nicholas would cream his pants if he saw me do that.”

Ah yes, the ever-present Nicholas, always there to remind Anna of her friend’s straightness.

“Yes I’m quite sure you’d be a sensation” said Anna somewhat dejectedly.

“You don’t like him.”

“He’s fine. If you’re happy with casino şirketleri him, I am happy with him.”

“But you don’t approve of him.”

“It’s none of my business. Can we get out of here please?”

“What’s gotten into you? Anyways, yes…let’s go…I’m famished…You fancy a burgher or something?”

Leila was an athlete but she did take her junk food seriously, especially after a volleyball match. It always amazed Anna how much food her friend could consume and stay in tip-top shape. If she, on the other hand, binged even slightly she would immediately pay for it by feeling her jeans stretching at the seams.

Anna watched with fascination as her friend consumed her double-cheeseburger with gusto. They were sipping their sodas in relative silence, a rare occasion between them, when Leila decided to break it.

“Anna…there’s something I need to tell you…”

“Uh-oh!” The seriousness of Leila’s tone immediately put Anna on guard.

“There’s no easy way to say this…I’ve…my parents insisted…I’ve applied for scholarships in the UK. My parents feel that it’s for the best this way…”

“I…uhhh…but what about your plans to attend Western Ontario?”

“The folks said that a foreign experience will do me good…”

“And…and…what about you, what do you think?”


“And what about our plans to go to the same uni together?”

Leila stooped her face in silence. Anna felt as if she had been hit by a speeding truck. Leila and Anna, Anna and Leila…As close as two peas in a pod. Best friends like, forever. Leila was always the driving force; Anna was the quiet thinker. Leila was the athlete, Anna was the bookworm. But they fit together so perfectly that both of them could sense each other’s thoughts without anything being spoken between them.

And now Anna felt as if a part of her was being torn away. She blinked her eyes trying to stop the cascade of tears she felt was coming but to no avail. Rivulets started forming and suddenly her vision became blurry.

“Can we go outside please? I…I need some air.”

Fighting back her tears, Anna got up and rushed through the door with Leila in quick pursuit.

“Hey, Anna! Wait up! Wait up!”

Anna sat on a nearby bench and was wiping away her tears with the back of her hand. She looked up towards Leila with bloodshot eyes.

“Anna, I’m sorry…”

“No…hey…I’m the one who should be sorry…I’m a big ol’ wimp. It’s just that it was quite the bombshell that you dropped on me. I…um…well…You’ll do fine…I’m sure you’ll be a star wherever you go.”

“I’m not dumping you Anna. It’s not…I’m not going to the moon for Christ’s sake! We’ll chat! We’ll skype! You can come over and visit whenever you like! Come on! Smile for me, pleeeeaaaaseee?”

Anna threw a wane smile towards her. They had made so many plans together down to the last detail. They’d even found an off-campus apartment to rent. But ever the driving force, Leila had changed the plans. Anna was accustomed to such changes but this was quite a punch to the gut. Well, perhaps it was for the best she reasoned. Because despite her efforts to suppress her crush for her best friend, Anna secretly harbored fantasies of seducing her straight bestie. Fate had decided otherwise. She forced a smile on her face.

“Will do princess Leia. As your highness commands.”

“Anakin! I’ve told you never to bow in front of me when we’re in public. It alerts the paps and they hound me like TIE fighters.”

“Yes your most exalted highness. I promise to behave.”

And that was it. Leila had, as always, charted her course and Anna had acquiesced. As Anna thought it through some more she concluded that it was better this way. Because she was not exactly as transparent as her friend thought of her. The fact that she was gay remained a deeply buried secret within her. What she would do with it was another story entirely.


That had certainly gone better than she had predicted, thought Leila, once in the confines of her room. She was sure that Anakin, as she affectionately called her, was suppressing something from her but she didn’t want to lean any harder on her at the moment. It was good enough that she had gotten away with the bomb that she’d dropped on her, there was no reason to push her luck any further.

Content with herself, she proceeded with her beautification routine. Leila was not a bad person, far from it. It’s just that she occasionally relished being the center of the world. It’s not something that she consciously did, it’s just that being an only child sometimes brought this behavior to the surface.

