Lover’s Flight

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She was a bundle of nerves. She couldn’t wait for the plane to land in Illinois, but she was also scared that something would go wrong. She looked out the plane window at the city below her, breathing deep and thinking about the man who was waiting for her. She closed her eyes, and began to doze off. She dreamt of all their conversations online and over the phone. They were compatible in more ways than one, even though she was 22 and he was 40. In their eyes, age was just a number. She was awoken as the captain announced that they would be landing soon. She sat up and stretched, and buckled her seatbelt. She reached down and picked up her bag. She took out her compact and fixed her makeup and hair. She felt butterflies in her stomach that only grew more as the plane finally touched down. Fifteen minutes later the passengers were allowed to exit the plane. She picked up her bag and exited, walking on shaky legs into the airport. She looked around, and began following the signs to baggage claim. She looked around to look for him, but her eyes were diverted from her search as the bags began to circle around the carousel. She found one of her suitcases, but she didn’t see the other. She felt a hand on her hip and a husky male voice in her ear.

“Hello beautiful, I’m so glad you’re finally here.”

She turned around and saw him. Brad smiled and leaned down, capturing her lips with his. She moaned softly against his lips as he pulled her tightly against his body. Once they broke apart, she smiled at him and he smiled back. She looked down and saw that he had found her second bag. They held hands and walked out of the airport, chatting about how glad they were to finally get to meet each other in the flesh.

They reached his vehicle and put her bags in the back. He opened the passenger side door for her, but before she could get inside he pressed her against the car, holding her hips and softly kissing her lips. She returned his soft kisses with more intensity, her hands roaming on his chest. They moaned against each others lips, almost losing themselves in each other right there.

“God Kerri…I want you so bad…” he moaned against her lips. She nipped his bottom lip, taking one of his hands and putting it under her skirt.

“I want you too baby…see what you do to me…” she pressed his fingers against her, moaning. He dipped his head into her neck, biting softly.

They continued the soft foreplay for a few more minutes before they finally got control of themselves and Brad helped Kerri into the car. He shut the door and went around and got in the driver’s side. They pulled out of the parking lot and began the hour drive to his home. The whole way there they held hands and talked about finally getting to meet and learning more about each other. His hand would occasionally move to her thigh, tracing small circles up her thigh and close to her warmth. Her body was on fire from his fingertips, making her breathe heavier. In a growl of ecstasy she said “I want you now!” He grinned wickedly bursa escort at her and all he said in response was “twenty minutes my love, we’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Those twenty minutes took forever to pass for the both of them. He was rock hard beneath his jeans, and her hand was toying with him, caressing him through his jeans. It was payback for him teasing her not too long ago. He gripped the steering wheel tightly as he rounded the corner onto his street. It was ten pm, and it was pitch black outside. He pulled into his driveway, turned off the lights and the engine. He got out and walked around to her door. He opened it for her and took her hand, helping her out.

“I love you, Brad” Kerri said to him, and that made the beast in Brad breakthrough. He crushed his lips to hers, and she melted against him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the front of the vehicle. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and quickly unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans, letting them drop to the ground along with his boxers. He leaned her on the hood and stepped between her legs. He pulled aside her booty shorts, and rubbed the head of his throbbing member on her wet slit. He slowly pushed the head inside her velvet warmth, making her cry out. He leaned over her, kissing her deeply before whispering against her lips, “I can’t hold back anymore baby, god I love you!” then he thrust in deep with one stroke. She screamed out in pleasure against his lips, clutching him tightly as he pulled back some and thrust again, burying himself to the hilt inside her. He groaned at how tight she was wrapped around his throbbing dick. He wasn’t sure how long he’d last as he began to pump in and out of her, harder and harder, gaining speed with every stroke. She bit into his shoulder as she came hard, having the most powerful orgasm of her life. She screamed his name.


That was too much for him to handle. After a year of online foreplay and nightly phone calls he was ready to burst at any time. Hearing her scream his name and feeling her body clenching around him set him off. He grunted loudly as he came deep inside her, his arms holding her tight against him. Their bodies shook in pleasure as they finished together, then they slumped against one another.

Kerri pressed kisses all over his face and lips.

“Wow baby… that was amazing…”

He looked into her eyes.

“I wanted our first meeting to be special, but lust took over and I couldn’t help myself.”

