Lustful Desire Ch. 02: Rekindled

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Public Sex

Seth Neilson had thought of himself as a man in control, but one night, one woman, had changed all that. Out of the many women he had taken to bed, this one had managed to crawl under his skin- etched in his memory, every kiss, every touch, every luscious curve of her body had turned into an obsession. Six weeks and almost ten- thousand dollars later he finally had the information he wanted, but he was still no closer to her than he was the night she walked out of his hotel room. Seth was a man who always got what he wanted no matter the cost. He threw on the charm and flashed the cash and the owner of the club had been than happy to give him a copy of the surveillance tapes from that night. Endless hours of video, he finally found her. Money was no object but even the best Private Investigator needed more than just a first name. And Brad Larsen was the best not to mention a close friend.

Seth reached for the folder, pulling out a photo, staring into the eyes that had been haunting his every waking hour, and tormenting his dreams. Running his hands through his hair, and shaking his head, how could he of all people let a woman affect him this way? He was losing himself in a goddamn picture. Standing and walking to his office window, looking out at the water, her face bored into his mind. He had to do something besides drive himself insane. He knew without a doubt that he had to have her. It suddenly hit him what to do. Picking up the phone his secretary was quick to answer.

“Yes Mr. Neilson.”

“Claire, I need five dozen red roses sent to Miss Paige Gallagher. 826 Mulholland Drive. A.S.A.P.”

“I’m on it Mr. Neilson. What you like the card to say?”

“Ummm, “Haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” Oh and just sign it S.”

“Right away Mr. Neilson.”

“Thanks Claire I knew I could count on you. Just make sure they are delivered today after 5. If it cost more it doesn’t matter. I’ll pay whatever the cost just make sure it’s after 5.”

“Will do. Anything else Mr. Neilson?”

“No Claire, in fact when you’re finished with that you can take the rest of the day off. Take the company card and go to the spa on me. Enjoy yourself.”

“Thank you Mr. Neilson. That’s very generous of you. I’ll see you bright and early in the morning. Again thank you.”

“You’re welcome Claire.”

Claire LaRue had worked for Neilson Construction for ten years. The last three as Seth Neilson’s secretary. He had not always been an easy man to work for but he was a decent man and worked hard. There had been a change in him she had noticed and now she knew it had to do with a woman. Claire smiled to herself as she worked at her task on hand. She knew he had never lacked in female companionship but she also knew he had never been interested in anything more than sex with them. She was the one who made sure the monthly bill was paid to the hotel where he entertained his women. Paige Gallagher must be one special woman if she has managed to tame the likes of Seth Neilson.

Paige sat still unable to comprehend how he had found her, but a familiar tingle was building in her core. She closed her eyes remembering the feel of his touch, his hands, and his lips on her. Suddenly her body felt like an inferno, she was hot all over, wetness pooling in her panties as she remembered how he pressed her into the wall and fucked her. He had been everything she had wanted, but nothing that she needed, or so she had thought. Not a day has passed that he hasn’t entered her thoughts, or made her body ache for more. She opened her eyes to see the reminder of that one night, the one man who had made her feel more alive than she ever had. Why now? Her life was just starting to make sense again. David was finally trying to make things right. Her friends and family thought she was crazy trying to work things out with him, but she loved him and they made sense. If that were true then why was her body on fire for this stranger? What would she tell David about the flowers? He had no idea about her one night with Seth. They had been broken up for six months before she had let another man touch her. It had been David’s infidelities that had caused the break-up, and the reason she had found a new, much older, unattractive roommate. She felt a panic rise in her, if he knew where she lived what else did he know? Was he some psycho killer, some deranged crazy waiting to catch her alone? She looked at the flowers and knew the answer. Hell he could have just as easily showed up on her doorstep, knife in hand, but he hadn’t. His words from that night suddenly crept into her mind.

“It wasn’t just sex for me Paige. I want more.”

