Love or Lust?

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I’d gone to the pub to drown my sorrows after being dumped by my boyfriend. He was a nice guy, and I was sorry he’d left – but God would I miss the sex. So I guess I wasn’t just at the pub to sulk. I was on the hunt for fresh man-meat! I’d seen some potentials, for if I got desperate, but nothing that really caught my eye.

Then I saw him. As soon as he walked through the door I thought “Yep, he’s the lucky guy!” – I’m not saying I’m gorgeous or anything, but I’m not an ugly duckling either. I’m 5″7′ with light brown shoulder length hair, green eyes and a nice 32DD bust. What can I say? Most men want me, and even some women. – Why would this handsome looking devil be any different?

He walked up to the bar, and from where I stood I could tell he had one fine ass! He was dressed in denim from head to toe, but I didn’t mind that at all, a bit of a struggle to get his clothes off would make it more fun. Then he turned around and looked straight in my direction, I knew I should make my move. As I strolled towards him, I noticed he had an amazingly handsome face, a thing lost on most males now-a-days, dark brown hair, quite tall and as I got closer, he looked at me and I saw his deep hazel eyes and felt like I was drowning in them.

He smiled at me and I smiled a cheeky one back, giving him a wink. He turned back to the bar, and as I looked I noticed he’d already bought me a drink… obviously he was as keen as I was. It was a gin and tonic as well – how did he know my drink? I didn’t really care, I just knew I wanted him, soon.

We sat and drank, just looking at each other, smiling. Occasionally with a stroking of a knee or an arm, and then the face. When our drinks were finished we sat closer, hands wandering more. We stared into each other, not caring who was around us or what was happening. I noticed his eyes again, they looked so warm and caring, so familiar. I also looked at his crotch, he seemed to have a heavy package and I couldn’t wait to get my hands, mouth and pussy all over it. I could tell he was looking at my breasts a lot, and I didn’t blame him. I liked him looking, and as I brushed my hand against his cock I could feel his growing hard on. I knew it was time to move to the next step.

I took his hand, never saying a word, and led him out the pub, towards bursa escort my car. We sat in the front of my car and I looked at him, he just smiled and nodded. So I started the engine and drove away. Before we were even out of the car park he had his hand on my leg, stroking it softly, slowly moving his way up. It was a distraction and I had to be careful not to drive up onto the pavement!

I eventually pulled into the driveway of my house, and we couldn’t get out of the car quick enough. We were hardly through the door before he had my top off. We stood in the hall way and just looked at each other for a minute. He had the most luscious lips I had ever seen, and I remembered – I hadn’t felt them press against mine yet. So I leaned in, and he knew what was coming as he did the same. I looked into his eyes and suddenly our lips met. So soft and gentle, slowly opening to let our tongues explore each others mouths. His hands slid around my waist and pulled my body close to his. He then undid the strap of my bra and let it fall to the ground. I pushed him away a little and grabbed the sides of his jacket and pulled them off his arms. He only had a t-shirt underneath and that was soon gone as well. We held each other close again, feeling out naked chests pressed together. We kissed for a second time, and this time we kept kissing, even when slowly stripping each other of the rest of our clothes. We ended up in the living room, me laid out on the sofa with him on top of me.

He began to softly kiss down my neck, just the way I like it. * 😉 * At the same time he took one breast into his hand and slowly caressed it until his mouth reached it and he teased my nipple with his tongue, making me wriggle underneath his naked body. Finally he put my nipple in his mouth and sucked, soft at first, gradually getting harder… just like his cock, which I could feel against my leg. He carried on down my body, to where we both wanted him to be, my pussy. He breathed in my sent and smiled at me. He parted my legs and, as he had done with my nipples, teased my clit, slowly licking around it, never touching it. He was driving me crazy, I wanted to scream out, but bit my lip and remained silent. After he’d got me worked up enough he moved in for the kill, quickly and smoothly moving his tongue over my clit bursa escort bayan in one swift movement – that was it. I erupted into an sudden orgasm, but it left my body almost as quickly as it had entered. I knew it was just a taster of what was to come.

