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Hello friends, I am going to share with you a story of my sexual encounter with the maid in my house. Her name is Bharati. It was 4 years ago when Bharati first came to my house. I had recently moved to Pune for my job and I was looking for a maid. As I was staying alone and was just 22 years old at that time, I knew that it would be difficult for me to get a female maid, as they don’t normally work in a house of bachelor. But I asked the watchman of the building and he told me that there was a widow who would not mind working for me as she was in need of money. I told him to tell her to see me as soon as possible.

I clearly remember my first meeting with Bharati. It was a Sunday afternoon. I was watching TV when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there she was. Wearing a saree, which was very worn-out. She also had a blouse, which was semi-transparent and little torn around the shoulders. But it was her sight that attracted me immensely. She had a good face though not pretty. She had long, dark hair, which were tied neatly. She had pouty lips. And what about the assets? Well it is enough to say that they were aplenty. Her boobs were firm and big but not as huge as watermelons. Her ass was very big and she had a little fat on her tummy, which made her even sexier.

“Are you the babuji who wanted a maid? My name is Bharati.”

Wow! What a husky voice! I was silent for a moment wondering how it would feel fucking her!

Then I replied, “yes I want a maid to do all the work for me. What work can you do?”

“I can do anything.” She said.

“Well, I would want you to do cooking besides the regular work. As I am living here alone, there will not be much work. I will give you Rs.300 per month. Do you agree?” I asked her.

“Yes, definitely. Then I will start coming from tomorrow onwards.” She said. And that’s how it all began. I was dreaming about her the whole night.

She came the next morning wearing another worn-out saree and tight blouse that accentuated her breasts. I asked her to prepare breakfast for me. I went for bath. Afterwards I was served with a delicious breakfast. Mmmm… it was so tasty that I wondered how tasty would be the woman who prepared it!

“Good, it is very tasty.” I said.

“Thanks. This is one of my special dishes. What should I give you in the tiffin box?” she asked.

“Anything you want.” I replied.

After the breakfast, I went in my room to change my clothes. Bharati was busy washing my dirty clothes. She was sitting on a little stool with her saree well up above her knees exposing her luscious thighs. I stared at them for a considerable time. Man! This was surely turning me on! I badly needed to fuck her! Maybe she also was sexually frustrated! I remembered the watchman telling me that she was a widow. Well no doubt that becoming a widow at such a young age would not have helped her sexual frustrations. I did not know her actual age but she clearly looked to be below 30. As she was washing the clothes her whole body was shaking, especially her humungous tits, which were partially visible, as the first button of the blouse was missing. Her saree was riding up little which showed more of her luscious thighs! I was breathing quite heavily as I stared at those lovely assets!

I was dreaming about caressing Bharati’s boobs, pinching her nipples, eating her thighs and the delicious dessert that lay between them!! Man, I was becoming really horny!! My thoughts were halted finally by Bharati herself when she told me that she had finished the work and will come at 7’o clock in the evening to prepare dinner. I watched her intently as she walked towards the door. Her ass was wiggling all the time causing my dick further problems!

I couldn’t concentrate much on my work throughout the day and kept thinking of Bharati and her voluptuous body all the time. I was very happy when the office was over. I looked at my watch. It was 6 P.M. I was very eager to see Bharati again. I reached home by 6.45. I had just about taken a shower when the bell rang. I knew who it was! I was only wearing a towel. I decided to open the door even in that state! Or maybe only because of that state! I stood there after opening the door to allow Bharati a good view of my bare chest and legs! Interestingly enough, she did not mind the view! She just stood there staring at my body. I could hear her breaths, which were becoming heavier all the time, causing her beautiful breasts to jiggle in her tight blouse!

Her saree palloo slipped down a little giving a good view of her lovely cleavage! I was drinking in the sight, dreaming all the time about squeezing and mauling them!! These thoughts were causing my prick to become erect and after a while it was standing upright! It must have been a great sight for Bharati since she gasped and stood motionless staring at my manhood. I was very proud of my bahis firmaları 8-inch manhood!!

Finally I broke the silence. “Come inside Bharati. This monster will not trouble you!”