His words echoed in her mind. He implied the more with her, but how could he know? He didn’t even know her. They had met at a club, left together and had the most amazing sex of her life. A smile curved her lips as she again looked at the flowers. Five dozen red roses sure seems like more to her. After all this time could it be true? Could he still want more? It was obvious he had been thinking about güvenilir bahis her. After all, he had gone through the trouble of finding out where she lived, but she did still wonder how he had done so, they had only exchanged first names. Could she had been wrong to have walked out on him that night? She couldn’t help but wonder what her life would be like had she stayed. Maybe she should have followed her heart instead of her head, but that is how she had gotten her heart broke before. Was it too late? Was it possible they could see each other again and those feelings from that night be rekindled? The buzzing of her cell phone snapped her back into reality.


“Hey, it’s me. Are we still on for dinner tonight?” The sound of David’s voice sent a wave of nausea to her belly. She had totally forgotten about their date and now the last thing on her mind was spending time with David.

“Hey David, I’m really sorry I left work early. I’m not feeling well. I’m not up to going out tonight. Can we make it another time?”

“Oh babe I’m sorry you’re aren’t feeling good. I could pick up some take out and come over and we could cuddle on the couch, maybe watch a movie.”

“I’m just going to take a shower and go to bed. I have work in the morning and I really need to feel better.”

“Are you sure? I was hoping to see you tonight.”

“I’m not in the mood for company I’m sorry. I’ll call you tomorrow okay.”

“Yea sure babe. I hope you feel better. I love you.”

“Thanks David. Me too.”

She ended the call before he could make her feel guiltier than she already did. It was only a small lie unlike the huge lies she knew he had gave her. The countless cancelled dates just so his roaming cock could be pleasured by his tramp of the week. She honestly isn’t sure why she has even agreed to try and make it work with David. They had been together since high school, he was her first love, and the guy she lost her virginity to. He was also the man who had made her shed more tears than she cared to count. All his lies, and cheating, she knew she deserved better than that but it was fear that kept her from trying. With David she knew what to expect. She didn’t think she could stand giving her heart to another just to have it crushed. And being with David was better than being alone. Until Seth she had only been with David. Seth had made her feel things David never had. Seth’s touch alone had sent shock waves through her body. The way his tongue had taken her to places she had never been. He had licked, and sucked her into an orgasm that had been like the grand finale of a fireworks show. Since deciding to try and work things out with David she had avoided sex not wanting to feel the disappointment she knew it would leave. She wanted the raw, hot, intense thrill that Seth had made her feel. She quickly jumped up and ran upstairs. The cold shower helped, but what she really needed to cure the slow burn in her core, was the sexy, gray-eyed man who in one night had turned her body inside out. She stood back and looked in the mirror. Sexy but not too reveling, and just enough make-up to bring out the blue in her eyes. She left her blonde hair down, she liked the way it curled around her face. Grabbing her keys she headed to the club praying the whole way that Seth would be there.

Seth was in the middle of a meeting when Claire buzzed in.

“Excuse me gentlemen. Yes Claire, what is it?”

“Mr. Larsen is on line two. He says it’s urgent.”

“Put him through Claire.” Seth knew it had to be about Paige if Brad Larsen was calling him on his office phone. “Hey Brad, what’s up.”

“I think you’re going to run into a bit of a road block with Miss. Gallagher.”

“And just what might that be.”

“It seems there’s an old boyfriend who has come into the picture.”

“Interesting…I guess I’m going to have to step up my game. I want her and we all know I get what I want.”

“Yea Seth I know. Sorry to have bothered you at work. I just thought you may like to know there may be some competition.”

“Thanks for calling Brad, but I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m in the middle of a meeting so if that’s all.”

“Yea that’s it. I’ll keep you informed.”

“And you should, I’m paying you enough.” Seth hung up but his mind was no longer focused on the meeting. “Gentlemen I’m afraid this meeting is over. I will look at the numbers and get back to you by the end of the week. Something has come up that needs my immediate attention. If you’ll please excuse me, I’m sure you can see yourselves out.”

