Lucy’s Campaign Begins

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Lucy and Joey show up in my previous stories, and readers have requested to have more written about Lucy.

Lucy has been a defense attorney long enough and has decided to run for the District Attorney (DA) of Santa Clara County. The DA was a stepping stone to the governor’s office, and maybe someday she’d run for the United States Senate. She knew the DA was mostly political, and a bullshit office, but it paid well and would give her more prestige. She was sick and tired of representing cops in court, cops who beat up street people, and very rarely arrested those who were white privileged. Police reports were usually fiction and cops stood up for each other. Even judges were worthless, and only casually applied the rule of law. Everyone has heard about the Stanford swimmer who got only six months for raping a drunk college student in a dumpster.


“Ahh, now that’s what I call a great supper.” Ben leaned back from the table patting his nonexistent paunch. “Babe, I don’t know how you do it. Taking care of the house, going to court, then fixing meals like this – you’re a magician!” Normally Ben would be on a business trip, but his flight was canceled and Lucy had her husband home for a change.

“Oh, I wouldn’t exactly call it magic,” Lucy smiled at him, rising to clear the table. “After all, I’ve had a few thousand meals to practice on!”

“Okay, okay, it’s settled then,” Ben broke in with a grin. “But for now let’s leave, kids, before we all get in the way. Off to the living room, you two.”

Joey had invited his girl friend, Sammi, to dinner. They moved out to the family room, leaving Lucy alone. Ben had gone outside for a smoke. The living room had been converted into a home theatre by Joey. The speaker systems had an extended bass response, below that of an earthquake. When Joey played rap music, the dog hid under the sofa, waiting for Gabriel to blow his horn!

Life, with everyone six feet apart, was peaceful. Ben didn’t understand what a corona virus was, since he was not a tech type. He knew the sun had a corona, and he smoked Corona cigars. He knew Jerry Corona was a dead comedian. Or was it Colonna? But to say he was behind the times would be an understatement! He was away so often he thought the TV was still using transistors!

Smiling wistfully, Lucy watched the two of them go. They were a perfect family, and normally she appreciated that fact, as much as any wife and mother could. But at the moment she wanted to scream. Perfect, perfect, perfect! A loving husband, a wonderful son – a happy, normal home! What more could a woman ask?

Maybe a little more fucking?

These days the divorce rate had skyrocketed because wives seemed to have realized their husbands were useless in bed. As well as around the house. Vibrator sales had skyrocketed and even though Wall Street had tanked, sex toy conglomerates were thriving.

Deep in her thoughts, Lucy didn’t realize her husband had come up behind her until his strong arms slid around her waist and his crotch rubbed up against her ass. She was wearing slacks which emphasized her round bottom. His prick was already rock-hard, as if he’d read her mind.

“Why don’t you leave the dishes, Babe, while we go upstairs and get reacquainted?”

Taken by surprise, Lucy laughed lightly, wilting against her husband’s stiff cock as it prodded her ass cleavage in an unintentional reminder of the afternoon’s session with Joey. “My, we are horny tonight, aren’t we? Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Me?” Grinning, Ben’s voice sounded shocked. “And just who is it that keeps waking me up in the middle of the night, begging for a little action? This is just self-preservation, Babe. I figure if we start early enough, and if I can cool that hot box of yours down for a change, I might be able to get some rest!”

“Hmmm … as if I were dragging you to a fate worse than death. I haven’t heard you cry out for mercy yet, now have I?”

Ben’s grin widened. Their casual banter didn’t hide the fact that his cock was practically busting from his trousers, digging against her ass with an urgency she could hardly ignore. Her pussy churned with juices, frothing into a delightful lather at the possibility of spending the whole evening fucking.

“Come on, Babe.” He urged her on with a twitch of his hips that pushed his pent-up tool hard against his wife’s voluptuous ass. “You won’t regret it and you know it. Let’s you and I go upstairs and relax in private, where we can have a little fun!”

“Oh, all right.” Surrendering at last to her husband’s frantic caresses and the need throbbing in her pussy, Lucy finished the last dish and turned to face him, wiping her hands on a dishcloth. “But don’t think I’m going to give you time to relax! Now that you’ve got me excited, rest is the last thing you’re going to get tonight!”

Ben laughed at that comment and they headed upstairs for the bedroom.

Joey and Sammi were in the game room sprawled on the floor, a laptop open to Facebook. Both of them were oddly beşiktaş escort subdued and quiet this evening, except for an occasional exchange of whispers. They hardly even noticed as their parents swept by. Upstairs moments later, Ben firmly shut the bedroom door and turned to his wife.