For a moment she stood there gaping at me and then came inside and rushed to the kitchen. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would come into my arms and beg me to fuck her! I wanted her right then but I knew that it would be wise to wait for a few days and grab the right opportunity. Nothing much happened afterwards though Bharati was looking at my crotch secretly without noticing that I knew it! I also kept looking at her body, specially her boobs which were partially visible through the tight blouse.

8-10 days went without much happening. All the while we both were enjoying peeks at each other’s assets! Bharati was becoming more frank and bold day after day. She would come at 8.30 in the morning and sweep the floor with a broom and then wash the floor with a wet cloth [pochha]. She would lift her saree well above her knees while sweeping thus giving me great view of her sexy thighs! Her ass was pretty big and her ass cheeks would wiggle all the time when she swept! I thoroughly enjoyed watching her and took every opportunity of watching her. I would deliberately go to the same room where she would be sweeping on the pretext of some work and stare intently at her body!! Sometimes I would get lucky enough to see the tops of her breasts as well as a little cleavage!! There were a couple of instances, which told me that she was very much interested in me!

Once I was staring at her body as usual while she was sweeping. Suddenly she looked up at me while I was staring at those thunderous thighs of hers! When I knew that she had caught me I was a bit terrified. But instead of shouting at me, Bharati did the unexpected! She lifted her saree even more to allow me a better view! In fact I could even see little bit of her white panties! I was stunned! Bharati was giggling.

“Kyon Babuji, maza aaya?” she asked. [Did you enjoy it, sir?]

I did not know what to say! I knew that she was a real bitch but I did not have the courage to fuck her! There was another occasion when I found out how horny this bitch was! I think she knew that I was very desperate to touch her butt! So she allowed me a good chance to fulfill my wish! One day while cooking the dinner, she called me. When I asked her what was the matter she informed me,

“Babuji, mujhe thodi si khujali ho rahi he. Ab main to khana paka rahi hoon. Aap zara khuja denge?” [Sir, I have itch. As I am cooking, will you scratch it?].

Wow! I was really excited! Finally I would get to touch this lovely babe!

I replied, “Haan, zaroor.” [Oh, definitely].

I asked her where was it itching and she pointed to her butt! I was even more excited now!! I started scratching her ass cheeks from over her saree. Even this made me so horny that my dick sprang up and became really hard! After a while I started massaging her ass cheeks but she didn’t resist! Instead she let out a soft moan! This was getting out of control! Now I was practically rubbing her ass cheeks and even squeezing them a little! Bharati was moaning gently and stopped cooking. I was literally toying with those big buttocks! My cock was hard and I pressed it a little against her ass! A little gasp was what Bharati managed. I was by now pressing my dick quite firmly against her gaand [ass] and she was not doing anything to stop me!

I continued squeezing her gaand with both hands and pressing my dick more into her gaand. This lasted for a few minutes after which I came in huge bursts! Quite a lot of my cum stayed on her saree due to the close rubbing. I was stunned again, as this was totally unexpected! I feared the worst when Bharati surpassed my imagination and did the most erotic thing that I had ever seen! She took some cum from her saree on her finger, dipped that finger in the curry that she had prepared and licked it!

“Ummm…, bahut tasty hai.” She said giggling. [Ummm…, it is very tasty.]

May be she was talking about the curry but I thought otherwise!

Then one day I decided to return the favor when I asked her to dry my hair with towel as I found it difficult! She agreed instantaneously. I used to sit on my bed with only a towel wrapped around my waist. Bharati used to dry my hair with another towel. It was a great spectacle for her to see me half-naked. She would openly stare at my chest and my crotch! I behaved as if I was not aware of it! She would take as much time as possible to dry my hair. She would run her fingers through my hair a few times. Once I asked her why did she do it and she replied,

“Arre Babuji, mujhe pata kaise chalega ki aapke baal gile hain ya sukh gaye hain?” [Oh sir, how would I know if your hair is wet or dry?].

She on the other hand allowed me kaçak iddaa to feel her body by holding my head firmly against her tummy and tits! Sometimes I deliberately rubbed my head against her big, firm titties! She did not seem to mind it either!

