Making him Cum Pegged

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Making him Cum Pegged
She had plans for him tonight, and she would have no problem getting him to go along. Any time her naked body was involved, he was willing even if he didn’t know where it was going. After teasing him a little with some rubbing and some accidental bumping all evening, and promising him a special blow job, she would easily get him on the bed and tie his hands and feet to the bed spread eagle. That’s when the real teasing would begin. Jed knew she would never hurt him, so she could make it interesting, and he liked her when she was a little aggressive.

Once he was tied down, she could continue to tease with kissing and nibbling his nipples the way he liked so much, but not very much, just enough so that he wanted more, but wouldn’t get it. His nipples were so sensitive that Judy always teased him about being part female. She bought some special toys for tonight, and one thing was a set of nipple clamps. He loved to have his nipples pinched and bitten and pulled. Years ago, he said one girl accused him of being a masochist. He wasn’t, but he was definitely unclassifiable sexually.

The plan was to tie him down and start teasing and then break out the nipple clamps. They had an adjusting screw so she could start light, and then let the screws out so the clamps tightened. She could move around his body to different parts and while the pressure was closed down on his nipples. She could turn the screws back in to release a little pressure, and she could kiss around the nipples and massage his chest all around them. As soon as he started to twist and squirm in pleasure, and his dick was swelling, she could tighten the clamps again, and pull the chain till his nipples pulled out in little peaks. There’s no telling how long she could keep this up. All of the teasing and toying she planned on doing was to she if she could make him cum without actually fucking him. She planned on sucking his dick, and rubbing her clit on his stiff dick, and she would massage it with oil, but never fuck or masturbate.

She could dangle her breast just above his face, barely brushing against his lips, but not close enough that he could lick, or suck, or bite. She could bite around his nipples in the clamps and then lightly brush her nipples over the clamps, just enough to tease. He was bound and he couldn’t hold and squeeze and massage the way that he so enjoyed. She could do this all up and down his body. His hands were tied so she could lay her breast in his hand but not let him grab them or caress them, she would just tease him so she knew he was begging to just hold them. His palms and fingers would be stretched wide waiting for that soft flesh to come close enough that he could close in to squeeze that supple soft mound of flesh, but Judy would raise up just as he was trying to close his hand so that her breast just escaped all but the lightest touch, and he would be grasping for the nipple just as she pulled out of reach.

The sensitive area on his hips and belly was ripe for teasing with light kisses and nibbles, and the ever so light brush of her breasts across his belly and dick and balls would make his body scream for release, but the pressing and squeezing, and trying to get to the other side that always consumed his desire would not be possible. He was bound and at her mercy. By the time kaçak iddaa she started concentrating on his hips, and belly, and dick, his dick would be so stiff and throbbing, it would be hard to imagine that if Judy crawled on top of Jed and put his dick in her vagina, that he wouldn’t cum immediately. Even with his stamina, it would be hard to think that after this treatment he wouldn’t be ready to bust. That wasn’t the plan yet, so she would come back his hips, and belly, and dick after a lot more tempting and teasing.

She wanted to tease and tempt different parts of his body, and go back and forth to different parts, then move again. He would be tied spread eagle on the bed, so his feet would be at the edge of the bed, and his groin would be open for teasing and tempting, but never satisfying. He would so want to grab his dick and start masturbating but he would be at her mercy. She could start to massage and pull on his dick, and then leave it alone when he started asking for more. She could pull the chain on the nipple clamps, and tighten and loosen the pressure on the clamps.

With his legs spread, his feet were at the edge of the bed, and as she moved around the bed to different sides of his bound body, she could tease his feet. Her breasts would be lightly pressed against his soles, and toes, and ankles. And she could rub his big toe in her cunt against her clit. She could do it until she felt the pleasure from that massaged bud shake her body, and then she’d stop short. Jed so liked to watch her orgasm that this would drive him into a frenzy. It was unbelievable how much her orgasm affected his. But now, he was all bound with a stiff dick that Judy wasn’t fucking, and he wasn’t rubbing.

All the while she could be teasing him by gently touching and massaging the flesh he so wanted to touch, her own flesh, with a sensual touch that would drive his passion. She would move her hands from her breasts down her belly to that little mound delta that seemed to so consume his interest. He could watch her but couldn’t touch. She knew how attractive naked flesh was to him. How stimulating. He couldn’t touch. She would massage the lips of her cunt and spread them to reveal that delicate flower that made him powerless, but he couldn’t touch. She would take her hand and turn his foot over so she could rub her clitoris, that flower, on his toe.

But all he could do would be to imagine what he would do. He was tied down. Judy would spread her lips with both hands to rub her clit, and gradually slip one finger in her vagina and back out, in and out, until Jed saw the pleasure that was mounting in her body. As it built, her hand would move across and up her belly to her breast where one hand would push one breast into the other. She would squeeze and press in on the nipples, and just as she was at the height, she would stop rubbing her body and move to another part of Jed’s body bound and squirming. Just as he thought she would give him some relief, she would pull away and start pleasuring herself again.