He sat up. I got off the sofa – and in between his legs. For the first time, I actually saw his cock and not just feel it. I was impressed. There were at least 9 inches of cock meat staring back at me. I grabbed the base with my right hand, and guided the rest to my mouth with my left. At first I just gave his head a little kiss, then, like he had done to my neck, I kissed all down his shaft on the under side. I looked up at him, he had his head back and his eyes closed. I knew he was going to enjoy this. After I’d kissed him a bit, I began flicking my tongue across the tip of his dick, then gently sucked on it while slowly beginning to pull his foreskin up and down with my right hand. He moved his hips forward, obviously wanting me to go further. So I put my mouth right over his massive cock, but instead of sucking and licking… I hummed. He liked this and started really moving under my mouth. I also took his balls in my left hand and gave them a squeeze then massaged them. When I really had him begging for it I stopped. I stood up, smiled my cheeky smile and walked out of the room. As I left I could feel his eyes burning into my ass.

He got up and followed me to the kitchen. I simply laid out on my back on the kitchen table and waited. Soon enough he was pulling my knees apart and standing between them. He climbed on top of me and our bodies pressed against each other once again. I was so horny by now all I wanted was his monster cock in my pussy. He kissed me and suddenly I felt the head of his cock rubbing against my clit, teasing me – again. I pushed my hips upwards, making his cock in line with my pussy. I looked up at him, we stared into each others eyes once more. We both smiled and he gently pushed his dick into my pussy. It felt so good. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as he began to push further then pull out and push in again. I moaned as he pumped faster and my orgasm got nearer and nearer with ever stroke. Then when I thought he couldn’t get any faster, he did, and it threw us both over the edge and we screamed escort bursa as we both orgasmed intensely. We lay together on my kitchen table, still not saying a word, just breathing. I felt our juices being mixed inside me. It felt good, not to mention our naked and now sweaty bodies meshed together as one.

He slowly pulled his still hard cock out of my still horny pussy, got up and looked at me. I sat up and took his face in my hands. I pulled his soft, sensual lips towards my own and gave him a “thank you” kiss. It lasted a long while, I had a lot to say thank you for. As we were kissing, I could feel his hands wandering up to my breasts again. We were definitely horny. I took his hand and lead him towards the stairs.

When we got to the bedroom it was his turn to lay back and just enjoy the pleasure. I straddled him and slowly lead his cock towards my waiting pussy. When I felt his head in the right place, I pushed down ever so slightly so it’s tip was just inside me. I let go of his dick with my hand and placed them on his chest. Then, without warning, I sat down completely on his cock. We both cried out in pleasure. I almost came straight away! I didn’t move for a few minutes, I just liked the feel of his member buried deep inside me. I then began little circular movements, never letting any of his 9 inches leave me. Gradually they became bigger and faster. He had had his hands on my hips, but he was moving them now, and they came to rest on each of my breasts. Then he stared to massage them and it threw me over the edge, I had my third orgasm of the night. When I had just about recovered, I moved my focused of attention to my lover. I leaned down and flicked my tongue over both his nipples, this got him going again and I started moving myself up and down his massive cock, slow at first, stopping and starting, then getting into a steady rhythm. Slowly building it up. Then, when his breathing changed and I knew he was nearing the point of no return, I quicken my pace. I soon had him screaming and cumming inside me for the second time.

Afterwards, we were both so exhausted we just kissed and felt each other until sleep took over. We woke up in the night and had a little fun under the covers, but mainly we slept soundly. Never speaking a word the whole time.

The next morning we woke up full and refreshed. I remembered all the fun we had had the previous night and smiled. My lover leaned over to me and spoke for the first time: “I knew we’d make up.” I just leant over and kissed my boyfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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