Then came the big day. It was exactly 2 weeks after Bharati had started to work. Normally, she would come at 8.30 in the morning and leave by 10. But on that day, she did not come until 9.45. I was about to go to the office wondering what was the problem when the bell rang. I opened the door. It was Bharati. She was looking very worried. I told her to come inside. Once inside, she started crying. I did not know what was the matter with her. Suddenly all those sexual thoughts were gone and I became anxious to know the reason for her worry.

When asked, she told me that the slum area where she was living was sold to a builder and all the huts were going to be destroyed by tomorrow to build a complex there.

“Babuji, I do not have a house to live in. I don’t care about myself. I can sleep anywhere but what about my 2 children? They are very small and can’t live on a footpath. I do not want to live. I will die with my little ones rather than living on the foot-path.”

With that she started weeping again. My God! 2 children! I did not know anything about this! Even in that situation I could not stop wondering how well she had maintained herself even after 2 children!

“Why don’t you go to police or somebody?” I asked her.

“It is of no use. These people will not do anything for poor people.” She said. “There is only one option left for me. Suicide.”

“Are you mad? I will not allow you to commit suicide.” I said.

“But then what am I going to do?” Bharati asked.

” Don’t you have any relative?”

“I do not want to go to them. They are cruel. They will make my and my children’s lives hell.”

And saying this she started crying loudly. I could not stand it any longer and I started to console her by caressing her back. She quickly hugged me firmly. That caused my dick to suddenly become hard. I tried to remain calm and not to think sexually but Bharati was in no mood to relax her grip on my back. So unknowingly I started to rub her back gently. This was doing my cock no good! At the same time, Bharati was also tightening her grip and rubbing her body firmly against mine. I had no idea whether she was doing it deliberately. The result of all this was that my dick had become rock hard. I was becoming hornier every minute. The smell of Bharati’s body was making me crazy! I wanted to fuck her at any cost! I decided to play it safe.

First of all I tightened my grip on her and started to rub her back faster than before. Encouraged by her lack of resistance, I started to gently rub her ass. Wow! It felt so nice to again feel those gorgeous buttocks! Bharati was still not resisting. In fact I noticed her hands were now moving all over my ass! I knew now how horny this bitch was! I was even wondering whether that story she just now told was true. But who cares? All I could think at that time was her cunt and my cock! I started squeezing her ass firmly and at the same time grinding my crotch against her. I could hear her moaning gently. So this bitch was enjoying it!

I made no attempt to hide my eagerness and quickly held her head in my hand and kissed her firmly on the lips. Oh! Those pouty lips! They were so smooth and hot that I almost melted! She was quick to respond with a kiss of her own inserting her tongue in my mouth and playing with my tongue! My God, I was really enjoying this! We kissed for about 15 minutes. All the time, my hands were roaming all over her body, giving special attention to her luscious boobs and gorgeous ass. Bharati was not far behind. She also had her hands squeezing my ass and even touching my cock!

When she started rubbing my cock over my pant then I decided to go for it! I lifted her in my arms and went to my bedroom. I placed her on the bed and started undressing her. First I removed her saree. Then came the petticoat. Now she was in her panties, which were visibly wet and her tight blouse. Then I asked her to undress me. She agreed quickly and removed my belt and my pant. I was now in my underwear, which was holding my pole. It was as hard as a rock! She wasted no time in getting it out of the underwear and started caressing it gently with both of her hands.

Ummm… It was feeling sooo incredible! She was encouraged by my moans and started to rub it a bit faster! I could only utter Urghhh…. She started squeezing my prick and soon there was a little bit of precum started to ooze out. She took the precum on her fingers and started to lick it.

“Why lick the fingers? Lick the real thing!” for the first time since our sexploration had I spoken.

Bharati obeyed my instruction and started licking my prick! kaçak bahis I was in heaven! Her tongue was killing me! She must have been a professional cocksucker! First she put one third of my cock in her mouth and started teasing it with her tongue! She was paying special attention to the head! She was licking it and eating it like a banana! Then she took the rest of my cock inside her mouth. She was easily deep-throating my 8-inch rod using every part of her mouth except her teeth! I was moaning very loudly.

“Uhmmm…, Ahh…, Bharati, Meri Rani, bahut maza aa raha hai!” [Oh my darling, I am feeling great!].

After about 10 minutes of such treatment, I was very close to cumming.

I told her, “Bharati darling, I am cumming.”