Gently caressing her own breasts that he so loved to touch. And pressing her hands down her belly and hips and gently moving them around to her back and buttocks. Back again to that mound that so consumed him and separating her lips and caressing that little button that was the sweetest tipobet giriş spot of the flower. She would open her vagina so that he could see where he wanted to be. But he was tied down and couldn’t get there. He couldn’t touch and kiss and taste that nectar so sweet. She could so please herself within his view, and all he could do was long to be there and imagine as she brought herself to that frenzied ecstasy that he longed to bring her to alone.

There would be a point at which she would tell Jed he was having too much fun. That’s when she would bring out another toy she’d bought especially for tonight. She brought out a little ball of thin rope and grabbed his balls, not gently because she thought he might cum all over himself. She grabbed his balls and stretched until she started wrapping the rope around them at the base of his dick and then started wrapping outward, pushing his balls into a tight bulging pouch. He squirmed, but not like before, until she started softly caressing, and kissing and licking his tightly strung balls, and his inner thigh, and the base of his dick.

After he was tightly wrapped and she had licked and kissed him in pleasure, she pulled the end of the rope quickly so that it unwound around his balls, twirling them as it unwound and it almost felt like the release of an orgasm. She would do this several times as she made the rounds on Jed’s bound body. When she had his balls wrapped and had kissed and licked them to make them feel better, she then flicked them with a little riding crop she’d bought for tonight. Jed was getting unbelievably excited by every move she made. The alternating tension and pleasure and little pain spread all over his bound body brought him to a state of excitement he’d never felt before.

Judy would move around his body with her mouth, and tongue, and breast, and rub her clit in his hands, and stick his toe in her vagina, and rub her clit with it. She straddled his shoulders with that lovely muff nearly smothering his face, and letting him taste the juice and lick the parts that he was so good at. But not for a very long time. Just long enough for him to want more. When she moved to his belly and balls, she would reach her hand under him to play with his ass. She would tease him by putting oil on her thumb and then move it in and out of his ass. He found this so pleasurable that he couldn’t believe it. He thought he was going to cum from this alone by this time. That thumb went in and out, and pressed up toward his belly almost pushing cum out of his throbbing engorged dick.

She teased Jed saying she was going to fuck him. She said she was going to fuck him like never before, and she said she was going to make him cum three, maybe four times times. It always took Jed a long time to cum, but he’d never cum more than twice. Now he felt like his swollen dick was going to shoot all of his cum as soon as he felt that vagina surround his throbbing dick. He was startled when she brought out a strap-on dildo and put it on. But in his state of arousal he found this even stimulating. Judy had told him that when she was young she’d tried imagining what it was like to be a boy. That imagination was so overpowering now and she would find out.

What better time than now, and what better person than Jed because he so loved her perabet and trusted her. She put on the dildo and started fondling it and stroking it and taunting Jed with it. She got on top of him and slapped his dick and balls with the strap-on and his cock throbbed. She moved thrusting the dildo down between his thighs. then she moved up and took the nipple clamps off and started rubbing the dildo on his nipples. She finally moved up to his face and rubbed the dildo across his lips, and made him lick the dick and balls, and then she moved further up so he could lick her pussy. Then back down and she commanded him to open his mouth and she put the dick in and slowly pumped it. They were both surprised at how much this excited Jed.

She had thought he would resist this, but he was excited. She worked her way back down his body, kissing and biting, and pulling, and flicking his balls. All the while his dick was throbbing. She slid her thumb in and out of his ass several times again before she put some lube on the dildo, and started to slide it slowly into his ass. He felt the slow smooth intrusion and thought about how a girl felt when she was first getting fucked. It hurt but there was something compelling. He thrust his hips after a few light passes to feel the dong — to feel the fullness of the love act. To feel what Judy had felt her first time. And this was maybe as close as he could get to sharing with the woman he loved.

His dick was throbbing uncontrollably, and no one was stroking it or fucking it. Judy’s belly pressed against his dick as she thrust the dildo rhythmically in and out of his eager ass. Judy stopped and untied his legs and then climbed right back on top of Jed. He threw his legs around her like she had done to him so many times. She stopped fucking him for a minute and slid down to suck his dick. His dick was more swollen than it had ever been, and the head was puffed and sensitive. She thought he was going to shoot in her mouth.

She moved back on top of him and started slowly sliding the dildo back in and out of his ass. As the dildo was moving in and out and he was thrusting, he could feel the mounting pressure that started in his groin and moved in waves down his left leg as he could feel that sweet release of juices on his belly. Even shooting up to his chest. And no one was touching his dick. Wave of joy after wave, until he could feel Judy’s belly and breast against his pressing and sliding in that warm sticky juice as she moved down on top of him.

She slid down and started kissing and sucking on his balls. She could feel the thrill moving through his body as she pressed against his thighs while she was sucking his balls. She licked at the base of his dick and then up the shaft that had cum on it from her breasts when she slid down to suck his balls. He was still hard and swollen as she wrapped her lips around the head, and tongued that soft spot under the head. As she started to thrust her head up and down on his dick, she could feel it start to swell in little pulses until she felt that shot against the back of her throat. It was more cum than she could hold in her mouth with that swollen dick, and it started flowing down the shaft and balls.

Judy moved up and grabbed his head and pushed her tongue, still covered with his cum, in his mouth. Then she straddled his shoulders so that her clit was at his mouth and she was facing his dick. “Eat my pussy” she commanded. “I want it good and wet when I put it on your dick to fuck my pussy.” At those words he shot more cum on his belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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