Seth felt horrible about how he had talked to Brad, but he would apologize later. Right now he had to figure out what he was going to do. He needed to make sure that this old boyfriend would stay just that. He couldn’t lose her again. He had known from the moment he had seen her that she was damaged. Like him she had been broken. If anyone knew what it was like to be damaged it was him. On his wedding day instead of saying “I do,” she said, “I can’t I’m in love with your best türkçe bahis friend.” Kate had left him standing like a fool at the alter and left with his best man- a.k.a. best friend and scum bag of the earth. He had never let himself get involved with another woman after that. He had taken several to bed, after all he was a man and his cock liked to fuck, but that was all it had ever been. The occasional eye- candy on his arm for social gatherings, and not the kind you would fuck at least not the way he liked to fuck. Then he met Paige and she had made him feel something he had not felt in a long time- love. It had only been one night but there had been something in those blue eyes that had made him want to love again. His driver was waiting when he exited the building.

“Where to sir?”

“Tiffany’s, Raul.”

“Yes sir.”

Paige’s eyes had reminded him of sapphires and sapphires she would have. The best money could buy. He hoped that by the end of the week Paige Gallagher would be in his arms, and soon taking up residency in his bed. If there is one thing Seth Neilson had learned it was money can’t buy everything.

Money hadn’t stopped Kate from fucking his best friend, but he knew in his heart that Paige was different. He knew together they could heal their damaged hearts and learn to trust and love again.

Paige had stared at the clock at work all day. She had been glad to get out of there. Paige had been thankful that the bookstore had been slow. After last night she was glad to be home, a shower, and then crawl into bed. Her stake- out of the club had left her disappointed. Paige had sat outside the club for hours but Seth had never showed up. She had been too scared to go in but she knew he wasn’t there she had looked for his car. His car had been almost as sexy as he was. She was on her way upstairs when her doorbell rang.

“Delivery for Miss. Paige Gallagher.”

“That’s me.”

“I’m gonna need to see some identification. Sorry for the inconvenience but it’s requested.”

“Sure no problem.” She quickly ran to grab her purse. Handing the delivery guy her driver’s license.

“I need a signature here please.”

Paige signed and he handed her the package and her license.

“You have a nice evening ma’am.”

“Thanks you too.”

Her heart began beating a little faster, and her palms were sweaty as she opened the package. Could it be from Seth? Her hands were shaking when she pulled the small box from the package. Her breath caught in her throat when she opened the box. Inside was a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings from Tiffany’s. This had to be a mistake, she knew they had cost more than what she had paid for her car. She reached down to pick up the card that had fallen from inside.

I saw these and they reminded me of your eyes.

I can’t wait to see you in them.

Thinking of you,


Was he insane? Why would he buy her something like this? And what did he mean he can’t wait to see her in them? She fell back onto the couch as a sigh escaped her throat.

“Okay Paige get it together. There has to be some reasoning to his madness. What the hell is he thinking? I must be the one going insane, I’m the one sitting here talking to myself.”

She shook her head and smiled as she opened the box to look at the earrings again. Paige closed her eyes as she thought about all the hours she would have to put in at the bookstore just to be able to pay for them. She knew she would have to go without paying her bills or eating for at least six months if not longer. She was starting to think that there was more to Seth that just good looks, charm, and a fancy car, but was she ready to even find out? It suddenly hit her, would he even still want her if he knew she didn’t have money and lived from paycheck to paycheck? Would she even fit in his world? Her excitement was still building wondering what other trinket may find its way to her doorstep. And her body still burned to see the man who was sending them. She had again lied to David and cancelled another date, and she had detected the frustration in his voice, but hadn’t cared. She had to find out where all this was leading and she didn’t want David in her way. She knew she couldn’t keep the earrings, no matter how beautiful. And when she seen Seth again, and something told her she would, she would return them.

Seth had put everything in motion, and he hoped that soon Paige would be in his arms. He had sent Claire out for one last purchase, and he knew with Claire’s taste in clothing that Paige would be stunning. He had the perfect place in mind. He needed to call Perch, because he wanted the entire rooftop for the two of them. The views were amazing at night, and he knew that Paige would love it. He wanted it to be the perfect night. The right food, the right wine, and the right music, shared with the right woman. Paige Gallagher was that woman, and she deserved all that he could offer her. He reached for the phone.

“Thank you for calling Perch, Ashley speaking. How may I help güvenilir bahis siteleri you?”

“Yes this is Seth Neilson. I would like to reserve to rooftop for Friday night.”