“All right, Lucy. It’s time to live up to those promises you’ve been making. Come here!”

But Lucy was already on her way, slipping hastily out of her slacks and blouse as she approached. She wondered how long his energy would hold out. He was always tired. By the time she reached him she was wearing just her soaked panties. Her heavy boobs fluttered at him, as he took in her supple, curvy body.

“Those were not promises, darling, because I intend to fuck your brains out!” she purred, reaching out to undress him as well.

His cock sprang up, massive and swollen, throbbing at her, ready to enter the fray. Already quivering with anticipation, his limb stood out like a flag pole. Its sheer size never failed to take her breath away. She inhaled, her cunt already very wet, as her hand slid down to grasp her husband’s shaft.

He reached for her but Lucy slipped back teasingly, wanting to prolong their fun a little longer tonight. Her voice husky, she spoke the thought that was uppermost on her mind.

“Not just yet, lover. Lie down, so I can give that luscious cock of yours the kind of attention it obviously needs – just for starters! Then we’ll see who keeps who’s promise!”

With a sigh that wasn’t nearly as unhappy as he pretended, Ben followed her orders and dropped onto the bed. His prick bobbed up in the air, so swollen and enticing that Lucy had to fight an impulse to leap immediately onto that gorgeous cock and impale herself. She loved being on top so she could rub her clit against his dick as she rocked back and forth.

Capturing the mushroom knob of his cock, she used her forefinger to rub precum over its head. She knew that was most sensitive and would have him howling.

“Jesus,” he gasped, running his fingers through her soft, long hair. It was auburn, like the hair on her mons. “You know how to drive a guy crazy!”

“Yes, I specialize in knob lubes,” she smiled impishly up from his prick, her lips puckered over its hardness. “Didn’t you know? If you’ve forgotten that, then I’ll just have to remind you …”

Her tongue flicked out, stroking along his rigid flesh and gliding across its flared rim, lapping figure eights over his knob. Despite her afternoon’s activities with Joey she was hotter than a firecracker at the delectable penis inches from her eyes. Ben groaned again and twitched as she licked his cock, teasing him, hoping he’d blow his load fast. It wasn’t like she had Valentino in bed with her.

She went to work on his balls, lapping and mouthing his hairy testicles. Ben’s balls were huge, filled with sperm, but she knew once he emptied out his seed, he’d be fast asleep and she wouldn’t see a hard-on again for weeks. Lucy hungrily sucked and tickled both balls, knowing he was a testicle man. She could practically feel the tingle that surged through Ben’s body as he clutched her hair harder, more than delighted he’d put off the football game until half time.

“That’s my baby,” he crooned, once again astonished at the way his wife so eagerly did things she’d never done before, like sucking on his balls. “Jesus, that feels great! You know just how I like it!”

“Ummmmm …” She purred at his praise, wondering if he thought she was stupid. Nonetheless, her pussy seemed to respond to her playing with him; he seemed like a stranger. She had his photo framed and put up on the dresser, so she would remember what he looked like.

“Christ!” Ben blurted out in surprise as he arched up to give her better access. “That’s it, that’s real nice. Tongue my ass, Babe, tongue it out real good… Jesus that’s good! We should have done this years ago… aaah…”

It was the first time she’d ever reamed his ass this way, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Rimming his ass until her jaws ached, she finally pulled her tongue free and slipped her way back along his balls for the enormous cock her pussy needed more than anything.

His hips began to lurch in response. Lucy’s warm, moist mouth moved up and down her husband’s engorged prick with all the expertise of $500 call girl. You could call her an insatiable wife, no matter if he was home or on the road somewhere. She loved hot sex.

She knew how he loved being sucked off, so she took her time, despite the raging inferno her pussy had become. Inch after inch of hard cock slithered into her throat, throbbing along her flicking tongue with growing urgency as she sucked and teased, making him roll his hips like he was dancing the rumba on his back.

“Oh sweet Jesus that’s good,” he groaned appreciatively. Arching up, he slid his swollen cock shaft in and out between his wife’s soft lips. “Keep it going, Babe. I like what you’re doing beylikdüzü escort to me …”

Lucy’s cunt was pulsing too fiercely to ignore now. As her head began to bob rhythmically up and down on his slippery cock, she moved a hand to the seething throbbing of her cunt; she dipped two fingers into the melting hot pussy flesh hidden by the thick carpet of her cunt mound.