She kissed him hard again, reassuring him that it was special. He pulled out of her and helped her off the hood. She fixed her skirt and kneeled down to help him with his boxers and pants but not before taking his semi-erect dick into her mouth, cleaning him off and getting him hard again. She pulled up the boxers and jeans and carefully put him back inside. They got her bags and went inside the dark house. He took her hand and guided her through the dark hallway, maneuvering around objects until he pushed his bursa escort bayan bedroom door open with his foot. He sat her bags down and turned on the light. He turned to face her and pulled her towards him. She melted against his chest, feeling his heartbeat quicken. She smiled up at him, pressing a slow, lingering kiss to his lips. He felt his body react to her kiss, and held her close as he maneuvered them to the bed where they laid down cuddling and kissing. She bit his bottom lip softly as she rolled him flat on his back, straddling his hips. She leaned over him, kissing him deeply. She felt his hands grip her thighs, moving up her thighs, slipping under her skirt to grip her ass. He began to grind up against her, and she mimicked his movements rocking her hips on him. They moaned into each others mouths, all of their pent up sexual feelings from the past year boiling up and bursting out. She sat up, pulling him with her into a sitting position. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and began tugging it up. His hands left her ass so his shirt could come off, then he ran his hands up under the back of her shirt pulling it over her head quickly. She shivered in ecstasy as his fingers ran over her bare back up to her bra clasp, undoing it and sliding her bra off her arms. He dipped his head to her chest, savoring every inch of her flesh. Her hands gripped his head, pulling him closer to her as he licked and sucked her breasts.

“Ooooohhhh baby…” she cried out, pulling his head back to recapture his lips with hers. She dragged her nails down his back, causing him to cry out. He growled against her lips, and quickly rolled them over so he was on top again. He unzipped her skirt, and slid it down her hips and off her legs. He slid down her body, licking, kissing and nibbling down her body until he reached her panty line. He took the fabric between his teeth and curled his fingers into the sides of her booty shorts and slowly began to pull them down. She looked down at him through lust-filled eyes and lifted her hips slightly so he could pull them down. Once they were off, he brought one leg up and pressed slow kisses up her inner thigh, setting her body on fire. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and nuzzled his mouth against her, his fingers moving in slow circles on her clit as his tongue lashed against it. She thrashed beneath him, moaning loudly in pleasure. He licked up and down her wet slit before darting his tongue in and out of her tight fuckhole. Her body clenched and she gripped his head tight against her as she came on his tongue. She cried out his name, bucking wildly.

Once she came down from her orgasm, he licked back up her body and kissed her on the lips.

“That was so hot baby…” he whispered to her as her hands began to work on his jeans. He got up on his knees and helped pull his boxers and pants off. Kerri grinned at him before pushing him onto his back and kneeling beside him. She started kissing his lips slow, then moved to his neck, kissing and biting softly. He held escort bursa her to him as she bit down a little harder making him moan. Her hand snaked down his chest and stomach to wrap around his throbbing hard cock, jerking him slowly as she trailed her lips down his chest to his nipples. She toyed with them, biting them and tracing her tongue around it.

“Baby…please…” he groaned as she traced down his stomach with her tongue. She looked at his cock, precum on the tip. Eight inches long, her tongue darted out to lick the head. She heard him groan and felt him harden more in her hand. She smacked his cockhead on her tongue a few times before opening her mouth to take half of him inside her mouth. She began bobbing on him fast, sliding his throbbing cock along her tongue. His head fell back onto the mattress, eyes rolling back in his head. This felt so god damned good, better than he had been imagining for so long. When she opened her throat and he slid all the way in past her tonsils, it was all he could do not to cum right there. He laced his fingers in her hair and began to thrust up into her mouth in time with her movements. He was so close to cumming, but when he felt her hand begin to massage his balls he completely lost it. He gripped her head, holding her as he exploded, thrusting still as he emptied his balls of cum. She felt jet after jet of his hot, sticky cum splash against the back of her throat and she swallowed it all. Once he was finished, she slid him out of her mouth and licked all around his cock before sliding back up beside him. Brad pulled a blanket over them as they kissed and dozed off into a peaceful, satisfied sleep in each others arms.

Brad woke up to a hot mouth wrapped tight around his cock. He groaned loudly as thrust up into her mouth. She took him deep a few times before pulling off him to straddle his hips.

“You…want…” she rubbed her wet slit on his cock “me…baby…?”

He groaned.

“God yesss!” his hands gripped her hips as she rose up, guiding him into her slowly. He helped pull her down on him until she was balls deep on him. They both moaned together, and she placed her hands on his chest as they rocked their hips against each other in a rhythm. Kerri began to raise up and down on him slowly, getting faster with each movement and before too long she was ramming down on him, both of them moaning loudly. His hands were now gripping her breasts, massaging them as she tightened around his cock, cumming on him. He fought not to cum, and when she finished he wrapped an arm around her waist and rolled them over so he was between her legs.

“Mmmmmmm don’t stop baby…fuck me hard!”

His cock had slipped out in their movements, and he rammed back inside her tight tunnel with one hard stroke making her scream. He began to pound in and out of her, getting faster and faster until they were both yelling out in pleasure. He felt the cum boiling in his balls and he thrust deep and exploded, filling her to the brink. She came with him, wrapping her legs around him, holding him tightly against her and sinking her teeth into his neck. He lowered himself on top of her, still stuffed snuggly inside her body. They kissed hungrily and dozed off again, smiles on their faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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