“Let me check Mr. Neilson, but I don’t think it will be a problem.” She wasn’t gone long before returning to let him know the rooftop was his. “How many in your party Mr. Neilson?”

“Just two. Do you think you could add a few extra romantic touches? I want her to have the best, and cost isn’t an issue. Whatever it takes just as long as it puts a smile on her face. Oh and Ashley should you go above and beyond, I can assure you there will be a generous tip waiting for you.”

“No problem Mr. Neilson, I can assure you it will be breathtaking. Do you have a menu in mind?”

“As a matter of fact I do. For starters a French Onion Soup, and then I think a Caesar Salad. And for the main course I think Filet Mignon Au Poive would be an excellent finishing touch. Along with a bottle of your finest Chardonnay.”

“I think you have made excellent choices. She is a very lucky lady.”

He could hear the flirtatious sound of her voice and he couldn’t help but chuckle. Usually that would have caused his cock to stir, but it seems here lately only thoughts of Paige make his cock ache with need.

“No Ashley, I’m the lucky one. You know I was thinking maybe a platter of fresh strawberries with some of your famous French Chocolate Sauce, would be a romantic touch. What do you think?”

“Sounds like the perfect end to a perfect night.”

“I’d like everything ready by 7’oclock.”

“Sure, no problem Mr. Neilson. Will that be all?”

“Yes and Ashley thank you. I have the feeling you are going to make it perfect.”

“Your welcome Mr. Neilson, and I will do my best.”

The call ended leaving Seth feeling more than confident, that Friday night would be a night that Paige would not soon forget. His intentions for the strawberries and chocolate suddenly had his cock begging for release. He walked to his office door and turned the lock. He had been depriving his cock of the opposite sex for too long. He had been hell bent on finding the woman who had made him want more than just sex. He had a strong urge to release some sexual frustrations, so stripping from his pants he sat back in his chair, as his hand began slow, even strokes to his cock. God he felt good pleasuring himself it had been too long. He ran his hand across the tip using the pre-cum to lube his cock so his hand could glide with ease up and down his shaft. His moans filled the room as he worked his cock with a faster, steady pace. Closing his eyes as visions of Paige danced in his mind. He envisioned his cock pounding into her tight pussy and it wasn’t long until he was erupting, shooting his hot load everywhere. It was the hardest he had ever came from masturbating and he had Paige to thank. His body was drained but sated for now, and when he finally stopped shaking he headed to the bathroom to shower and change. The rest of the week went slow. Seth had thrown himself into work, endless, boring meetings, but still Paige had not left his mind. She had been the distraction that had almost cost his company a huge contract. Luckily for Seth he was a shrewd businessman. The contract had been signed, sealed, and delivered. His father and been working on that contract before his death, and Seth knew he would be proud.

Paige had spent the last three days in a daze. She had pushed the idea of seeing Seth again out of her mind. She hadn’t received anything since the earrings on Tuesday, maybe they had just been huge tokens of gratitude for the amazing sex they had shared. She couldn’t help but feel disappointment thinking that she had only been another conquest. Paige had contemplated picking up a bottle of vodka on her way home but then decided it wasn’t a good idea. She knew she would just get drunk and call David and apologize for ignoring him all week. The last thing she wanted right now was to deal with him. If she could just manage to get through the weekend she would talk to him on Monday, and end things completely. Her heart just wasn’t in it anymore. She wanted more, no she deserved more, and even if it wasn’t with Seth, she would be better off alone than pretending to love someone. David had been her everything once, and she has tried but those feelings are gone.

He had crushed her hopes and dreams, and shattered her trust. She had been stupid to think they could just pick up where they had left off, like nothing had ever happened. Paige was glad it was Friday, her shift ended at 1’oclock. She was relieved to finally be home. Her relief suddenly turned to nausea when her doorbell rang and she opened the door to find David standing there.

“What are you doing her David?”

“Well I figured if I wanted to see you the best way to do that would be just show up. You have been ignoring my calls, and blowing me off all week. Let’s not forget three cancelled dates. Are we going to have this conversation from outside or can I come in?”

Paige stood back gesturing for him to come in. The minute he stepped into the house she knew it had been a mistake to let him in. The flowers on the coffee table and the small box that lay open beside them quickly caught his attention.

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