That touch was like an electric jolt. Instantly Lucy’s fingers plunged deep into her convulsing pussy, jabbing hard in an attempt to soothe that ache until they were buried between her soaked labia, using her thumb in unison with the urgent motions of her hand to flick her clit.

“Ughhhhhh …”

Unaware of anything but the sucking lips fastened to his cock, Ben didn’t notice that his wife was finger-fucking herself simultaneously. His concentration was totally on that lovely, pumping mouth, and within moments he was hunching up with an intensity that shoved his cock to its hilt up that clamping embouchure.

“Yeah – faster, Babe, suck me faster! It’s been a long time since I’ve had it this good!”

Lucy gulped at his prick with ferocious intensity, her fingers gyrating in her own pussy with cunt-tearing stabs. She palmed her erect clit, tugging on it, while her mouth worked on his massive cock. She could feel Ben’s climax swelling up inside him, and her own approaching orgasm was very close. She’d teach him to stay away so long! She sucked with all her might, almost deep throating him.

“Christ! I can’t hold back – I’m coming!”

Ben had to release his load. It was too much! His balls seemed to boil like hot oil, and he hunched wildly. Lucy’s head moved faster, and in the next instant Ben was shooting a vicious torrent of jizz into her tonsils.

She took it all, while she used her own fingers in her love niche. His seed flooded her mouth and she barely had time to swallow that load before it was followed by a second and then a third. She was surprised at Ben’s output!

“Ahhhhhh …” he exhaled in relief. There was no shouting, only a quiet emptying of the sperm pouch. Ben slumped back with a happy groan, drained.

“Babe, that was incredible …”

“Mmmmmmm!” Still not having climaxed yet, Lucy couldn’t have agreed more. Her need became urgent; she couldn’t stand another moment without having her pussy filled with a real cock. No piece of plastic this time! Even as the last dribbles of jizz oozed out of his twitching cock she changed position and turned around. Her lips still tasted of spunk, and she needed to brush her teeth. “I need to pee, I’ll be right back!”

She combed her hair, and put on a bit of fresh lipstick. “Don’t think it’s over yet, lover. Now that you’ve had your fun it’s my turn to fulfill some promises.

I’m going to fuck this sweet cock of yours hard again if it’s the last thing I do!”

With that alert, and a determined expression on her face she climbed swiftly onto the bed and straddled him, her cunt splaying open to expose its slick interior, it hovered inches above Ben’s drained, limp cock.

He grinned, never failing to be surprised by his wife’s sudden new horniness. “You just don’t ever get enough, do you? What’s got into you lately, Babe?”

Lucy’s smile grew even broader as she reached down and grabbed his limp prick, its length moist and coming back alive by the expert toying with her fingers. “It’s what’s about to get into me, darling. What hasn’t been getting into me nearly enough lately! Now just relax because I’m going to take care of that little problem right now!”

She prayed, raising his slickened prickhead to the entrance of her pussy and stuffed it in with her fingers. Though sucked thoroughly just minutes ago Ben’s cock knob was still thick enough to stretch his wife’s cunt open. She gave a pleased hiss as his prick slid smoothly into her, burying its softness in her sopping pussy hole.

Ben felt a renewed tingle spread through his balls. “Oh Christ, I’ve been waiting for this all day! You’ve got the sweetest pussy this side of heaven! And that’s just what my poor cock needs.” He snickered at his dumb attempt at humor.

His voice rolled out in a satisfied moan as Lucy undulated, sloshing his half-limp prick in her convulsing cunt with a rippling motion that worked its head snugly inside her. It didn’t take much of that friction to have his cock swelling again, but it did revive itself very slowly.


Releasing a little cry of gratitude, she rode on her husband’s cock with growing fervor. “Oh, honey, it’s really coming up again, praise God!”

Her vaginal muscles closed into a natural clamp on his swelling prick. “Baby, that’s it! That’s just what I need!” Undulating with a lubricious rocking motion, she took his cock even deeper as it struggled to regain its full strength.

“Fuck me honey! Yeah, milk my balls!!”

It didn’t take much pumping on his rejuvenated cock to have Lucy groaning in ecstatic bliss, sliding beyoğlu escort along his slab of pork, while she began to climax.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” she cried, increasing her action, using her hips in a Gatling-gun staccato. “Thank you, Jesus!”