Leila was beautiful by all accords. The boys’ whistles and cat-calls told her this much. The envy and jealousy in the girls’ eyes told her more than the boys’ stares. She wasn’t into teasing and attracting unwanted attention though. At school she dressed casually and more often than not, she could be found in sports attire. With her friends casino firmaları and especially with Anna she spent more time at the cinema multiplex watching the next sci-fi blockbuster to hit the screen. Leila, just like Anakin, took her Star Wars seriously. She had even dressed as a storm-trooper once, complete with the headgear and all. Well, she had wanted to dress as princess Leia, Jabba the Hutt’s slave, but her mother had nearly gone apoplectic in rage. Speaking of rage, she really ought to catch up with her Taurine Warrior sometime in the future, now that the bazillionth upgrade for WoW had come up.

“Oh fuck! I’ve got to seriously scramble here! Nicholas is going to be pissed if I stand him up AGAIN,” she thought. With a flurry of action she applied the finishing touches to her make-up and checked herself in the mirror. Today, they’d be going to the movies with Nicholas and she was really looking forward to that.

He pulled over his car at their driveway just as Leila rushed down the steps.

“And where are you going in such a rush?”

“On a date with Nicholas, dad.”

“Oh…OK…Please be careful on the roads…And you’re supposed to be back by midnight!”

“Yes dad, bye dad!”


Although it was a Friday night, Anna was comfortably dressed in her sweats seated in front of her PC monitor. She was trying to finish an essay on the impact of the Seven Year’s War on Canada but she was having great difficulty in concentrating. Her mind kept wondering off to Leila and that distracted her from any meaningful work. “Maybe I need a break” she thought to herself. Taking off her glasses she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

“Oh God that feels good…perhaps I’ve been working on this longer than I thought.” Arching her back on her chair she could feel her stomach muscles pulling and stretching. Keeping her eyes closed, her right hand descended from her head and landed on her crotch giving it a good grub. “Mmmmm…that felt better than good”. Anna was a healthy young teenager and she rarely missed a good opportunity to masturbate when she felt like it. And this shitty day definitely warranted a release of some sort.

Keeping her eyes closed she continued to greedily grope her crotch with her right hand whilst her left was busy cupping her breasts. The cotton fabric of her sweatshirt felt luxuriously electrifying against her nipples and soon enough she could feel the distinct sensation of moisture permeating her pussy.

Flashes of Leila clad in her volleyball spandex shorts wove their way through the synapses of her brain. Guilty pleasure shot through her body as images of her best friend were illuminated by her imagination. She could feel her lips being swollen and her clitoris rubbing against the cotton fabric of her underwear. Squeezing her legs tightly together, she could be feel the itch as her pussy begged to be fondled. Her roving hand, not satisfied within the confines of her legs, decided to seek better access to her throbbing pussy.

Sucking her breath she sent her fingers travelling south of her waist band and past the hem of her panties. Grazing her fingers through her pubic hair only served to heighten her arousal. Her body really needed this release, she thought. She could feel every inch of her skin break into goosebumps as her finger made contact with the shaft of her clitoris. Sandwiching her fingers between her legs, she proceeded to rub herself with a rapidly increasing tempo.

“Oh God…Oh yes…”

And then her cellphone went off, its shrill chirping completely destroying the moment.

“Oh for fuck’s sake Leila! Not fucking now!”

Cursing under her breath she briskly removed her hand from her pussy readjusting her sweatpants on the process. Grumpily she picked up the phone.


“Errr…Anna? Is that you?”

“Yes, Leia, it’s me…”

“Oh…I hope I’m not disturbing you or anything…”

“No, I’m fine…actually I was in the middle of something but it’s OK…”

“You dirty dog! Who’s snuck up there in your room? Do I know him?”

“No one has snuck up in my room Leila! I was trying to finish my essay for the Seven Year’s War, that’s all!”

“Oh…OK…Well I guess you’re not interested in hearing how my date with Nicholas went…”

“Bye, Leila.”

“Oh Gawwwd…It was sooooooooo nice…We went to the cinema together and I was wearing that caramel short skirt of mine…you know…the one which shows off my ass so nice and…”

“What is this, a hotline? I thought I told you I don’t want to know!”

“You’re still pissed about earlier aren’t you?”

“What? No…Listen…Leila…No…It’s just that you caught me in a frustrating moment so to speak…I’ve been a first class bitch today haven’t I?”

“It’s okay Anakin…we all have bad days…no hard feelings?”