She was not bothered at all. Then I came suddenly. I must have shot lots of cum, as I had not masturbated for nearly 4 months. [Except for the time when I came accidentally while rubbing my cock against Bharati’s ass]. But Bharati was very good in swallowing my cum. She did not spill even a single drop! She even licked my dick carefully to get final drops of cum!

I spoke after some time. “Wow! That was a Great Blowjob. Well done Bharati.”

“Thanks Babuji. I was really hungry for some cock and you fulfilled my need. I think I should return the favor by allowing you to lick my pussy. What do you think?” Bharati replied, giggling.

“No thanks Bharati. I would much rather prefer to treat your pussy with my rod.” I said.

I do not like to lick pussy before putting my dick in it. Meanwhile Bharati had started to remove her blouse. I stopped her and placed both of my hands on her lovely tits. I started to squeeze them hard over the blouse. Bharati was now moaning quite loudly.

“Uhmmm…, Mere Raja, jor se dabao meri chunchiyon ko. Mere nipples ko sahlao.” [Oh my darling, press my tits. pinch my nipples.].

Her dirty talking was arousing me. I could clearly see her nipples getting hard even through her blouse and bra! I continued to squeeze and maul her tits while taking good care of her nipples. I pinched them really hard over the blouse. Bharati moaned with pleasure,

“Ummm…, Ohhh…, Mere raja, ab aur saha nahi jata. Phad daal mere blouse aur bra ko.” [Oh my darling, I cannot take it any longer. Rip open my blouse and bra].

Then I ripped open her blouse and bra in one motion and her full, luxurious boobs were on view. They were as expected, not too big just big enough to look sexy! Her areolas were not big but her nipples were! They were standing rock hard! They were at least 1.5 inches long! I stared at them lustily for a while and then I put my mouth to her right boob and started licking and kissing it. At the same time, I was caressing her left nipple. Bharati was now screaming wildly.

“Oh mere raja, aur choonso meri dono chunchiyon ko. Aam jaise mere in balls ko maze se khao.” [Oh my darling, suck my both boobs. My tits are like mango. Eat them with pleasure.].

I was getting very aroused! I switched from one tit to another and treated her boobs as ripe mangoes. After a few minutes of tit-eating my cock became hard again. Now I wanted to enter Bharati’s cunt. She knew it and swiftly removed her already wet panty. Wow! Her pussy was very beautiful! I wanted to eat her right away. But I stopped myself from doing it and concentrated on my cock pushing inside her cunt. Even after 2 children her pussy was as tight and pink as ever! There was a little bush, which made it even sexier!

I placed my prick on the opening of her pussy. After a few strokes, 2/3rd of it went in!

“Ohhhh…, Ahhhh…, Babuji, ghusado andar. Phad dalo mere chut ko. Pura jor laga ke chodo mujhe. Main to tumhari hi hoon.” [Ohhhh…, Ahhh…, Sir, put it in. ram it. Tear my cunt. Fuck me with all the force. I am yours only.].

I was ramming my cock in and out of her lovely pussy. She was now really excited…she started talking dirty now…

“Haan, aur jor se chod mujhe.Ufff… kitne saalon ke baad maza aa raha hai.” [Oh yes, fuck me harder. I am enjoying it after so many years].

This made me to hump even faster! We were both screaming with delight. I was also pressing her boobs as firmly as I could. Bharati was screaming so loudly that I had to kiss her on the lips to prevent her shouts from being heard by anyone. After about 20 minutes of fucking we both came at the same time.

“Oh Bharati, I am cummingggg…!”

” Oh Babuji, I am cummingggggg… too. Ahhhh…, Ahhhh…, Uhmmmmm…!”

Then we collapsed on each other. After some time when we regained our senses, I asked her whether the story told by her was true. She replied in the affirmative. Then I told her to stay at my house with her 2 children.

“Haan, lekin agar mere ghar main rahna hai to kiraya dena padega. Roz 3 baar chudwana padega.” [OK, but if you want to stay in my house then you will have to pay rent. 3 times fucking everyday.]

“Mujhe manjoor hai, Babuji.” [I accept it, sir]. Bharati blushingly said.

For further exploits of Bharati, and me wait for next one.

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