Her hip action grew more frenzied with the initial spasms, and she knew more was coming. She could come again and again. A woman has an almost infinite capacity to climax, if she doesn’t kill her partner first.

“Now – ahhh … don’t come yet!” she panted, soaring up and down on his cock so hard that the suction of her pussy made wet sucking sounds with each up thrust. “Harder!! Let me do it!! Don’t come yet!! If you come, I’ll kill you, you son of a bitch!!”

Her cries sounded like a whining turbine, as she rocked on his prick, again and again into her insatiable hot box, until she had Ben groaning as well. He’d seen his wife horny over the past years, but he’d never once seen her so wild and uninhibited before. She was a mass of twisting, hunching fury on his prick, her cunt muscles clamped like a vise around its thickness and pussy syrup pouring over his balls as she attacked him frantically. He’d never been in fear for his life, at least not in the bedroom!

“Oh fuck! Shit! Sweet Mary, Mother of God! Fuck me!! Use your fingers!! Up my ass, you dumb fuck!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” She had to tell him what to do!

He got scared. How long could he keep his stiffy up? He thought of the stock market, washing the car, cleaning the toilet bowl! Anything to keep from coming, or his life wouldn’t be worth a nickel.

“I’m still coming baby, don’t you come!” she warned him in a moment of clarity. He felt like a stuffed dummy with a cock. He’d never seen a woman in hysterics like this. She was a crazy stranger, not his wife!

Grunting, Ben clung to his wife’s thrashing hips and hung on. She was pounding down with a frenzy that made the whole bed shake and squeak. Her big jutting tits flopped and bounced, and her clit slammed down against his genitals with loud slapping sounds. He’d never seen her so cock hungry before.

“Take it! I’m getting close, Babe!” He heard his voice, and he remembered they say your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. He expected flickering images but they never came. This wasn’t fucking, it was fear!

“I’m almost there, Babe, – Jesus help me!” He bucked up, drilling his cock to her just as the last sound came out of his mouth.


Lucy shrieked as she felt his cock explode, delivering its second load in less than an hour. He was amazed at himself! Lucy had been climaxing endlessly, it seemed to him. It wasn’t fair! She was at the Holy Grail and here he was, wondering if God would send him to hell. He was an OK guy, never really hurt anyone! Why would God send him to hell?

They climaxed together, writhing and humping and gasping as their mutual orgasms erupted in a thankful release. She took it all, soaking up every drop. She couldn’t believe that Ben lasted almost ten minutes without going into cardiac arrest. She saw him in a new light! He was a real man after all!

Ben was ‘wasted’, as they say. His cock was limp, still leaking a bit, and he had developed a new respect for womanhood.

“Babe, that was good,” she heard him mutter, his voice both surprised and happy. “I can’t understand it, but it gets better every time. You wear me out!” He was amazed he was still alive.

“Mmmm,” she cooed, nuzzling against his hairy chest. “And it’s going to keep getting better. You better eat a lot of oysters!”

With Ben’s chuckle sounding far way, Lucy drifted into dreamland, where angels with wings were transsexuals with big stiff cocks.


Tingling with anticipation, Lucy slipped into the dark hall and headed for her son’s room. She had a hot session with Ben, but Lucy wasn’t done yet. Her nap was over. A shot of brandy jump-started her into Phase 2, to use a clinical term.

Standing before the door of Joey’s room, she felt her heart beating. Her pulse was racing, making her cunt tingle and throb worse than ever. She’d spent a lot of time with Ben, but she owed him that. He was never home!

Now she really wanted to be alone with Joey. Gently turning the doorknob, she eased it open. The moment he heard the click of the latch Joey sat up wide awake in the dark. He’d been waiting!

“Mom? That you?”

“Shhh!” Quickly slipping in and closing the door behind her, Lucy flicked on the bedroom light and gave him a sweet smile.

Joey grinned, blinking against the sudden light and taking in the sight of his mother standing there in her skimpy nightie, her firm tits pouting out and her dark shaggy cunt just visible beneath the sheer material. His cock nudged up, and he grinned wider.

“It sure took you long enough. I was almost asleep myself!”

“Well, you aren’t now!” She didn’t want to discuss the Herculean effort she’d devoted to satisfying her husband. He was like Ulysses, he was gone so much she hardly recognized him when he came home!

His mother smiled because she knew her secret friend was under the sheets. And her secret friend knew it was play time again! Slowly she did a little grind with her hips, and pulled her nightie off. She moved towards him, her pubic bush visible, her gateway to the garden of delights.

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