“No hard feelings Leia…Listen, I’m quite sure that a good night’s sleep will do me good. Tomorrow I promise to be much better behaved. How about you come over in güvenilir casino the morning and you tell me all about it?”

“You’ve got yourself a deal sister! I’ll be by your place at say…tennish?”

“Yep. See ya then…”

Anna switched off her phone and tossed it on her bed. “Goddamnit Leila! Good luck with the bad timing awards, girl.” Well it was just as much her fault, she reckoned. She should have either ignored it or place it on silent. She tried to finish off what she had started but to no avail. Great! Now she was left with sticky panties and a flustered pussy. Just what she needed to end this horrible day.


Leila stood at the door of the Blickman house. Anna’s mother showed at the door.

“Oh, goodmorning Mrs. B. Is Anna in?”

“Goodmorning Leila, come on in. Yes, she’s up and running. Would you like some breakfast with us or would you like to head for her room?”

“I’m good Mrs. B. thanks. I’ll just head upstairs for now.”

“See you two later then.”

Leila hopped up the steps towards Anna’s bedroom on a path which she must have taken thousands of times in the past. “I guess I won’t be seeing this staircase anymore” thought Leila with a pang of remorse. Absentmindedly, she barged through Anna’s bed room door only to find an almost nude Anna clad in just her panties, her hair dripping wet, standing in front of her mirror. Startled, Anna nearly jumped to the ceiling and reflexively covered her breasts with her hands.

“Oh Lord, you gave me such a fright! Don’t you, like, have doors at your place? You know…knock-knock and stuff?”

“Sorry…Guess I was absentminded. You look cute in those by the way.”

“I…really? But what about those stretch-marks over here?”

“Girl, what nonsense are you talking about? You’re fine! We all have these, I have them, you have them. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’re normal girls not some kind of toothpick Photoshop model!”

“But you’re so fit and so slim and…your girls stand up nice and proud! Look at my poor excuses!”

“And you are tall and have a nice darker tan than boring white me. You have killer curves and a slim waist. You don’t have freckles! You can stay out in the sun without worrying if you turn into a pomegranate. Your hair stays straight on its own and doesn’t look like a grenade has fallen on your head every time you take a shower. You are beautiful Anna and don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.”

“You’re just being a dear, but thank you anyways. Much appreciated and much needed.”

Leila proceeded to give an account of last night’s activities whilst Anna continued to dress.

“…and well…after the film was over he took me to his place. His parents were out for the night and so was his brother. So we went to his room, he put some soft whatever to play and we kissed…”


“Shut up Anna! You’re just jealous…anyways, we lay on his bed and I gave him a hand-job while he fingered me. He really made a mess of things this time! You should have seen it!”

“I’m already dripping wet by your description. I’ll pass on the main course, thank you!”

“You can be as cynical as you like but yesterday it was hot! I think I’ll go the whole nine yards with him before I leave.”

“Did you finish?”

“Nope, but it felt so nice and I had this warm glow afterwards.”

“Did he attempt to finish you off after you did him or did he just lie there like a suck of spuds?”

“He…you can be such a bitch at times, you know that? No, I left shortly after that because he told me his parents and his brother would be coming home.”

“Did you take care of yourself later on?”

“No! Why would I do that? That’s gross!”

“It’s called m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-o-n and it feels good. You should really try it.”

“But I’ve got a boyfriend, why would I want to do something like that?”

“But I’ve got a boyfriend…You’ve always had boyfriends princess Leia…How many orgasms did they give you?”

Leila could feel her cheeks heating up as she turned a dark shade of crimson.

“I…I don’t know Anakin…”

Anna immediately softened in her demeanor as Leila lowered her head in shame.

“Hey…Leila…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to pry…I’m sorry. I can be a bit prickly at times. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay Anna…It was my fault really…I just dumped my shit on you when you clearly didn’t want to hear…It’s just that I was so happy yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.”

“Leila, I’m truly sorry…I…I was being a bitch…You have every right to feel happy with Nicholas. He’s a good guy and I hope you two really have something together. You don’t deserve my bitterness and for that I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted Anakin…Now, how about we hit the mall before the Saturday stampede hits?”

“Can’t really say no, can I?”


“Well, we might as well get over with it. Lead on your royal highness…”

Summer, 2011


“Ah yes…now this is life” thought Anna as she lay on her towel sunning herself on the sandy beach. She had her sunglasses on and her iPod was blasting her ears with colorful music.

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